my beloved child I can feel your aspirations and want to reassure you

that everything you’ve ever wanted is coming your way the benefits are drawing

near and you are highly esteemed Embrace this delight with all your heart and let

go of any remaining sadness my darling understand that my labor in your life is far from over

behind the scenes I am the one who guides you and shapes your character during your adventure I’m working

non-stop to pave the way to a better future by organizing Miracles big and

small by your side I’m always sensitive to your every prayer so please take this

as a sign I’m here to respond provide protection lead and remove obstacles

from your journey because my love for you has no bounds anyone trying to hinder your good fortune in the days

leading up to it may fail keep your head held high and your courage in check as

you grow over the next several months in addition to being a strong Ally healer

Confidant and guide I am by your side your life will be filled with Benefits

because I promised it and I will deliver you may be holding all the supplies you need and your thankfulness will be

overwhelming refrain from letting your impatience impede your ability to think ahead you will accomplish my Divine will

if you follow my instructions to the letter no matter how challenging your

circumstances mistakes or bad patches may be you will fulfill my intentions

for you you have entered a period of Plenty and Liberty and your unwavering

faith in the face of adversity has prepared the way for more miracles I hope you’ll take advantage of

the many benefits that are now bestowed on your way of life please tell your loved ones about

these benefits and treat everyone with kindness and respect for no one is worth

ignoring look behind your outward appearance and treat everyone kindly as

you encounter different people on your travels keep this in mind when you greet someone be kind and acknowledge them

please do not disobey my instructions maybe you will see them again in a place and time Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

these days the genuine friendliness and smiles you show are the keys to success

we should not reject underestimate or scorn those in positions of power those

with means or even those who are downtrodden but will exhibit humility in the future do everything you can to lend

a hand voluntarily you never know who you might encounter on your journey with Angelic qualities if you pay attention

to my teachings and maintain your vigilance you may receive immense blessings an overwhelming sense of Joy

will envelop your heart I want you to walk triumphantly lead others in my

teachings and humbly embrace the victory that is properly yours your heavenly

father is powerful and he listens and answers your prayers you are victorious

at all times a host of heavenly soldiers will keep watch over you in addition to

acknowledging your intrinsic cost what more do you need to feel secure in your role as a genuine Champion I chose you

long before you were born setting you up for a crucial moment in history I am patient ly waiting for you to rise and I

beg you to be true to your mission and your reasoning the impending Advent of

my presence Drawing Near urges you to set aside any uncertainties about

production keep in mind that my love for you is greater than any love in the

world even when you have failed to receive love from other people I beseech

you to join me in this and must the courage to awaken and receive my blessings so that you too May may share

them with Limitless Delight in the morning if you want to enter my presence I will remove the darkness as soon as

you open your eyes and then I will reveal my intentions to you I will

provide you with information to help you understand if Envy tries to attack you

share the story of how you came to be the person you are today remain steadfast in the face of potential

contamination or weak spots in times of despair call on me for strength and

renewal never forget that my holy spirit is in your body and that I am alive

inside you I will never leave you leave you alone or make space between us your

emotions should not lead you astray since the day before today my love for you has been constant and I have been

with you without change open your eyes wider every day for I will reveal new

ways to show you how much I love you an extraordinary Bounty of Mercy Embraces

you everything you’ve ever wanted will be at your fingertips I adore you my

religious Champion rise good morning and I appreciate you listening I hope those

words help you relax take in every letter and focus on it at a different moment feel my warmth envelop you my

darling as I soothe your soul and bring you peace rest assured I will ensure

your safety and well-being as long as you remain by my side find solace in

close proximity to your own eyes in interlude for sobbing every time you talk to me you won’t have to worry about

running out of air your desires are expressed through tears yet my speech

brings Solace and calm it eases anxiety and my gentle hug wipes away your tears

enveloping you in Tranquility for a little longer you are not to leave at this time no matter what challenges you

face I hope your spirit will be strengthened my eternal love will always

protect you and you will feel it sense it include it and think about it all day

long the velvety person of my Holy Spirit encases you keeping you safe your

soul finds peace even while the world presents its fair share of difficulties

your identity is defined by your unfaltering agreement with my word and you believe in transcending all barriers

with unshakable confidence a painful period is coming to a close today I have the power to

transform resentment sadness shame and regret into a muted hum your immense

value to me is clear if only you could understand it all your joy would be overflowing I will instill this truth in

your heart shielding you from discouragement and Faith loss be sure to keep track of the blessings in your life

on a daily basis including the oxygen you breathe the people in your inner circle the food you consume and the

shelter you sleep under you see more advantages all around you you when you open your eyes wider let yourself be

moved and you could find things that seem little but are really very significant Every Day brings new reasons

to stay and Thrive empowering you to choose Joy over sorrow raise your hands

to the sky once more to express your appreciation for this time and place

nobody has the right to question or criticize your enjoyment help comes from

your everlasting God and it will wash over you like a refreshing water waterful you will feel physically

refreshed mentally energized and spiritually at ease After experiencing it your voice will ReSound with laughter

wishes may come true and The Impossible Is Possible Let My Words envelop you

join us daily to listen take a deep dive into the Bible insights and guidance

from my holy spirit will lead you to the truth don’t listen to those who want to control your life by making false

predictions or threatening you When you pray my holy spirit will be with you and

you will not be afraid he will open your eyes if you whisper to yourself my

heavenly father is with me you’re essentially saying that no one can harm you because your heavenly father is your

protection I am Unstoppable by any adversary be careful not to say anything harmful refrain from spreading rumors or

defamation do not make sick jokes about unyielding Partners in the event that you have aapse please please enter my

presence your sins are pardoned I purified your heart’s chambers on a

daily basis you seem to be seeking my presence in prayer may the bonds of Shame and remorse release your spirit in

order to save you from the torment of intellectual and religious oppression I gave up my lives as an example and then

brought them back to life you as a person run the risk of experiencing

physical mental and spiritual exhaustion in this world no one is immune to

exhaustion or mistakes nonetheless my faithful slaves meekly admitted their

faults and returned to the altar of forgiveness they got up and faced their problems headon and they came out on top

if you are feeling overwhelmed by fatigue if you have made careless statements or tripped if your actions

have hurt someone you care about or if you are trapped by dangerous mental or physical habits please come to me me

immediately step forward if our love is genuine and you accept my decision to lend you a hand I gently brush across

your lips purify your soul and pardon you avoid making the same mistakes again

I am revitalizing your soul and driving force you will leave behind guilt and

misery as you charge forward Like A Champion think back on Happy Times when

you achieved a goal if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to remember anything remember that you

have already been there and conquered it with your faith with this loving inclusion you will accomplish it again

you are to confront the challenges of life with steadfast faith and determination it’s me and you you are my

champion and I like you very much on what scale is love necessary look I’m

here I put fuel in my tank right now I can ignite a deluge of love in your life

my love for you is delicate delightful energizing emotional and everlasting whatever is bothering you I will take it

upon myself to fix it please give me your full attention grow in your faith

every morning I will awaken you with the fire of Faith blazing in your heart a

Divine feeling reshaping your spirit motivating you to face the day give your

all to your job make new friends and uncover opportunities that align with your path the spark in your eyes as you

reap my advantages will Delight me while holding back tears of pleasure and solace in your hands embrace the beauty

of expressing appreciation make the most of this very moment bring this immense

and holy feeling into it my boundless joy is enveloping you erasing all trace

of the hardship you faced I will respond swiftly to your prayers I am able to

provide you with high quality sustenance for your spirit keeping you near me my love for you is unbreakable stop

battling look at you doing it all by yourself for a second shut your eyes let

go of whatever worries you may have put your concerns on my shoulders we will now Put Your Enthusiasm to good use

there will be no more defeats for you nobody will be ashamed of you I can

provide you with whatever you need keep your heart protected and don’t let the remarks of those who want to see you

fail matter give them them permission to seow disillusionment in your spirit put

some space between yourself and those who would be sad to see you sad or who

would say you’re no longer valuable having faith in me validates your value

my love is immense and I’ve come to share it with you in all its Glory it

seems like my presence is really hitting you right now and from now on it’s only going to become stronger you will

triumph over your troubles attain Liberty and experience Divine favor I

will heal your wounds ease your aching bones and wipe out your suffering feelings my ability to elevate you may

Infuse you with holy joy and pleasure your words will dry up your tears and restore a beautiful grin to your face

you will express your love for me via music those who disdained you will see and hear how my Grace has protected you

