god’s message my son! We live in troubled times.

Chaos seems to reign around us. Economic uncertainties, humanitarian tragedies,

political instability. All of this can leave us feeling distressed, overwhelmed and hopeless.

But there is someone in control of everything. Someone greater

than any crisis or difficulty we face. I’m talking about God, the Lord of the universe,

the great “I Am”, the one who was before the beginning and will remain after the end.

In this video, I’m going to share some powerful passages that reveal how much

we can trust this God. I’m going to talk about his love, his care,

his sovereignty. I’m going to show how he is our shepherd, our shelter, our sustenance.

Understand that at the center of everything is the Eternal One, the Author of life,

the one who has always been there, before everything and who continues beyond the

end. He is the immutable and unshakeable force, sovereign over the disorder that

often surrounds us. At times when the weight of reality seems too intense,

it’s common to feel an overwhelming pressure. Watching the news can be suffocating, showing

a world where turmoil and economic uncertainty seem to be spiraling out of control. At such

times, it is essential to redirect our attention to Him, the Alpha and Omega.

The Creator is not limited by time and space, for He is the author of time and the destiny of

all creation. Not only does He thoroughly understand the fabric of the universe,

but He also has unquestionable power over it. When we trust in the Almighty,

we find solace even in the midst of the stormiest chaos.

Declare You are my shepherd and I shall not want!

The more powerless we feel in the face of life’s difficulties, the more we find

serenity and strength by placing our faith in His supremacy. It’s important to remember that

His nature is not only majestic, but also full of love and mercy. As a loving Father,

He welcomes and comforts those who face adversity. Find joy, as His inexhaustible

strength and compassion envelop us, even allowing us to sing joyful songs in the midst of struggle.

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In a world that often views weakness with pity or contempt, many strive to strengthen their bodies,

using artifices to hide their fatigue. But our life, lived in a fragile body and in an

imperfect world, naturally includes moments of weakness. It is precisely then that we

are invited to confidently draw near to the Lord, revealing our fatigue without fear.

Before the divine, we can admit our weakness without fear, because he knows the feeling of

tiredness, having shared the human experience for thirty-three years. His presence is an invitation

to disarm our spirit and contemplate the love that radiates from His being. As we

rest in His company, we are replenished, not only spiritually and emotionally,

but physically too, as we raise our supplications and seek His healing touch.

Say it loud and clear In God’s presence, I find true rest.

Experience intense joy and unspeakable peace as you look forward to His loving presence.

Keep hope alive, knowing that the Savior answers the call of His people. The hope that blossoms in

our being comes from the deep recognition that He is God, the Redeemer who loves unconditionally.

If we considered Jesus to be a mere mortal given up for sacrifice, his offering would

be insufficient to redeem us from our faults and misdeeds. If he were divine and yet refrained from

becoming the human redeemer, we would be without hope. However, he is the Savior God, the reason

why expectation fills our hearts. Attentive to our surroundings, let us look diligently for traces of

His hand at work silently, without fainting in expectation, certain that He will answer

our call. He hears every prayer and whisper of the soul, working tirelessly alongside us.

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The serene presence of the Savior allows us to breathe calm in the midst of the storm;

his solid and unshakeable love comforts us. God’s love is as firm as it is unchanging. To fully

experience the blessings of this presence, we must give ourselves over completely to trusting in him.

Divine comfort goes beyond consolation; it strengthens us. Resting in God’s love

is like recharging our strength to face the challenges he prepares for us. Love

and encouragement are intertwined, like when a child seeks the protective caress of its

parents. In the same way, we should seek the Lord for comfort in times of difficulty. Let

us rest in his love and allow ourselves to be enveloped in his welcoming embrace,

absorbing the joyful song that celebrates our existence.

Say with affection I am grateful for God’s eternal love for me.

To immerse yourself in the warmth of His words, absorb the Scriptures that reaffirm His eternal

love. With gratitude in your heart, enter the divine gates praising and with sincere joy,

fulfilling the Lord’s desire. Deprivation of gratitude shrinks the soul. There are those in

impoverished lands with more joy than those in fertile nations steeped in material abundance.

