today Lord is communicating with you my

precious child do you believe that your

prayers to me are in vain do you believe

that waiting for a response is pointless

do you believe that your expectations

for me are in vain do you believe there

is no purpose to your faith in

me do you believe that the tears in your

eyes have no purpose trust me if you

don’t think it’s all meaningless it

doesn’t necessarily mean nothing will

happen just because you can’t see it

happening you can have the impression

that the sky is closed or that I can’t

see or hear you but never forget that I

am always there for you that I hear your

prayers that I am aware of your

circumstances that I am the object of

your hope that you have placed your

faith in me and that I am aware of the

reason behind your tears your tears will

never be in vain nor will your hopes

prayers or waiting for answers

confidence or hope in me I will do

everything in due course all you need to

do is have faith in me if you are

feeling a positive vibe then like this

video the Divine message saying it is

our duty as Christians to walk with God

and keep his commands however there are

always Temptations in this world for us

to stray from God’s path part of the

reason these Temptations have the power

to ruin us is that they lead us to be

dishonest with both ourselves and other

people stealing as a habit we are prone

to continue distorting the facts once we

begin like its

opposite honesty is a habit that pays

off handsomely for those who prioritize

morality over expediency thus for the

next days make this

straightforward commitment to yourself

and honor it ask yourself what does God

want me to do whenever you feel tempted

to stray from the

truth even just a little after then pay

close attention to your conscience your

character will take care of itself and

your acts will be honorable when you do

that give your own character some

thought focusing on both your strong and


qualities following make a list of three

character traits traits habits or

problematic behaviors that you would

like to change over the course of the

following days I am constantly

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