today Lord is communicating with you my

precious child do you believe that your

prayers to me are in vain do you believe

that waiting for a response is pointless

do you believe that your expectations

for me are in vain do you believe there

is no purpose to your faith in

me do you believe that the tears in your

eyes have no purpose trust me if you

don’t think it’s all meaningless it

doesn’t necessarily mean nothing will

happen just because you can’t see it

happening you can have the impression

that the sky is closed or that I can’t

see or hear you but never forget that I

am always there for you that I hear your

prayers that I am aware of your

circumstances that I am the object of

your hope that you have placed your

faith in me and that I am aware of the

reason behind your tears your tears will

never be in vain nor will your hopes

prayers or waiting for answers

confidence or hope in me I will do

everything in due course all you need to

do is have faith in me if you are

feeling a positive vibe then like this

video the Divine message saying it is

our duty as Christians to walk with God

and keep his commands however there are

always Temptations in this world for us

to stray from God’s path part of the

reason these Temptations have the power

to ruin us is that they lead us to be

dishonest with both ourselves and other

people stealing as a habit we are prone

to continue distorting the facts once we

begin like its

opposite honesty is a habit that pays

off handsomely for those who prioritize

morality over expediency thus for the

next days make this

straightforward commitment to yourself

and honor it ask yourself what does God

want me to do whenever you feel tempted

to stray from the

truth even just a little after then pay

close attention to your conscience your

character will take care of itself and

your acts will be honorable when you do

that give your own character some

thought focusing on both your strong and


qualities following make a list of three

character traits traits habits or

problematic behaviors that you would

like to change over the course of the

following days I am constantly

watching you listening in on your every

thought thoughts are often seen as

transient and useless but to me they are

Priceless when you think about me with

affection I grin the spirit of myself

dwelling inside you assist you in

thinking my ideas your entire being is

shaped by the thought you have allow me

to be your upbeat focal

point you feel Joy when you gaze to me

and recognize me as God with you type

yes to claim this

blessing this is in line with my old

blueprint from the time I created man

the modern guy looks Elsewhere for his


emphasis whether it be in athletics

Sensations or taking up new hobbies

advertising takes advantage of people’s

desire for a positive direction in their

life I swed that desire in people’s

hearts because I knew that only I could

completely satiate it give yourself over

to me and allow me to become your

heart’s desire a golden path to Heaven

is Trust walking this road elevates you

above your

surroundings the brighter my beautiful

light shines upon those who walk this

path of life since the high road is the

quickest path to Paradise go on it with

me the circuitous root twists and turns

in excruciating

knots there the clouds are mostly dark

and menacing and the air feels heavy

depending only on your own comprehension

will make you feel heavy have complete

faith in me and I will straighten your

way as we approach the end of this year

may you find

peace your greatest need remains unmet

and as your prince a peace I yearn to

fully meet your needs there is a great

fit between your emptiness and my

richness you were not meant to be

self-sufficient I made you out of clay

and reserved it for a special purpose I

want my entire being to fill you filled

the entire space with peace I accept up

your feelings yet nonetheless I thank

you for my calm presence with tenderness

and love whisper my

name my peace which is always present in

your spirit will progressively permeate

every part of your existence I am

setting you up for what’s ahead just

around the corner to allow me to

strengthen you spend some time in my

presence being

still you require this alone time with

me more and more as you are busier too

many people believe that spending time

with me is an expensive luxury they

therefore rely solely on their own

strength to get by till it runs out then

they either turn away in resentment or

call out to me for

assistance how much much better it is to

walk closely with me relying on my power

and having complete faith in me at all

times you will do less but accomplish

far more if you live this way your

leisurely lifestyle will be noticeable

in this year of constant

hurry you may be considered sluggish by

some yet your commment will benefit a

great number of others s together we

shall walk in the light and you shall

reflect me to the

world type thank you God if you love

Jesus beloved child please take a moment

to focus fully on what I have to share

this is a special time a pause meant for

you to receive a message of deep

importance it’s meant to touch your

heart deeply

the challenges you’ve faced are soon

ending and the blessings you’ve longed

for a harbat to unfold before you

imagine a magnificent tapestry made from

threads of Hope and promise this is

what’s being woven for you I assure you

dear one every aspect of your life is

seen and accounted

for your struggles and calls for help

have not gone unnotice they resonate

through eternity to filled with your

faith and

sincerity we share a bond that goes

beyond the constraints of time and space

a bond of love that is part of the very

fabric of all creation despite the

storms you have held tightly to Faith

guiding you like a beacon through rough


even when doubts crept in you stood