I have securely placed you in a blessed place and you are welcome to stand there

now that your roots are deep no one can pull you up by accepting my kind words

growing in wisdom and nurturing love I bring you Joy and reignite your passion for life sparking your desire to help

and serve and encouraging you to seize the opportunity I provide for a full life you may finally put an end to the

pain stop blaming yourself and free yourself from the weight of past mistakes let my forgiveness open your

coronary heart rest easy no knowing that I will be with you praying with you at all hours of the day and night you no

longer want to express yourself verbally I understand your emotional language ask me for help and I will be right there as

you scream I am unable to continue holding you in my hands I found myself

Suddenly by your side you are welcome to sit on my Throne at any time while I softly murmur my profound love for you

please come and talk to me about what you want paying attention to you is a source of Delight for me I prefer to

focus on you allowing it to feel at ease regardless of the situation fear has no

hold on you I am not alone no matter what happens I will always be here to

help you generally I will listen intently to your words stand up for your rights honor the motivation I’ve

instilled in you spend quality time with your loved ones and remain Vigilant stay

committed to your job avoid pointless arguments avoid risky thoughts and keep them pric

give them the attention they deserve jog gleefully Raise Your Hands In Praise of the blue sky and be thankful for the

here and now I am the only miraculous and divine remedy for your trials your family’s fate and the path ahead trust

me to take care of you never forget that I will never leave you you may encounter challenging moments on your journey but

I’ll Stand By Your Side if you choose not to succumb to discouragement or doubt I have the ability to inspire you

and clear your mind of any confusion I’ll be here waiting to make sure you don’t lose sight of what’s really

important to you your family and you are safe under my care therefore the views

of others don’t matter I know the path I’m leading you on and even when things get tough you’ll typically put your

faith in me you will love honor praise and obey me with all your mind will and

heart within the safety of your own house because you must hear my holy word

say a brief but sincere prayer to start your day it’s expected that you’ll be

focused on important matters nevertheless please don’t allow a significant amount of time to pass

without contacting me I want to meet with an attitude of thankfulness and religion in order to fulfill my desire

to provide guidance you will find easy ways to succeed and I can show you the

mysterious meaning of your fate I can feel my voice resonating like you could

experience symptoms as a family within you we will overcome challenges and

difficulties no one can stand in your way because my Holy Spirit and Supernatural power are inside you and I

will reassure you of this every morning take my advice to heart and good fortune

will follow you wherever you go if you respect me in everything you do the gates of heaven will open and shower you

with much knowledge and Tranquility true riches that do not not cause distress will descend upon you

encouraging growth and serenity will accompany you on your journey many may

also claim to have seen Miracles but refuse to back their claims with evidence others may also claim to have

insights but their efforts will be in vain their homes and lifestyles are living proof of my Limitless love no one

on this planet has the right to claim my wisdom as their own put your faith in solid guarantees instead of empty

promises if you are looking for love determination and knowledge and if you want to know more about me then step

forward and I will reveal my Divine Purpose I am the one who will guide you

provide for you save you and restore your health keep in mind that in

addition to being your God and Lord I am also your father to see you free and

Victorious is my desire I am a bodyloving person your growth in wisdom

free from Financial curses is something I desire to see in my thoughts and

prayers you and your loved ones remain well and happy I want to help you

achieve Harmony in your physical and spiritual lives so that you may Thrive intellectually and emotionally to me you

are worth much more than you can ever imagine when you think back on the

dreams that lit up your room and the excitement that kept you up with plans and Ambitions you should be grateful for

the understanding that you can welcome the passage of time while being enthusiastic about achieving your

objectives I am here to energize you bring your priorities in line and with

the help of your faith in my word restore your physical fitness lose yourself in the Carefree movements of

children tap into your teen energy and play with your body as you did when you were younger you have the power to touch

the lives of many young people just by being yourself have faith in my

Limitless love for you and know that I want nothing more than for you to be happy forever I am capable of bringing

happiness peace and an abundance of benefits into the world the drive to get

this is inside me and I’m hellbent on making it manifest get yourself together and dust

off the spirit altering failures of the past if you are followed my guidance so far you are not alone therefore you have

what it takes to overcome my capacity to change lives is a testament to your love and faith in me

with the support of your loved ones and the actions you take today you will overcome difficult times conflicts

illnesses enemies misery and despair will not hold you hostage failure is not

your fate your whole being will be charged with pleasure and Tranquility will be bestowed upon you by me there is

peace and quiet here you need not be worried take courage in the knowledge that everything will really be first

class I know the hardships you’re going through Embrace this sacred unadulterated powerful and life

affirming word without letting go of the anxieties that tormented you the day before and Stole Your Serenity hold this

moment in your mind and write it down using bold inspiring words keep it next

to your Bible so you can open it first thing in the morning before you read a passage show your appreciation by saying

it out loud I am free from concern my fainting has stopped the Lord is with me

when you regain power and find solace in the prospect of a better tomorrow you will no longer have to fear me because I

will not let anything stand in my way when your enemies can’t hurt you why be afraid of them along with your loved

ones you devote a great deal of time and effort to important Endeavors value the

people in your life realizing that they are worth much more than material Goods

no matter how impressive your accomplishments or titles are you should not invest your time or energy in those

who are hostile or malicious just give me a second and allow me to perfect your

guy or lady when faced with an insult or an effort to disturb your Tranquility

it’s best to think things through before responding allow compassion to fill it a

love infused response may soften even the hardest heart if in a world where

many people are confused and angry all the time may my Holy Spirit use your words to express what they mean you

stand out with your composed attitude and well- manicured topic they’ll try to

initiate you in order to provoke a breakdown of control but they’ll fail you worship me the Lord your Soul’s

ruler is leading you to the correct response watch as others are amazed by

the change in your character they will no longer see you as unhappy anxious depressed or Furious your smile will

mirror my kindness your words will provide healing and repair your decisions will be based on knowledge and

the outcome may be Flawless many will want to model themselves after you but

they will never be able to reach your level of success even though I offered them affection and benefits they still

chose to ignore me and go their own way while they continue down the wrong road

you’re going down the right one and getting plenty of benefits they will Rush head first into disillusionment and

bias but you can keep your focus squarely on the future by letting go of the past reaching out to your destiny

putting your faith in me seeking my word and bending down every day to receive my

guidance from now on you should only expect successes and miracles my love

envelops you like a blanket and my energy helps you navigate through the challenging circumstances that life

inevitably bring brings do not be afraid go on you are destined for victory

approach those who disagree with you with kindness you must not allow doubt to take root in the minds of those who

stuck and defeated by their own choices have banished me from their hearts and are determined to spread despair I pray

that you remain steadfast in your beliefs and never let anybody else’s remarks cause you to lose touch with who

you really are I have given you a lifestyle Joy a revitalized mission a

source of tranquility and the ability to share what you have learned concentrate

on the things that hold significance for you and your loved ones let go of the need to conform to societal Norms or

acques to others expectations and liberate yourself from the weight of discouragement when faced

with rejection or upset from others actions please give me a chance to improve your individuality while you

have a moment hold off on responding hastily during times of offense or when

peace is in danger instead let your response be filled with kindness so that

my Holy Spirit can speak through your words in a world full of chaos where many take out their frustrations on you

because they see your well-kept field and your composed attitude my beloved toddler please be unwavering we have

approved your request I’m about to give you the blessing you have been waiting for so open your hands with faith take

the gift I’m bringing your way and cherish it your Offspring will no longer be ens snared by the chains of pain and

they will never again be hungry in your presence I can Ward against disasters

and diseases I am banishing the malevolent spirits of adultery from marriages and dispelling all familial

curses protecting you from evil spirits my strong blood envelops your heart

house lifestyle and family because I am your omnipotent God no evil can get near

me and I hold the people I care about in the palm of my hand you are my most

prized possession safe from Harm’s reach that is the answer you have been seeking

an evil foe is no longer a threat to your safety your hard work and perseverance are paying off and I know

you’ve waited patiently through many hours of restless nights we looked into your faith and you stuck with it even

though your gut told told you to quit whenever you needed rapid assistance I was right there with you unexpectedly

another Boon will show up I must offer it to you even if you did not request it

having said that I must inform you that this does not necessarily represent the end of your journey I placed you here so

you may view the past even if you have already reached the peak of this mountain look up at the vast Horizon

that lies ahead of you it has to be overcome I am placing you at the

Forefront of a tremendous battle since you are a brilliant fighter and one of my favorites it makes me very happy that

you have answered my name without making any excuses I am very inspired and

saddened by the fierce battle you have waged for the sake of your loved ones

everyone here young and old those who have come before you and those who are

yet to come needs my blessing you play an essential role in rallying A Brave

New Generation that will hold you in high esteem as an example of power and faith in your house among your loved

ones I find my crowning Splendor and the source of my strength I will always be

by your side a wonderful gift is on its way and you can also sense that the right item is going to come your way I

want you to stop letting uncertainty weaken your faith and instead feed your heart with my word even while you feel

at ease I am the one who has the last word if you stay strong I will cure you

of all your diseases bravely go forth and you may be able to exercise yourself of every debt curse and terrible memory

