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my beloved child do you ever feel like

you’re carrying the weight of the world

on your shoulders does worry gnaw away

at your heart Whispering that you’re not

enough that the dreams in your soul are

too big too far out of reach my child I

see how your burdens are weighing you

down I know your exhaustion your deep

frustration I understand how

discouraging it feels when you pour

everything you have into your goals and

still nothing seems to shift it’s easy

to lose hope to feel alone and helpless

isn’t it but take a deep breath beloved

look up at me let’s talk about those

dreams those desires that burn deep

within you you may be afraid to voice

them out loud for fear of disappointment

or even ridicule you might question

whether they’re too ambitious too

unrealistic you may be trying to shrink

them or convince yourself you don’t need

them at all but I planted those dreams

in your heart for for a reason I see the

potential you carry within you even if

you don’t believe it yourself perhaps

you’ve stumbled lost your way made

mistakes that’s okay we all do but don’t

let those missteps convince you that you

aren’t worthy of the beautiful plans I

have for your

life I know the battles you faced I see

the way your spirit may be weary worn

down by the challenges you’ve endured I

hear the pain in your heart the worry

that settles on your soul these things

bring me no joy it hurts me to see you

struggle don’t listen to the voices of

doubt that are telling you to give up

they don’t speak for me they don’t know

my plans or the depths of my love for

you let me remind you of something my

dear one your value isn’t defined by

your successes or failures it isn’t

determined by what you’ve achieved or

what you own you are precious to me

exactly as you are

your unique Essence shines brightly in

this world and that light is

needed I love you unconditionally

regardless of the mistakes you’ve made

or the flaws you perceive it’s okay to

take a moment to rest to gather strength

it’s okay to ask for help sometimes it

takes courage to admit that you can’t do


alone my arms are always open to you

lean on me child let me share the weight

of your burdens I see how desperately

you want things to change how hard

you’re trying perhaps you believe I

don’t see these things perhaps you’re

wondering if I even hear your prayers

but I do my child I do I am already

working on your behalf setting things in

Motion in ways you can’t even fathom it

may not always look the way you expect

it to but I have plans to prosper you to

give you hope and a future this path May

test you I won’t lie but it will make

you stronger and reveal the greatness

within my grace is sufficient for you my

beloved child remember that even when

the world around you feels chaotic even

when you face challenges that seem

insurmountable you are never alone I am

your constant companion a pillar of

strength and a source of unwavering

love I understand that life can be

overwhelming at times you may be

juggling work family personal struggles

and feeling the weight of the world on

your shoulders it’s okay to feel

overwhelmed to feel lost to feel like

you’re barely keeping your head above

water don’t be afraid to acknowledge

these feelings to bring them to me I see

you in the midst of your struggles I see

the tears you cry in The Quiet Moments

the anxieties that keep you up at

night my heart aches for you but I also

see your resilience your determination

to keep going you are stronger than you

give yourself credit for don’t let the

storms of life dim Your Inner Light you

are a radiant being filled with

potential and purpose my love is the

anure that will hold you steady even

when the Winds of adversity blow cling

to it my child and know that you are

safe sometimes you may feel distant from

me unsure if I hear your prayers or see


efforts but I assure you I am always

with you

even when you feel alone even when doubt

Creeps in I am there by your side

holding your

hand my love is not a distant concept

but a living presence that surrounds

you it’s in the warmth of the sun on

your face the beauty of nature that

unfolds around you the kindness of

strangers the love of your family and

friends look for these signs these

Whispers of my love in your your


life when you feel discouraged remember

the countless times I have pulled you

through hardships before remember the

moments when you felt lost yet found

your way again remember the challenges

you overcame the obstacles you defied

you are capable of more than you think

and I am here to empower you every step

of the way trust that I am working

behind the scenes orchestrating events

in ways you may not understand right now

have faith that even in the midst of

difficulties there is a greater purpose

unfolding my plans are always for your

good to give you hope and a future so

take a deep breath and release your

worries lean on my love find solace in

my presence and know that you are never


alone my child throughout your life’s

journey you will encounter Crossroads

moments where decisions need to be made

and paths

chosen it’s natural to feel apprehensive

about the unknown to yearn for clarity


certainty but remember I am with you

every step of the way guiding you with

gentle nudges and Whispers of wisdom

don’t be afraid to trust your intuition

that inner voice that guides you towards

your highest good it’s a subtle voice

often drowned out by the noise of the

world but it’s there pay attention to

the rec curring thoughts the feelings

that seem to surface at Key

moments these can be inklings of my

guidance leading you down the path I

have designed for you while I offer

guidance and support your free will

remains your greatest gift you have the

power to make choices to forge your own

path within the framework of my grand

design don’t be afraid to step outside