strong a pillar of resilience against

the crashing waves your steadfastness on

this path of righteousness speaks

volumes of your resilience and

devotion in the toughest times when

darkness seemed andless my light was

there to guide you leading you towards a

new dawn with each challenge you’ve

grown stronger shaped by adversity and

seasoned by

experience now as you are on the break

of a new phase know that the rewards for

your efforts are ready to be gathered a

peaceful and an abundant Refuge awaits

you and your loved ones a place to rest

and be rejuvenated by the blessings that

flow from my grace

take this moment dear child to

acknowledge how far you’ve come in to

anticipate the next chapter full of Hope

and opportunities as you move forward my

presence will continue to light your way

filled with the glow of divine

love so pause and reflect on the

beautiful tapestry that is your life

crafted with with threads of Faith

perseverance and Undying Love at this

Divine moment you stand ready to start a

journey of

transformation and

renewal Embrace this chance to see the

world with new eyes filled with fresh

goals and a strong will to

succeed I am here to support you and

your loved ones in letting go of

negative habits and thoughts that way

you down together we will break free

from any spiritual chains and cleanse

any negativity from your

life as you immerse in the healing

Spirit your life will transform

miraculously even those who doubted you

will be astonished by your change and

Drawn to your Newfound Joy they will

wonder about the incredible shift in you

what has changed what unseen forces have

brought such joy to your life after such


transformation rest assured your

struggles and worries are not forever

the trials you face will not be your

constant companions you have given me

your heart embracing my teachings with

faith and sincerity and for this I am

bringing freedom to you and your

household your patience and Trust in my

timing bring me immense Joy you don’t

seek signs my word is enough for your

healing dear cherished one today is a

significant day a day that marks the

beginning of a new chapter of freedom


salvation in your life I ask you will

you stand up and pursue me diligently

remaining anchored in my love each

day every morning I am here to lift your

spirits giving you the strength and

courage to face daily challenges my love

for you and your family is

Limitless and little by little you’re

starting to understand how precious you

truly are to

me in your journey I’ve seen your faith

stand strong though at times mingled

with moments of Doubt while your

commitment is steadfast it’s

understandable that sometimes you feel

weighed down when desires remain

andet you long for quick answers but the

transformation I’m crafting in your life

needs patience persistence and the

active involvement of your loved

ones I know it disheartens you to see

your children who once fervently adored

me now showing indifference their lack

of Interest deeply affects me reminding

me of the days when their Young Voices

joyfully sang My

Praises however I have a divine plan for

them intricately designed with you

playing an essential

role when dealing with them I urge you

to use softness avoiding harsh words

that could hurt their gentle Spirits

show them the same kindness and humility

I display especially when faced with

challenges love is the most powerful

tool for

change gently guide them back to my

teachings which speak of Truth and Love

patience must be your guide as you

slowly went over their hearts for True

change often starts so small it’s barely

noticeable continue praying as it is the

key to unlocking significant

Transformations heralding a new era for


family be assured the promises I have

made to you are steadfast and will

unfold at the perfect time your faith

amid doubt shines brightly guiding you

through uncertainty your gratitude

stands out attracting my favor and

ensuring that the blessings you seek

will indeed come to

you the tapestry of your destiny is

nearly complete each through spread a

mark of your lasting

Faith Rejoice for the Fulfillment of

your deepest longings is near bringing

with it peace that drives away all fear

and worrying remember the journey itself

transforms you often more significantly

than the

destination embrace the trials you face

for they refine you teaching wisdom and

transform in burdens into incredible

gifts my commitment isn’t just to meet

your requests but two dream of abundance

and prosperity for you and your loved

ones your needs are just the beginning

of the vast blessings I aim to

provide with every decision my goal is

to ease your current troubles and pave

the way for a future filled with peace


joy in our sacred connection I seek not

just your approval but a commitment to

grow together in happiness and

contentment let these words not be seen

as mere formality they are steeped in a

promise of sincerity and dedication

inscribed as sacred vows within our

hearts in our shared Journey

let us move forward not alone but as

companions Bound by Fate each step lit

by our shared trust and love heading

toward the future bright with

promise in releasing past grievances I

offer you freedom from regret inviting

you into a relationship defined by

endless forgiveness and understanding

together let’s leave behind any old

wrongs and step into a future where we

are united by love and mutual respect

amen God says to type alen if you

acknowledge his

grace according to Moses account in

Exodus Pharaoh intended to slaughter all

Hebrew Sons he directed it to the two

midwives despite the king king of Egypt

edict The Midwives chose to let the male

children live out of fear of God so God

dealt favorably with the

midwives The Narrative tells us that we

should not heed Authority orders that

violate God’s law regardless of their