from your life today your freedom is within your reach a flood of delight and

gladness will follow the destruction of the bonds I am capable of doing a miraculous operation on you your heart

will overflow with rewards even the ability to bless others and Aid the downtrodden might be within your reach

allow me to enter your life and touch your spirit Mind and Spirit come to me

let my power guide you and I will fill your spirit with calm you battled with determination disregarding the negative

comments and criticisms of others the time has arrived to achieve success get

supplies and Thrive put your confidence in me and I will assist you greatly in

my presence you will find fulfillment and I will grant all your heart’s desires just tell me what the problem is

and I’ll figure it out I must introduce you to topics that are First Rate and amazing I implore you to have faith in

me those who trust in me can achieve anything and I have written my assurances here you have heard it many

times please show me how you feel let me know that you’re thinking about it but you’re also taking action in times of

crisis you can’t rely on people or things that pull you away from me so choose to cut ties with them if you want

to be okay if you lose Faith your material Goods may be useless have

complete faith in what I say do you hope to locate me every morning and night and

to bring your requests to my attention before you go to sleep so that I may provide you with precise issues about

your development and edification pay close attention to me wonderful effective and extraord

ordinary things are on the horizon for you this is why I like you you miracles

and blessings May begin to flow into your life as soon as you tell me you believe because I am your Shepherd you

also have everything you need you are filled with love and I am here to help you achieve your goals via prayer I long

for the day when you seek me out first thing in the morning and I will show you the road to Uncharted pastures where you

may unwind fill up on the Living Waters that bring peace and let me speak to

your heart on a deep and intimate level from the time I had you in my

belly until the day you were born my love and forgiveness have known No Limits I understand the difficulties you

faced on your trip and have recognized you I can tell that you care about me

that you believe in me no matter what and that you will keep looking for me no matter how much negativity is around you

no amount of Deceit or threats from the opposition can shake your resolve I

promise you that it will be an incredible benefit if you hold my love and my presence close to your heart

Embrace this Limitless truth I am consistent I am not dishonest and I’m

typically the same no matter what you’re going through my love for you will always be genuine so I say it over and

over again even if some are reluctant to acknowledge my unfaltering affection for you

because they would rather believe lies my love for you remains constant you can be Resolute there’s no turning back

retreating or giving up now I will not abandon my promises or your confidence

every day hold on to this truth I value your way of life because of what it

became when I assisted you before as a constant expression of My Affection I

will always be here to lend you a hand I am always by your side to the best of my knowledge I am never far from your side

my ministering angels are under my authority to act on your behalf and I am

constantly listening to your desires thoughts and prayers they are also

protecting and caring about you you inspire me with your vibrant faith and the way you make your wishes come true

some may suggest that you should only seek me out if you have specific demands

but I assure you that you are seeking me out of the goodness of your heart and I will take care of everything else at

some point you’ll realize that I like dancing to the rhythm of your faith that your demands are not meaningless and

that you should be aware of your wants before you speak I can still answer you

and you seem to have forgotten that your tenacity despite my slow response

Thrills my heart more than anything else because you’ve learned to wait and believe that I can provide you with

what’s real and helpful for your life I am grateful for your patience do not be

afraid I can spread your entire existence with extraordinary power your

life and home will once again be filled with pleasure when these difficult times pass if you want to help a lot of people

right now you may share this message and its advantages with them because of your faith you have a pure and simple heart

and for that I bless you good and wonderful things will become part of your lives I intend to come the day

after today so I’ll be waiting here share your thoughts and aspirations with me to my Throne you must bring your

schemes I promise you many benefits let me help you lighten the load you’re carrying release your grip on them think

of someone who loves you is reliable and will never let you down I will be by

your side offering support Direction and a helping hand as you make your way through the valley of Shadows and sorrow

I was there with you as you ventured into the unknown when your very survival was in Jeopardy on many occasions I

rescued you from the brink of death by introducing water from arid regions do

not let things that you do not understand disturb your heart do not be hesitant instead speak with passion see

if you can offer gratitude please know that you are standing strong because of my love and concern I’m giving you the

will to remain the will to to fight for Change and the will to never give up on

your dreams believe in your heart that it is possible to triumph over any

obstacles that you will succeed in your endeavors and that you may find Tranquility despite the terrible

circumstances that may befall you I am giving you the strength an

unfaltering partner and a steadfast belief that you need to achieve it

negative circumstances that attempt to thwart your quest for a better fate are nothing to be afraid of you took the

most crucial step when you accepted me as your personal God and Lord behold I

will protect and prosper you in all your precise and efficient activities before you launch your

initiatives pray to me and devote everything to me the adversary will

attempt to resist you but I will be with you on this new day I am bestowing upon

you the knowledge to organize your life and priorities there are many things you put off doing because you were afraid

you wouldn’t be able to do them with my help you may achieve your Ambitions with

such Clarity and precision that you will Astound your loved ones so that you may

learn from your mistakes and go forward with wisdom I am here to lead you

cleanse you shop your soul and impart wisdom no matter what I will never keep

my love from you I will never leave you bring you health and wealth or change your ways of living I can be by your

side every step of the way to ensure that you have a life filled with Incredible triumphs in general I have

told you how much you mean to me my blessings will increase in proportion to your steadfast Devotion to Loving Me

obeying me and walking with me you have fallen into a deep hole as a result of

life’s challenges but I am here to help you climb out nowadays you may avoid

pain and suffering by taking advantage of the time that is available to you my love overflows into you I Ascend with

the profound Serenity you desire and maintain your footing I Empower you to

live in faith and experience several positive improvements in your life entrust me with your shame and guilt and

I will fill your heart with my love bravery and power my apologies you

incorporate me into your new way of life and I am a part of it currently I am

bringing you to safety my love my blessings and the happiness I bring into your life as a kid are all things I want

you to know how much they mean to me you are deserving of a life filled with kindness knowledge and plenty you may

count on my unwavering support and provision even as you endure the most trying times when resources are scarce

and you are persecuted your and your loved ones lives are in my hands today so there’s

no need to be afraid I extend the purest love imaginable to to you has it reached

you I am cradling you in my palm and lovingly watching over you you won’t

experience anything terrible listen closely you are enduring a challenging

period with the expectation that it will be over soon even in the midst of your worst storm Joy will descend like a

shower even if you’re inconsolable I’ll hold you and wait for you let out the

tears you’ve been holding in once more please tell me how you feel oh I am paying attention keep in mind that I

have loved you with an everlasting love and that you have the ability to pull yourself up out of the depths of Despair

by drawing Joy from me even if you’re now facing the Gloom of War are you

going to be happy join me and Let My Words ease your path no matter what your

adversaries say if you listen to my word and believe what I say with your lips you will remain Victorious stay strong

and courageous it’s me me and you rest assured I am fortifying your heart

relieving your Stress and Anxiety restoring your emotions and bestowing upon you an aura of tranquility and

mystical strength think of me keep going and keep going I am bestowing on you

unwavering faith and power Miracles and Marvels will be yours if you just keep

hoping believing preventing continuing and never giving up you have my unending

faith and strength but if you ever feel down or like things aren’t working out I can always be there to help you get back

up again my compassion and grace are Limitless I am the god who is Ever present and all powerful accept this

fact forever during this time I am here with you keeping a close eye on you

shielding you from harm and supporting you I will be by your side forever ready

to lift you out of your pit of despair and fill you with courage feel my affections surrounding you I yearn for

the day when you will feel more than just my agreement I long for the day

when you will feel the delicious and pure sensation of being loved and protected by the creator of the world

embrace the immense Tranquility that each word evokes these words aim to

assist you in letting go of your past and your pain recognizing the wonderful

value within you and envisioning the beautiful future that awaits stand firm

in the face of the challenges of the present and know that my love for you is unwavering please know that I will never

allow you to fall let me be of service to you I can feel your exhaustion and

the weight of your despair when you felt like you couldn’t go on I heard your mute calls for assistance you have

requested help in a low voice not wanting anybody else to know about your situation but I have overheard your

murmurs there are many things I can do for you in my presence and I’m glad you came to me with the faith that was still

in your heart when you felt like you had no choice but to stay you can find my

love and strength for you when you find refuge in my arms you will no longer be

vulnerable to danger or the elements my heart’s desire is to provide you with

safety Mercy rescue Independence and wellness there are some wonderful things

in store for you and I have faith in your abilities it is your right to Rejoice to dream and to prosper hearing

or studying these sentences that fill you with ideas about me will inspire you to conquer any project and my calm will

permeate your spirit embrace my affection and support because it is always your extraordinary desire I have

a vision that is beyond your perception and I have wonderful things in store for you that even your heart can’t fathom I

want to see you in a good light content strong and ready to take on any

challenge instead of giving in to the fears and doubts that attempt to creep into your mind let your mind be filled

