this month Prosperity will thrive in every corner of your life because the cosmos aligns with your abundance my

darling this inspirational message contains the key to a peaceful morning so embrace it you will now not only

succeed but also see your dreams and Ambitions come true as the days pass by

with calm determination at the end of this year you will have reaped several benefits

now you must commit to believing in yourself and the Divine path that is guiding you I understand the struggles

you face mentally the discouragement you feel and the storms that may disrupt

your Serenity as you put your hand on your heart and pledge to seek Excellence

every single day no matter how difficult the circumstances do not be afraid you

will overcome obstacles and put doubters to rest remove any and all Notions of

falling short from your mind your whole Essence is is a banner proclaiming your

Triumph take stock of the valuable things in your life such as the affection of your family and the health

you have as the new year begins let this month serve as a time of healing and

Reconciliation within your home if you are steadfast in your daily Pursuit Of Me The Echoes of conflict will

eventually dissipate from your home my heavenly Brilliance will shine driving

out the evil spirits that would try to ruin your happiness depend on me stride

confidently and forward you will triumph over any challenges that come your way you will triumph over these temporary

obstacles if you address them headon using my spirit as a shield and my

strong words as a compass I am in complete agreement with you this message

bestows upon you unwavering strength by signing your name you are publicly

stating your faith and recognizing the empowering presence of my Holy Spirit as

you embark on a path of success keep your courage and Trust do what I say and

fulfill my will as you receive this word let your love and vision become known

extend your fingers wide stand tall and receive the incredible blessings I am prepared to shower upon you this month

have no fear because the storm is easing and the Darkness that enveloped you is

dissipating you may fearlessly drive your adversaries away with my protective shield which is filled with the power of

My Blood evil sorcery curses lies and deception will not be able to sway you your

stubborn shouts drowned out by sinking fears have reached me and I am now Master of the storms and waves however

when they saw you falter the powers that we tried to exploit your Frailty but they failed to remember a crucial fact

you belong to me while it’s true that your carelessness led to wickedness the fact remains that you are mine

regardless of what you do my Steady Hand protects you you and my affection for you never wavers I can confirm that I

have granted you Freedom put the past in the past and stop second guessing yourself or telling yourself you can’t

think about it you are my property I’m here to Stand By Your Side as an

advocate and friend ready to defend you and provide proof of your freedom I will

release you from the confines of depression I can bless you with the oil of joy and pull the sadness out of its

roots during this time I place my Healing Hands on your mind no more

tomorrow your suffering stops now in writing or in silence in this place I

deliver miraculous healing to your spirit by enveloping you in love in this place no longer are you dreaming this is

happening in real life now show the world your devotion and Faith unbreakable energy is bestowed On You by

this message put your hand on it and declare your idea recognizing the way my hope the Holy Spirit envelops you and

fills you with passion obedience to my word fulfillment of my desire and

courageous faith-filled movement towards success are the ways to go Proclaim your

thoughtful and loving Embrace of this word be strong raise your hands high and

embrace the incredible blessings I’m about to shower upon you this month there’s no need to be worried anymore

The Storm Is Passing and the cloud that surrounded you is beginning to dissipate with the the power of my blood my

protective barrier frightens your opponents into submission regardless of their form lies deception and curses

from witchcraft will ens snare you in spite of your trembling anxieties I have

heard your Resolute screams and now I am calling upon the stormy waters to let the forces of evil that are seeking you

exploit your weakness the moment they saw you falter they overlooked something crucial you belong to me while it’s true

that your carelessness led to wickedness the fact remains that you are mine regardless of what you do my steadfast

hand protects you and my love for you Knows No Limits I want to make it clear

you have been given Freedom never declare that you don’t trust or that you can’t and don’t let the ghosts of your

past return to haunt you you are my property as your friend and Advocate I

stand ready to defend you and present evidence for your release I will release you from the prison of sadness I will

eradicate the despair that has taken root throughout the day I place my Healing Hands on yours let your feelings

be known Express Yourself verbally silently or in writing Here and Now not

in the future will your pain stop in this space I surround you with affection

restoring your spirit in a miraculous way no longer are you dreaming this is happening in real life get ready to face

the day with a a display of faith and commitment I can change any expression on your face from misery to Joy you

should feel embarrassed when you show your excitement negative comments and insults will no longer affect you take

care of your loved ones put your faith first and live life to the fullest take

advantage of this chance you now have a renewed sense of Mobility As you move forward if you start to feel tired I

will be there to help you if you’d like feel free to Lean on Me

you are now Unstoppable the Demon’s effort to bind you to the afterlife has backfired no harm will ever come to you

because you are mine saved and now blessed with a rich life and the strength to overcome the powers of evil

disputes and confrontations pop up but your family is healthy and you’re getting ready to make some changes at

home Outsiders will see my Majesty at work in your home and many of the

families you know will feel my Healing Touch beware because those who were

formerly eager to see you vanquished will now see my advantages bestowed upon you and their wroth will only grow they

may cry and swear helplessly as they attempt to harm you in vain real magic

acknowledges this no Dark Ritual can affect the people I care about give them

permission to lash out if they so choose when people turn away from their evil

ways forgiveness awaits them if they repent pay close attention and don’t

rush your Ascent to a supernatural religious degree incorporate practices

of kindness and enchantment into a pristine holy way of living you have a

strong will and will not give into sin therefore there is no room in your home

for deceit or hatred the storm is gone when danger strikes again just hold my

hand and I will show you how to walk on water in times of Gloom your confidence is no

longer a cause for concern I will hold you close and protect you from harm the

waves of misery will never swallow you whole again consequently the threats posed by the Devourer will diminish

under my sacred protection you may relax and unwind I stand by my word the time

for the benefits you’ve been hoping for is almost here I will lay them on your palms your worries will melt away you

will feel no more suffering or anxiety because I provided you with the solution

to your sincere desires the moment I heard your voice and your cries for help you have put your trust in my word if

answers to your prayers do not seem to be forthcoming right away do not lose hope please know that my response is

adequate but that changes are inevitable in our lives to ensure that the long

awaited blessing does not become a burden every time you ask it it is necessary to First provide expertise to

the individual and then connect the order I provide much more than what you

want I hope that your blessings bring you pleasure and Tranquility instead of worry and Melancholy since I’m thinking

about you your family and your future I have formed a pact with you writing my

laws on your innermost being and then erasing them so that you may live a holy life free from guilt I find Solace and

feeling in Remembering at my altar Whoever has Faith endures hardship and

doesn’t judge others will be strong beyond measure anticipate the Fulfillment of my promises cast aside

any resentment or hatred you may have remove any uncertainty from your thoughts and disregard anyone who would

disparage your faith call out to me in times of fatigue or fear and I will give

you the strength to keep going I give you the strength to maintain a steady emotional Kingdom and the wisdom to

control your words so that they don’t hurt my feelings like a mom lovingly

tends to their baby many gifts stream into your life I eagerly await your

appreciation and I pray you never in this world devoid of adoration for me

demand conceit and contentment I have no fear I possess Limitless patience and I

will patiently await their return even while they raise their voices in opposition to me I risk RK my heart in

the perilous fire of unbelief hoping for their return I’m cautioning anyone who

might try to put pressure on my devoted followers because I know how terrifying it is to surrender to a living God

frustration is a natural part of life when plans go through but here is how my attitude has always matched up with

yours there will be disputes my enemies may even carry out my vow to Enlighten

your religious senses showing you that things are not as bad as they seem I have blessings in store for you but in

order to receive them you must go forward without looking back freeing yourself from crippling emotions in

order to get blessings you must go through trials your coronary heart’s courage is what I want to see if you

want other people to become strong would you let yourself be consumed by bitterness when expectations aren’t met

or would you wait joyfully please love me with all your heart and mind demonstrate the

unfaltering determination I’ve given you even when my response seems slow your

character is more precious than a diamond therefore let it shine brighter

stay faithful resist the temptation to betray others for personal benefit and always do the right thing when we

achieve genuine success in the religious Arena we reap the rewards we want hold

on to your unflinching faith and uncertainties thw your patience disregard meaningless cliches and the

