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my beloved child I come to you with open

arms ready to pour out my love and grace

upon you as you listen to these words

know that they are a reflection of the

boundless love that flows from the

depths of my heart to

yours in the midst of life’s challenges


uncertainties I see you I see your

struggles your fears and your desires

nothing escapes my gaze for I am

intimately acquainted with all your ways

you come to me seeking help and guidance

because you know that I love you

unconditionally my promises are certain

and my love for you is

unwavering rest peacefully dear one

knowing that I am always by your side in

moments of weakness and doubt remember

that my grace is boundless and my Mercy

knows no

bounds I have never failed you before

and I will not fail you now when your

heart heart aches and your soul Cries

Out open your eyes with hope as you

awaken each morning listen to me once

more and you will find the strength to

face the day

ahead believe that I have a future of

peace and joy waiting for you Embrace

Life with all your strength for I have

great plans in store for you your worth

in my eyes is immeasurable and I will

never abandon

you this is your year of restoration and

blessing I will restore what has been

lost and I will bless you and your

family abundantly Trust In My Love For

Nothing is beyond its reach do not be

swayed by the judgments of others or the

pressures of this world place your

complete trust in me for I alone can

offer true freedom and peace as you

surrender your heart to me accept the

healing and forgiveness that my love

brings my promises are written on your

heart guiding you through life

challenges do not be like those who

speak of my love but do not truly

believe it do not be discouraged by

their words or their actions instead fix

your Gaze on me and my

promises as you kneel and pray receive

my grace and embrace the transformation

that awaits you your life is precious

and I have great plans for you trust in

me and I will lead you to a life of

abundance and joy believe in my power to

bring about miraculous change in your

life with faith and humility accept the

blessings I have in store for you

remember you are loved cherished and

deeply valued in my eyes rest in my love

and let it fill you with peace and hope

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