with ideas of success and Triumph do not be alarmed if the adversary shoots

numerous arrows at you in an effort to derail you from the plan I have laid out for you I am stronger than any sickness

even if your opponent were to similarly threaten you with an upward push even if I’m trying trying to break your faith in

the future my first priority is getting you well will you believe in me now my

beloved or will you be skeptical when I do great Miracles and your family problems which have discouraged and

worried you quickly change if you decide to believe me you will get up and fight

to complete your responsibilities and stand firm in your faith I know you’ve been quietly hurting because of what

you’re going through but today I can comfort you with my love dry your tears

and give you living water a healthy Spirit May rejuvenate your body and a

thirsty soul will no longer be an issue the Devil May constantly try to pull you down but today you will stand strong

because my grace is with you the days ahead may be just as difficult but at least this problem is finally going away

keep in mind that no matter what my love will envelop you completely driving away whatever fear you may have ask yourself

what is now impossible for me since I’m here just as I have divided oceans calmed storms and assisted many others

in performing Marvels and Feats I have also calmed the storms inside you these days I empowered you to confidently ride

out the storms of uncertainty and you will not perish with my outstretched

hand I bestowed compassion on you I’m sending my angels to watch over you to

prevent you from drowning as you swim against the river the arrival of a Heavenly Army is imminent you are

bolstering your defenses I have already ordered fantastic things to happen for you and

my power could Vanquish your demons and phobias the day of your Triumph is

almost here if possible renew your strength if you so desire may I continue

to guide you you can trust me to fix what’s right for you despite the many assaults it has undergone I am Overjoyed

with your partner you now have to bear a pain you did not deserve I can keep

offering you benefits people who want to make you anxious should not bother you

you’re very lucky you are hearing words and insights that no one else has be

unwavering resist temptation maintain concentration and harbor a Perpetual

sense of envy people are Green With Envy because they want to cause you misery

drag you down and take what is rightfully yours despite the fact that they have spoken poorly of you you are

standing firm your confidence remains unshaken I’m pleased that you figured

out how to ignore the intrigues and hurtful remarks made by your opponents and focus on what’s really important

because of their Envy they can’t see the kindness emanating from you my very

existence in your life unsettles them and my need for your personal space enrages them to the extent that they are

unable to sleep just like these jealous individuals rest confident that you might unwind in

calm and self-confidence I will protect your way of life your loved ones your house and

your career even with them I’ll be okay to put them at ease I will redirect

their attention to something else they have discovered that no matter how hard they try they are unable to persuade you

on any issue their homes are a disaster because they disregard my love and

message I made my account number available to them you made that decision because I was the one who could help you

overcome your problems and follow me because you really believed what I said you devoted yourself completely to my

will people aren’t exactly like you you know look around you my love is

accessible to many however their hearts have become inflexible nothing has ever worked out the way they planned and now

they’re blaming me since then you’ve changed at this point in time

No One Else Matters more than I do to you for your future happiness it is my

wish that you maintain this attitude daily when you reach a certain level of strength even your adversaries will seek

you out to hear your thoughts about me similarly farther down the road you will

find an even larger benefit be faithful and uphold your faith I can spend each

day by your side keep fighting and never give up truly I I am fond of you with

all my sincere feelings I must tell you this sincerely I like you but I do not

want you to continue in any way I understand that you are going through a tough time and that you feel like you

don’t have anything left to fight for but you need to step out of the spotlight and stop letting everyone see

how bad things are for you however I understand you better than you know

yourself even if you’re courageous I still want you to come speak to to me because I can see your soul and feel

your heart and your mirror shows you exactly what you should be looking for inform me of your hardships what are you

planning to do I can collect all of your tears and bring you back up from the depths put your trust in me and let me

carry out your responsibilities as well being a toddler is a blessing and I want to shower you and your family with gifts

and miracles because of it as my word passes through your life you will feel an overwhelming sense of joy and

contentment deep inside I am capable of being by your side at all times and my

angels may be your Guardians leading the path and protecting you from harm seek

me out first thing in the morning pray and you will see the blessings of the day unfold there will be moments when

you must embrace the terrible scars that your soul endures as universal truths

feeling like love has slipped through your fingers you could even start to question its very existence

you are not fundamentally bad even if many people have shown up as friends seeking something from

you your heart is no longer a nursery for anger and hatred you carry the

burden of your wounds with you you wake up exhausted and disheartened unable to

see the positive aspects or the lovely advantages all around you you have my

undying affection and I want to help you recover you can be resistant reacting in

a way that is is unnecessary my advice is that you would be able to see the Deep scars you’re trying to hide if you

could look into your spirit and your emotions with an objective third party your spirit may find rest and

restoration A New Beginning for your heart a chance to change who you are and

a new way of thinking about questions that brings calm and Clarity from top to

bottom I wish for your complete recovery these expressions are purposeful and

thoughtful in your family and at my fingertips I have a potent Miracle even

if bad people have already crossed your path I have the power to stifle the words that break your soul and limit

your future as soon as I touch your lips with Divine lightning never forget that I have

chosen you there is no one else like you you have seen many miraculous things my

generic Declaration of love has reached you now is the time for you to realize this I hope consequently I beg you to

understand that you now have no patience for the deceit and Venom that your enemy throws at you you have faith in my

statement and the Miracles I have performed for you which you have seen with your own eyes you are an amazing

gift to me and my profound love for you is the reason I have helped you up to this point I want you to know that you

are valuable to me even when others around you don’t see it your heart will feel it and tears will flow as you grasp

right now all the while remembering the times my voice called out to you and the many times I have cared for embraced and

loved you I am here to assist advise and tend to your needs my love for you will

remain unwavering no matter what happens and I share your deepest belief in that

I’m here to strengthen you and provide the power to resist so don’t give up may

you be strong enough to persevere through trials and hardships defeat and shame will be a thing of the past for

you here I’m speaking courage is what you’ll need in the days to come a

miraculous event will occur as a result of your intense religious devotion my

word has the power to heal your broken body bless your family and friends and Grant your every wish on your desk you

could find a lot your household will be filled with joy and genuine wealth might be yours take my advantage with a the

spirit of humility and remember those who have gone before you I care a lot about you and I can choose to see you

succeed if I want to let me mend your wounds Revitalize your soul and lead you

to a better future your unfaltering affection is something I can get behind

on this joyous occasion when we celebrate one year of friendship you can

always count on my presence from the bottom of my heart I want to speak to you right now

I see that you’d rather share your good fortune with others than keep it to yourself and I hope that you’ll keep

helping others less fortunate your embodiment of love is so powerful that I

swear the Gates of Heaven will open wider as a result it is my deepest desire that your house be a Haven of

tranquility and joy when your family is in Harmony and balance you will see real

advantages I must bestow upon you the gifts of health and wisdom bringing an era of trust joy and fresh Beginnings

the better future I have planned for my loved ones is something I wholeheartedly support I can envelop you in my gentle

affection until you are completely at peace speak to me and I will cast out

the Shadows so you can see clearly enough to make the correct decision in the event that an unforeseen obstacle

arises in order to help you navigate I will also provide you with the knowledge you need I’ve always wanted to make you

happy because you deserve it and I will keep doing so as long as you have a good

heart and are loyal to me in accordance with my will you will get what you ask

for nobody can harm you or push you up because you are a child of the all powerful God and because I am Faithfully

by your side I hold your hand in mine lovingly guiding you along the way and

revealing hidden doors you have the potential to bless everything you do in my name and the Good Deeds you perform

in my presence will lead to prosperity and success because I the Lord your God

am with you at all times your plans and Ambitions will come to fruition the presence of me numbers The Savage Demons

of poverty disease troubles animosity and anger my holy spirit’s Heavenly

protection encompasses even your own family you have my word I will always be

completely committed to you and that will never change a mustard seed is the smallest seed that can grow into the

tallest tree may your trust be as unwavering as that seed you are like a seed I can tell that you will grow into

something great should you command the mountains to carry me in my name the power of my sentence May compel them to

action I am the most powerful God and no matter what you can always trust in me

there is no way I can ever abandon you and my love for you has no bounds

Everything About You from your senses to your suspicions and potential actions is familiar to me this is the main reason

why I know you deserve all the affection I feel for you I should do everything in

my power to keep you hidden from the world since I made you in my own image and molded you to fit my personality put

an end to all animosity and the desire for Retribution please keep the people who

have hurt you in your prayers and may they all eventually come to me they have

abandoned my message and my commands and now their lives are meaningless however

I have them in my hands so that I might accomplish my task to get people to see

things as they really are I shall speak to their hearts I would prefer that you not Fritter away your time on pointless

issues in all the details I’ve arranged to provide you I want you to pay attention to me and my

assurances I’ve been by your side ever since you came came into this world or maybe even before then when I saw your

growth and bore witness to all you endured you are clearly strong and I am

here to give you the strength you need to keep on your unwavering faith and faith in me are my requests my darling I

will completely transform your life take comfort in the fact that my love for you will never fade in my loving embrace you

can relax your body your mind and your soul let me fully embrace you by letting go

of any burdens you may be carrying you can never understand the breadth of my love for you it is infinite Limitless

higher and deeper than anything you have ever experienced make the most of it

this incredible affection is a gift that will last a lifetime in response to this wonderful gift live a life filled with

thankfulness your repeated expressions of gratitude affirm my status as your king and provider it’s miles of perfect

alignment for a grateful child of God to receive behold the many benefits I

bestow upon you as you offer me the sacrifice of gratitude I promise to take good care of

you so you may leave all your worries with me I’m here to lend a helping hand

and take the weight of your shoulders in the recesses of your being discover

Tranquility a calmness that protects your heart and mind one that surpasses all knowledge is what I create keep in

mind my beloved that being in my company may bring you great joy and that there are Joys that take place while you are

near me without fail I am the source of strength and comfort in times of need

when you’re happy you may lean on me and tell me everything about it I will stay

by your side through every beautiful and difficult moment in your life which is a rich tapestry my sincere desire is that