Skeptics who use them and treasure those cliches I am a loyal person who seeks

your loyalty do not be afraid I love you very much and I am about to shower you

with a blessing so return to this every morning and let these words strengthen your faith write them down speak them

out loud and know that you have my undivided attention I have a solution

and your lives will change when you call I’ll give you a heart that is whole again terrific doors of blessing and

fresh possibilities will open even for those who know they can expect help from unexpected sources think about these

words and take their proportions keep believing just bring your face to your eyes and pray Lord I need you and I will

be satisfied through your face have faith that I will never leave your side

until you belittle my Mercy while you’re confused disregard baseless accusations

and rumors refrain from Jo joining the chorus of those who hate you by speaking ill of those who aren’t your foes do not

conveniently give someone bad feedback just because they speak improperly the adversary has prepared traps you must

not fall into them hearts that are genuine trustworthy and loyal catch my

attention those who hold my rules in high regard are the ones I call upon to spread the good news and encourage

others with these sacred words no one’s sin is anyone’s business

I want your heart to understand this repeating message therefore if my words seem hard listen again and absorb all of

the teachings you want calm and serenity and I will provide it to you I will

imprint my words on your very being so that you will remember them even when the devil howls seeking opportunities to

devour and mock your religion my speech guides and enlightens your soul the

light of my word will guide you my Commandments give you strength to overcome difficult times Be watchful and

your adversary shall not be able to hurt you if you say these words with conviction bad people will run away from

your home and you will be free from poverty illness and trouble with my words firmly planted I will protect your

loved ones and light a fire in your soul open your eyes and awaken your mind step

into a world of endless advantages finally the time has come to Prevail and achieve the sacrifice goal

painting to your liking is everything you enjoy your family will experience amazing things understand why they’re

doing it never treat someone disrespectfully regardless of their age or background avoid tagging anything

that I have cleaned stay away from bringing up other people’s pasts I have given up on any kind of encouragement or

helpful tools for development the benefits will Propel Miracles and healings forward those who choose not to

follow me will still be able to hear a desire in your grin anyone who repents

now will find compassion from me may I shower you with love and beauty my grace

creates a shadow that dispels and covers dark clouds I am your Shepherd and your issuer you should say to the winds as

you stand outside and look up into the sky let that stay true for me forever

pay close attention to these Expressions throughout take hold of the healing anointing I am bestowing upon you right

now and go ahead fearlessly view this statement with humility expressing

gratitude for the benefits you will be so strong and unique that no one can touch you and I will make you that way

do your best while remaining modest and intelligent you may find solace in the fact that many others would rather be

just like you right now I will give life to your soul if you talk to me

religiously I’ll show that I care about how you feel I shall devour Haunted Memories with a fiery passion be kind

with your soul welcome the courage you feel within and forgive yourself you are being changed by me you two are

different uncover further advantages rich people bless even those who hate them every day I’m trying new ways to

encourage you recognizing that you have received this word have trust refrain from turning down favors do not put all

your faith in your own efforts if you feel unworthy worthy everyone agrees that self-sufficiency haven’t worked

perfectly don’t measure yourself against people who boast about their Otten wealth not everything that shines is

gold however get over judging other people take in my words as fully as possible enjoy creating artwork with

loved ones caution always keep the needs of those close to you in mind you are a

benefit to others and for that I bless you if you are true in your life

committed to helping those in need and devoted to your vocation you will reap great rewards these days I have no

problem speaking directly to your heart and transforming you into a powerful person nobody else will inflict sorrow

upon you every day feel my affection all of the challenges confront you directly

my word is binding on me find Joy inside yourself additional satisfaction and

benefits will be yours soon any resistance will eventually give way to my plan for you go on a spiritual

journey no longer relying just on your five senses never again will you have to

fret about issues don’t let pain and loss deter you with the love and

strength of a parent I am here to Shield you from harm trusting in what I say is

your greatest strength incredibly supernaturally forever and Heavenly your

heavenly father loves and appreciates you you treasure it and it protects you even when the the opponent thinks he has

you beaten in the worst of conflicts you won’t find anything like it your circumstances will bury you but you will

rise up with Tears In Your Eyes strengthened by the power of my Holy Spirit please continue keep up the great

work stay true to your faith love loyalty hope and honesty I have prepared

a life of benefits for you full of my mercy and kindness even though you know that trials are ahead I am Overjoyed

that you Embrace each new day with optimism and resolve unburdened by regrets of the past and thoughts of

isolation and misery my holy spirit’s gentle Embrace Shields you from harm

despite the world’s challenges your soul finds peace your whole being is defined

by your unfaltering faith in my word and you believe with unshakable confidence

that we can conquer any obstacle pain is a Hallmark of Aging in this day and age

I have the power to transform resentment sad sadness shame and regret into

Phantom Echoes thereby dispelling them I want you to know how much I value you if

it works you could understand it completely and your happiness might be overwhelming I can tattoo this truth on

your chest so that you won’t be discouraged or have your faith stolen from you you should definitely take

stock of your blessings on a daily basis including the oxygen you breathe the

existence of your loved ones the food you consume consume and the shelter you sleep in as you widen your vision more

benefits will become apparent if you’re an emotionally open person you might be

able to notice hidden talents that others might miss Every Day brings fresh opportunities to live and grow and you

have the option to choose pleasure over misery so raise your arms to the sky once again expressing thanks for the

time and place you occupy embrace the Bliss and let no one take it away

help comes from your everlasting God and it will wash over you like a refreshing waterfall it will invigorate your spirit

energize your mind and restore your energy levels your laughter will reverberate as you experience Celestial

Serenity it is possible that new dreams could come true and that wishes will be

fulfilled Let My Words envelop you join us every day to listen take a deep dive

into the Bible my holy spirit will guide you into all Truth Listen not to those

who will use threats and false prophecies to control your life when you pray my holy spirit will be with you and

you will not be afraid he’ll do just that see say it loudly and trust that

your heavenly father is with you just as you whisper it and that no one can hurt you I am Unstoppable by any adversary

let me energize you bring your priorities in line and with the help of your faith restore Health to your body

let your thoughts get carried away by the revitalizing Adolescent circulation learn about your teen energy and engage

with your body as you likely did when you were younger your transformation will inspire many young people have

faith in my Limitless love for you and know that my wish is for your Everlasting Joy I have the power to

bring joy and Harmony to your own family and a future brimming with opportunities I have the inner power to

achieve this and I am hellbent on making it show up you aren’t alone if you’ve

taken my advice so far pull yourself together throw off the shackles of

previous setbacks that have weakened your spirit and you will be able to overcome my life as well as the lives of

those closest to you will be a testament to the power of my love and the ideas you have placed in me have faith I can

charge you up to your maximum potential your home and way of life will experience Joy again after these

difficult days are over May blessings sore to many hearts today with the dissemination of this message because of

your faith you have a pure and simple heart and for that I bless you you will

be the recipient of Exquisite and highquality products I am physically here and look forward to our meeting the

following day talk to me about your hopes and fears if you bring your ideas to my Throne I promise you plenty of

rewards let me lift the big loads you’ve brought hold on to them Loosely find

methods to trust someone who loves you maintains their word and never lets you down if you need any assistance or a

helping hand as you travel I’m here to provide it as we traversed the deserts

of The Valleys of Shadows and tears I provided water from arid regions rescuing you from the clutches of Terror

multiple times things that seem incomprehensible shouldn’t disturb your heart totally disregard them instead

speak out give it your all and remember to thank them you keep standing strong

in the face of your Soul’s profound traumas and sometimes you accept as real what becomes a conflict because of my

love and care if you feel that the whole lifestyle of love has slid away from you

you could start to distrust everything and everyone keep in mind that even those who seem to be your friends were

really only trying to get what they wanted from you you aren’t born impoverished and neither

are bitterness and resentment your wounds are a heavy burden every morning

you feel exhausted and disheartened unable to see the bright side or the wonderful benefits that are all around

you despite your initial reluctance I am eager to bring healing into your life

because I love you so much you could find the buried scars if you looked at

your soul and emotions through a religious lens your love life May under go a radical Rejuvenation and a new

beginning awaits your heart come to me and I will change your mind and fill your soul with calm and Tranquility a

full recovery from the scalp to the toes is what I like I hold a powerful miracle

that will benefit you and your loved ones so those words carry weight in the face of danger I may put my heavenly

energy on your lips and silence the words that hurt your soul and get in the way of your destiny just keep in mind

that I’ve picked you you have a precise taste now that you’ve seen Miracles and heard love declarations you need to know

how much you are worth consequently do not believe your enemy’s falsehoods or

follow his flaming darts the Miracles you’ve seen with your own eyes and my words both say this believe you have a

top-notch fee for me so I’ve helped you out believe it even if no one else does

it is true and you are worth a fortune because of it remembering the times my

voice spoke out to you and the ways I’ve cared for included and treasured you

will make your heart ache and bring tears to your eyes I am fully capable of

continuing to care for guide and support you no matter what happens you will

always have a special place in my heart keep trying I am here to give you strength and the ability to fight back

onward unfaltering in in the face of adversity you will no longer have to endure humiliation or loss stay focused

on what I’m saying the days ahead will need bravery so be prepared belief in a

higher power could lead you to experience a miraculous event with only one word of my sentence you can mend

your body and fulfill all of your desires true wealth may be yours and

happiness will envelop your own house please accept my benefits with a contrite spirit

and keep in mind those who are suffering you have my undying admiration and I hope you achieve great success entrust

me with your complete recovery and I will revive your soul and lead you to a better tomorrow as we celebrate a year

of our connection know that my love for you will never fade I will always be

here for you from the bottom of my heart I am speaking to you on this important day it is clear that you are motivated

to assist others by sharing your advantages and that motivates you to keep going even as you reach out to

those less fortunate I promise that heaven’s Gates will open wider in response to your love for you are the

embodiment of that Spirit furthermore may your private Abode be brimming with

plenty tranquility and happiness when your family is together and secure you

will reap the True Rewards as I bring you religious experiences joy and Fresh

Starts I wish you health and wisdom believe in the better future I’ve planned for those who love me I will

constantly monitor you Safeguard you and provide unwavering support not only in

this life but also in the next if you’re feeling down I’m here to cheer you up

and give you courage I want you to feel my love as it surrounds you and I want you to know that the creator of the

universe loves and protects you I want you to embrace this truth with me but I

also want you to enjoy the the wonderful feeling of being treasured and

protected I encourage you to fully embrace the gifts in your life share them with your loved ones and treat

everyone with love and respect no matter how little their differences may be always remember to greet people with

respect and a smile when you see them on your trip this is something that everyone who loves compassion and