strength we must fear and obey God

rather than mankind let’s learn from

midwives God blessed those who obeyed

him stand up for the truth even if it

means breaking Norms set by

others another example is Daniel and his

friends headache message and Abednego

they refus to eat tan drink the King’s

food because they were committed to the

Lord and did not want to pollute

themselves the people did not follow the

King’s Command to worship idols and


images they were punished by being

thrown into burning furnaces despite

being thrown into a flaming furnace God

kept them safe Daniel’s account includes

a proclamation prohibiting worship of

any God other than the King Daniel did

not comply with the king’s

order he he was thrown into the lion’s

den after worshiping and praying to God

three times God sent an angel to close

the lion’s mouth ensuring his safety the

King was pleased that Daniel was safe he

chastised the smart men who deceived him

and ended the

decree the lesson here is to avoid

following rules that contradict God’s

laws and to fear God rather than man to

avoid constant tension it’s important to

understand your fundamental motive why

is that mixed motivations can lead to

feelings of being pushed in multiple

ways in Luke

Jesus states that one cannot serve

two masters he even God cannot please

everyone some people Pray For Rain While

others wish for sunny whether people

often experience disappointment due to


expectations share this video with nine

others who believe in God by putting

Jesus as God in the comments

section you cannot please everyone

according to the Bible fear of man is a

trap it will Captivate your heart and

thoughts leading you to stumble and John

Jesus stated that he does not want

to do what he wants but rather what he

has sent him to

do Jesus knew exactly who he was

attempting to please if you are not

seeking to please God you are most

likely trying to please others deciding

to please God is a simple and

stress-free decision as doing so is

always right this is why Jesus was

stress resistant he just wanted to

please one person who approval do you

rely on for happiness who are you still

trying to please some individuals may

have experienced a lack of approval or

support from their parents

Others May struggle to impress a

difficult employ despite their best

efforts but you’re not a victim you are

as free as you choose to be no one can

pressure you to satisfy their

expectations without your permission

focusing on a single audience eliminates

the fear of

rejection instead you’ll be motivated by

love and free to be be who God created

you to be resetting your life requires

more than simply your own energy only

God can bring about such a significant

alteration in your life think of it this

way consider enacting a law to eliminate

Prejudice no more

racism no more bigotry but no rule will

ever transform a bigot into a lover God

alone has the power to bring about

enduring internal change in our hearts

you can persuade yourself that you are

ready want can and will

change the holy spirit is essential for

lasting and meaningful events according

to Zechariah for success comes from

the Lord’s Spirit not One’s Own Strength

or power you cannot morph into a tiger

or leopard just as you cannot become

Christ you cannot transform your life

through your own

efforts willpower is not sufficient

eliminating your Hurts Habits and

Hang-Ups will take time just as they did

to accumulate it will take time in fact

it will take the rest of your life life

it is a slow process you may lack the

patience and endrance to complete the

task successfully on your

own but there is good news according to

the Bible as the Lord Spirit Works

within us we will grow more like him to


making changes is a lifetime effort

that requires the power of the Holy

Spirit God Spirit changes you into your

true self bringing you closer to His

Image God creates mushrooms in hours

he waits years for a mature pine tree

would you prefer to be a mushroom or an

oak tree God desires for you to develop

emotional maturity spiritual strength

and physical health at will take time

but with the holy spirit’s guidance it


happen type bomb and if you believe in


Christ attention listener join this

prayer with me and say it with me

greetings Heavenly Father we can’t even

begin to imagine what it will be like to

be in your presence to witness your

glory to experience Your Serenity to be

old and one with you we are incredibly

grateful for everything that lies ahead

of us we cannot to comprehend the depths

of your power the entirety of your

handwork or the height and depth of your

great love for us we are grateful for

your kindness and understanding you are

well-versed in grief and pain and you

see things that that others mess you

kindly hold us and reassure us through

your word and presence that everything

will work out nothing is wasted nothing

about us is unimportant to

you nothing is ever more pressing or

more important than spending time with

us you show us such devotion even when

we don’t show you the same Lord please

pardon us for the times we let you down

and cause you pain I am grateful for

your kindness Mercy Grace and

compassion we appreciate your assurance

that you will replenish and support us

till we reach old age we give this day

over to you Lord help us to believe that

everything that happens in our lives as

a purpose even if there are delays or


one day we will stand before you and

realize that everything we have gone

through has been worthwhile simply to be

with you we are grateful that you saved

us that you see inside what we are

unable to see and that you are aware of

everything that lies

ahead in jesus’ name we reaffirm our

commitment to you and express our

gratitude for the ability to approach

you in prayer

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