I may also strengthen you you with the empowering pressure of my spirit on your inner being drawing from my great wealth

through unfaltering trust let Christ reside in your hearts you may rely on my

affection as a foundation furthermore may you like all Christians have the

fortitude to grasp the major aspects how wide long high and deep is the love that

Christ holds near you will be filled to the brim with God’s fullness because this love is greater than any

understanding you have you must not let anybody bring shame upon you I see your enemies boiling over with jealousy as

they stare at your success and listen to their unfounded claims their hearts still hold No Remorse for their

Rebellion against the atoning blood people who plot defamation against their

fellow believers who use their words to hurt others and who look down on innocent families while helping evil

flourish are avoided by my enemies so they must choose between repentance and

reputation they disguise their transgressions as virtues hiding behind the mask of good philosophy if you want

to hear my voice resonating inside you you can find it in the words I have written open the pages fill them with

love and faith hold them close in your heart with hope and follow the road they illuminate with unfaltering commitment

and resolve May Joy overflow your heart as well these days your soul is unmoving

you must return to your lifestyle there will be no more sleepless nights or terrifying dreams you will sleep with a

calm and peaceful Spirit from now on since your mind is free from any constraints your enemy’s curses will not

harm you rather the traps they create will trap them whether you’re resting or

waking up I’ll be there to watch over you encircled by my Celestial beings

armed with blazing swords they defend your very being and your honor you are are now Unstoppable because I gave you

the power to walk on scorpions and serpents in order to get my benefits my

direction and my protective covering I am seeking my phrase praying quickly and

bowing at my feet daily those who dare to approach you will feel my hand on theirs beg for mercy and never dare to

hurt you again everyone will see that my holy call is sacred and that faith is a

very important thing testify that strength dignity honesty and Truth are the essence of

your religion think of us as a Vine and each other as branches people who remain

in me and I in them will bear much fruit you can’t do anything without me I pray

that my words take up residence in your heart and become the rock around which you build your life hold on to my

promises they are the rock that will keep your spirit steady when You Face

uncertainty keep in mind that no matter how much time passes I remain the same

and my love for you will never fade no matter what you are the one I love and I

find the most joy in you allow my love to embrace you as you stroll into its Assurance a safeguard is what you need

charge yourself up and illuminate the path ahead of time if you put your focus

on achieving my state and righteousness you will be presented with many things

fear not even if the world and the mountains fall in front of you I am your

refuge and your rock and I will help you through any difficulty in the depths of

the ocean my beloved find peace and know that I am God praised Above All Nations

and on every continent I pray that my love and Fidelity will be documented in

the story of your life tap into the potential inside you letting your actions and words mirror my mercy and

Grace in the depths of Despair shine like a lamp and guide others around you

to to light there is no place for fear in my love perfect love removes all

signs of it so walk with a little luck keep smiling and love passionately in

your times of weakness my energy is your maximum strength so know that my grace is more than enough with my love for you

my spirit inside and the strength to face each day with optimism and courage

I will be by your side till the end of time if you’re prepared to put yourself out out there and face challenges I’ll

be there to help you every step of the way you as well as many others around you will start to take your nonsecular

lives seriously as you walk keep your chin raised and your eyes fixed on the sky as

you walk the glances you exchange with those trying to find you become a chorus

with you held in my hands I will no longer stand by as you trip over the hurdles they set up the more you give in

threats and ridicule the more your enemies will fear you they will view you as weak and want to hurt you but their

plans are feudal when my wonderful light exposes their malicious intentions they

will be ashamed keep your faith and stand firm and true Victory is already

in your destiny rest and live in peace don’t listen to those who can’t see your

love my darling I grateful to you and evil will no longer touch you let go of

your worries and fully enjoy each day my Legion of gentle angels will accompany

you and my love for you Knows No Limits there is nothing in this world that can

ever separate us therefore I will never leave you find the strength to face your

challenges by leaning on me get where you’re going by taking advantage of the opportunities I’ve

provided many things in your life could be problematic but you must ensure that

they do not disrupt your Tranquility your sleep your your anxiety the impending dangers or the doctor’s orders

your life is in my hands your health is in my plans and your future is bright and safe so don’t let fear hold you back

take the time to really think about these promises and let them sink in once

you’ve heard what I have to say spend some time in my presence and bring me your requests your worries and your

thoughts this region though seemingly perilous is actually the safest hav even

as long as you align with my will I am well aware of your transgressions and am

eager to forgive you more thoroughly by cleansing you with my miraculous blood

then you will no longer have to carry the weight of needless shame and regret on your journey a sign of uncertainty a

dispersed barrier to the intensity of trust and faith is your desire for a Life unfettered by dangers but yet

understandable if you really want to live wisely with me I ask you to become me and allow your desire to do so

triumph over your fear of the unknown you should completely follow my instructions since you are at a pivotal

point in your non-secular journey do not be afraid to take risks instead stay

focused on me as I lead you step by step through this unique experience you can

find a way to cross even the most dangerous Rivers rest assured as we go

you will likely find methods to relax and Delight in the adventure we are both on keep in mind that no matter how dark

The Valleys grow my Royal presence will Encompass and protect you for as long as

you remain near me my presence is a constant source of comfort and guidance

for you fear not because I am with you as you walk through the shadow of death

valley you provide comfort with your rod and staff when things get tough this

guarantee will be there to hold you up they may put their trust in me by mentioning my name for I the Lord have

never forsaken those who seek me with all their heart there is no limit to my loyalty and my love will never change I

am the god who keeps his word and my love for you will last forever if you

seek me with all your might you just may discover the strength courage and

Tranquility you need to take on any challenge those who choose to follow me

must walk in my footsteps no matter where I am my loyal servant will be the

only one who can serve me and earn my father’s Glory if you really want to serve me and follow my lead you’ll have

to be willing to follow my guidance which sometimes involves going in directions that the world would think

are hazardous or unusual however these paths test and strengthen genuine faith my father will

honor you my dear I am not calling you to a life of security and stability but

rather a life of steadfast faith and Reliance on me the path of trust is not

one devoid of difficulties rather it is a long and winding one characterized by

dependence on my authority and manner whenever you seek my counsel I will strengthen you shower you with blessings

and increase your advantages in all of your Pursuits and achievements I may be of service to you but don’t lose sight

of what you’re doing lots of rewards are in store for you if you don’t give in nobody can stop you the core of my my

message is clear to you now prove that you trust me the power to heal and Elevate is in a religiously ingrained

sentence Prosperity is real and attainable if you rise immediately take

a firm decision today to put your whole faith in my ability to change you through my Mercy patience perseverance

instructions and love I have the power to transform this period of hardship

into a whole new period of joy and prosperity even if some people don’t show their appreciation or recognize

your affection you are still very important to me and a lot of other people your selflessness is admirable

and I have seen your efforts firsthand I make careful notes of everything you do for them I’m by your side in addition

there is an army of witnesses standing by your side both in heaven and on Earth

the warrior angels are prepared to engage in combat remove obstacles from your path PA and Vanquish your

adversaries humans love and pray for you on a daily basis I feel the

reverberation of your call I gave my life so that you too may find Deliverance Liberty tranquility and joy

despite trials that may arise in the days ahead if you want me to I can tell you how my blood can benefit your loved

ones your outlook and genuine ambition for growth are admirable and I am free to help you if you want I am pleased by

your efforts to achieve victory my solemn vow is that you will give my word due consideration with each new day