doesn’t judge based on looks should keep in mind listen to my guidance you may

find them again in a place and time beyond your current comprehension your smiles and acts of extraordinary

compassion are now the keys to your future success people who are well off

those in positions of power and even those who are down and out should not look down on ignore or belittle those

who are struggling provided they remain humble please do all you can to lend a

hand voluntarily if you pay attention to my advice and stay vigilant you will

experience immense blessings on your journey you might encounter individuals who are actually Angels your heart will

be filled with immense Delight I want you to do a Victory lap share my lessons with others and revel in the glory that

is properly yours your heavenly father is omnipotent he hears and answers your

petitions so you are victorious an army of heavenly Warriors stands ready to

defend you at all times is there anything more you need to know about the fact of about the fact that you are

valuable and secure in your identity as a genuine Champion T kuu chose you

before you began your journey placing you at a pivotal moment leas before you

ascend settle on your cause and Mission I am waiting with baited breath for your

decision as you see my word come true in your life feel the joy and satisfaction

seep into your very Soul e in the event that you become ill I will always be

here to support you and my angels may be directing your steps as protectors your

daily routine consists of seeking me out praying and taking stock of the

blessings in your life my Tender Love Will envelop you shielding you from any

harm get in touch with me if you run into an unexpected problem and I’ll show you the way to the right option I will

supply you with the necessary knowledge and point you in the right direction settle down as long as your heart heart

is beating I know I have always met your needs and I am proud of that if you are

faithful and have good intentions I will grant your request have faith your faith

never fails to sway me you watch over me and take care of me I grant every word

you say or request and my ministering angels will ensure your well-being the

way you express your desires to me brings you Joy in your AC of religion

some may argue that you should only seek me out when you really need something however I assure you you are seeking me

out with all your heart I will take care of the rest your requests are not in vain and I like dancing to the beat of

your faith knowing that I love you and will find solutions to your issues the

second part will come when you realize that I’m well aware of your requirements even before you speak although my

reaction isn’t always instantaneous your perseverance is what warms my coronary heart the most thanks to your

understanding and willingness to wait I can provide you with what you need right now and I’m grateful for your patience

in the emergency room you might face problems disputes illnesses and enemies

you are not a prisoner of discouragement and disappointment failure is not always your fate feelings of Joy energy and

Tranquility will flood your whole being and I will also provide you with Tranquility you need not be worried I am

present to ease your heart know that everything will be great in the end I know the hardships you’re going through

dispel the anxieties that tormented you yesterday and Stole Your Serenity by losing yourself in this sacred organic

powerful and life-giving word put your attention squarely on this very moment

write it down in big letters and keep it next to your Bible so you may open it first thing in the morning before you

read a passage thank God and declare loudly I can’t worry I can’t faint my

God is with me nothing can conquer me this will help you reassert your strength and put your hopes in the

promise of a better future free from anxiety keep your guard up against enemies who can’t hurt you take part in

worthwhile activities and encourage your loved ones to do the same love the

people in your life because you know that their value is greater than any award title or piece of physical

property you may own you shouldn’t pay attention to or become angry at those

who have evil motives give me a chance to improve your individuality while we

pause for a second when someone insults you or attempts to Break Your Serenity

it’s best not to react right away as you reply make sure it’s filled with

compassion even the most heartless soul may feel the power of a loving response

in a world beset by chaos where many people suffer in silence and blame you for their problems may my Holy Spirit

speak through your words you stand out with your well-kept space and composed

attitude their goal in initiating you is to compel you to stop manipulating them

but they may not be successful you worship me the Lord the ruler of your heart is directing your reactions be

amazed by the change in people’s perceptions of you they will no longer label you as sad angry depressed or

annoyed you are anticipating the Advent of a substantial benefit as well as

something pleasant that you look forward to calmness but I beseech you to guard

your faith from the dwindling of uncertainty and to let my words nourish your heart stay firm the remaining power

is with me I have the power to heal all your illnesses plus you will be free

from any debt curse or other painful Spirit possession today your freedom is

within your reach Joy fulfillment and an abundance of pleasure break the bonds

you are about to experience a powerful Miracle your heart will overflow with joy as you speak with utmost reverence

even if you can help other people you will have enough it is a helpful tool for anyone facing hardship engage in

Passionate prayer and let my energy surround you physically mentally and

emotionally undoubtedly Resolute resolve has marked your journey overcoming

setbacks and gripes in the morning you will witness your Triumph and in the afternoon you will

find sufficient enjoyment if you put your faith in me I may be able to assist

you in all your endeavors indulge in my company and see your heart’s aspirations

come true just say it to me and I’ll respond calmly and confidently please do

not only contemplate the idea rather put it into action get out of bed and make

the conscious decision to cut ties with influences that drag you down when you confront significant obstacles they will

be absent clothes have no value of faith is lost believe all that I’ve said seek

me out with all your heart at all times and before you go to sleep bring your requests to me trusting that I will

provide for your growth and edification be really attentive a magnificent

formidable and unexpected metamorphosis is approaching we are inseparable assert

your Viewpoint from this day on as your Shepherd you will begin to see signs of

Miracles and benefits you are complete there is an abundance of love and because of your prayers my help is

Within Reach every day if you seek me I will lead you to Peaceful places where living rivers flow today you have the

power to choose life to stand up for what’s right and to follow the dreams that are raging within you believing it

is possible to overcome any restrictions embed my state statement firmly in your spirit in spite of hardship you have a

chance to win and peace will prevail within the confines of your home I

bestow upon you strength an unflinching character and steadfast Faith you must

listen to my heavenly message pray a short but meaningful prayer to start your day off well acknowledging that you

will be busy with essential things but don’t let too much time pass without talking to me when you greet me with an

attitude of appre appreciation and Trust I will succeed in providing Direction I

can reveal the mysterious truths hidden in your destiny and you can find genuine ways to succeed my voice will

reverberate throughout you and your own family and you will experience symptoms

we will overcome challenges and obstacles with me by your side you have access to a supernatural force that can

Propel you forward if you follow my advice your advantages will not even come knocking the Gates of Heaven will

open and pour wisdom and peace upon you if you respect me in everything that you do real money that does not cause misery

will descend upon you possibilities that promote growth will manifest themselves

and serenity will accompany you on your journey even those who claim to be able

to communicate Miracles often fail to produce proof some people may also claim

to have made Revelations but their efforts will be in vain their homes and lifestyles are living proof of my

Limitless love no one on this planet has the right to claim my wisdom as their own stop putting your faith in empty

assurances if you want love patience and comprehension or if you want to know me

better then come and I will reveal my heavenly purpose your caring Shepherd

rescuer Redeemer and healer I am all of these things to you don’t forget that in

addition to being your God and Lord I am also your father with all my love I pray

that you break free from Financial curses and live long enough to witness the unfettered growth of your

knowledge I am sincerely concerned about your and your loved ones physical and

mental well-being I want to be a rock for you both physically and spiritually helping

you stay as healthy and happy as you normally would be beyond your own judgment you carry enormous value in my

eyes think back on the excitement of the dreams that once lit up your room the

plans and Ambitions that kept you up at night and accept the wisdom that comes with age all the while being

enthusiastic about pursuing your dreams you realize that this area despite its

unsteadiness is the safest Haven your desire for a risk-free existence even

when understood shows uncertainty and acts as a subtle barrier to your trust and agreement when you submit to my will

I encourage you to take on my Persona and let your desire for a safe life with me triumph over your fears of the

unknown at this point in your spiritual journey you must make a decision if you

really want to follow my instructions you have to stop playing please follow me closely as I guide you making sure

you look directly at me the whole time it is possible to safely Traverse even

the most perilous routes as time goes on you will find ways to relax and Delight in our shared trip no matter how black

The Valleys become or how large the Shadows get my Royal presence will Encompass and protect you for as long as

you stay close to me even while you endure the darkness of death’s Valley my presence remains a constant source of

comfort and brightness stay safe I will accompany you your staff and your Rod

they make people feel better you may rely on this confidence to keep you steady when You Face challenges and

unknowns in me the Lord will those who know my name put their confidence for I

have never left those who seek me with all their heart there is no limit to my loyalty and my love will never change my

devotion to you will endure the rest of time because I am a God who keeps his word you may discover the courage

Serenity and fortitude to face any challenge that comes your way if you

seek me with all your heart however to serve me you must follow in

my footsteps and my loyal servant may also serve me no matter where I am my

father will bestow Awards on me in order to serve me you must be willing to follow my directions which may take you

down roads that others may see as dangerous or unorthodox however practicing and

strengthening True Religion occurs on these roads provided you are ready to serve me and follow my guidance you you

will be remembered by my dear father instead of a life of security and stability I invite you to a life of

unfaltering faith in me and your religion Faith isn’t an easy Road rather

it’s a path characterized by dependence on my grace and sovereignty I urge you

to focus on the approaching arrival of my presence and to set aside any doubts about its creation based on random

chance remember that my love for you is greater than everything in the world even if other people’s adoration has

evaded you I beseech you to think of me must The Bravery to rise above and

embrace my benefits so that you too may share in their Limitless Delight with each New

