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my beloved children in the gentle

Whisper Of The Morning Breeze in the

radiant warmth of the midday sun and in

the Serene glow of the moonlit night I

am with you I speak to you not just

through words but through the beauty and

wonder of the world I have created for

you from the very beginning when I

fashioned the heavens and the earth I

thought of you my love for you is vast

and unending deeper than the oceans and

more numerous than the stars in the sky

you are my cherished creation the pride

of my heart and the joy of my being

today I come to you with a message of

Legacy a legacy not of worldly riches

but of eternal love and unshakable faith

this Legacy woven with threads of Grace

and compassion is my Everlasting gift to

you my children who believe in me and in

the message of my son Jesus Christ and

in this Legacy you will find strength

when you are weak peace in times of

turmoil and light in the

darkness it is a legacy that teaches you

to love uncondition conditionally as I

have loved you it guides you to extend

kindness to those who are lost to offer

forgiveness to those who have wronged

you and to embrace Every Soul with the

warmth of my

love remember my children that you are

made in my image a reflection of my love

and goodness in you I have placed the

ability to create to nurture and to

transform use these gifts Not For Your

Glory but to uplift others to spread

hope and to manifest the beauty of my

Kingdom on

Earth as you walk through the valleys of

Life know that my presence is your

constant companion I am there in the

laughter of a child in the compassion of

a stranger and in The Quiet Moments When

you seek my face my spirit dwells within

you a Guiding Light to lead you through

every trial and tribulation this Legacy

I offer you is not just for today but

for all your tomorrows it is a promise

of my NeverEnding presence in your life

a testament of my unyielding faith

faithfulness in every step you take in

every decision you make I am there

guiding you with a Father’s Love and a


wisdom as the sun rises each day

bringing light to the world so does my

love bring light to your soul this

Legacy is not just about what you

receive but also about what you give in

each act of kindness in every word of

Truth and your every deed of compassion

you are living out the Legacy I have

bestowed upon you think of the lies and

the field how they grow they neither

toil nor spin yet Solomon in all his

glory was not a raid like one of these

if I so clothe the grass of the field

which today is and tomorrow is thrown

into the oven will I not much more

clothe you oh you of little faith

therefore do not be anxious saying what

shall we eat or what shall we drink or

what shall we wear for the pagans seek

after all these things and your heavenly

father knows that you need them all but

seek first the kingdom of God and his

righteousness and all these things will

be added to

you in this Legacy you will find the

courage to face the storms of life for

you are not alone my hand is upon you

guiding and protecting when you are

overwhelmed come to me and I will give

you rest my yoke is easy and my burden

is light walk in my ways and you will

find peace for your soul the Legacy I

offer is one of redemption and salvation

through my son Jesus Christ

you have been given the gift of eternal

life this is the greatest treasure one

that cannot be measured or Quantified

for its value is beyond all Earthly

wealth Embrace this gift with joy and

Let It Be the Anchor of your

faith as you journey through life

remember that you are a vessel of my

love you are called to be a light in the

darkness a Beacon of Hope to those who

are lost through your words and actions

show the world the depth of my love let

your life be a testament to the the

grace and mercy I have poured out upon

you my children in this Legacy there is

also a call to perseverance in times of

trial hold fast to your faith do not be

swayed by the changing tides of

circumstance for I am your rock and your

Fortress stand firm in your beliefs and

know that your faith will be rewarded in

your Journey of Faith you will encounter

moments of doubt and uncertainty these

are not signs of weakness but

opportunities for growth in these times

turn to my word word for it is a lamp

unto your feet and a light unto your

path within its Pages you will find

wisdom guidance and the strength to

persevere remember faith is the

Assurance of things hoped for the

conviction of Things Not Seen consider

the birds of the air they neither sow

nor reap nor gather into Barns and yet

your heavenly father feeds

them are you not of more value than they

so do not fear for you are more valuable

to of me than many sparrows in my legacy

there is no room for fear for my perfect

love casts out fear this Legacy is also

one of unity and fellowship as Believers

you are part of a greater body each with

a role to play each unique yet United in

purpose love one another as I have loved

you in doing so you demonstrate to the

world the true essence of my kingdom

remember the words of my son Jesus who

said blessed are the peacemakers for

they shall be called children of God in

a world often divided and in turmoil be

ambassadors of peace and

Reconciliation let your words be

seasoned with Grace and let your actions

reflect my heart for all Humanity in

this Legacy there is also a call to

stewardship I have entrusted you with

the care of my creation the Earth and

all its inhabitants treat it with

respect and honor for in doing so you

honor me be mindful of your actions and

their impact on the world around you and

strive to to leave a legacy that future

Generations will

cherish as you walk in my ways you will

encounter my blessings in abundance

these blessings are not always material

but are often found in the joy of

relationships the Peace of a contented

heart and the satisfaction of a life

well- lived in service to others finally

my beloved children know that this

Legacy is a journey not a

destination each day is a new

opportunity to live out the principles

of my kingdom be patient with with

yourselves and with others for I am at

work in each of your lives shaping and

molding you into the image of my

son as you Embrace this Legacy remember

that it is anchored in love my unending

unfailing love for

you this love is not based on Merit or

deeds but is a free gift given without

condition it is a Love That Forgives

heals and restores it is a love that

endured the cross conquered death and

offers Hope For Eternity in in The Quiet

Moments of reflection in the times of

prayer and meditation seek my face I am

always near ready to listen to comfort

and to guide in these moments of

communion you will find the depth of my

love and the Assurance of my promises

you my children are called to be Salt

and Light In This World Salt preserves

and adds flavor likewise you are to

preserve goodness and bring the flavor

of my love to the world light

illuminates and reveals in the same way

your life should illuminate the path to

and reveal the truth of my gospel

consider the legacy of my Faithful

Servants throughout history men and

women who despite their flaws and

failings trusted in me and walked in my

ways their lives tell stories of Faith

courage and transformation they are

witnesses to my power and Grace let

their stories inspire you to live boldly

and Faithfully in your generation in

this Legacy there is also a promise of

my return a day when every tear will be

wiped away when pain and sorrow will be

no more and when peace and joy will

reign forever until that day hold on to

Hope keep the faith and run the race set

before you with

perseverance so my beloved children as

you go forth remember that you are not

alone I Am With You Always even to the

End of the Age walk in my love live out

my legacy and let your life be a

reflection of my glory may my peace

which surpasses all understanding guard

your hearts and Minds in Christ Jesus

may my joy be your strength and My Hope

be the anchor of your soul and may my

blessing be upon you now and forever

more go in peace my children and live

the Legacy I have offered you for you

are my beloved and in you I am well

pleased amen

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