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God says my child I want you to know

this that I truly forgive you that I

want a relationship with you I love you

and I care about you I am with you let

peace dominate your life melt your cold

heart and come to me dear child it’s

been a crazy week for you I want you to

stand strong I don’t want you to give up

I love that you know my

commands however just knowing them is

not enough you must practice these I

know that you love me with all your

heart I don’t want you to feel

inadequate you are beautiful and

wonderfully made in my image I am

listening to you do not worry about that

instead I want that you live in the

present and enjoy every little moment

with the people around you remember that

my blessings are new every morning don’t

give up because of a bad day instead

celebrate because tomorrow is a new day

with new blessings my dear child you

need to concentrate I know why you feel

this way my child you are missing out on

life you are feeling detached from life

because there is someone in your life

who is

conspiring if you agree then type

you are not able to see their

conspiracy but my children children I

know everything I am watching their

actions I am the creator of the entire

universe I calculate everyone’s deeds

and they will definitely get the account

of their deeds but before that I want to

caution you because I don’t want anyone

to betray my child and take his life on

the wrong path so my child you try to

understand is conspiracy if you don’t

understand then I will tell you that

person is going to speak excessively

sweet words whenever you start any new

work he definitely creates obstacles in

it tries to show you in a different

direction because he does not want any

of your chosen work to be better and if

you do not touch those Heights it

creates obstacles in every path of yours

along with this he will take everything

you say in the opposite direction so you

have to remember that by you’re doing

good deeds I become kind to you and

become your companion ion and protect

you my child do not make the mistake of

considering yourself weaker than anyone

because you who are so powerful from

within you have to recognize your own

power don’t let anyone become your

weakness because that is the rule of the

world someone suppresses any person only

when he considers himself weak my child

where you cannot see with ordinary eyes

I am present in everything in the

universe and I will come in the form of

any person and help you I will solve

your complicated path and I will save

you from any troubles my child remove

this thing from your heart that

difficulties in life come because of

your mistakes along with this I assure

you this that who is doing wrong to you

I will turn his life around I will

definitely punish him for his actions

only then he will realize his mistakes

my child today I bless you that you will

succeed your Victory is certain why

shouldn’t millions of challenges come

before you but you will succeed by

bringing them all down my child you will

soon get very good news great Good

Fortune will begin my child remember

just one thing whatever happened to you

was absolutely necessary to bring you

here so never doubt yourself say thank

you to those people and forgive them

from your heart

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