Dawn in an attempt to welcome you into my presence I may illuminate your path

and then I will reveal my intentions I will bestow on you my knowledge and wisdom Illuminating the path that has

molded you into the person you are now whenever you feel discouraged stand by

as Ness or contamination calls upon me for strength and healing and I will Ward against Envy recognize that my holy

spirit is inside you and that you are my dwelling place no matter how much I try to put space between us I will never

leave you or leave you all alone your emotions should not lead you astray you

have been by my side my love for you will never change because you have

remained constant just as you were yesterday every day I will show you new

ways to show how much I love you so keep your eyes open I’m showering you with an

extraordinary amount of grace everything you’ve ever wanted will soon be at your

fingertips keep going because I adore you my faith Warrior good morning and I

appreciate you paying attention to these Expressions they provide you with peace

listen to them again taking in every word as I Stand By Your Side imagine my

gentle touch on your chest soothing your racing heart my dear you are never

really alone with me and I will ensure your safety for the duration of your stay put your eyes closed and stop

crying talking to me will no longer make you gasp for air my voice soothes and

calms you my gentle presence dries your tears and the peace I provide will last

longer than any amount of time spent crying could there are times when you should stay say put my aim is for you to

depart strengthened spiritually whether you find yourself in shadowy valleys or Barren deserts my Everlasting Love will

be there for you every moment of the day and night if you’re willing to let me into your life and let my calm demeanor

and presence fill your head I offer you a sincere invitation that way you’ll see how the

chaos of existence makes more sense when viewed through the lens of my everpresent

awareness in my embodiment you may find calm and Clarity for your formerly

agitated thoughts this spiritual practice isn’t necessarily about getting

away from it all it’s about making sure I’m a part of all you do by cultivating

this awareness you will become more sensitive to my guidance more open to my

instructions and more equipped to parent my will in the face of life’s challenges

so come take a stroll with me in your heart Garden let my presence transform

your thoughts saturate your spirit and guide your movements in this sacred

company finding your deepest happiness and contentment is within your reach

relax in my loving presence let go of the need to impress or prove anything and just be yourself in our Holy

Communion space as you would with a close friend one of the greatest blessings of genuine friendship is

cander while our relationship is strained by worry or your pretense my deepest desire is to be your close

friend despite the fact that I am the Lord of the Rings and King of Kings it

breaks my heart you must know that I am fully familiar with you your flaws and

everything please find a way to embrace me for who I really am so that you can be yourself around me soak up the joy

and growth our relationship offers and recreate the Deep Truth by embracing your authenticity which allows me to

bring out the best In You by caring for and cultivating the things I have planted in your

spirit there is no love greater than giving one’s life for one’s friends you are my friends you will no longer be

called a servant if you obey my every order after all a servant has no say in

matters pertaining to their Master instead I guess I’ll just call you friends and tell you what my dad taught

me this verse Bears the intensity of my feelings and resolves for you I gave my

life for you transforming you from a servant into a friend in our time

together I reveal my father’s secrets and details let your guard down and speak to me as boldly as you would to a

close friend express your worries and ideas ups and downs this concentration

isn’t just helpful it’s critical to your spiritual health serving as a religious anchor in this complicated world you

live a life that goes beyond the four walls air area and time are three dimensions that you are familiar with

three dimensions area and time receptivity to my presence is an

additional metric Beyond those I hold you close ready to seize you even when

you’re on the verge of tears release the suppressed sobs please share your

emotions in proportion to mine take it easy on me think back to the moment I

told you I would love you forever and give you the ability to rise above your misery so that that I could fill your

heart with joy Let My Words dispel the Gloom that has descended over you and your foes if you find yourself engulfed

in the Gloom of combat even if I anticipate failure my word will console

you and my lips will attest that Victory will not now give in to fear or despair

yes I am standing by your side by strengthening your heart I alleviate

anxiety and panic mend your emotional wounds and bestow upon you a calm peaceful and supernaturally empowered

life give into what you know to be true about me and keep going unwavering faith

and power will bless you pray believe battle continue and persevere if you want to see signs of miraculous events

my faith and energy will never fade but you must allow discouragement to permeate your plans you can always count

on me to be your Rock right now my kindness and grace are Everlasting while

we have these deep personal conversations ations please remember that my love and forgiveness for you

have never ended even from the moment you were born I am aware of your

existence and the difficulties you have faced on your journey your affection for me your presence in my life and your

determination to seek me out despite any negativity around you are all things I

notice you keep your resolve unwavering in the face of Deceit and threats from

your adversary if you hold on to the knowledge of my love and the certainty of my constant presence in your heart

then be ready for the Magnificent gift that is coming your way exhibit the

Everlasting reality that I who am unwavering and not dishonest am still

here there is a thousandfold reverberation in my Declaration of love for you my love for you is unwavering no

matter how difficult things become for you you will remain steady you may not give into Retreat or you may seem to

have returned even if others have trouble understanding this unwavering love and choosing lies there will be no

daily betrayal of your faith or my promises remember the time I was able to

lend you a hand in the past is the reason why your life is precious to me my love for you has no bounds and I will

always be here to help you if you so desire may I continue to guide you I

will restore what is rightfully yours you have endured unjustified suffering alongside your tenacity which has

withstood several assaults still I will keep bestowing benefits upon you let go

of those who are trying to scare you into submission it is an honor for you to hear things said and see things shown

that no one else has paid any attention to remain steadfast unmoved by

diversions those who are envious of you have made it their mission to seow Discord in your lives to drag you down

and to steal from you they have slandered you yet you are standing firm

you have not lost your faith it makes me happy to see that you have realized the

importance of the things that really matter and rejected the manipulation and deceit used by your

adversaries because they’re so envious they can’t see the kindness radiating from you they are enraged that I am

welcome in your home and unable to sleep due to my presence in your life your

family your home and your job are all within my reach I am able to take care of them soothing

them and taking their minds off of things it doesn’t matter how hard they try they still can’t make you worry one

bit because they turned their backs on my love and my words their families are

in shambles I offered them advice that would improve their lives but they

ignored it and cut ties with me but you chose to watch me seeing that I really had the solution and the way out of all

your problems you truly believe what I said and pledged to follow through be

cautious not to use sip refrain from spreading rumors or defamation I get

bored of speaking about faithful companions corally in the event that you have elapse please enter my presence

your sins are pardoned I cleanse your heart’s chambers are you looking for me in the morning prayers I wish I could

liberate your spirit from the shame and regret I felt when I gave my life for you your physical emotional and mental

health May may suffer on this Earth as a result of My Life as a lighthouse and my

revived hope for your deliverance from spiritual and intellectual anguish my

devoted slaves too were exhausted and made mistakes nonetheless they meekly

confessed their transgressions and returned to the altar of forgiveness they got up and faced their problems

headon and they came out on top if you’re feeling down if you’ve fallen or

spoken carelessly if your actions have hurt some someone you care about or if you’re trapped in harmful mental or

physical habits please come to me immediately please come forward if you love me well and trust that I am making

the right decision to assist you I gently kiss your lips purify your soul

and Grant you forgiveness avoid making the same mistakes again you will charge

ahead Like A Champion leaving shame and depression in your wake because I’m Reviving your soul and your drive

embrace the joy that came from previous triumphs if anything slips your mind remember that you have overcome

obstacles before by exercising Faith with this loving embrace you will do it

again I require you to stand firm in your faith and courage it’s me and you

you are my hero and I adore you define the amount of affection you need present

here today I’m filling up my vhul over your life I shall pour a tremendous

downpour of love my affection for you is kind I can solve all your problems candy

as I am an endless energizing and impactful person have complete faith in

me bring your religion into the home with me and I will show you the way

every morning you wake up with a fire of faith in your heart a Divine feeling

transforming your spirit motivating you and driving you to get out of bed and

face the day you dedicate yourself fully to your work meeting new people and

discovering opportunities that I point you toward as you look at me with a gleam in your eye bask in my benefits

take comfort in the fact that you are able to convey your thanks while sobbing into your fingers embrace the profound

Serenity that each word conveys these words aim to eliminate the pain and hurt

from your past unveiling the incredible value within you and the Beautiful future that awaits I can never let you

fall my darling so face this day with courage and determination let me be of service to

you your exhaustion and crippling sadness are plain to observe we have

heard your hushed sobs when you felt like giving up you’ve asked for help discreetly preferring no one else to

know what’s going on having said that I overheard your hushed conversations as

you appeared to be losing interest in staying I’m glad you brought the faith that’s still alive in your heart to me

because I can help you in many ways while we’re together my love and energy are waiting for you to discover them

today discover safety in my arms you are now immune to worry and the arena is no

longer a threat protecting forgiving rescuing unlocking and healing you are

my preferred actions I have crafted all the positive plans for you and I’m

confident that they align with your capabilities you have the freedom to enjoy life pursue your dreams and

achieve more as you hear or read those uplifting words my calm will surround

your spirit and I will Empower you to overcome any obstacle have faith in me

receive my affection and include my assistance since that is typically the path that leads to your contentment I am

preparing delightful surprises for you I see beyond what your eyes can see even

beyond what your heart can comprehend I want you to be strong Joy joyful and prepared to face any challenge that

comes your way let your thoughts be filled with Victory and Triumph but ignore the fears and doubts that attempt

to creep into your mind fear not my adversary I may even shoot many arrows

at you to deflect you from my plans but fear not because I am not terrified I am

a more potent illness even if your attacker may also make a frightening upward surge even if I am trying to

steal your desire I must first get you well as I do miraculous deeds and continue to

provide Joy your own family problems will swiftly transform this second one

is appreciated Embrace this immense and holy feeling I’m showering you with an

abundance of joy that will erase all the pain you have ever felt my answer to

your prayers is on its way and I will soon be able to provide you with the spiritual sustenance you need to stay

near me when you’re close to my affection nothing nothing can pull you away put an end to your struggles you’re

hurting more than you’re helping put your eyes closed for a second if you like give me complete control please put

all of your worries on my shoulders your efforts will no longer be futile there will be no more defeats for you avoid

embarrassment I am here to help you with any of your demands I implore you to guard your heart and never again give

