God Message Today: I COME TO OFFER YOU PEACE | God Message For You | Gods Message Now

my cherished child today I extend to you peace and Tranquility I observed your

tears yesterday caused by that situation we both understand all too well yet I am

here to reaffirm that I continuously watch over you and not even a single hair Falls from your head without my

awareness therefore today I assure you that the trial you believe you cannot

endure you will indeed conquer triumphantly and with dignity lift your

head high for victory is yours I am present to lighten the weight

upon your shoulders yet before that I shall Grant you the fortitude you seek

and envelop you in my boundless love ensuring your spirit remain steadfast

and your faith unwavering surrender to me your life your heart let your gaze be

fixed upon the paths that lead to Blessings never Veer from me reject

falsehood and wickedness and I shall Grant you the finest I will envelop you in abundance provision health and

strength if you dare to defy the current and opt not to appease this deceitful

World should you open your heart to my truth I will be your guide your

Tranquility your protector your Sovereign my word shall forever

illuminate your way I will uncover the lurking perils and thwart your adversaries

open wide your heart permit my words to flow into you unhindered and let them

permeate every facet of your being I comprehend that you have endured arduous

days and felt engulfed by the challenges simply open your heart and welcome my

message I shall fortify your strength and extend your days I shall never grow weary of

communing with you whenever I desire I shall tenderly touch the the window of

your soul even in the quiet Dawn whispering in your ears with my sacred voice that Echoes within you you shall

approach with thirst to immerse yourself in this spiritual River partake from Celestial Springs and feast upon the

Timeless word you shall never hunger or thirst your soul shall find fulfillment

and you shall not seek solace in the destructive vices and harmful habits of this world to discover joy for shall be

your joy the flame Ablaze in your heart propelling you forward believe and as

the sun rises tomorrow awaken with unwavering Faith stride forth with Resolute determination for my angels

accompany you fear not prepare for Triumph my Valiant one for I am

unveiling to you who I am your path Your Truth your very life the serenity

Liberation and optimism you seek today I am your purpose for existence your

fortitude to persist in belief and the fervor to press onward regardless of the

trials you encounter today no Force no entity can diminish your faith your

resolve to persevere until the end and your quest for me until you taste a fragment of

Heaven on

Earth my cherished child let go of those worries that haunt you the anxieties

that weigh heavily on your heart do not sacrifice Your Peace by constantly churning these thoughts

burdening yourself with worry as you Ponder the future instead of enduring restless

nights hand over your concerns to me and allow yourself the peace to sleep

soundly let go of anything that stops you in trust I want to bring calm to your life understand how special you are

to me today I’m speaking straight to you asking you to give your life to me your

struggles your burdens I don’t want you to be held back by those tricky feelings that drain your

energy don’t let anxiety tie you down trust this heavenly father who cares for

you and always wants what’s best for you now listen carefully having faith

and trusting in me isn’t about pretending to be okay while hurting inside I don’t want you to live a double

life where you seem happy on the outside side helping others but inside when you’re alone fear takes over haunted by

past struggles that knocked you down dear one there are things that knock at your door eager to come in if

you let them in they quickly fill your mind with noise worry and feeling lost but listen this is true for

everyone no matter where you come from your family or what hurt you faced I’ll make you wiser smarter give

you bravery and carefulness you’ll learn to watch your words calm your fears and learn to

wait the change is already started getting you ready

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