I resolve to find myself I gently open your wide eyes so that you can see the

slow but sure development of the most recent and excellent things happening

all around you this is the time to finally meet me embrace me with all your

heart and learn my identity with hope of a new beginning I reach out to you my

pricey kid your faith in me has not gone unnoticed so you may be sure that my ears will hear your prayers made in

jesus’ name the hope of new beginnings is something I would like to share with you you are about to experience an

influx of tremendous benefits and joy in your life and house the unshakable

believer keeps my teachings close to heart and waits patiently for their desires to be fulfilled there will be

times on this path with me when you will be asked to stay firm in the face of fear and doubt and when your faith will

be tested just as the holy spirit will come upon you and the power of the most

high will overshadow you so too will the Holy One to be born be known as the Son

of God as you speak these words to Mary repeat them back to her being among you

unveils my glory the glory of the best and one who came from the father

brimming with Grace and Truth this mystery is the term becoming flesh this

reality reveals my deep love and style for you and serves as the foundation of your

faith I pray that you will let your life unfold like a journey guiding the brilliant light I provide taking

pleasure in my everpresent company and bestowing on me your abilities your essence and your services put your life

ahead of mine as a sincere offering in worship prayer and Daily Devotional

activities by your side I will always shine my light on your path and Lead You

by my side through every difficulty you may face in my presence discover the clarity

and Direction you’ve been seeking find the calm and serenity your spirit craves

as you go about your day stay tuned to hear my voice take my advice to heart be

cognizant of my leadership and prepared to follow in the footsteps of the reasonable guys who escorted the

Superstar recognize that my guidance is leading you along the road of righteousness as you meet my grace and

the truth my darling find a posture inside me immerse yourself in the

mystery of my Incarnation worship me with all your being and let your life testify to the peace and light I provide

just as a seed needs to undergo metamorphosis and fertile groundwork before sprouting your advantages will

also need time and effort to coincide with yours remember remember life takes

months to form that you have come to terms with this truth and that I have encouraged you to keep trying is

something I can really relate to as you go step by step keep your eyes on the

horizon embrace the unknown with confidence because it leads to what you really seek as we journey together my

hope is that you will find support and opportunities that will help you develop personally and spiritually because I am

your protector and beloved child no one can harm you accuse you or condemn you

at its most potent you may see the Heavenly hosts banding together to support you feel the Divine Light

guiding your steps and watch as roadblocks crumble all signs that the cosmos is working to bring your dreams

to fruition with the strength of your unfaltering faith and the love you have for me I may conjure up enchanting

visions that show you Heavenly ways of living in this world world and I can use my power to summon benefits upon you the

boldness of your faith is inspiring and I answer your call Daily even though I face my own unique set of challenges

your affection for me is constant by your side I am directing adoring and

bestowing advantages upon you at every turn leave my presence until I recover I

know that your mind is naturally preoccupied with the day’s agenda and tasks but I urge you to refocus that

that attention back on me and the peace I provide in this Sacred Space as you prepare to spend time with me sending

healing and joy to your soul may the light of my love illuminate your entire existence I have gathered you here in

this tranquil Fellowship to face the difficulties of the day this special time together isn’t only a source of joy

for me it also helps to fortify and Empower you do not rush through or

ignore such times you have to fight off all the other things that are competing for your attention like other projects

on your to-do list so that you can make time with me a priority by choosing the

modern option you’re demonstrating your willingness to be consistent pay attention to the Lord for he is strong I

was looking for his countenance looking for my face and focusing your thoughts and feelings on me usually helps you

find the necessary energy your resilience truly develops in Intimate interactions

not in life’s grand gestures or Monumental occurrences you and your loved ones are

in for a soak this year from an ocean of blessings protection and deep love last

night you showed your trust in me as you sought Solace I found you entangled in

thoughts and memories even in the midst of their busiest and tiredest times it

Thrills my heart to see my children remember my love and embrace the blessings I provide your appre

appreciation and the unique place in your heart for me are things I will always hold dear your unwavering faith

is more than just a hanging wall or a meaningless Proclamation a powerful fireplace that

strengthens your resolve vanishes negativity and gives you the ability to overcome obstacles when you’re hurting

it will lift your spirits and help you cope to everyone around you it transmits

the most wonderful news of my life both your beliefs and the power you convey through your words are formidable

take a Firm Stance against the powers of Darkness because you are watchful and prepared for battle you’re safe from

Lions no matter where you are or what you’re going through whether it’s the light of day or the dark of night happy

or sad my love for you will be constant and unchanging because of your faith my

love for you is constant I try to fit in with your routine but I also long for your affection

return here my little one and give me your heart then look up at the path of obedience and blessings that I have set

up for you you can find the solution you’re looking for right where you are I’ve put it there if you want to leave

an everlasting impression on technology you need to tap into the Supernatural and the key to doing so is your faith

which you may find in my term your unwavering devotion assures my love and

protection for you and your family as you find Solace In My Embrace let me be

your Soother let my warmth envelop you my robe to dry your tears I can wash

away all the sting of heartache and replace it with the warmth and kindness of my love in the middle of all the

chaos and worry in the world I want you to know that I am here for you and that I care profoundly about you the amount

of time you spend in my presence sticks out as very important in our friendship’s calm company you may find

Solace for your spirit renewal for Your vitality and nourishment for your soul

in the midst of your busy life I want you to remember my love Grace and the

power that is working in your life I want you to connect with me in those moments so that my peace can fill your

heart my awareness can guide your thoughts and my pleasure can improve your spirit take with you the Serenity

and Outlook that you gained throughout those productive times times in the midst of all the stress and strain in

your life I can provide a place where your mind can relax and rejuvenate now is the time to stop and

let my presence fill your mind when your thoughts slow down your body will follow

suit letting you relax and concentrate on me more deeply this year may Abundant

Blessings abundant protection and an abundance of genuine love shower down

upon you and your loved ones on my last night please share your faith with me as

you sought Solace I saw you struggling with memories and ideas whenever my

children remember my love and accept the blessings I bestow upon them it warms my heart I treasure the space you’ve set

aside in your heart for me as well as the appreciation you’ve shown me your

unwavering faith is more than just words on a wall it is a meaningful ornament

it’s a home fire that makes you stronger helps you overcome obstacles and drives

you to be your best my love for you is constant and unchanging it is a constant

presence in your life I also long for your love you can get what you want from

me but only if you give me your pricey kid and look straight ahead at the road of obedience and rewards the solution

you’re looking for is only a click away that’s where I put it living in my word

the source of the strength you seek holds a secret to the the supernatural believe and you will see Miracles these

miraculous events will forever change your generation because of your unwavering dedication I will always

cherish and defend you and your family as you find Solace In My Embrace allow

me to provide Solace my warmth will envelop you my covering will dry your tears and my hug Will Comfort you I will

wash away all the sting of heartache and replace it with the warmth and kindness of my love now is the time for you my

pricey youngster to feel well your desire for me is greater than ever before and I remember that now I am no

longer requesting anything from you rather I want just your consent and Dread no more in the midst of your

heartache for I am here to provide healing this concentration serves as a nonsecular anchor in this complex world

and it is essential to your spiritual health you live a life that goes beyond the four walls you have a firm grasp of

the three-dimensional space time relationship a further metric receptivity to my presence is beyond

these oh Lord to walk in my gentle presence is to live in a constant state

of religious awareness to feel my Divine company in every moment of your existence and to react to it whether you

speak quickly or elaborately I find great benefit in our conversations when

you speak with genuine meaning your comments carry the most weight my request is simple in the past I have

said that a mustard seed of faith has the power to move mountains via prayer I

am sending you words of consolation and love from the Heavenly Throne far away

in the meantime I can provide for your needs in a way that is consistent with my Divine will so that everything works

out for the best remain composed in the face of adversity even when anxiety

beckons listen to me carefully as I declare God to be the one who will provide for me guide me and be my

shepherd I have faith that he will assist me in the near future stop moving forward keep your focus on the goal I’ve

set for you and stay steadfast on my path as time goes on new diversions May

pop up tempting you to look the other way and let your mind wander with meaningless

Illusions however if you devote yourself to my message you may strengthen your mind if you stay on track nothing or no

one can der you put your fears and doubts to rest at the school I’ve chosen for you your needs are my first priority

and I really care about how you feel before I go take with you a little of the spirit that is uniquely mine and a

