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my beloved pause in my presence there’s

a wealth of benefits spanning the

spiritual emotional and even physical

dimensions to be found in moments spent


me however some of my children see this

precious time is a luxury beyond their

reach even as they long for tranquility

amidst their busy

lives I urge you to prioritize your

scheduled to make room for quiet times

with me during these periods of rest I

promise to refresh your being and

strength in you for the journey

ahead Embrace courage for living in a

world so Frau with challenges requires

bravery this bravery isn’t innate for

most so lean on me for the courage and

strength you need you don’t have to

succumb to fear or discouragement in the

face of the world’s fearsome

events commit to focusing your thoughts

on me repeatedly finding peace in my

unwavering promise to accompany you

wherever you may go continue to pursue

courage and turn to me for assistance I

will fortify your heart and Enlighten

your path typ how men if you believe

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