God Message For You; WONDERFUL BLESSINGS ARE COMING YOUR WAY!! ???? Jesus Helps | Julie Green Prophecy

God is saying you today congratulations my dear in the

next hours something wonderful is coming your way a big lottery win this

means a lot of money is going to be deposited into your bank

account it’s like a miracle that’s going to change your life bringing happiness not just to you but to your family

too if you believe in God it’s like having a sweet treat that attracts ants your hands will attract wealth get ready

to see lots of money flowing into your [Music] life I’m here for you looking after all

your needs soon I’ll be opening the doors of Heaven to shower you with

blessings just type to receive them are you ready for all the good things

coming your way get ready for a lot of good stuff in

the next hours well health and happiness expect lots of love money and

feeling great overall watch this video Until the End to get all these blessings from

God you’re special to me as a Christian you’re never alone I’m always with you

you’ve got the Holy Spirit within you to help and guide you I’m like a shield

protecting you from harm and guiding you through life’s challenges you’re precious to me and I

love you remember your words are

powerful as Christians we use God’s word to fight against

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blessed Jesus tells us that through prayer and speaking out loud we can overcome tough times and win with his

help so speak out God’s words confidently knowing they can change things for the

better if you’re feeling sad talk to Jesus through prayer he’s always there

to listen and help you feel [Music] better let’s pray together Dear God God

I thank you for this new week and all the good things you do for me please help me with everything I need I believe

this week will bring good things and blessings thank you for your love and

kindness I trust you and I’m excited to see what’s next I know something great

is coming for you too keep believing and praying and good things will

happen type if you believe

I know things are tough for many of you right now you might be worried about money health or your

relationships maybe stress or pain feels like too

much but I’m here to help when you talk to me in prayer I’ll give you a special

kind of peace I can help your body mind and soul feel

better I’ll give you good things in abundance even when life is hard I can

bring happiness when you’re sad and calm when you’re worried just ask for my help

and I’ll be there you’re about to start a new chapter in your life you’ve been through

tough times but now things will get better I’m proud of you for being

strong you’ve trusted me and I’ve been with you all along now it’s time for you

to do great things I have big plans for you and I’m excited to see what you’ll

do remember to put me first in your plans this week when you do I’ll fill

your life with happiness and Beauty trust me and I’ll show you the right way to go and when things seem hopeless

remember I’m here for you hold my hand and I’ll lead you know

that I’m here and we can get through anything together I’m I’m watching over you and giving you my

[Music] love let me be your strength and comfort

trust me and I’ll take away your worries and pain I’ll fill your life with good

things all you have to do is believe in me say this out loud God will keep me

safe and bring me to his kingdom he deserves all the glory

forever type to claim it if you trust in Jesus Christ we’d

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it type amen if you believe in

God the Lord says Dear child trust me I

can do amazing things you can’t even imagine good things are coming your way and I’m going to shower you with

blessings just believe in me and expect miracles I love you and I’m always here

for you remember I’m here even when things

seem really dark when you’re scared or feeling alone I’m holding your hand leading you to brighter

days be grateful for the good things I’ve given you your life is precious so

enjoy every moment if you ever feel lost just ask me for help I’ll never let you

down in the next few months you’ll see lots of good things happening in your relationships and your spiritual journey

they’re gifts from me given with love and purpose treasure them and don’t worry about money I’ll make sure you

have what you need keep your faith strong I’m always

watching over you through thick and thin when life gets tough don’t lose hope

trust me and I’ll show you the right path while other people can help you

with temporary problems only I can offer eternal life seek me out and I’ll fill

your life with joy and peace forever pray to me whenever you need

help I’m always listening ready to protect and guide you keep me close in

your heart and I’ll keep you safe I see everything and I know what’s

in your heart life can be hard sometimes but I’ll never leave you when things get

rough talk to me in private and I’ll answer you [Music]

openly type to

affirm God says I love to help people and feel happy when they do well but it

makes me sad when they forget about me and take credit for their [Music]

success remember I’m the one who gives you strength wisdom and chances to

succeed so when good things happen give thanks to me and recognize my role in

your life stick with me and I’ll keep

blessing and guiding you toward your goals hey my dear one

I want you to be kind to people who don’t like you it might be hard but it’s important for a happy life when you’re

nice to your enemies you might make them think differently and turn to

me and when you love your enemies you act like Jesus and show others how great

I am remember it’s not enough to say you follow me or go to church you have to

love God with everything you’ve got and treat others well that’s what God wants

[Music] when you live with love you make me happy and become part of my family but

if you’re selfish greedy or proud it’s hard to be close to

me my dear ones I want to cheer you up you might have had tough times and

wondered why bad things happen but I’m here to fix things make them better and

bring you [Music] happiness I’ll turn your sadness into

Joy Joy your troubles into good things and your tears into smiles and I’ll do it where everyone can

see so they know I’m with you and your my special

ones stick with me spend time with me be kind to your enemies do what God wants

and trust me to make things amazing for you tomorrow is going to be a big day

for you I’ve heard your prayers and want to bring you new blessings and open new doors of Miracles

don’t forget to say thank you and be happy because your gratitude will bring even more good things your

way type to receive it if you give $ as a super thanks in

jesus’ name you and your family will be blessed with good health happiness stable finances and peace your kindness

will bring blessings for years to come expect healing freedom from illness

and debt by the end of this month as promised by God your future will be full

of blessings and progress by watching this video Until

the End you and your family will be blessed with long lasting health happiness Financial stability and

