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I am speeding up the passage of time my dearly loved child so that you may soon

hold your I know you have been anxiously waiting for the answer you seek and I

want you to know that I am holding a treasured blessing in your hands if you are aware that the changes

I am bringing about in your life are for your ultimate benefit then you should get your heart ready and your intellect

ready as I talk to you right now I would want to invite you to open the doors of your house and welcome me

in I firmly offer you my Assurance that A change is on the horizon for your life

I am aware of your requirements and I have been familiar with them even before you were but I would want for you to

have Clarity in your ideas and wishes I’m confident of what you are requesting I’m aware of your objectives

and I am aware that if you desire one must have true Faith intense prayer hard

labor and perseverance in order to achieve Victory I am come to confer upon you a

gift of Eternal importance for the personal sacrifices that you have made today I tell you and your family that I

will not Grant you anything that would cause you or your family harm it is not my intention for your family to

experience any kind of Anguish or separation from me despite the fact that

I want you to shine in the world I want you to suffer because of your absence I

do not intend for you to ever cast a Darkness over your house and forget those who are close to you my unending

desire is for you to lose your health or for stress to ens snare your relationships I want you to be in a

miserable situation calm firm Faith a quiet existence and a Detachment from the

world are the things that I want for you you brought nothing into this world even

your tangible assets and the the things of this world which are ephemeral globe and you will not take

anything with you when you go save the love and compassion that you carry with you you plant the seeds of trust in

those who hold you dear and you provide assistance to those who are in need your unwavering faith and unwavering

commitment are the things that will help people who are desperately in need I have brought you a wonderful

blessing and one day I will arrange for you to receive a blessing that will bring you actual spiritual

fulfillment I have the ability to alter the seasons and I will place a crown on your head with my own right hands

opportunities to alter Hearts I am bringing everything into alignment so that my blessings may be bestowed upon

you and your pain will be left behind I’m standing at your door

beckoning for you to come back now that it is up to me I want to live in your

house and I want want my amazing tranquil to be given to you fill every nook and cranny of your family’s hearts

and you will soon see the power that I possess giving your family and yourself

the opportunity to experience a period of Peace healing and blessing is getting

closer I have seen your faith I am paying attention to what you have to say

my heart is touched by your genuiness and your attitude is pleasing to me

[Music] prayers you Faithfully come into my

presence each day and you hold your faith in your hands faith is alive the spiritual life is held in

great respect in contrast to other people who come and go and lack consistency I want you to serve as a

model for others to follow therefore I suggest that they commit their goals and Pathways to me you your family and

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