(God Is Saying), Your Last Few Hours Are Reaching You |

my dear child be at peace for I am with

you in every moment when you feel

overwhelmed by the trials you face fear

not for each challenge is a stepping

stone on your path to

Triumph within my hands your troubles

are transformed and I lead you toward

Victory lay down your fears and doubts

for I speak now to strengthen your faith

to you I offer not only love salvation

Grace and forgiveness but also my

shoulders to Bear your

burdens I have overcome the world’s

trials and ignited a flame within you a

spark destined to grow into a blazing

Beacon of Hope and life every word from

me is a steadfast Stone in your life’s

Foundation Building walls of protection

around you and a roof to shelter your

heart and your loved ones in this Haven

find your peace and

safety fear not nor give in sorrow yet

do not remain idle the adversar seeks

your downfall but it is within your

power to resist and stand Valiant in

battle forces of Darkness will Retreat

before you and the blessings you’ve

awaited will unfurl like sails in the

wind I sent my answers to your prayers

long ago yet the forces of Darkness have

sought to intercept them you have done

your part commendably persevering in

prayer with unwavering Faith now you


continue persist in cultivating this


rise early and SE

diligently wipe the sweat from your brow

and do not lose heart when you witness

others falter and abandon their faith

maintain your efforts for in my perfect

timing you will witness a Bountiful

Harvest hold on to this message

tightly whenever you feel disheartened

listen to it once

more open your Bible nourish your soul

with the Psalms and Proverbs and delve

into the lives of my servants The Heroes

of Faith these individuals though

imperfect silenced lions and vanquished

armies none could defeat them to some I

granted the fortitude to endure

suffering and pain they faced

persecution from the world struggled day

and night yet they never renounced me

remaining faithful until their final

breaths they stayed true to my calling

you too will not yield you will not

Grant your ad adversaries the pleasure

of seeing you

defeated those who wish to disrupt your

family’s Harmony stand firm against them

in my holy name and fight until the very

end they may challenge you but they will

face a severe Reckoning do not succumb


suffering escape from those who harm you

with their words and

deeds you pledge to support them through

good times and bad but they have no

right to steal your future or trample


dignity rise up you are of immense worth

and possess precious

dignity Shield your loved ones turn away

from violence and malevolence and

disregard the criticisms of those who do

not Aid you in these times of

strife Embrace these words and battle

for your

Liberty do not place your hopes in

people or rely on those who might let

you down

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