[Music] peace God is opening a new door in your life and nothing can close it because he

is with you get ready for more joy better finances healing and lots of love

and miracles do you trust God’s [Music] plan you are entering a season of

Miracles and blessings the upcoming week will bring you happiness wonderful people and

blessings like never before remember no harm can come to you in jesus’

name your health wealth mind and family will flourish you are destined to be wealthy

and money will come to you effortlessly God’s blessings will pour

down on you and your loved ones giving you a life full of abundance Health joy

and happiness may the Lord bless and protect you

always God will remove your pains and turn your setbacks into comebacks your days of worry are over

because God’s blessings will overflow in your life make God bless and protect you your

friends and your family he will deliver the miracle you’ve been praying for while you sleep

tonight when things seem impossible God will make a way for you he brings

healing restoration and strength follow him and you’ll experience continuous

victories and breakthroughs type to receive

it the Lord says listen to Jesus words and follow them it’s like building your

house on Strong Rock let his words guide everything you

do say these words out loud even if I’m in a scary place I won’t be afraid

because you’re with me God wants you to give him all your fears and worries he

promises to give you peace and make bad things turn out good God hears your prayers even if the answer is unexpected

Ed get ready for lots of good things to happen soon sad times will be replaced

by happy ones pray to God to calm your worries before

bed remember I’m always with you no matter what happens God loves you even

when you make mistakes bad stuff will go away and you’ll have enough money you’ll be

happier than ever before I’m here to make your life better and

heal your pain pray and you’ll find the right path and meet the right people I

made the world in days trust me to change your life

quickly get ready for lots of good things to happen you’re special to me

and I love you type amen if you believe in

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come your way Jesus promises that if you trust in

him you won’t have to struggle anymore God’s favor is on you and he can help

you overcome any challenge when things get tough remember

to trust in God and he will fight for you even in your darkest times God will

guide you and help you overcome your struggles pray with me God I trust

everything to you my family my health my home my fears and my

feelings when you’re feeling sad remember that God loves you and cares for you Jesus is ready to open doors for

you bringing happiness and Harmony into your life

I’m here to break the negative Cycles in your life and bring you Freedom prosperity and

abundance trust me I’ll take care of [Music] you text to claim

it God can turn your private prayers into public Miracles trust in him and he’ll lead you

to success believe that God will improve your health and finances trust in him and you’ll see

miracles happen I declare that any curse over

your life is broken your health will improve and your finances will [Music]

grow I’m here to open doors that have been closed for too long trust me I’ll

heal you and make your dreams come true trust in the Lord and He will guide

you to success whenever you’re feeling down I’ll be here to bring you Joy and calm your

anxiety just call out to me and I’ll help you you’re not alone I’m here for

you in good times and bad remember that every morning brings

new blessings don’t lose hope because tomorrow holds new

[Music] opportunities are you ready for your breakthrough get ready because I’m going

to surprise you with goodness I’ve already planned healing freedom and promotion for you true faith means

trusting God even in tough times type amen if you believe consider

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[Music] worldwide type amen if you believe in

God God says today God wants you to trust him more instead of just trying

harder shift your focus from striving to trusting and your life will change for

the better you’re heading into a time of abundance and love where things will start falling into place at the right

time have faith in God because you’re about to experience a sudden wave of opportunities and blessings that will

completely transform your life your pain and struggles are going to turn into sources of strength and

blessings God has a wonderful plan for you one that will bring Prosperity healing and relief from your

troubles no matter what has happened God’s plan for you hasn’t been derailed

trust that he will lead you to where you need to be have faith and you’ll see Miracles unfold in your life remember

everything works out for the good of those who love God and follow his

purpose when you feel alone or lost turn to God for companionship he’s always there for you

ready to forgive and cleanse you if you ask even if others mock or challenge you

for your faith stay strong because God Is by your side through thick and

thin instead of worrying pray to God and thank him for his blessings this opens the door for more

miracles to enter your life through his grace focus on worship to overcome tough

times shifting your attention from the problem to the ultimate Problem Solver Jesus Christ who Bridges the gap between

God and Humanity type if you needed

[Music] this God says if you’re feeling sad lost

or down and want to find lasting happiness turn to God for peace That Never

Ends if you keep asking searching and knocking God will answer and guide you I

hope that God’s favor will be with you and keep you safe tell God what you need help with

trust him completely and don’t be afraid dear God please take away my worries and

troubles and take care of my family something unexpected will happen

tomorrow that will make you feel hopeful and happy within the next hours get ready for blessings like love money and

health you’ll receive $, in your bank account soon from sources you didn’t expect you’re about to become

rich successful and healthy and I’ve chosen you for these [Music]

blessings I’m here to bring health and healing to your mind and body I’ll give

you unlimited wealth health and prosperity if you watch this video to the

end say out loud I attract lots of money and I’m ready for a miracle this week

your life is about to be filled with with unexpected blessings in the next days you’ll

experience amazing Miracles and breakthroughs you’ll be surrounded by happiness love and harmony entering a

new season of abundance in your life will improve

significantly with financial stability and true love you’ll bring unlimited health wealth and prosperity to your

family Miracles will happen sudden ly in your

life when you feel lost and alone turn to God he’s always with you I’ll fix

every mistake replace every loss and remove every obstacle in your way type

God is with me if you donate $ in jesus’ name you and your family

will be blessed with health happiness Financial stability and

peace thank God for his love and faithfulness and he will bless you abundantly you’re

already Victorious and strong get ready for a big miracle this [Music]

week God is healing canceling debts restoring marriages and breaking

addictions trust me I have great plans for you I’ll heal what needs healing

bless you and your loved ones and bring peace and love back to you let’s pray

together type amen if you believe in

God dear God I trust you completely and won’t worry instead I’ll rely on you I

believe you won’t let me down and you’ll make all my dreams come

true I’ll keep praising you no matter what right now work’s tough so I need

your guidance God I know you’ll give me everything I’ve asked for good health

wealth love and peace inside I trust your timing God I don’t

want to rush into anything before I’m ready I believe you’re leading me where I need to

be Jesus showed us love and forgiveness from God he taught us how to live

forever with God he healed us and loved us

all even even though Jesus started in a simple way his message was for everyone

if you believe in him you’ll be saved the Bible says always be happy

keep praying and say thanks no matter what you can change my life fast

God I’ll never give up hope because you always surprise me with Miracles I pray for miracles for

everyone who needs them only you can do the Imp

Possible only God can turn a mess into a message a test into a story of success

and make someone who suffering become a winner type to

affirm God says I declare good things for you Victory peace healing and

blessings with money I won’t let your enemies hurt you God will give you what

you need when you need it Jesus said things would change and we

should be happy because we’ve already won he’ll guide us and make sure we win

we can trust that we’ll be okay you’ll soon get money love and good

health without having to do anything God will make things better for you your health relationships and

money soon you’ll have enough money to pay your bills and do extra for your kids when we only have God we find