Tranquility that surpasses the services of the Arena you cried out in my

presence and I could hear it your adoration was welcomed by me keep in

mind that I am currently working on a response embrace it with wide arms and

bask in the glory of the miracle I’m going to do for your way of life right now you are truly fortunate with your

path clearly marked for even bigger blessings your steadfast faith has led you in the right direction and I applaud

your dedication this is how I hope you will continue to keep your concentration on my Commandments you are making great

strides it may have been difficult to Let My Words sink in change your delivery and change your course but you

have persisted in letting the Heavenly winds Ste your sales it is commendable that you have

altered your perspective and expressed a desire for transformation you must always keep in mind that I am here to

assist and advise you in your efforts the depth and constancy of my affection for you are Limitless take me into

consideration as soon as possible because I am now your father Shepherd guide and issuer I am always by your

side a blessing from me has come to you that is beyond human comprehension

my sincere desire is to invite you in so that my presence may fill your thoughts

with my Serenity and Viewpoint and I hope that you will open your ideas to me

you may find that the chaos of life becomes more manageable as a result of my consistent presence now your anxious

and rushing thoughts May finally settle down and relax in my embodiment the

point of engaging in this spiritual practice is not to isolate oneself from the the outside world but rather to

include my presence in every part of one’s daily existence come walk with me

because as you cultivate this awareness you may become more sensitive to my direction more open to my promptings and

more able to discern my will in the midst of life’s complexity in the sanctuary of your

innermost being let my presence transform your thoughts saturate your spirit and illuminate your path you will

find your deepest fulfillment and greatest happiness in this Celestial company let yourself relax in my calm

company in our Holy Communion space you may let go of the demands of perfection

and the need to provide for yourself in a certain manner when you’re with a close friend you can relax and just be

yourself true friendship is characterized by its abundance of transparency despite my status as king

of kings and Lord of lords my greatest desire is to be your close friend I find

it disheartening when worry or pretending shatters our connection keep in mind that I am fully familiar with

you the good and the bad my heart longs for the day we’re at a place where you can finally relax and embrace your true

self around me because I want nothing more than for you to agree with me soak

in the love and laughter our relationship gives because I can bring out your best traits by tending to the

seeds I’ve sown in your heart you are my friends since a servant has no knowledge

of their Master’s business I will no longer call you servants if you obey my

commands you know what instead I’ve decided to just call you friends this

section reveals the depth of my love and resolve for you as I share with you everything I learned from my father I

elevated you from the position of servant to that of Friend by giving up my comfortable existence for you as our

friend I share the wisdom and secrets of my father with you when we spend time together talk to me about your worries

and concerns as freely as you would with a close friend even if they cause you to

attempt to provoke a lack of manipulation Joys and disappointments will

fail I the Lord of Heaven and controller of your inner being will direct your

steps as you respond people will be amazed to see how your character has changed you will no longer come across

as angry anxious sad sad or unhappy my Holiness will radiate from your face and

the words you speak will have a restorative power that may restore facts can inform your decisions and your

efforts can yield fruit even with my love and the advantages I provide those

who have wandered may be just like you and yet fail even though they kept going

down the wrong road they chose a unique way as you speed towards the abyss of

disillusionment and Ascend the ladder to Enlightenment you reach reap numerous benefits for adhering to the path of

righteousness you go forward without turning around keep your full attention on the road ahead rely on me for the

past now look for my word and bow down daily to get my direction from now on

expect the smallest Miracles and victories in life’s journey and stretch your hand towards Destiny placing all

your goals in my hands my love surrounds you and my energy helps you overcome

challenges no matter how difficult they may be stop being afraid and keep moving forward

achieving Victory is within your grasp be kind to those who disagree with you

and guard yourself from the self-doubt that rests on the shoulders of those who are always downcast because of their own

choices be wary of who you listen to my heartfelt wish is that you never let

your faith die and that you always remain true to who you are Joy Clarity

contentment and heightened self-awareness are my gifts to you amen I come to you my beloved Creation with

an abundance of love that has no bounds both in space and time as you enter this

holy hour my darling I pour forth the love of a thousand Sons a fire that has

been Burning Brightly since the day you were born I yearn to converse with you

through the boundless width of my Divine heart because I know that your soul Longs for Success power and wealth in

this holy area we are standing miles apart you have my sincere

congratulations following the path of trust has led you to be the one who initiates all

introductions your faith in me the Bedrock of your journey reverberates across space and time you must realize

dear one that I have been by your side through every breath and pulse shielding you from the obvious and hidden dangers

that tried to derail you being here at this same moment is not a fluke rather

it is evidence of your steadfast trust thanks to the promises and principles I murmured into the Advent winds you have

made it through the fabric of time my Grace has provided a path for you to go under protecting you from known and

unseen dangers as you cling to my word imagine a Heavenly window display of

open doors and a blessing Cascade falling from above love this paradisiacal soak isn’t only for this

month it’s a Perpetual current that flows with you as your life changes trust me when I say that I am always by

your side my darling but watch out for danger while you go disobedience is a

siren that you must not listen to rid yourself of your intended path as you

fight the evil ideas that have taken up residence in your head there may be difficult times on the path of Faith but

my word will protect you you from the arrows of uncertainty and doubt as you stand firm in your faith in the midst of

this holy month I give you my heart I’m about to reveal the secret I’ve woven

into your own Essence the vast fabric of existence beautifully weaves your Priceless Works a planned Masterpiece no

one can put a price on you like you can you are an inspiration to everyone around you including your loved ones

your friends and especially myself but listen up you shouldn’t get into anything without first asking for my

advice you can no longer let your emotions which are a mirror of your inner Divine spark guide your actions I

want to bestow on you ways that go beyond the limited realm of human understanding therefore use my wisdom as

a compass do not envy others who are fortunate since I have always provided you with certain things resources and

abilities these goods are on their way to you wrapped in the mystery of divine timing but my darling it’s crucial that

you stay grounded in my words and the safety of my presence within the fabric

of existence there is a holy dance taking place as your destiny unfolds a

dance between your faith and my Divine orchestration spend less time wasting

energy comparing yourself to others and more time embracing where you are on this vast map only by doing so will you

bring your dreams to fruition and be true to who you really are

the illusion of transient Fame should not deceive you it will only lead you astray from the depths of your heart to

avoid that only my Everlasting Love can fill I will Kindle an inner fire inside

you inspiring you to remain totally committed battle courageously and labor

tirelessly the country’s Conquest is imminent so be prepared however my little one you will

go into this Conquest armed with the sword of my word which will shine brightly and dispel any Shadows that may

be on the route seeking my counsel will enable you to accomplish all tasks

whether you find yourself in a valley or at the summit of the world carry out your interactions with them gracefully

exemplifying the kindness and simplicity that are Central to my teachings the

arena may have fleeting Allure but it can’t compare to the lasting Joy I have when I’m alone with you so resist the

temptation as you go across life’s Landscapes my beloved keep your heart safe do not give in to the need to brag

about your material Goods the source of true happiness is our Eternal Bond although other people’s Spirits may be

full of loneliness and falsehood yours will be brimming with the Limitless love that flows from my glorious coronary

heart if out of my boundless kindness I grant you extraordinary favors I beg you

not to show them off carelessly in public where jealousy and danger lur do not rush to protect your family from the

siren instead wait invoke phony cheers and hold back from coming up with names

that don’t reflect my divine plan for you my Stern warning to you my kid a

hushed murmur from the vast expanse of time you have the choice to follow my advice or ignore it but know this my

words once sown in the rich soil of your heart will not return empty it is a promise and a covenant that transcends

time forged in The Crucible of love within the Symphony of Life transform

your heart into a resonant instrument for my heavenly music as you embark on this journey embrace the love that flows

freely from my soul to yours realize that I am always there weaving my love

into your life’s fabric directing your steps shielding you from harm and

overwhelming you with my unending affection this is the essence of your way of life if you remain faithful to my

teachings a rich tapestry of opportunities will open up for you and supplies will pour down from heaven like

rain Embrace faith not only for this month but for all the months and Seasons

to follow then with my unfaltering presence by your side may your soul

realize its full potential stay away from the perilous ways of Disobedience

and guard your creative intellect from the bad influences that may ruin it pay

attention to the subtle nuances of my presence this is now more than just a testimony to my Limitless love it is

also a celebration of your unfaltering trust which has placed you safely

beneath my protective Wings do you make an effort to reconnect with me on a daily basis so that my lessons can

reverberate throughout you as time goes on I will reveal the complexities of the

particular purpose I have woven into the fabric of your lives your value shines

not not only on me but also on the vast expanse of my work your relatives your

Offspring and your acquaintances your heart has a unique task that calls for moderate endurance to guide its curves

therefore proceed with caution and seek my advice before beginning any Endeavor

I want to bless you in a way that is in harmony with my Everlasting plan so don’t let your emotions dictate your

actions instead ask me for guidance before making any decisions in the

intricate fabric of your lives resist the temptation to jealously copy the successes of others or to act mindlessly

in Imitation of their actions I have braided unique gifts valuables and

skills that are ready for Revelation those benefits are coming your way but

they will only materialize if you Faithfully adhere to my teachings and remain a presence in my favor chorus

from wasting the precious currency of your days on insignificant comparisons with others as you await your proper

place in life’s big script and see your dreams come true your Ambitions Blossom

and the light of your leadership shine as you prepare for the Triumph that lies ahead cultivate a burning desire within

