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loved ones come sit with me let the

stability of my love be the rock you

hold on to in the rough water my arms

will always be open ready to wrap around

you in a piece that you can’t explain

take a break here in the safety of My

Embrace during these times of communion

put your worries aside Stop The

NeverEnding list of things you need to

do and think about me quietness doesn’t

have to be boring it can be a place to

pray and

think as you read let the Bible’s words

flow through your mind and let praise

rise from your heart like the sun rising

in the morning there is a life lived in

me that sounds like The Melodies of

worship and the rhythm of prayer read

Bible verses and use them in your

prayers let them be the way you tell me

what’s on your heart it will give you

confidence in both me and the power of

your prayers when your thoughts and

prayers are based on the truth of my


I long to see you changed by the renewal

of your mind my beloved with screens

everywhere and information coming at you

all the time the world you live in is

always pushing you forward it wants to

shape your beliefs and behaviors so that

they are like its own I’m calling you to

a better way though don’t fit in with

this world change yourself I want to

change the way you think and reset your

inner Compass so that you are always

facing me the the more I renew your mind

the more my ideas and attitudes will

come out in your body my child the

renewal of your mind is a process that

takes time to happen it’s like you’re

coming out of a chrysalis your thoughts

used to be stuck on the ground but now

they fly on the currents of my spirit it

makes my heart happy to see how you’ve

changed the things that are good right

and perfect will become your heart’s

desires as you learn to know my will you

might not know where to start or how to

really let your mind be changed join me

here in the quiet where my voice can be

heard over the noise spend some time

with my word let it deeply affect your

thoughts and help you make decisions

prayer is more than a task it’s a

conversation and it’s how we talk ask me

questions tell me your fears share your

happiness and sadness bring them all

into my love’s light remember that my

thoughts and ways are not the same as

the rest of the world’s I think and act

in ways that are higher than yours just

like the sky is higher than the earth if

you want to think my thoughts you are

reaching for the Eternal and the truths

that have held Souls together for all

time so as you leave this holy space and

this time of being with me carry with

you the peace Stillness and fresh mind

that come from being with me Let It

Shine through you like a Lighthouse at

night drawing people to the comfort of

my love change start over and be my

light in the world prepare yourself for

the journey ahead for I shall persist

visiting you every morning with words of

encouragement and messages of affection

that I will plant within your heart this

is your time your hour has come you were

born to experience Victory it was never

my intention for you to live defeated

and disheartened I’m aware that some

around you have criticized you

diminished your spirit labeled you a

failure and a lost cause proclaiming

that you will achieve nothing but take

heed their misguided words hold no power

and cannot alter your destiny pay them

no mind and assign them no importance in

my hands I hold Triumph I am your hope

today all negative thoughts all

negativity and all feelings of

inadequacy are dissipating and my holy

word heals inspires motivates and

rekindles your joy it fills you with

fresh dreams and beautiful aspirations

I wish to see that beautiful smile on

your face that heart brimming with

happiness your journey is far from over

your path stretches long adorned with

delightful surprises and benevolent

Souls tell me do you believe me do you

trust that you are valuable that you

will grasp my hand and never let go I

pledge to love you eternally and care

for you this holy love I bestow upon you

no one can snatch it away today I shall

visit your Abode and alter your destiny

your fervent prayers infused with faith

and sincerity have summoned me to your

rescue I possess the power and I’m eager

to wield it the key that unlocks the

door to Miracles is your faith yet even

more than that I cherish you and in any

circumstance you shall always have my

unwavering presence you are suffering

and you require my assistance my love

that heals and covers you without


my tender presence that envelops you in

a silent Embrace free from reproach you

need my sympathetic ear that listens

patiently without interruption share

with me your deepest desires for that is

your truth your strength alone has

reached its limit this is the moment to

acknowledge your need I understand that

you and your family Traverse a harsh

desert where Solitude desiccates hope

and your soul thirsts for love amidst

disdain the journey is scorching and you

cry out in pain when your feet tread

upon searing stones that cause you to

weep I comprehend your struggle it is

challenging to persevere and believe

that even amid this suffering my hand

supports you

nonetheless I have come to Shield you

from the adversaries that assail and

wound you everything you are enduring

today is part of a purifying process

just as gold only shines after enduring

the fire so to to shall you shine and be

purified from the remnants of negativity

within you I only wish to convey that I

shall not Elevate you to let you

belittle your brethren rather I aim to

teach you to extend your hand to Aid

those who have stumbled I implore you to

release anger vanity fear doubt and

faithlessness do not dwell on the past

for nothing you have experienced there

can compare to the joy that awaits you

henceforth search your life for both

small and Grand and reasons for

gratitude walk with a clear conscience

carrying my virtues within your heart

you are worth more your family is worth

more and your future is worth more than

riches possessions careers fame or

popularity do not fear the loss of

material possessions nor mourn them

prioritize what truly holds value love

me and seek me with unwavering

determination I am your provider and now

I shall supply your needs abundantly I

shall satisfy you with true blessings

open numerous doors before you and

present you with extraordinary

opportunities you have no reason to feel

ashamed in my presence even when you

were distant and never thought of me I

had compassion upon you I dispatched

thousands of angels to rescue you from

the clutches of the evil one to clear

the obstacles from your path allowing

you to return to me you will come back

tomorrow and bring me joyful Tidings you

will share how you have gradually

discovered Miracles that eluded you

before you will recount all the changes

and beautiful occurrences in your life

you will affirm Your Allegiance and I

shall listen with boundless Joy this is

why I have brought you here once more to

transform your life I do not want you to

return to a place where only hatred

disdain sorrow and despair reside I am

speaking directly to you tell me if you

will believe me or those who place

obstacles in your path obstructing your

return to Faith demanding Perfection

from you when they themselves bear their

own sins and wrong thoughts in this

world no one can boast of perfection in

my presence so do not lose Faith or

Spirit due to those who shut doors in

your face here you are dearly loved and

there is only one true way one open door

for you to enter and receive eternal

life unending happiness and everlasting

Joy with

me you will always encounter love

acceptance and pure holy affection here

you can approach me confidently day and

night whether you are unwell or

struggling or if you believe your

weaknesses LED you astray into vices

errors and sin you are embraced here

regardless of your state or situation I

always heed your prayer of repentance

and I offer you another chance if you

accept my forgiveness and desire a fresh


come and surrender your heart to me you

need not offer explanations I understand

that what you truly need is my love I am

here I love you good morning how are you

feeling share everything this remains

between us speak from your heart and let

it out here and now after hearing my

powerful and healing word my Healing

Touch will reach your soul ease your

tearful eyes and shatter every chain

binding you these emotions that pierce

your heart like steel nails can only

dissipate through my power I wish for

you to reclaim peace renew your faith

and begin to spread your wings once more

soaring high to reach your dreams I want

you to feel good it is essential that

you enter my presence each day together

you and I will erase the dark chapters

of your life and craft a new narrative I

wish for you to see yourself as you

truly are loved by me a triumphant

individual who awakens each day with a

profound purpose to to live your age

presents no barrier to finding happiness

a new to realizing that you are a

tremendous blessing to many and a

significant support to others the enemy

has tormented you since your childhood

seeking to clip your wings and keep you

confined in a Cell of resentment it

nearly convinced you that you were

worthless inflicting wounds that

appeared small but caused your heart to

bleed with each one you nearly lost your

way but you heard my word you were were

receptive you acknowledged your mistakes

and you repented for your sins your

prayer of repentance was beautiful and

here in the Heavenly realm we celebrated

with joy that you had returned home

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