The many blessings are truly fruitful only when bathed in the light of gratitude.

We are taught to give thanks not only for what is good in our eyes, but also for unwanted trials-the

rebellion of a child or partner, or the loss of health and livelihood. This perspective of

gratitude is counterintuitive, emerging only through conscious practice and deep faith.

Comment with passion In your presence, God, I find my life’s purpose.

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Trusting deeply calls for both faith and discipline; choose to be grateful,

even when life’s situations seem to desperately call for a respite. Although it’s wise to look

for ways to alleviate adversity, it’s important to understand that times and plans are in the

Lord’s hands and cannot be rushed. By entering the divine presence with a grateful heart,

this attitude can be the master key that unlocks answers to deep-rooted problems.

Gratitude is a powerful path that can lead to miracles beyond our earthly

understanding. The hope mentioned in Scripture is not mere optimism;

it is fortified by the certainty of divine truth. The promise of participating in the

glory of the Omnipotent will be fulfilled, sustained by unlimited and immeasurable power.

write In divine hope my soul is strengthened.

Waiting for future promises requires patience, a virtue that is the fruit of the Spirit. If the

time of waiting seems long and arduous, it is worth asking the Holy Spirit for help to keep

the flame of hope burning. Waiting becomes less painful when we are in the enveloping

company of the Creator, the One who is infinitely superior to anything the human mind can imagine.

In this act of waiting, contemplate the magnificence of being in the presence of

the One who shaped the universe. Everything in the heavens and on earth was woven by His

hands. Each breath is a divine and sacred gift. Exercising gratitude each morning, regardless

of mood, establishes a relationship with the living Savior, illuminating the daily path.

Say with gratitude Thank you, God, for the precious gift of life.

In God, everything holds together like an immense mosaic whose pieces,

when scattered in the vortex of life, lack direction and purpose. It is essential,

therefore, to seek direction and wisdom before the Eternal, so that, despite the

divided forces that surround us, we can find coherence and meaning in our daily existence.

He is the safe refuge in troubled times, taking care of those who trust in Him,

even in a turbulent world. God’s holiness and goodness are unquestionable,

the light untainted by darkness. In Him, we find the longed-for perfection that

the broken world cannot offer, and the incessant need for a sanctuary persists.

Proclaim In your hands, Lord, is the refuge my soul longs for.

In the most turbulent times, the intense desire to protect you is evident. God longs to embrace

you within His safe haven, a presence filled with love and power. When adversity knocks at the door,

turn to Him and witness the steadfastness of His loyalty. It is common, during difficult times,

for many to fail to recognize divine help due to a lack of true trust. Faced with challenges,

their responses vary between anger and fixation on the problems,

forgetting the continuous and consoling presence at their side.

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Always remember the promise that God is with you and trust that He will watch over you.

Remain serene and be aware of His divinity. Even in the face of recent turbulence,

changes and new obligations, cultivating moments of solitude with Him can be a challenge to remain

calm and totally attentive. It is essential to dedicate time to listening to God, silencing

external distractions and revitalizing your primordial connection with Him.

Say with devotion In silence, I find Your presence, Lord.

Without this sacred moment of communion, the soul can wither, a phenomenon not immediately

perceptible to others, but felt deeply by you and noticed by God. Inside you,

there may be an emptiness that can only be filled by His presence. When you dedicate

yourself to listening to him with all your heart, there is a divine desire for you to

feel his joy when he sees you. God sees you in your true essence, clothed in justice and love.

Open your arms and heart, receiving the sublime love with ineffable joy,

and rest in this divine radiance with the certainty of being enveloped in the constant

love of the heavenly Father. Trust in Him and live with conviction in this sacred relationship.

The more complex life’s obstacles become, the more vital it is to strengthen our trust

in God. Faced with challenges, we often try to rely on our own ability to understand. However,

human logic has limits and can fail. To trust in the Creator of the universe,

who oversees every detail of existence, is to base your faith on a solid rock.

Even if the world seems chaotic and beyond divine control, it is part of the eternal

plan that uses tribulations to forge lasting glory, overcoming all adversity.

Affirm with confidence In God, my heart trusts and does not fear.

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