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Jesus blessings my child as you look

towards me you glow with the light that

comes from Beyond imagine me as the

unceasing sunlight brightening your life

even when times are hard and the future


uncertain your relationship with me

lights up The Path before you dispelling

any Gloom you are meant to reflect my


and you do this by keeping your focus on

me make time to quietly stand in my

presence allowing my light to fill and

warm you the longer you remain In My

Embrace the more blessings and strength

I can pour into you in moments of quiet

reflection you may Echo Jacob’s

realization that truly the Lord is in

this place place a reminder of my


presence whether or not my nearness is

felt know that I am always with you

taking time to immerse yourself in my

love and light will deepen your

awareness of being in my

company treasure our time together

building on our relationship with trust

as you rest in my care I will bolster

you for whatever comes next on your

journey if you are coner com and Tom men

and bless other people who needs this

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