(God Is Saying), You Will Be Punished If You Skip Me|

dear child I want you to understand the

boundless Divine love I offer you every

single day this love knows no limits in

is everpresent day and night in both

cold and heat in joy and

sorrow whether you are comfortable at

home or struggling far away it does not

matter no matter how far you go know

that this Divine love is waiting for you

I Proclaim it to the whole world so

everyone knows how deeply I love you

I will never be ashamed of you nor will

I ever reject you look I have moved

Heaven and Earth to give you my life

enduring pain and ultimately sealing it

with love on the cross the document that

gives you the right to receive my love

now tell me who can take this love from

you who can snatch you from my hands

don’t be afraid for I ignore those

accusers who keep coming back with false

charges mistakes you haven’t made and

faults you don’t

have I close my ears to their claims for

as they continue in slander they move

further from the love that can save them

but for you leave them be they walk in

error by their own choice and will fall

into an eternal

Abyss Focus instead on embracing this

love and living your life to the

fullest hold on to this Mercy I offer

you today don’t wait until tomorrow come

into my presence and I will heal your

life with this whole Holy Love Take it

accept it receive it live it Revel in it

share it dream it speak it every time

you kneel down in prayer do three things

give thanks give thanks and give even

more thanks for this eternal love my

grace gives you you are a privileged

person Chosen and appointed to be loved

with great Eternal and divine

affection in my hands I protect you your

family and all let you do I multiply and

bless everything you do dare to live

under the healing shadow of my love stay

under the Divine covering that protects

your being with a holy will that

restores revives strengthens and brings

your dead dreams back to life infusing

new energy into your weary heart there’s

no reason for you to wander the streets

alone or to stick with bad habits and


vices sometimes I hear you say say you

have no one but remember me I love you

and I confirm it to you connect with me

now and feel a new life full of dreams

and hopes coursing through your

veins you have me you need no one else

all the good things you receive come

from my heavenly

Throne I am the one who blesses you with

joy and showers abundance upon your life

so on cloudy days or when things go

wrong the choice is yours you don’t need

need to live in loneliness and

sadness just raise your hands to the sky

and give thanks for the joy and peace I

will give you your happiness is here

with me take this step of faith and

smile even when you have no reason to be

happy stand up and fight the Battle of

Faith even when you think All Is

Lost keep fighting for your life and

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