God Message Today: I Am Moving Them For You | God Says | God Message For You | God Message For Me

my beloved child I am here with you

always in the depths of your being

guiding you through life’s

challenges as you navigate the mountains

that seem

insurmountable know that I am moving

them for you rise with faith as your

companion for your prayers are heard

each word of Melody in the grand

Symphony of our connection stride

forward with determination and courage

knowing that despondency and Gloom have

no place with within you I see the

burdens that weigh upon your soul the

Shadows cast by familial

matters in these moments find solace in

the Embrace of recuperation in the

sanctuary of prayer and in the Stillness

of solitude your heart is a masterpiece

of my creation destined not for a life

of tears and sorrow but for love and

joy even in moments of suffering and

weeping know that my love for you

remains unwavering defeat is not your

destiny my chield you are a beacon of

light forging Pates through life’s

challenges as you step into the light

let your countenance be

illuminated your smile a testament to my

love cry out in my name for you are my

cherished child my beloved you reflect

the very essence of my love I have

worked wonders for you and I shall

continue to perform Supernatural

Miracles so you may grasp the depth of

your significance in my eyes

discouragement has no place within you

listen to my words echoing through the

Winds of Change there is no time left

for retreat for you are destined for

greatness you are a progenitor with

Generations following you blessed by the

legacy of your faith when the world

seems to overlook you know that I see

you do not be negligent with the gifts

and blessings I

bestow for each one is endowed with

purpose purp your attitude is pivotal

and your faith and belief shall Elevate

you beyond your

circumstances in moments of weakness

Feast upon my word let it nourish your

spirit when life’s challenges weigh

heavy look towards the sky and there you

shall find me a guiding presence both

near and within your

heart my blessings are not distant

dreams but a reality lying ahead of you

your salvation is assured and the

mountains of problems shall dissolve in

the face of my might your adversaries

shall be defeated for I Am with You Do

You Believe do you love me your response

ignes the flame of wondrous Miracles

within you for my love is

boundless as you wake each morning let

these words be your Anthem doubts shall

dissipate hope shall rekindle and

darkness shall fade you are equipped to

fight to live to stride along the New

Path I’ve carved for

you day by day wake with jubilance

wielding The Shield of faith and the

sword of my word your confidence in my

miraculous power shall be unshakable

know that I bring healing Liberation to

your bound soul I shall relieve the

burden of regrets and guilt that have

rested heavy on your shoulders no

condemnation can touch you for you are

under the shelter of my Justice

adversaries may rise against you but I

raise you as an unyielding wall of

iron when they come to provoke and

battle against you respond with silence

for I stand in the midst surrounded by

countless Legions of angels my armies

stand ready to defend you for I love you

beyond measure prepare for a

supernatural life for I am with you

always I love you eternally my beloved

child let your heart be open wide for my

arms are outstretched waiting to embrace

embrace you I love you



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