Miracles that change our lives [Music] forever God’s love never ends and he’ll

always be good to us may God bless you and keep you safe and give you peace

let’s pray together that everything you do will go well thank you for loving me in good

times and bad God you’re amazing and I’m lucky to have you thank you thank you

for making me and sending Jesus to forgive my sins help us remember your blessings

every day God’s breaking the bad Cycles in your [Music]

life you’re going into a new time of Freedom success and having plenty God

will protect you and give you strength his faithfulness will protect you and give you the courage to face

[Music] anything type amen if you believe in

God we really need your help to share these messages from God with everyone around the world we can’t do it without

your support please consider donating up to $ today to help us out thank you so

much and we hope blessings come pouring into your life [Music]

amen God Says with my Angels by your side you can relax knowing that any bad

plans against you will fail your pain will go away your tears will stop and

you’ll find a way to change your life for the better I give you all my fears worries and stress please guide me this

year and protect me from harm in Jesus’s name

amen but don’t worry about what your enemies are planning I’m a generous God

and I have big plans for you I want to give you wealth and help you overcome any challenges

as you watch this video you’ll feel loved healthy and Rich get ready for an

amazing few days filled with happiness love and money money will flow to you

easily bringing abundance into your life keep saying I am blessed I am prosperous

and God is with me God will heal you fix your

relationships and help you with money soon next week will bring Miracles and

blessings this weekend expect surprises in your job money health and

relationships God wants to take you to new heights remember with God anything

is possible he’ll make a way for you even when it seems [Music]

impossible in God will bless heal guide provide and protect you expect

Victory breakthroughs and blessings by the end of this month a big blessing

is coming your way and your tough times will be over soon pray with me Lord I

believe in you and ask for your help in my life type to

affirm God says today God is making big changes in your life he’s turning your

sadness into happiness and your problems into opportunities

you might be struggling with not having enough money or nice things but remember those things don’t last forever what

does last forever is God’s love and help say this with confidence today good

things are coming my way I believe that with God’s help anything is

possible this is your time to bounce back and find peace and success again be

thankful for for all the good things in your life big and small and you’ll find even more to be thankful

for I’m sorry for the wrong things I’ve done God I want to do better and I ask

for your forgiveness please be my guide and help me live the way you want me

to get ready to feel loved and happy again as God gives you back everything that was taken from you trust in God’s

promise I will save you and keep you safe says the Lord Lord I love you pray

this now when people doubted me you believed

in me when they were mean to me you taught me to be strong when they hurt me

you taught me to forgive now when people see me they see you today I thank you with all my

heart thank you for taking care of me if you’re sick I pray that you’ll be healed

by the power of of God always be happy no matter what’s going on trust in God

and thank him for all the good things and you’ll feel peaceful

forever remember you have to trust in God and believe that he will help you

the Bible says you can’t make God happy without believing in him and trusting that he will help you when you

ask type amen if you believe in God if you believe in Jesus Christ

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amen God says sometimes we just need to pray trust God with everything and let

it go because when we have nothing left but God he starts doing amazing things

in our lives when you’re feeling down God is there to

hold you when you cry he wipes away your tears when you’re broken he helps put

you back together I am your safe place and

nothing bad will happen to you no disaster will come near you because I’ll send my angels to protect you wherever

you go walk with God when you’re feeling

lonely trust God when you feel lost and alone when you give everything to God

you’ll have everything you need say this now when I’m sad and lonely God is my

comfort and happiness when I’m weak and helpless God gives me

strength do you know the big difference between God and people God gives

forgives and gives some more while people take forget and take some more

Jesus once said anyone who listens to my teachings and follows them as wise like someone who builds a house on Solid

[Music] Ground yes I am the way those who come

to me will be saved they’ll be free and find good things that stressful

situation is going to become peaceful and satisfying I’m going to replace all your

stress worry and frustration with never-ending

peace type amen if you believe in God

God is saying to you today this is your time to bounce back from all the hard times and difficulties you faced I’m

here to bring back everything that you’ve lost get ready for amazing things to happen with lots of wealth good

health and success stick with this video Until the

End to get some unexpected help from God you’ve been loyal to God and He will

always be there for you trust him and you’ll see good things happen in your [Music]

life today good things are coming your way to take care of your debts bills and

to keep your family safe you’re not alone I’m here with you

every step of the way if I’m on your side it doesn’t matter who’s against you

you’re my child and I’ll always be with you I’m getting rid of everything that’s

making you feel bad and I’m changing your life from feeling hurt struggling and not having enough to feeling better

having what you need and having more than enough God wants you to say this now I remember when I didn’t have a

relationship with God a new time of happiness and peace is

coming for you and you’ll feel God’s love in a strong way God has already

made you a winner over all life’s problems get up and use the word of God

to help you in don’t be afraid because he’s with you don’t worry because he’s your God he

will make you strong help you and support you with his [Music]

power soon you’ll be telling a different story one of feeling better succeeding

being healthy having lots being happy and feeling peaceful when things get

tough I’ll be with you when you face big problems you won’t

drown trust God completely don’t just trust what you understand include him in

everything you do and he’ll make your path [Music] clear you’ve waited cried prayed and

kept going soon you’re going to have good things happen the next good thing

that God does in your life will be so big that your children and grandchildren will benefit from

it when you go through tough times you won’t get hurt the problems won’t destroy you let’s go to God and ask for

help confidently and he’ll give us mercy and help when we need

it type if you believe if you believe in Jesus Christ

please think about supporting our Christian Community by donating up to $ your help will let us keep spreading

