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my beloved child for as the heavens are

higher than the earth so are my ways

higher than your ways and my thoughts

than your thoughts given that my methods

of working in the world often appear

enigmatic it is crucial to carve out

moments of Stillness and acknowledge

that I am God sit quietly in my presence

inhale my peace and I shall Grant you

rest embrace the strength of my glory

when you find yourself grappling with

enduring unrelenting challenge es resist

the temptation to Grimace and merely

bide your time in a gloomy disposition

such passivity and negativity are not

the response I desire from you recognize

that I hold sovereignty over the

circumstances of your life and therein

lie opportunities of Plenty do not mimic

the man who buried his master’s Talent

out of disgruntlement with his

circumstances he surrendered and chose

the path of least resistance placing

blame on his difficult situation rather

than seizing the opportunity within

it understand that the more arduous your

circumstances the greater the potential

for growth I willingly bestow upon you

the strength of my glory it is

profoundly potent for it is the spirit

himself who empowers you infusing

strength into your innermost being

moreover my boundless Glory strength

equips you to persevere through the

seemingly insurmountable this reservoir

of power is so vast that it overflows

into Joy apart from me you can

accomplish nothing on days when the task

before you seems overwhelming bear in

mind that I am with you ready to assist

take a moment to bask in my loving

presence whisper surely the Lord is in

this place and relax knowing that you

are not meant to be

self-sufficient I designed you to

require ire me to depend on me approach

me as you are without shame or pretense

engage me in conversations about the

challenges that Loom ahead and the

inadequacy you feel implore me to

illuminate The Way Forward instead of

rushing ahead take small steps in trust

while staying in communion with me I am

the vine and you are a branch of my

existence as you connect to me my life

flows through you enabling you to Bear

abundant fruit do not concern yourself

with achieving worldly success bearing

fruit in my kingdom means carrying out

the good works I ordained for you long

ago therefore live closely to me

prepared to carry out my will and I

shall unveil the path before you if you

wholeheartedly Embrace this belief you

can bask in the knowledge that every day

of your life is a day worth rejoicing

disregard the labors of a bad day even

when you grapple with profound struggles

your circum cumstances May indeed be

arduous yet I am by your side holding

your right hand goodness can be found in

each day every day due to my unwavering

presence and enduring love material

wealth May evade You by worldly

standards but my unwavering love is

immeasurable it provides you Refuge

under the shelter of my wings no matter

the tumultuous world around you it

grants you access to the river of my

Delights when the world seems devoid of

joy turn to me and drink deeply from

this enchanting River my loving presence

I am your ultimate Joy I extend to you

an invitation to behold my Splendor and

seek me increasingly this is an

invitation brimming with delight you may

Glimpse my loveliness and the wonders of

nature yet those are but feeble

Reflections of My boundless Glory the

grandest revelations await you when in

the Hereafter You Shall Behold me face

to face in the realm of Heaven

for now the privilege of gazing upon my

beauty requires steadfast focus on my

unseen presence through prayer and

contemplation of my word the core of

your quest to find me is the constant

awareness that I am forever with you I

am always attuned to your every moment

training you to become increasingly

conscious of my presence scatter

reminders of my nearness throughout your

home car and workplace whisper my name

to yourself and as a reminder of my

proximity sing praises unto me read or

recite passages from scripture aloud

seek companions who share your fervor

for knowing me more deeply and embark on

this glorious Quest together be assured

that I am very familiar with all of your

problems I have carefully gathered and

stored every tear you have shed in my

bottle so don’t be afraid of Tears or

the bad things that make them happen the

things that happen to you are neither

random nor pointless you are being asked

to trust not only me but also my

absolute power my view goes beyond human

limitations and is not limited by time

or space so I can understand the details

of my divine

plan my ways of doing things in the

world often go beyond what you can

understand if you could see the world

from my Divine point of view you would

understand how perfect my will is and be

filled with joy at my glory you can only

see a faint reflection right now though

so you have to learn to live with

mystery because you are so important to

me I have recorded your tears in a

bottle there will come a time when I

will wipe away all of your tears there

will be no more death sadness crying or

pain in that bright future feel happy

about the bright future that lies ahead

for you in heaven anything that involves

me will only really succeed with my help

when what you do is in line with what I

God think think is right I draw near and

offer my help and strength at times you

may be very aware of my presence which

helps you and at other times you may not

notice it as much for whatever reason

the more you ask me for help and

direction the more blessings I give you

some of these blessings have to do with

your work and others have to do with

your heart becoming more aware of my

presence will make you feel safer and

bring you endless happiness I’m telling

you to look for me no matter where you

are or what is going on there will be

times when you have to look through the

fog of your problems to see the bright

signs that I am with you picture

yourself looking out of a dirty window

at a beautiful garden that has been hit

by the sun if you focus on the dirt that

has blocked your view you will miss the

stunning beauty that is just outside the

window just like you can train your eyes

to see the beauty of the garden outside

your window you can train your mind to

see my face shining on you from inside

your problems trying to find me

everywhere and putting your trust in me

is better than giving up or getting lost

in your thoughts when things are going

badly it can be hard to think clearly

but it is very important to make smart

choices during these times it may feel

like choices are always floating around

you waiting to be grabbed although there

are many options there is one that

always works and is the right one

trusting me with all your heart in mind

before you give up when you feel like

you’re about to give up remember to

trust me it can be said softly out loud

or with great Passion take some time to

think about the many reasons you

continue to trust me remember and enjoy

my endless unwavering love for you if

you’ve been denying things to dull your

pain and avoid facing the truth about

your situation putting your trust in me

will bring you into contact with the

ultimate truth which is myself

trust me beloved because I know

everything I fully understand everything

about your situation and I will offer my

assistance to you amen if this message

cheered you up and helped you please

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