Credence to the words of those who want to see you collapse give them no more more room to sew the seeds of Despair in

your heart get away from those who just want to see you sad and from those who say you’re not worth anything your

perception of me validates your charge I’m here to tell you how much I care and

how much I’ve decided to share with you it seems like you’re really picking up on my presence today and from now on

it’s only going to get stronger you will triumph over your troubles enjoy your Independence and receive Divine

blessings I will heal your wounds ease your bone pain and take away your suffering emotions I can raise you up

filling you with Divine joy and Delight with my gentle touch I will dry your eyes and bring a radiant grin back to

your face your love for me will be proclaimed Through The Melodies you compose those who disdained you will see

for themselves how my Grace has protected you in the place of blessing

where I have placed you you may stand solid your roots will go deep and no one

can pull you up while you’re on this journey with me adversity May challenge your faith at times requiring you to

remain steady the Holy Spirit Will descend upon Mary and the power of the

highest power will envelop her leading us to believe that the Holy One who is to be born is the Son of God this truth

reveals my love and style to you profoundly and is the basis of your trust maintaining steadfast faith and

profound regard may serve as an enchanting substitute for your own non-secular path to your everyday steps

please make an effort to embody this attitude of reverence and joy embrace

the journey that is your life as You Follow the brilliant light I provide Relish in my everpresent presence and

provide all I want of you in my opinion it dampens both your competence and your

soul make a sincere sacrifice of your life for me in all your worship prayers

and devotional activities look to me as your Guiding Light and find comfort in

my everpresent presence whenever you face times of Doubt or confusion in my

kind presence I will always shine a light on your path and Lead You Through each obstacle in my company you will

discover the knowledge and path you’re seeking as you go about your day be sure to pause and relax whenever you feel the

need keep your Beating Heart close to my command take my advice to Heart Like The

astute men who noticed the famous person pay close attention to my central argument and be ready to comply with it

think about how my grace and truth are leading you along the road of righteousness enchant your heart with

the mystery of my Incarnation worship me in spirit and truth and let your life serve as a testament to the peace and

light I bring rest in me my beloved every step of the way I’m here to guide

love and bless you allow myself to be present while I I heal I know that when

you return to spend time with me your mind goes straight to the tasks and agendas for the day however I invite you

to turn that thought around and focus on me instead May the serenity of my

presence in this Sacred Space fill you with energy and renew your soul within

this tranquil communion I have assembled you to face the challenges of the day not only does this precious time

strengthen and equip you but it also brings Joy To Me do not try to rush

through such times or treat them like any other task on your list determining

what is most important can help you resist the temptation of competing demands on your time when you’re with me

you choose the best option the one you intend to stick with you should not Overlook the lines from Psalm

manifestation before the Lord and its Authority we are trying to find him in

most cases you can determine the necessary Power by looking directly into my eyes and focusing your whole being on

me little meetings practically strengthen your resilience not the large gestures or public events of Life those

who remain rooted in me and I in them will produce an abundance of fruit I am

the vine and you are the branches you won’t be able to do anything without me

permit my words to reside inside you to be the rock around which you build your life in Times of doubt cling to my

assurances they will be the rock upon which your whole being rests always remember that I am the same as the day

before and that my love for you is immutable unwavering and eternal you are

my beloved and I take great Delight in you allow my love to embrace you as you

stroll in its certainty you must have a guard to defend you Empower yourself and

shine a light on the way ahead if you focus on expanding my kingdom and doing what is right I will show you many

things don’t be afraid I am your safe haven and source of strength I am here

for you at all times ready to provide a helping hand when you need it be still

and know that I am God praised in certain Nations and on this planet my beloved as we go into the depths of the

ocean your life story is a living testimony to my undying devotion and

affection may your words and actions reflecting my compassion and Grace

reflect the hope that resides within you in times of Darkness may they serve as a

comfort and encouragement to those around you in my love there is no room for worry ideal love dispels all traces

of it so take heart stay joyful and love deeply know that my grace is more than

enough for you and that my energy is most potent in moments of weakness I Am

With You Always from now until the end of the age supported by my love and

Spirit as you embark on each new day with a sense of desire and bravery may

you find the courage to take risks knowing that I will be there to guide and lead you as you reflect here you may

find peace for your troubled spirit and calm for your confused mind put your

concerns to rest I will personally attend to you even when the world around you becomes more chaotic and stressful

spending time in my company holds significant if ific importance the serenity of our company will nourish

your spirit revive your soul and restore your energy as you go through this moment may my pleasure strengthen your

spirit my knowledge lead your thoughts and my calm fill your coronary heart

remember to hold on to the Serenity and perspective you gained during these Priceless times in the midst of your

hectic life’s constant demands and stresses come to me for Solace and rejuvenation

as your thoughts slow down it will be critical to stop and let my presence fill them when you put on my suit your

body will naturally relax and become acutely aware of my presence stop worrying about the obstacles we’re

attempting to discover so we can discourage you and focus on the problems at hand recognizing me as your lord and

God is a crucial First Step before you launch your projects beseech me in

prayer because I will help you overcome any opposition give me control and I

will see to it that you succeed in all that you do in this new day I give you

the knowledge to arrange your life and priorities in the past fear kept you

from enjoying your hobbies and aspirations with your newfound strength

you may accomplish objectives that benefit not only you but also your loved ones in order to prevent you from making

the same mistakes again and again I am here to lead cleanse and provide you

with knowledge do not fear because my love is steadfast I will never leave you

or forsake you while I work to change your life for the better with me by your side you can be confident that you will

achieve nothing but the best in life you mean the world to me I am able to shower

you with more blessings as long as you remain steadfast in your love obedience

and walk closely with me I’m here trying to to pull you up out of the bottomless

Abyss that life’s problems have dug for you stop enduring pain and start living

a happier life now these days I pour out my love to you giving you the Deep calm

you need to get back up and keep going on your Voyage may you find the strength to walk in faith and witness the

positive Transformations that will occur in your lives set the burden of Shame and remorse free may my love and Power

Fill your coronary heart my apologies to me you are everything let us embark on

this new life together which I am saving in fact you are the second most respected the value of my affection and

the joy I get from caring for you as a kid despite the value of my affection

and the joy I bring into your life as a kid you still deserve a life filled with kind understanding and plenty despite

the hardships you endure rest assured I will always be there for you and provide

for your needs give it a rest these days I am able to rest easy knowing that you

and your family are here I extend the purest love imaginable to you are you

going to accept delivery as i gaze lovingly over you I hold you close in my

arms you will not be harmed the period you are going through will soon lead you

to believe that Showers of Joy will replace your misery even in the midst of your heaviest challenges

obviously you’re aware that my perspective is different from yours if you look hard enough you’ll find plenty

of people whose Hearts have hardened despite the fact that they may be enjoying my affection they are blaming

me because life hasn’t turned out the way they expected however you distinguish

Yourself by recognizing that your destiny and happiness are not dependent on other people but on me alone your

adversaries will approach you wanting your words roughly as you get better and stronger on this journey with each

passing day just down the street you’ll find an additional Boon remain faithful

and loyal every day I will be by your side keep fighting and refuse to give up

truly I am fond of you this is something I really believe in I don’t want you to

go through any more pain since I love you so much I get that you’re dealing with a lot that you don’t want others to

know how bad things are for you and that you feel like you’re running out out of steam even if you put up a good front I

have a deeper comprehension of you than you do despite your courage come talk to

me the faximile shows you what you want to see but I can see your soul and feel

your emotions what are you hoping to accomplish by opening up about your struggles my baby I will soak up all of

your tears lift you off the ground remove all of your uncertainty and bear your Sorrows I am preparing to bestow

upon you you and your loved ones an abundance of blessings and miracles your whole being will exude my kindness and

the healing power of your words will carry me through your choices will show that you have competence and you could

even get it right in the end those who have wanded will try to be like you but they will find that it’s impossible I

loved and blessed them but they rejected me and went their own way While others

continue down the wrong road you’re heading in the right direction and enjoy enjoying all the rewards it brings

they’ll run head first into misery and Damnation but you will go on I focus my

Awareness on what lies ahead accepting responsibility for what lies Beyond lift

your hand and point it toward the future letting go of all your goals to receive

my guidance seek my word and kneel daily from now on you may anticipate the most

powerful Miracles and victories the path to a fulfilling life isn’t always

smoooth sailing difficulties are inevitable but my love surrounds you and

my power helps you overcome them do not be afraid go on your future is one of

Triumph people who overwhelm you with kindness should be stopped keep your doubts at Bay from those who have cast

me out of their hearts and are determined to seow seeds of Despair I pray that you keep your faith strong and

never stray from your true self regardless of whose words you Listen to I have bestowed upon you existence Joy

motivation tranquility and understanding instead of worrying about pleasing other

people or giving into to their pressures prioritize your family and yourself let

go of the weight of feeling discouraged by rejection or irritated by other people’s actions please if you could