your comfort zone to take calculated

risks and to Embrace new

experiences it’s through these

experiences both joyful and challenging

that you grow learn and discover your


potential however remember that mistakes

are inevitable you will stumble you will

make missteps and that’s perfectly all

right each experience positive or

negative shapes you teaches you valuable

lessons and helps you become the best

version of yourself don’t let the fear

of failure paralyze you instead learn

from your mistakes pick yourself up and

keep moving forward remember my love is

unconditional I am not judgmental and I

will never abandon you embrace the

journey my child with curiosity and a

sense of adventure trust that even in

the detours and unexpected turns there

is a purpose I am leading you towards a

fulfilling and joyful life a life life

filled with love light and purpose focus

on the present moment on the tasks at

hand don’t dwell on the past or worry

excessively about the future I am in

control and I have a plan for

you when you feel overwhelmed or

uncertain remember my promise I will

never leave you nor forsake you Hebrews

come to me in prayer share your

anxieties and allow me to wash over you

with my calming presence trust that I am

always working for your

good even when things seem difficult so

you move forth with courage with faith

and with the knowledge that you are

loved beyond measure embrace the Wonders

that await you and know that I am always

by your side cheering you on every step

of the

way my beloved child in the midst of

life’s challenges it’s easy to lose

sight of the beauty and joy that

surrounds you the constant barrage of

negativity in the world can leave you

feeling drained stressed and overwhelmed

but remember I have placed within you a

Wellspring of peace and joy a source of

inner strength that transcends external

circumstances this inner peace is not

dependent on your external World on

achieving certain goals or on acquiring


possessions it stems from a deep

connection with me your Creator and a

recognition of the inherent good that

exists within you and the world around

you cultivating this inner peace

requires constant practice it’s about

learning to let go of worries anxieties

and negative thoughts that only serve to

drain your energy instead focus on the

present moment on the simple Joys that

often go

unnoticed take a moment to appreciate

the warmth of the sun on your skin the

beauty of a blooming flower the laughter

of a child these seemingly insignificant

moments hold the power to shift your

perspective and reconnect you with the

present moment where true peace

resides additionally cultivating

gratitude plays a central role in

fostering inner peace take time each day

to Express gratitude for the blessings

in your life no matter how small they

may seem be thankful for your loved ones

your health even for the challenges that

help you grow and become stronger a

Greatful heart attracts more good into

your life Fosters a sense of abundance

and shifts your focus from what you lack

to the abundance already

present when you find yourself dwelling

on negativity consciously choose to

shift your focus towards gratitude

practice affirmations of thankfulness

expressing appreciation for the good in

your life

you’ll be surprised at how quickly this

simple practice can transform your

mindset and cultivate inner

peace remember my dear child You are not

alone in this journey towards inner

peace I am always with you offering

guidance and support lean on my love

trust in my presence and know that true

peace is always available to you waiting

to be discovered within you are a beacon

of light in this world unique expression

of my love and

creativity within you leav a spark of

divinity a gift waiting to be shared

with the world don’t be afraid to let

your light shine brightly share your

talents your passions your unique

perspective with the world when you use

your gifts to serve others to bring joy

and hope into their lives you not only

uplift them but you also fulfill your

purpose and experience the profound joy

of making a difference

remember the world needs your unique

light don’t be discouraged by comparison

or self-doubt there is only one you and

your gifts are precious even the

smallest acts of kindness compassion and

creativity can have a ripple effect

creating positive change in the world

around you as you walk in my light you

will encounter challenges and

obstacles but remember you are never

alone I am your con Stant companion your

source of strength and

courage when difficulties arise trust in

me seek guidance through prayer

meditation or connecting with your

intuition I will never leave you nor

forsake you I will provide you with the

strength you need to overcome any

obstacle the wisdom to navigate life’s

challenges and the love that will light

your path even in the darkest of times

my dear child as you walk this path with


remember you are loved beyond measure

you are cherished precious and hold the

potential to create a world filled with

light don’t be afraid to stumble to fall

or to feel lost I am always here to

catch you to guide you back to your

Center and to remind you of your innate

strength Trust In The Whispers of your

heart the quiet guidance that leads you

towards your purpose embrace the journey

my child with open arms know that every

experience every challenge every moment

of joy is shaping you into the

Magnificent being you are meant to be so

go forth spread your light and share

your gifts freely know that you are

never truly alone and that within you

lies the power to create the life of


dreams walk in my love my child and find

peace joy and fulfillment in every every

step of your journey amen if this

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loved amen

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