God Message For You Today | I Am Begging Your 1 Minute Today

God is talking to

you I know you’re feeling pain secretly

you cry when you go to bed every night

and you’ve stopped bothering

others you feel lost and don’t know what

to do I understand what’s happening I

care about you and I see

everything I’m already working on your

behalf don’t worry I have you in my hand

you will come out of this situation

stronger brighter and more powerful than


before the reason you doubt your ability

to do great things is that the enemy has

made sure You’ faced in challenges

setbacks Spain and failures to make you


yourself but it’s a lie one of the devil

stricks you are met for greatness y’all

have a wonderful future ahead of

you you can overcome anything through me

son Jesus Christ and now is your time

get ready because good things are coming


way comment amen and like the video if

you have faith in God

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