God’s message everywhere thank you so much

amen dear friend you’ll get unexpected money blessings in the next hours which

will change your family’s life forever you’ll pay off debts get your dream home

and take care of your loved ones in ways you couldn’t before remember to be thankful for what you receive and I’ll

send you even more blessings making wonderful things happen in your

life Congratulations by the end of you’ll be prosperous successful happy

and [Music] healthier this week God will bless you

with lots of good things like Health joy and happiness he’ll turn bad situations into

good ones bless you and your family and fix anything that needs

fixing May bring you even more blessings better finances and improved

Health you’ll receive help support and money beyond what you can imagine angels

are looking after your debts bills and Family’s

safety lots of Miracles are on the way making you better in every way mentally

physically spiritually emotionally and

financially while you sleep tonight God will answer your prayers and bring an end to your

worries soon you’ll see big changes in your job money health and

relationships surprising blessings love and plenty

will come to you quickly your tough times will end and good things will happen like winning the lottery changing

your life I’ll fix what’s gone wrong make up for losses defeat your enemies

and clear obstacles from your [Music] path February will be full of good

things for you and your family I’m going to help you go from feeling overwhelmed to feeling really happy

your story will be all about luck Miracles and

joy I hope this week brings you lots of blessings may God hear your prayers and

help you with any problems you’re facing be happy because tomorrow will bring you lots of good

things today God is giving you a new start with lots of blessings happiness

and fulfillment type if you needed

[Music] this when you trust in God good things happen he’ll make your life better and

fix your problems this weekend I’ll send lots of blessings to you and your

family you’re important to me and I care about you today say out loud I deserve

good things from God and I’m ready to accept love healing and [Music]

success get ready for amazing things your money health and success will get

even better God will help you with what you’ve been asking for the next week

will be great full of happiness love and money any sadness will disappear

replaced by joy and blessings stay strong and don’t be

afraid God is with you treat your enemies kindly and God will reward you

don’t give up even if you’re tired Miracles are

coming if you trust in God you’ll find new energy your life will be full of

love happiness and success your problems will be solved peacefully and God will

help you financially remember God is always there

for you even when you’re feeling weak type to airm

if you give $ as a special thanks in jesus’ name good things will come to you

and your family like staying healthy happy financially secure and peaceful

your kindness will bring blessings for a long time Jesus said keep praying until

things get better miracles happen and God can change your life fast if you

believe in Jesus and say it out loud you you will be saved keep believing that good things

are coming because God’s plans are perfect he’s making everything good again your dreams relationships Health

money and happiness all in jesus’ name the Bible says you need Faith to

make God happy you must believe in him and know he rewards those who truly look

for him your worries will go away and good things will come to you

your health will improve and you’ll be blessed in many ways even when things seem impossible I’ll make a way for you

trust me waiting for God is worth it I know you’re going through tough

times with money health and relationships but I won’t let anything bad happen to you I’m opening doors for

you that no one can close I’ve heard your prayers and seen

your tears now it’s time for you to receive Miracles and blessings God had a plan for your life

before you even knew it sometimes your plans fail so God’s plan can

succeed like how winter ends and spring comes tough times will pass and good

times will come every day brings new blessings don’t let a bad day get you

down tomorrow is a new day full of chances is for good things to [Music]

happen type to claim [Music] it if you believe in Jesus Christ please

think about helping our Christian Community by giving a donation of up to $ your support will help us keep

spreading God’s message around the world thank you very

much Jesus says he’ll send you good things like Miracles blessings and upgrades so that you you can do well in

every part of your life he promises to help you in your struggles against bad

things if you trust in him he’ll fight your battles for [Music]

you get ready to feel better in your health money and relationships Jesus promises to make

your life better if you trust him he’ll fix your problems and make them into something good he won’t let you down

it’s time for you to have a life full of good things

money and opportunities will come to you easily without you having to work hard Jesus promises to break the chains of

poverty lack and sickness in your [Music] life your sadness will turn into

happiness your pain will go away and your problems will bring you blessings

get ready for a time of lots of good things happening to [Music] you the next month will be a big change

for you God will do amazing things in your life making you healthy

again as the god of Miracles Jesus can do things that seem impossible if you trust him you’ll see

amazing things happen in your life he’s always there to help you when

you need it he’s the powerful God who made everything and he can give you more than you can even

imagine type to claim it

God says to you this week I’ll make your blessings three times bigger to show you

that with strong faith in me anything is possible expect your bank account to grow with more money than you ever

imagined get ready for a huge miracle in your life whether you’re facing physical

Financial or emotional challenges remember I’m always here for you bringing healing clearing debts

fixing Rel relationships and helping with addictions whatever you want a house a

job a relationship or financial success it’s all coming your way trust my timing

and my ability to provide I’m always knocking waiting for you to let me in

don’t be afraid I’m gentle and loving and I want to guide you through

life when you invite me in I’ll give you peace joy and strength

your worries will fade away replaced by a piece that’s beyond

understanding get ready for an amazing weekend full of breakthroughs opportunities good news and success

during this time I’ll ease your pain restore what you’ve lost and give you plenty of