spare a moment allow me the chance to help you develop personally whenever someone takes offense or threatens peace

instead of responding immedi immediately let your response be filled with kindness this will allow my whole heart

to understand what you’re saying in the midst of a confusing world where many people vent their frustrations on you

because they see how well you take care of your space and how calm you are throughout this time remain unwavering

accepting my kind words brings you happiness and reignites your passion for life sparking your desire to help and

serve and encouraging you to embrace the opportunity I provide for a fulfilling

existence as your self-awareness grows and your love grows you will no longer

feel obligated to struggle to blame yourself or to carry the weight of past

mistakes please allow me to forgive you from the depths of your heart and know that no matter how many times you pray I

will always be with you you should refrain from uttering a myriad of Expressions I know exactly what to do

when you cry out help me because I can read your emotions I am overwhelmed when you scream in an

instant I may be by your side holding you close with a gentle murmur of my

profound love for you you have unfettered access to my Throne please meet with me so that we can discuss your

requirements listening to you is a joy for me for me it’s the best method to

feel at ease no matter where life takes me refrain from giving into fear stand

up for what you believe in live your lives to the fullest spend spend time with your loved ones and pay attention

to the people you care about show them the love and care they deserve be reliable at work avoid pointless

arguments and avoid negative thoughts proudly Walk Tall Point your fingers

towards the blue sky and thank God for the gift of your life when it comes to your trials your family’s future and the

path ahead there is no other Divine and miraculous remedy except me unwind in

the comfort of my accomplished hands you can always count on me to be by your side and no matter how difficult the

challenges you face on your journey I will never abandon you put an end to giving credence to the negative thoughts

and feelings that may be plaguing you I have the ability to strengthen you and remove any confusion from your mind so

that you don’t lose sight of what really matters to you I will assist you patiently you and your loved ones are

secure under my care therefore it doesn’t matter matter what other people think even in the darkest hours I will

always be there for you and you will love honor praise and obey me with all your might I know the path I’m leading

you on and I can make all your troubles disappear at this point my buddy do you

think I’m right or do you have doubts believe in me and I will strengthen you to rise up fight to the Finish carry out

your responsibilities and remain steadfast in your faith I know you’ve

cried out in silence because of what you’re going through but now I can envelop you in my love dry your tears

and satisfy your thirst my grace will strengthen you and even though the past few days have

presented challenging circumstances you will emerge from them stronger than before your body will be full of life

and energy and your spirit will be revitalized every day the devil will try

to stand in your way attempting to bring you down effortlessness assures the resolution of this issue allow the idea

of my love for you to Captivate you and it will Infuse your entire being with a profound sense of Peace investigate me

right now and see if you can find anything that I can’t do I can quiet the storms just as I have divided oceans

calmed storms and helped many to do Marvels and wonders I give you the strength to ride through the storms of

uncertainty you will not perish as a result I extend my hand and my pity is

at your side as you swim toward the present day my angels will watch over

you strengthening your hands and keeping you from drowning with the assistance of

a Heavenly Army you will go head to-head with your enemies my might will Vanquish

your adversaries and anxieties and you will reap brilliant benefits I will

restore your strength and the day of your Triumph is near it brings me great joy that you continue to believe in my

energy and a ackn knowledge its existence every day your unwavering faith in your incredible religion gives

me hope that we may do even more together knowing that my answer is more comfortable and greater with you as you

persist in your wonderful faith is the most precious gift you could give me your heart’s giving up and steadfast

faith knowing that my reaction is safe even if it is invisible is the most

wonderful gift you can offer me your coronary Hearts surrender and Stead fast

confidence achieve great things and anytime you need it you will be able to access my holy Throne it was and I now

Proclaim your perspective as our time together on this video and I promise to answer you I love you and I will keep

you safe in my holy hands at the conclusion of our journey through faith and philosophy I want you to know how

deeply grateful I am that you have joined my family we not only appreciate your presence but we adore it I pray

that our words and experiences together have shed some light on your journey and given you strength to keep going I

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grateful for your being here may you too experience Abundant Blessings of Happiness Serenity and love from above

in everything that you do I talk to you my little child in the boundless expanse of existence where the infinite meets

time the Winds of Eternity carry these words like a gentle whisper penetrating

deep into your soul and surpassing human comprehension for you are the origin of

all my perceptions as I look into your beautiful heart I see the complicated web of feelings ideas and aspirations

that you hold dear my darling child Let It Be known that I am the Alpha and the

Omega you conceal secrets in your spirit believing they are safe from prying eyes

I see beyond the curtains of secrecy both at the beginning and the end the idea of concealment is a product of

human imagination in my infinite omniscience I can see down to the depths

where your very Soul lies I feel the darkness that Dells in the depths of your mind and I welcome the brightness

that shines from the safe havens of your honest desires we don’t wear masks no

amount of pretense can ever keep my loving eyes from scrutinizing your very essence the love that I perceive in your

heart is unconditional and Beyond human understanding it is not judgmental

love I know just how hard it is for you how heavy your worries are and how

profound your happiness is always keep in mind that I know the ins and outs of your life’s Maze and I’m there for you

through every stride fall and Triumph the sacred place within you are not a

place of solitude but rather a meeting ground where your spirit and mind converge I share those spaces where

vulnerabilities are laid the truth is unveiled and the essence of your existence is woven into the cosmic

fabric of creation our connection goes beyond the external manifestations of your life and extends into the very core

of your being take solace in the Universal visitation of these holy sights my darling when you realize that

I’m not some cold distant spectator but rather your constant travel partner you

will find great Freedom it is not necessary to let the secrets you bear weigh you down put them before the seat

of heavenly compassion instead of bringing them before me there are no limits to the depths of my love for you

it is a love that aspires to restore Elevate and change lives as you allow me

into your heart May the truth shine through and drive out the darkness that lurks inside when you are really really

yourself you will feel vulnerable but it is in that vulnerability that you will

discover the power to let go of your worries Revelation and Redemption are

sacredly danced knowing that I am not a deity who condemns but who extends Grace

is a comfort when you let the light of divine Love Shine into the recesses of your heart my darling your path

exemplifies the grace that comes with being human and by embracing your frailties you open the door to Divine

Healing take comfort in knowing that I am here for you every step of the way a

confidant a friend and an empathic Observer of your innermost being let go

of the constraints of concealment and enter the Limitless realm of my love where the Melodies of forgiveness and

Eternity reverberate as you go down your life’s paths always keep in mind that the holy

spaces we share are an integral part of who you are and how your life unfolds I the conductor guide every note

with love and accuracy because I can see right through you my darling child there

is no need to hide who you really are we recognize and love you unconditionally

within the safe haven of heavenly love may the revelation of our Hidden Truths

bring you great comfort heal your broken spirit and strengthen your faith please

consider forwarding it to someone else who may benefit from it if you feel it goes beyond your own situation doing so

might perhaps help save someone’s Soul those who really share these remarks have my blessings I propose that

we have a discussion like me you should fight the temptation to let anxious and

chaotic thoughts take over your mind first thing in the morning instead focus

on the good things in your life your loved ones your health the time you have left and your desire to make things

right my kindness and affection for you have been clear from the beginning even

though you disobeyed my commands once I have not abandoned you or punished you for your

transgressions the Commandments against murder false testimony and lying are quite clear you must refrain from

consistently betraying slandering and humiliating others there is a great deal

of room for debate and no transgression is more serious than any other the repercussion of any infraction are

substantial slunder deceit Pride Prejudice and infidelity are all harmful

to one’s physical and mental health any one of these words might do harm cause suffering and break families apart seek

me every day believe what I say and do what I say if you feel my Holy Spirit guiding you today please do it quickly

since I am always around have faith lay bear your soul you will not be burdened

from from this day forward I will rid myself of all guilt and misery I am preparing a future of kindness and

serenity for you and nothing can stop it someone else in your life needs to hear

these words and you have felt my love distribute them enthusiastically you have my undying love greetings and

appreciation for taking the time to read these thoughts their calmness is a gift to you reading them out again letter by

letter will provide you with the comforting sense of me being right there with you you are not alone my dear heart

if you stay with me there is no danger you have the freedom to close your eyes and shed tears if you desire your tears

communicate your demands but my speech brings Solace and healing easing your fears my arms envelop you in Tranquility

while soothing your sorrow you cannot yet depart do not leave quite yet I pray

that you will leave this place Brave and ready to Take On The World knowing that my Everlasting Love Will Shield you from

harm no matter what let it sink in accept it and trust it with loving care

my Holy Spirit reveals and protects you from the dangers of this world make it known that my heavenly father is with me

and that no adversary can harm me be careful what you say Do not spread

gossip or misinformation keep your word to your employers at all times and never belittle your loyal servants if you’ve

been through this show yourself to me forgive me for the the wrongs you’ve done cleanse your soul however every

morning please seek me out in prayer you need your soul set free in order to save

you from emotional and spiritual anguish I willingly surrendered my life on the cross free from shame and guilt all

three of your beings Body Soul and mind are susceptible to exhaustion in this world no one is immune to weariness or

error however my faithful slaves who lived pure lives nonetheless came came

back to this altar of forgiveness after humbly admitting their transgressions they were unflinching in their rise to

combat and subsequent success hello tired Spirit come to me right now if you

are burdened by feelings of failure if you have spoken carelessly if you have unintentionally hurt someone or if you

engage in harmful habits whether they be physical or mental and if your love for

me and belief in my desire to help you are real then I will come and touch your lips cleanse your heart and forgive you

