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stop scrolling this video isn’t just

another clickbait it’s a Divine

sign before you hit that X hold up and

take a moment God’s tapping you on the

shoulder urging you to pause pray and

let him take the wheel ever feel like

the weight of the world is crashing down

on you hey we’ve all been there but

guess what your struggles don’t phase

the big guy upstairs one bit he’s got

your back no matter what think of him as

your rock solid Fortress a sanctuary

where you can always find

peace now picture this you’re in the eye

of the storm chaos swirling all around

but in the midst of it all there’s a

calm a Stillness that defies logic

that’s God’s presence my friend

surrender to it and watch as your

worries melt

away but hold on tight because here’s

the the kicker you don’t have to have it

all figured out some things are just

beyond our understanding and that’s

where faith comes in trust in God’s

grand plan which stretches farther than

the Horizon itself when life gets dark

and stormy remember this God’s light

shines the brightest his love is like a

beacon cutting through even the deepest

shadows and guess what you carry that

light within you a Beacon of Hope in a


full of

Darkness so what’s the takeaway lean on

God sing with joy and walk with

confidence knowing that he’s right there

beside you every step of the way you’re

not alone in this journey you’ve got a

Divine partner by your

side feeling inspired then hit that

share button and spread the word let’s

light up the world with God’s


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