[Music] money no matter what mistakes you’ve made I’ll show you Mercy every failure

can be turned around every loss can lead to a fresh FR start and every setback can become a

comeback prepare for a flood of blessings from me stay connected to my

presence and follow my guidance Faithfully because this week will be overflowing with blessings like never

before type if you needed [Music]

this if you give $ as a special donation in the name of Jesus you and

your family will receive good health happiness stable finances and

peace your generosity will bring blessings for many years I pray that

your bank account will grow a lot and your bills will be paid

early enjoy this time of success and freedom whenever you felt disappointed

there’s a wonderful gift waiting for [Music] you you’ll feel very happy and

purposeful soon soon you’ll be laughing with joy because of good

news God will turn your sadness into happiness your prayers are being

answered now this year will bring big changes breakthroughs and

miracles it’s your time for New [Music] Opportunities before this month ends

you’ll have a reason to celebrate your finances will get better you’ll heal and miracles will happen

when you need them [Music] God is making your life better in ways

you can’t imagine you’re entering a new phase in February you’ll be very happy

because good things will happen often let’s pray God you’re really good

thank you for always loving me I trust that you’re blessing me a lot in Jesus

name please take away any fear or worry give strength to those who are tired

show them that you’re with [Music]

them type amen if you believe in

God instead of stressing about things try talking to God through prayer tell

him what you need and ask for his help remember to say thank you for all

the good things he’s already given you I believe that the rest of this week will be amazing for you

God will give you healing lots of good things new chances and

blessings type if you needed

this God says I understand what your medical report says and I know about

your financial situation I see the difficulties you face from others and I know how big your

dreams are I want to make it clear that I won’t

let you down this week you’ll see improvements in your health job business

connections and [Music] money God is ready to do amazing things

in your life if we accept God as our King and see ourselves as his children

it’s clear why Christ said we’d inherit the [Music] Kingdom no matter what happens this

weekend remember that God is greater than anything trust more in his strength

than your own if you feel overwhelmed give your worries doubts and fears to

God he can handle them this weekend will bring good news

blessings growth new chances productivity positivity answers healing

love and God’s favor restoration Fresh Starts breakthroughs and victory are

coming pain is temporary but joy lasts forever

no matter the challenges tomorrow brings God is greater he’s always working for

your good even when you rest I’m here for you and will keep you safe wherever you go I won’t leave until I’ve kept

every promise I made to you God is the ultimate ruler unmatched

in power and authority over all creation let’s pray together thanking God for

pushing us to rise above obstacles help us face our

struggles I believe with God’s help I can overcome anything and come out on top as we go out today I ask for God’s

protection and blessings I pray for our children’s safety at [Music]

school type to

affirm dear friend we’re reaching out to you with a heartfelt plea for your

assistance in spreading the messages of hope and love that we believe are vital for the world your support is crucial to

our mission and without it we simply can’t reach as many people as we’d [Music]

like think of yourself as a superhero for our cause your generosity can make a

world of difference even a small contribution of up to $ can be a

powerful force for good your kindness will not go unnoticed and we sincerely

thank you for considering it May blessings shower upon you abundantly

as you extend your hand to support us we believe that every act of kindness ripples out into the world creating a

wave of positivity in change your support is a blessing not only to us but

to all those whose lives we touch in the words of Jesus we ask for

protection on our Journeys whether they be on the roads or the highways of life

may His blessings Encompass us bringing healing New Opportunities and

breakthroughs let us join together in prayer invoking his name for guidance and

strength I make this promise to you if you seek good health and healing I will be there for you no illness or trouble

is beyond my reach to alleviate as we look ahead to the coming month let us do so with anticipation and

excitement for it holds great promise for you your your story is about to undergo

a transformation filled with joy healing and success I will work tirelessly to bring

restoration to every aspect of your life your health your relationships and your

finances trust in me for I am like a skilled physician capable of bringing you back to full

[Music] Vitality perhaps you’ve been grappling with challenges to your well-being

whether physical or emotional know this I am here to offer for you healing and

Solace I will restore your strength calm your mind and ignite Within You A Renewed passion for

[Music] life together let us embark on this journey towards a brighter more

fulfilling existence with your support and my guidance there is no limit to

what we can achieve thank you for being a Beacon of Hope in this

world type amen if you believe in God

hey there friend I just wanted to remind you that I’m here for you not only when

things are going great but also when times get tough whether you’re feeling hurt sad or

going through a rough patch I’ve got your back I’m here to give you comfort strength and help you navigate through

those difficult moments it’s important for you to know

that I’m all about Grace not punishment I’m not here to judge or condemn you

instead I’m here to offer you forgiveness and love that’s why I sent my son Jesus Christ to make the ultimate

sacrifice for your sins so you can have eternal life every tear you’ve shed in

the past will eventually be replaced with joy I [Music]

promise my love and blessings are ready to wash away your pain and sorrow bringing you heaps of Happiness laughter

and love my words are like a soothing B bringing healing restoration and peace

to your soul I want you to repeat after me in

God will bless me Heal Me provide for me protect me and guide me exciting

things are on the horizon for you and you won’t even have to break a sweat for them money will flow to you effortlessly

and naturally like a magnet attracting wealth into your

life Jesus wants to heal you whether it’s physical emotional or spiritual

pain you’re experiencing he’s here to bring you peace and comfort and get ready because

some amazing opportunities are about to come knocking on your [Music]

door I’m the one who gives you strength when you feel weak heals you when you’re sick and brings back peace and love when

you’re feeling lost and guess what I’ve got some surprises lined up just for

you I’ve already arranged for your healing Freedom wealth and good health

today I’m transforming your life swapping out your Sorrows for joy and shifting you from a mindset of lack to

one of abundance get ready for a fantastic

season filled with Miracles victories and breakthroughs I’ve got a special plan

for you my child a plan that will fill you with hope make you shine bright and bless everyone around

you your health relationships and finances are all going to be restored just trust

in me and know that I’m working tirelessly on your behalf to bring about the breakthroughs you [Music]

need and when you’re facing challenges remember the story of David and Goliath David didn’t need to know how