then you will let go of those sins I will renew your spirit and motivation

Like A Champion and you will rise above the moments of sadness and guilt you

will remember happy times and past victories and you will conquer again in

this loving Embrace I will command you to face life with faith and determination for I am with you my love

accompanies you my champion be patient as things develop in life and seek peace even in the midst of storms

we value and respect your religion there is a reason for everything that is happening right now even if it may not

make sense though Clarity eludes you now trust in me when the benefits I have planned are complete have faith be

patient and figure out how to wait your doggedness has paid off in Spades and

even better things are on the horizon when you’re exhausted and facing huge difficulties that challenge your faith I

get it keep going do not budge I will soon confirm that you are on the right

path to receive my blessings I understand that you feel like everything is taking forever and that you’re

exhausted sometimes I beg you to hold on to the belief that this challenge is making you stronger even when there are

many reasons to quit no one can take away the impending gifts keep on my

darling be patient and have faith in me your God God I am I pray for Abundant

Blessings Tranquility pleasure and glory in your future and for protection from

all harm just a little more time please assure me that you will bye my dear I’m

completely empathic with how you feel I know your heart nothing eludes me you

can trust me no matter what time of day or night and I will listen to your problems and feelings without judgment I

am careful to meet your requirements this is nothing you to me your importance is Paramount I saved you and

gave you a new life this world can’t provide the love and understanding you need but in me you have everything you

need to satisfy your hunger for tranquility and to overflow your heart with the strong emotion that comes from

knowing you are deeply loved a truth that remains true even when you question it in difficult times your affection for

me is unwavering you have my affection and it will Never Fade if someone

betrays you stop trusting them if someone devalues your devotion don’t

give it to them your heart belongs to me and no one else do me the honor that I

am due by recognizing me respecting me and holding me in high regard your God

lord and king must be me no one else can do it one reason you’ve been feeling

uneasy recently is because there’s a hole in your heart that will get larger if you turn your back on my life

if you’re unhappy and cry every night it’s because you’re looking for love in the wrong places I adore you more than

anybody else in the world find Solace calm and affection when you seek me out

so what’s stopping you why keep putting your heart and soul into people who only bring you pain is it necessary for you

to hold back your emotions until you experience pain again whatever happens I

will always welcome you with open arms since my love has has no bounds but there is no need to go through any more

pain before we can draw as a sign of my infinite love I invite you to come near

me and be held tenderly while I embrace you even before you speak a word I am

here to lend you a helping hand I am prepared to console you and help you fight off despair I am always listening

to what you have to say please know how much I value you and how much I want to relieve you of the difficulties you’re

facing you you placed your faith in me today and I will reach out to you mend

your broken heart remove the marks of your past and give you back the good things in your life I hope you know how

much you mean to me your resilience in the face of hardship is an inspiration

to me I am the genuine unchanging and Powerful God therefore do not lose heart

I will be ever present with you in times of need whenever you find yourself entangled in the Maze of difficulty

ities I consistently extend my compassionate hand to rescue you I have

showered you with the gift of life and my love has embraced you my heavenly

presence has kindled a fire inside you and I pray that it grows into a magnificent tree that will offer shelter

food and plenty not just for you but for all the people you love dearly May the

fires within your heart burn brighter than ever before hold hold on to the life I’ve given you and let it fill you

to the brim with happiness the plans I have woven for you are complicated and a

series of life-altering events are about to unfold the seeds of change I swed

will soon Blossom altering your perspective in significant ways when you

required someone to lean on I have consistently been there for you regardless of how many times you have

fallen by forgiving you I rescued you from the pit of misery and made sure you

never felt abandoned or broken again fresh days are on the horizon as the

clouds of sadness part a flood of Limitless Joy will wash over the world

in order to Encompass your heart the Miracles that are about to happen are not abstract ideas but actual observable

facts affirm your belief in the path ahead and your dedication to it I love

you as I have said time and time again get ready for some very remarkable plans

that are in store for you you reach out to me and I will take your hand while we

walk this road find Serenity and happiness one step at a time remember

that what matters most is not how fast you get there but how steadfastly you stick to your path through all of the

storms my comforting presence has been a Haven for you and I have never wavered

my love was there to soothe you through every struggle you endured even when your past looked permanently stained I

was The Mastermind behind your existence shaping your destiny every time I’ve

stepped into help your present has been better no matter how twisted your history has been May the sparks ignited

in Your Heart by my heavenly touch turn into an inferno that no one can

extinguish the hope I gave you is not a passing fancy but rather a Hardy

seedling that will grow into a strong tree surrounding you and your loved ones

in Everlasting Love while offering protection sustenance and

plenty be filled to the brim with an overwhelming sense of delight at the impending Transformations that will

alter your perspective on life and treasure the life I have given you in spite of the obstacles you’ve faced in

the past the complex web of my intentions for you will eventually come to light exposing the Magnificent

tapestry of your fate I have consistently supported you pardoning your mistakes and rescuing you from the

depths of Despair I will never leave you broken or abandoned and I will greet the

new day with open arms saying goodbye to the Sorrows that have plagued you and welcoming the Limitless joy that is

about to settle into your heart the Marvels that are in store for you are real and wondrous not just IES they will

materialize right before your eyes Proclaim your faith and dedication to the path ahead head and know that I

believe in you as much as I say I love you get ready you are about to embrace

the amazing plans that you have created join me in extending a hand and we will

walk this route together calmness and happiness will come to pass the most

important thing is not how fast you get there but rather how persistent you are

the whole way there my consoling presence has been a refuge for you in the furnace of trial may your trust

remain firm and unwavering in this despite the turmoil in your history my

love was there to comfort you through every difficulty molding your life to fit my vision no matter how complicated

your past has been every time I’ve been involved it has led to a brighter present ignite the fires of love that I

have kindled in your heart and tend to them I have given you the chance to

fully embrace the impending changes that will reshape your perspective on life and the dream I planted in your heart is

not fleeting but rather a strong seed that will grow into a strong tree that

provides shelter food and plenty to you and the people you care about through

the blunders of your past the detailed blueprints of my intentions for you will

gradually unravel revealing the vast tapestry of your future in your most

vulnerable times I have been there for you a constant presence I raised you

from the depths of Despair and forgave your sins ensuring that the dawn of a new day would never again break and

abandon you get ready to accept the Limitless joy that is about to occupy your heart and bid farewell to the

tragedies that have loomed over your life concrete wonders will materialize right before your eyes rewarding your

unwavering belief and commitment to the path ahead the Miracles that await you

are real not just in your thoughts I love you and I believe in the miraculous things that

are about to happen prepare yourself as I have meticulously crafted ambitious

plans that eagerly await your acceptance raise your hand and I will take your

hand As We Walk This Road Together peace and happiness are the destinations you

will reach on this path the key is not to rush to get there but to remain

steadfast along the journey be steadfast in your faith in the midst of Life

storms my comforting presence has been an anchor you can trust during every

storm my calming balm of affection was there for you I the artist of your

destiny have painstakingly molded the shape of your existence through all the twists and turns of your history every

time I’ve stepped in to help you your past has always been able to shine brighter than before you have a Divine

spark inside you tend to the flames that are Burning Brightly in your heart as

you prepare for the impending changes that will alter your environment immerse yourself in a growing source of delight

behold the detailed blueprints of my intentions for you as they progressively materialize exposing the Magnificent

fabric of your fate despite the setbacks in your history I never abandoned or left you in pieces because I stayed

steadfastly by your side when you were weak forgave your offenses and lifted

you out of the depths of Sorrow look forward to the arrival of fresh days say

goodbye to the Sorrows that have loomed over your existence and get ready to embrace the Limitless joy that is about

to engulf your soul the Marvels that await you are not abstract ideas but

rather real astonishing things that will come to pass right before your eyes

Proclaim your love for one another as you affirm your beliefs and commit to the path ahead prepare prepare yourself

as I have meticulously crafted elaborate plans that eagerly await your Embrace

hold my hand and I will guide you step by step along the unfolding road to

pleasure and calm the constant tenacity that characterizes your journey rather

than the speed of your arrival is what matters most be steadfast in your faith

with unwavering resolve my beloved child I expand the ground under your feet making sure sure you don’t budge I am

deeply invested in your life’s path and this is proof of it there is no curve on the road ahead of you that I do not know

about and I’m prepared to smooth it out for you the fact that I have worked to make your way forward easier in many

ways is evidence of my profound and unending love for you sometimes I let

you know how I have helped and other times you have no idea how I have protected you to you my methods might

often seem baffling and I get that No One Is Safe from my wroth that includes

you for your sake I voluntarily went through physical and mental anguish on

the cross even while I was still here on Earth when my dad briefly ignored me I

went through unfathomable anguish yet it was during this terrible separation that

