God Message Today: I AM YOUR SHIELD | God Message For You | God Message Now

my cherished one I Your Divine father tenderly Hold Your Hand let my voice

Infuse bravery into your spirit do not fret for I am beside you I am your

unwavering Ally Your Leader your protection amidst life storms within My

Embrace find Sanctuary a refuge abundant with Serenity reassurance Tranquility

Delight elevation and deliverance while the challenges you face

may seem daunting each is a thread woven into the Magnificent design of my

purpose for you in every trial in every instance of uncertainty know that I stand beside you extending my hand to

guide and uphold you you do not walk alone My Endless Love surrounds you

imbuing you with bravery and resilience in this realm of twists and turns

remember I am your unwavering foundation and your Serene Refuge

every Whisper of your heart every silent longing and every aspiration is within

my knowledge sense my affectionate presence in the tender Dawn in every

exhale of relief and in each tear shed you are infinitely dear to me and

my utmost desire is to witness your flourishing and prosperity when Shadows

of uncertainty or instances of despondency darken your soul raise your gaze and find me I am everpresent with

open arms prepared to infold you to reignite the spark of hope within you

and to invigorate your passion for life protect your innermost thoughts for they

are precious not to be scattered casually like leaves in the wind those

sacred Secrets nestled within you I intimately understand your core and long

to free you from the chains of anxiety that strive to ens snare you I

comprehend the challenges you face and the Solitude you may endure yet I have

bestowed upon you strength and wisdom do not let the darkness of negativity or

daunting situations extinguish your light you are meant for a special

purpose a journey that is yours alone to walk thus in times of Doubt look to me

listen to my guidance and take comfort in the assurance that I am always with you I witness the weight you to carry in

nurturing and protecting your dear ones Your Role forms the foundation of your

home and the love you offer is observed and treasured by me each new day I grant

you a fresh chance to come closer to me to discover in my presence the strength

and direction you seek I urge you to continually seek my presence amidst your daily tasks for in

me you will discover the sanctuary and nourishment your soul craves Together We Will Conquer every obstacle

and you will witness my grace overflowing in every aspect of your life my desire is for you to never feel

judged or unwelcome in my presence instead I long for you to experience my

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