strong Goliath was because he already knew how strong I am nothing you’re facing today is too much for me to

handle so take comfort in knowing that you’re never alone I’m always here watching

over you and working to shower you with the blessings you [Music] deserve and if there are any negative

words spoken against you or your destiny I’ve got you covered I nullify them all

in the powerful name of Jesus all I ask from you is to have

faith in me and allow my blessings to flow into your life I’m The Giver of every good and perfect gift and I never

change I’m always with you guiding you through every storm and

trial so let’s say it together I am open to receiving the abundance of Love

healing and blessings that I rightfully deserve my entire family will experience

healing and financial Miracles will manifest when we need them in jesus’

name welcome to a new chapter of your life filled with endless possibilities I have the power to turn

your life around completely taking you from Financial struggle to wealth and abundance leave your worries behind

because Joy and prosperity are on the way your business career or job will

Thrive and your financial well-being will soar just trust in me and get ready

for a flood of success love and [Music] abundance even when things seem

impossible possible I’ll create opportunities for you that can’t be taken away your heart’s desires will be

fulfilled and exciting plans are inst store for you and remember the most important

relationship you can have is with my son Jesus he’s here to save you and be your

companion through every [Music] trial so no matter how dark things may

seem I’ll always be your Guiding Light just trust in me and I’ll never never let you

down let’s say this together dear Lord I Choose You I Surrender myself to you and

invite you to be my Savior and Lord as you step into this new phase of

your life get ready for good things to come your way success victories and

breakthroughs are on the horizon and I’ll bless the work of your [Music]

hands your life will continue to improve and your career and love life will flourish once again remember the story

of the lepers who were healed by Jesus well get ready to experience that

kind of miracle in your own [Music] life and if you’re feeling generous

consider donating as a gesture of gratitude trust me it’ll bring blessings

beyond measure for you and your [Music] family so get excited because the

upcoming week is going to be filled with amazing Miracles and blessings I’ll make sure the heavens

open up and shower you with abundance in every area of your

life your story is changing for the better and I’ll never stop working to bring you Joy success and

prosperity trust in me and watch as Miracles unfold before your

eyes type amen if you believe in

God the Lord says hey there have you ever thought about how big and powerful

God is he’s like a superhero bigger than anything you might Face

Tomorrow even when you’re fast asleep God’s busy planning good things for you

imagine waking up to Good News great times with friends and family feeling healthy and blessed in so many

[Music] ways you know whatever you’re going through this weekend God’s Got Your Back

he’s way stronger than any problem you might have so instead of stressing out

try leaning on God’s strength if things start feeling too

much just hand it all over to God he’s got these huge comforting hands that can

hold all your worries doubts and fears and guess what this weekend isn’t

just going to be ordinary it’s going to be packed with awesome stuff

think blessings personal growth exciting opportunities getting stuff done staying

positive finding answers feeling better and feeling God’s love and favor all around

you it’s like a fresh start is just around the corner ready to bring breakthroughs new beginnings and

victories your way sure there might be some tough times

but they won’t last forever Joy on the other hand that’s here to

stay God’s promising to heal any pain you’re feeling give back what you’ve lost and make sure you’ve got everything

you need including money stuff blessings and good things are headed your way all

because you’re putting God first and doing the right thing get ready for a week that’s going

to change your life there’s going to be exciting opportunities more good news

feeling better growing your money and reaching success your luck is turning around

starting right now you know what God said he’s heard

your prayers seen your tears and he’s ready to make things better so get ready

for Joy instead of pain doors opening up just for you and more opportunities than

you can even [Music] imagine God’s got some amazing plans in

store for you and your loved ones things that are even better than you could dream up

type if you’re dying to receive it we need your help to spread these

messages from God all around the world and we can’t do it without your support

you can be a hero for our cause by donating a special gift of up to $

today thank you and may blessings fill your life abundantly

[Music] amen God promises that you’ll get the job you want be accepted into the school

of your dreams receive that promotion you’ve been hoping for find new opportunities get out of debt and escape

from difficult situations even when you feel like

there’s no solution God will make away he will complete what he started in your

life and turn delays into Miracles you’ll feel a new sense of joy and hope

and you’ll see your prayers answered the year war will bring

breakthroughs and miracles for you it’s a time for new beginnings and

opportunities your health will improve your financial situation will get better and your home will be filled with

blessings I will shower you with everything you’ve been waiting and praying for love good health and

prosperity are on their way to you you’ll have reasons to celebrate before this month is

[Music] over your finances will grow you’ll experience healing and miracles will

occur I will turn your pain into strength your fears into determination and your challenges into

opportunities trust in me for I have a great plan for your

life God is merciful and offers restoration for every mistake a fresh start after every failure and a comeback

from every setback what he promised you is still coming your

way type amen if you believe in

God dear friend if you have faith in Jesus Christ we invite you to consider

supporting our Christian Community with a gesture of kindness a donation of up to

$ your contribution will enable us to continue spreading the message of God to people

worldwide we sincerely appreciate your support

amen in life even when things seem uncertain trust that God has a wonderful plan for

you he is always guiding your steps even in the midst of confusion your current

situation is not a surprise to him trust that he will work out every detail for your benefit and in due time everything

will fall into [Music] place this week prepare yourself for a

journey upward God is showering you with new opportunities blessings connections

ideas and Supernatural favor it’s a time for progress and elevation in your life

embrace it with faith and claim the blessings that are coming your way in jesus’ name

amen for every setback you faced there awaits a remarkable blessing that will transform your life your heart will

overflow with joy love and fulfillment and your days will be filled with laughter and good news trust that God is

enriching your life in wonderful ways get ready to step into a new season

where favor and miracles will become your Norm God promises to give you strength in times of weakness joy in

moments of Despair and to pave A Way Forward when all seems

impossible your Miracle is on its way and doors of opportunity favor and

blessing will open for you thanks to God’s grace

even as you read this God is preparing a path for you filled with new opportunities favor open doors and