I made sure you would never have to go through it alone you have my word that I will never

leave your side at any given moment you have access to the pleasure that comes

from being in my company happiness is waiting for you at every turn always

praise me because I am educating you even terrible news may have a positive

outcome because I can turn evil into good keep your faith in my presence

because I am your rescuer my resurrection from the grave has given you New Life as a hopeful

believer it is clear that I told those who doubted me that if I had stayed in the grave your Faith would have been in

vain and you would still be spiritually dead burdened by your sins however I

willingly gave my life on the cross to pay the penalty for the sins of everyone who believes in me I am one with my

father as a result of my historical Resurrection which you can verify for yourself by putting your confidence in

me and admitting your sins you may have a new birth as we both continue along

this road of optimism you have become my own despite the difficulties you may be

facing my loving presence remains constant and bright behold my dear I am

the light that will shine through the shadows and fill your heart with delight

look at me and I will do the same still I am the Eternal illuminating your way

with my Divine Light thus my light will never go out no matter how dark Things

become or how much you fear them because you know that I am your Redeemer in

spite of everything you have a beacon of light inside you turning your face toward the light is how you reflect my

glory which I made you to accomplish please sit quietly with me for a while

to soak up my Rays direct your gaze upward my ability to bless and Empower

you grows in proportion to the amount of time you spend in this luminous space it

is difficult to express the joy of a woman’s engagement to her beloved in words the very idea of her lover fills

her heart with excitement when he is on her mind her eagerness and passion remain unabated even as her troubles

recede into the background I will never let you leave my heart I’m here to bring

you Joy No matter how tough life gets being in my company brings you so much

pleasure that you can’t help but share it with others around you embrace the unknown with confidence and perseverance

do not allow fear or discouragement to accompany you they are eagerly awaiting you as you gaze into the enigmatic

future worry and despair are ready whenever you let them be but take heart

I am always with you firmly grasping your right hand You Are Not Alone on this journey I am with you every step of

the way Illuminating the way and calling out to you to remain focused on me hold

on to my hand and fearlessly overcome the shadows of Doom this is my presence

beyond the boundaries of time never take your eyes off of me my presence is a

beacon of unending encouragement and unfaltering affection knowing that I am

part of your past present and future gives you confidence in me with words of

wisdom bravery and hope I lay the path before you take heart I will not abandon

you rest assured I will always be by your side if you need someone to lean on

I am here for you facing challenging tasks should shouldn’t make you feel

inadequate I’m here to help you abundantly so you should rejoice in that fact if my will is met we can do

everything yes you do need me as a shield because I defend you from harm on

all levels including the mental emotional and spiritual you may feel my

guardian hand on occasion but I also protect you from dangers you wouldn’t expect it is my great presence that

watches over you so take comfort in that you need not be afraid my beloved

because I am by your side keep celebrating such profound Insight

emanates from this little poem I created you in my image endowing you with the

ability to choose Joy amidst challenges and hazy thoughts harness the power of

this luminous directive let your heart sing try to fill each day with as many

chances as possible to remind yourself to be happy because you are resting in my affection

I swear that the Lord is here Whispering Jacob’s words I am always here no matter

where you are or how you feel about me by intentionally spending time with me you can enhance your awareness of my

presence and gain the strength to spread my love to those around you akin to a beacon of light stay close to me my

darling my right hand is supporting you the way you cling to me with a helpless

infantile quality shows how much you value our friendship challenges serve as

opportunities for growth and authenticity in your beliefs Faith strengthens in the face of hardship and

the knowledge that I will be there for you in times of need brings you consolation my support gives you the

self assurance you need to face future challenges in the depths of Despair and

through the most trying situations know that my right hand is supporting you you

will learn to trust me more and more as you go this hand is a powerful and holy

offering elevating you endless assistance is available for those moments when you feel crushed if you’re

feeling hopeless you should turn to me and my power you may believe that my

strong hand is fair and only brings good things you need not be afraid because I

will fortify you my upright right hand will support you and I will lend you a

helping hand you can rely on me for a assistance and protection praise the

Lord who rescued you from the shadows and brought you into His Marvelous Light

it is Grace that should always remind you of the Gospel message therefore declare my salvation Salvation is a gift

from God bestowed upon you via Faith feel free to consider it a gift from me

you must constantly remind yourself to reject the charges of the adversary who attempts to discourage and destroy you

even when this fact runs contrary to worldly principles keep in mind the gospel truth

in its place with an attitude of thankfulness every single day it is most

appropriate to rejoice in my company as a reaction to the marvelous gift of Grace being cheerful does not mean you

have finished being a benefit to everyone around you remember you are

fortunate enough to be a blessing to others I provide for you every day in the form of food hous and clothes think

about the particular things that make you happy it might be something as basic as the love you have for your family or

friends your love for me my lover brings me endless happiness when you give some

quiet contemplation to these happy ideas you may discover that they Enlighten you

and make you happier your connection with me will become stronger and you and the people around you will be blessed by

your choice to celebrate I bless those who have mastered the art of flattering me one must practice the art of Acclaim

in order to convey passionate approval get your mind off of me and start thinking about me in a more interesting

and original manner take a moment to reflect on my magnificent Glory through

my spoken word I gave life to the universe fashioned Humanity in my likeness and gave them Immortal Spirits

my love has no bounds my knowledge knows no bounds and I created the Splendor

that dresses the Earth and the universe get used to talking well about me and being enthusiastic when you tell others

they’re right when doing this the Psalms are a great resource when you publicly

praise me you are also recognizing my greatness because you have placed your faith in me as your Redeemer you shine

brightly please God be my light so that people may see my greatness and announce

the Grandeur of my Deeds my love is immense and when you comprehend it you

will will adore me with all your heart becoming closer to me as you Revel in my glorious presence maintain complete

Stillness as you eagerly await my action I bring an abundance of calm and

happiness into your life and they will seep into every fiber of your being as time goes on this is a rare commodity in

a society that prizes action and accomplishment trust is also required for this wait calmly for my actions

rather than worrying when my intentions derail you my unending love is greater than existence my love has no limits

whether measured in time amount or quality there is nothing on earth like it and it will never run out if you

could find a pearl that was worth losing everything for it would be worth everything to have my undying love if

anything my love makes your life better not worse it lays a solid foundation for

you to grow and improve your connections with others you may flourish into your

Divine Destiny when you fully grasp the boundless love that I have for you you

have reason to be hopeful while you wait for me because I am God and the one who

will save you you can be sure that I will pay attention to what you say

regardless of how long it takes for me to respond you shouldn’t be concerned about the evildoers or their

machinations against you the wicked amuse me because I know what will happen

to them know that I am God and find Rest in Me My Darling remain steadfast and in

those few moments of Faith declare with conviction the promises that I in my

boundless Grace have given you say it to those who would question your path but

know that my constant presence is with you all day long until the end of time

draw strength from my strength and hold on to the source of my grace stay away

from second guessing yourself and the merits of these benefits if you remain unwavering in your faith in me I bestow

my grace upon you trust me when I say it will develop into a veritable Treasure

Trove of presence for you to bless your own family and all others who are in need and hiding from the light of

uncertainty you will have everything you need this is not an act of compulsion

rather it is an expression of my deepest want for you to come close so that I may

answer the petitions that ReSound found in your spirit trust me when I say this

isn’t meant to make you feel bad about yourself in fact it’s only a precursor

to greater things that are about to happen right now a radical change that has impacted every aspect of your

existence has placed you at a critical juncture in your life now that you’ve

undergone this transformation you’re ready to face the challenges of decision making with unflinching confidence stop

worrying about what other people think of your activities and focus only on your success I stand beside you

persevere and when opportunities present themselves seize them with unwavering

Faith even if there will be others who want to discourage you and lead you back to a place of failure and despair even

as you share your intentions count on me to be by your side through thick and thin I implore

you to cling to these blessings utilizing them prudently to ensure their multip icity and establish the

foundation for even more Abundant Blessings in the future for the challenges that have tainted your

journey will receive recognition and recompense in the form of an abundance

of delightful things an Illuminating and promising future awaits you and your

loved ones as you set off on this great journey Inspire your kids to dive head

first into learning motivate them to believe that they can make a difference in the world World by using their gifts

and abilities to help me in many ways impacting not just individuals but even

whole countries within the sacred confines of your house a multitude will

congregate and through your prayers I will personally extend my healing touch to the ill alleviating their ailments

and wounds an incredible Spiritual Awakening has begun in your home know

that you are in the final days many have said this but only those who seek me

will really understand those who are really seeking me are not scared to give

their lives for the sake of spreading my message and showing love to others they also carry my word with unwavering

commitment you have just securely planted this powerful seed in the rich soil of your being a sign of spiritual

progress when and when these words reach you make a mental note of them you

should commit the time and date to memory forever extend your neck and look far away the Horizon because I will use

your life as a canvas to show the world my glory in a way that all languages can

understand I will touch you and the Holy Spirit will show forth his resplendant

grace through you and your family with unwavering support I have been by your

side from the beginning of this path leading you through the dark valleys so that you may face the terrifying

obstacles that lie ahead with courage and confidence a spiritual Revolution is now

taking place you may be certain that the realities written in my word this year

will emerge as a tapestry of blessings no matter how difficult the road ahead may be for you and your vision standing

steadfast in your unfaltering faith in the one who by the ultimate Act of

sacrifice prepared the road for your Victory ensures that Prosperity

recognition and respect will manifest a higher power has handpicked you to inspire others so hold close to

me when feelings of worthlessness wash over you I will forgive you if you will

just let me my dear family you should no longer let thoughts of failure consume

you I will always be by your side seize this moment of opportunity to conquer

past struggles and boldly Embrace a new era of success and

Rejuvenation just know that a new as yet Unwritten chapter in your life is starting right now as you embark on a

journey of self- transformation embrace my guidance as we journey together because in exchange I

will bestow upon you my Limitless love and peaceful Serenity calming your

spirit and mind no matter what life throws at you


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