promotion approach each day with anticipation knowing that God’s goodness is just around the

corner as we approach February expect good news blessings New Opportunities

healing love and God’s favor to overflow in your

life today is a day filled with progress success positive encounters promotions

raises unexpected blessings and Supernatural strength embrace the

breakthroughs and healing that await you as God’s blessings unfold in your

life know that God has something special in store just for you take a moment to

Express gratitude to him for his endless love and

blessings may God abundant blessings be upon you

amen type if you needed this don’t worry because there’s someone

up there who’s got your back everything you do will turn out good and you’ll have plenty of food in your pantry the

big guy upstairs your God will make sure you’re taken care of in the land he’s given

you your prayers aren’t just disappearing into in air nope they’re

being heard loud and clear by a god who’s always listening and ready to help

even when things seem rough God’s got a plan to help you through it he’s saying

don’t worry I’ll find a way so take a breather and remember that

God’s in charge he’s got all the solutions you need and he’s sending good things your way like healing answers and

even a few Miracles you’re going to come out of this strong stronger than ever ready to tackle whatever’s

[Music] next I’m telling you your pain isn’t going to last forever God’s going to

turn it into something powerful something that’ll help you focus and stay determined and those tough times

you’re facing God’s going to turn them around for your benefit just trust him

he’s got big plans for you let’s send some good vibes to those

who need them most folks looking for jobs struggling to make ends meet or just feeling lost may they find some

peace and hope in all this chaos and hey good news that car you’ve

been eyeing it’s on its way and that dream job yep it’s coming too and all

those blessings you’ve been wishing for they’re just around the corner just hang

in there and keep believing in God’s timing

I’ve got a feeling that the rest of this week is going to be pretty awesome for you get ready for some great things

coming your way healing New Opportunities and more blessings than you can

imagine and pretty soon all those tough times you’ve been through you’ll barely

even remember them because God’s goodness is going to shine through like never before so let’s turn that pain into

praise and celebrate the good things that are headed your way

type to affirm are you ready to experience

blessings Beyond Your Wildest Dreams imagine this by simply donating $ as a

super thanks in the name of Jesus you open the floodgates of blessings for you and your loved

ones your generosity isn’t just a one-time thing it’s an investment in lasting health happiness Financial

stability and peace for your entire family and guess what these blessings aren’t just

for now they’ll keep coming for generations to come hey there God I’m not coming to you

with a laundry list of requests for money Mansions or fancy cars all I’m

asking for is the simple stuff keep me and my family safe and ensure we always have enough food to

eat but here’s the amazing part God’s about to blow your mind with blessings

beyond your imagination God knows your heart’s

desires and guess what he’s not just meeting your needs he’s exceeding them

get ready for a season of continuous victories breakthroughs and abundance your struggles will turn into

success stories and your doubts will transform into

Clarity it’s all part of God’s plan for you you remember what he said for I know

the plans I have for you plans to prosper you and not to harm you plans to give you hope and a future so get

excited because The Best Is Yet To Come Jeremiah

type amen if you believe in [Music]

God hey there I see you’re feeling exhausted and drained both physically and

emotionally it’s tough I know but guess what you’ve got this even when it feels

like you’re carrying the weight of the world There’s Hope on the [Music]

horizon you see I believe that there’s something bigger at play here call it

fate call it Destiny but there’s a plan for you and your loved ones even in the

midst of your struggles there’s a purpose a reason to keep pushing

forward I know your mind is rais ING with worries Family Health money career

it can feel overwhelming but you’re not alone in this you’ve got someone in your corner

ready to take on your burdens so take a breather lay those

worries at the doorstep of Faith trust that help is on the way in ways you may

not even expect there’s a force at work Paving a path for you clearing the

obstacles in your way sure it might feel like you’re stuck in

a waiting game but remember great things take time just look at Abraham and

Joseph they had to wait too your time will come and when it does it’ll be

worth [Music] it believe me when I say Miracles are

just around the corner each day holds the potential for something amazing even

when it seems like the odds are stacked against you there’s a higher power fighting your

[Music] battles life’s troubles may knock you down but they won’t keep you there

you’re stronger than you know and with a little faith you can weather any

storm and hey I’ve got a feeling that February is going to be your month

success healing surprises it’s all coming your way so hold on to hope my

friend brighter days are ahead

type amen if you believe in God remember this always dreams are like

the fuel that propels us forward love is the warmth that fills our hearts and God is the foundation upon which our lives

are built Jesus who once came to us as gentle as a lamb will return with the

strength of a roaring lion even when it seems impossible God

will defy All Odds for you you will Amaze those who doubted you whether they be doctors Skeptics or even

adversaries take heart for God is on your [Music]

side let’s take a moment to Envision a brighter future I pray that tonight God

visits your home with Miracles and answers in the year expect to be

overwhelmed with God’s blessings in your finances experiencing a newfound sense of Financial

Freedom yes will be your breakthrough year

financially but we need your support to continue spreading God’s word across the globe join us in our mission by

contributing a superhero siiz donation of up to $ today your generosity will

make a world of difference thank you and may blessings overflow in your

life God assures us of his continued watchful presence over our lives in

for through his grace we are found blessed and inspired let us come together in prayer

Lord guide me through financial hardships grant me wisdom in managing my resources and lead me to opportunities

for abundance may this year be marked by

breakthroughs in finances as I trust in your divine plan open doors to New

Opportunities provide the support I need and protect my family as we navigate life

challenges God’s desire is for abundance and prosperity in your life but faith

and gratitude are essential expect an extraordinary week ahead filled with blessings beyond your

imagination remember you are always loved and connected to God’s unwavering

love God promises to bring unexpected blessings resources and support into

your life angels are assign to protect and guide you because you are cherished embrace your new identity as a

child of God empowered by the Holy Spirit to reflect Christ’s [Music]

love Jesus brings a message of blessings and abundance in the month of February

trust in his healing power and expect breakthroughs in every aspect of your life God’s blessings will multiply

making you a living testimony of his miracles your Fai in God’s provision

will be rewarded three-fold he is transforming your struggles into triumphs and removing all

obstacles trust in his promises for they are sure to be

fulfilled in times of Darkness let your prayer be a Beacon of Hope God hears

your cries and will bring Comfort to your troubled heart trust that he is working behind the scenes to bring light

into your life the year ahead holds promise Promises of improvement in Health

employment relationships and finances God’s plans for you are extraordinary filled with joy healing

and [Music] favor God’s love knows no bounds he

offers Mercy for your mistakes restoration for your failures and a fresh start for your

setbacks his promises are steadfast and His blessings are on their way to

you pray earn ly for God’s presence in your life and the lives of your loved

ones may he bring peace healing and happiness in the midst of [Music]

challenges despite the hardships of this year hold on to hope for God’s blessings are on the horizon your tears will turn

to Joy your pain to healing and your struggles to

Blessings as the creator of all things God is with you always guiding and protecting you

you are deeply loved and his promises for abundance and prosperity will come to fruition in your

life believe in the Miracles that await you before the year’s end God is working

behind the scenes to bring you Joy Financial stability and timely

miracles in times of financial difficulty know that God stands with you

he will strengthen your health relationships and finances trust in his provision and his

timing type amen if you believe in [Music]

God my dear child I want you to know something very special everything you

see around you the sky the Earth the water the big mountains The Shining sun

and the twinkling stars I made all of them and guess what I’m always with you

watching over you you comforting you and keeping you safe you mean a lot to me

and no matter what happens I will always love [Music] you hey there so you’re starting a new

part of your life now and it’s going to be really exciting think of it as a fresh start filled with tons of cool

things that could [Music] happen you know what’s even cooler I

have the power to make your life way better like turning your money troubles into Lots of money and good stuff coming

your way so forget about all those things that worry you because I’m here to bring you happiness and good

[Music] fortune maybe you’ve had some tough times with money or felt like you lost

out on something important but let me tell you every dollar you’ve spent will come back to you even bigger and better

your work your career or whatever you do to earn money it’s all going to get way

better and not just just that but your whole family is going to have a better life because I’m making it happen I’ll

heal all your hurts and every bad thing that happened will turn into something really

great and when you’re feeling sad or things aren’t going so well just remember that I’m right there with you

giving you strength and making things better this year get ready for some big

changes I’m going to turn your sadness into happiness your problems into good things things and anything you’ve lost

will come back to you in amazing ways you just have to believe [Music]

it today I’m ready to give you lots of love heal any hurts and make you really

wealthy just like you deserve me and your family we’re all going to have more

than enough of everything [Music] good hey I’m so thankful for making you

loving you always and sending Jesus to help you out when you needed it I’m always is here for you showing you

kindness and love every day if you’ve been feeling down or like

things aren’t going your way remember this I’m about to make some really great things happen for you your life is going

to get way better with more love more money and more happiness and you know what it’s

happening really soon like within the next hours

soon so get ready for some awesome things to to happen you’re going to see

big changes in your life like getting rid of debts finding new opportunities and feeling really

happy your money situation is going to turn around and your love life is going to be amazing and by the end of the week

you’re going to feel like your prayers have been answered with lots of good things coming your

way this is just the beginning of something really great for you get ready

for lots of good stuff to happen like feeling better in every way mentally physically and even

spiritually you’re going to see so many amazing things coming your way like NeverEnding blessings and

miracles it’s going to be awesome I’m going to keep on blessing

you and making your life better healing all your hurts and bringing happiness to you and your family so get ready for

some big surprises like finding money when you least expect it or seeing your bank account grow bigger and

[Music] bigger you’ve got some angels looking out for you and your prayers are being

answered so get ready for some miracles to happen showing you just how much I love

you and always remember you’re never alone I’m right here with you helping

you through everything life throws your way so are you ready for some amazing things

to happen just say the word and I’ll make it all come true you’re my beloved

child and I’m here to make sure you have the best life [Music]

possible type amen if you believe in [Music]

God we are reaching out to you with an urgent plea to help us spread the important messages of God far and wide

across the globe without your generous support our mission becomes

challenging imagine yourself as a superhero for our cause swooping in to make a difference your donation no

matter the size holds immense power and can be a real GameChanger even a contribution of up to

$ can have a significant impact we express our heartfelt gratitude for your

support and wish an abundance of blessings upon you remember God’s love knows no bound

he is a deity of boundless grace and mercy Always by your side loving you

unconditionally as his cherish children we are encouraged to keep our faith strong continue praying and speaking his

words into existence by doing so we open ourselves to the possibility of experiencing

Miracles beyond our imagination beloved rest assured that

God is there to address your every need whether it’s Financial birth burdens emotional wounds Family Safety or simply

brightening your day with Wonder his divine intervention is at

work anticipate a year filled with Restoration in every aspect of Your Life

Health relationships and finances the barriers are breaking Paving the way for improved health and

financial abundance throughout life storms God

remains a steadfast presence providing all the you require his hand moves in

ways that exceed expectations bringing healing and Rejuvenation to your body

Miracles are not just possible they are promised place your trust in him and

witness the extraordinary unfold before your eyes let’s speak words of gratitude and

affirmation together gracious God I thank you for your constant provision

under your care I find abundance and protection you you restore my strength and lead me on the right path even in

perilous times you Shield me from harm I am honored by your blessings which

overflow in my life in embracing this season of success

and Financial Freedom let us walk confidently knowing that God’s hand is guiding us every step of the

way type amen if you believe in

God like this video video to affirm subscribe for daily God’s



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