you to remain fight and paint for reasons other than the pursuit of material gain May my lessons illuminate

your path May the beat of your heart match The Melody of my words no matter

your location in the world are you striving to adhere to my gu guidance at every

opportunity understanding that you can accomplish the tasks assigned to you not only with strength but also with the

unwavering courage derived from my teachings Embrace love and ease as you demonstrate Grace to those around you

confront the siren headon the choice of temporary Fame for its Allure is an illusion and it is false to brag about

your riches only to get temporary approval from the court since true Joy comes from the source of my everlasting

love in order to keep jealousy and danger at Bay it is preferable if you don’t brag

about the extraordinary favors I bestow upon you never ever put the unbreakable

relationships inside your family at risk for the fleeting approval of others

refrain from coming up with names for yourself humility is the foundation of a good heart my sincere and Grave warning

to you is this whether you choose to listen or ignore my message remember

that that once I plant my word in your heart it will bear fruit serving as a testament to the boundless love and

blessings I bestow upon you the moment it sprouts it will forever alter your

life I shower my blessings protection and prosperity on those who remain

faithful to me and refuse to turn their backs on me your spiritual growth via my

sacred word is more important to me than your material success in any Endeavor

please pay heed to your prayers Contrition and yearning for an alternative I am not asking for the

unattainable I am anointing you with my mighty spirit and launching your miraculous Vision feel my hand on you

you can meet me here my prophecies will all come to pass find me in my sentence

and pray for the seemingly impossible your devotion and Trust have not been futile as you will soon discover if you

call out to me I’ll hear you in an effort to shock you I may reveal things that are both magnificent and secret and

they will have practical advantages jot it down right now confess your idea to me the month of prayer and blessings is

upon us I beg you not to miss a single word of this message even if it will be a lovely period of mirror image and

pleasure by daily reciting my phrase for a month you will internalize it and sustain it as you endure difficult times

no need to fret or lose hope in the face of disagreements dangers rumors assaults

or uncertainties I can be there for you at all times to provide a helping hand I

am neither dispersed nor concealed your humble faith and genuine remorse will lead you back to the good path if you

ever fall my love for you is genuine and my presence in your life is also real no

amount of mental fog or physical hardship will ever be able to make you doubt it the fire I’ve ignited inside

you will remain unquenched usually you’ll know that I like you a fresh

start is at your disposal and I absolve you you can preserve these realities in

writing and listen to them every morning there may be no going back now you can’t

just sit around and hope that someone else will motivate you you have to rise to the task your growth and development

are my dreams no one made you completely reliant on other people who could let

you down time and time again get up change your questioning style and look

into that mirror that has been fooling you for so long there is no denying your

beauty you are aware of the abilities gifts and qualities that your heavenly

father has given you remember that each time you triumphed over obstacles you accomplished it without relying on

anyone for help you were successful because deep down you still sought my

comfort even if you felt emotionally detached you can see that I loved you

that I held out my hand and that I stopped holding your faults against you I saved you from those predicaments and

gave you the victory you desired this month now believe that I will be by your

side through all that comes next you will never get tired of being in my company and I can keep telling you how

much I like you because I know that listening to me lifts your spirits

please take in all of my messages this month and let the supernatural power I impart to you via the words I share with

you stay still steadfast in your faith performing research ahead of time and

distributing advantages to others remember what I told you a plethora of

Miracles are on their way and you will experience immense Joy your unwavering

faith and heartfelt gratitude will shower you and your loved ones with Divine blessings please get up and tell

me which of my promises you trust assist with a month of Triumph Good Fortune will smile upon you no matter what comes

your way I will always support you and tell you it’s okay to be courageous there are a lot of heavy weights on your

shoulders yet you have remained fiercely impartial and strong famously you’re

always looking for someone to release you I’m in your hands I am reliable I

ask you to take a moment to sit down with me relax and focus on the restorative power of my words as they

flow into your heart and mind washing away any internal anxieties priority matters and you work

hard card although you’ve been working excessively you always manage to meet your obligations overexertion can lead

to errors and diversions you have to work hard to provide for your family every day but if I don’t build your

house it will all be for nothing sleep deprivation and sleepless nights may not

significantly alleviate your emotional distress let me help you understand things more clearly I am sending you

words of comfort healing and encouragement because I know how tired you are on a daily basis you face fights

and the opponent constantly throws you conflicting bottles stop letting the other side wear you down perhaps I can

be of use to you if you would since your aspirations are far from finished would

you mind if I spent some additional Time by myself so that I could rekindle the fire of your faith in you there is no

longer any need to be afraid if there are problems start with me my purpose in

being here is to lend a helping hand come on let’s take the first step together like a true friend Feel My

Embrace let your heart fill with joy and your mind with Tranquility you want an

end to the NeverEnding struggle to the conviction that no one cares about you or can help you although many of your

loved ones are preoccupied with their own lives and the challenges they face on a daily basis I want you to know that

there are many who care about about you and love you very much they are afraid you will reject them if they say it out

loud so I am giving you this message to beg you not to ignore it let happiness

fill your being a bright grin has the power to bring about healing and miracles therefore let it Adorn your

face nowadays smile at anyone even if they don’t expect it and see how views

change people will see you as a genuine friend and damaged relationships will start to heal my gift to you is a just

and eternal Covenant and I share it with you existence has purified your soul and

you are now on a miraculously distinct path the remarkable events that are taking place will be visible and

understandable to you alone first make a gift for your family and then use these

things to help those around you and the world do not forget what I have asked of

you continue your Voyage today disputes aside I will lend you a hand and we can

climb that mountain much faster if you stand up you will experience inner calm

as you go about your days embraced by my peaceful presence your conversations

with me are really special it gives me great pleasure to be of service to you and it Delights me to support you when

you seek my assistance let’s start by taking this first step as a group you’ll

feel immense pleasure and Tranquility in your heart and mind as you bask in My Embrace what a wonderful feeling is

growing inside your heart giving you the strength to face any challenge headon

seeking my promise my assurances and my determination you and I share a Heavenly

home and many gifts but you must believe that this is really the case in order to receive them I am genuine and unwavering

more certain than the air you breathe and more dazzling and natural than the sunshine that brightens your days

benefits that you may not yet fully appreciate or anticipate your aspirations your

hardships and the occasional tears that fill your eyes are all visible to me

your motives are pure and I want to provide you with the wonderful blessings your loved ones have hoped for you

should not impose unmanageable demands I do not want you to be subservient to anybody my blessings are not expensive

so feel free to share them with your loved ones rather than keeping them all to yourself do not obstruct your own

success instead Let the River of Life flow those who help share and give are worshiped by

me as Gods because I am your provider I am able to increase the benefits I

provide you there can’t be anything lacking your troubles are over I have made the decision every day this Global

storm throws you new obstacles and I get that words of Hope love and faith

nourish your soul these are not meaningless words they are the keys to Everlasting salvation if you hold them

close to your heart and mind they have the power to offer you boundless success your enemies and their offspring will

never again plead for Mercy they will never find themselves trapped or vanquished may you be more sensitive to

understand the miraculous power of my Holy Spirit which I am bestowing upon you I’m doing more than just soothing

your spirit rise up battle and Triumph over those who stand in your way I am

bestowing upon you the strength strength and determination to do so I am here to equip you to confront any challenge

headon therefore you should run away in Terror I have lifted your spirits lifted

your sadness and shown you your true purpose you’re becoming more and more like me every day and even those who

have recognized you before can’t dispute it you’re a fantastic human being I have

anointed you with Supernatural power so you may rise again anywhere you go I

will open doors for you just be sure to ask properly and I will fill your bags

with goodies wherever you are put them to good use share those sentences with

everyone you encounter regardless of their desire or lack thereof embrace it

wholeheartedly you will return the favors bestowed upon you find out how to think like me once I provide you with my

benefits think not of transient material riches or Goods but of boundless ET

eternal life I promise you that if you seek me with all your heart you will

find me take a look at my words for each miracle in most cases I’ve had a

faithful follower who has praised me for blessings they didn’t even know existed

because of their thankfulness their faith flourished and miraculous things began to happen they now live next to

you having survived the same voltage that empowered them here in my presence

you may find love forgiveness iess recovery salvation awareness and

perseverance you are not dealing with a fictitious God my hands are filled with

calmness and wisdom I keep your future answers in my hands and they come to me

before you can really grasp the magnitude of my heavenly and Supernatural power I must have your

precise identification join me in building my nation and may my dreams come true on

your land and in your heart you will succeed Ed never accept loss as a given

and no matter how tempting it may seem you must resist the urge to let poisonous words poison your spirit this

is the moment when I want you to know that my love for you has no bounds and that it will never leave you no matter

what happens after touching the ground you must push upward no you won’t be

staying tell me what you’re interested in do you honestly and humbly seek me out on a daily basis what you want from

me is clear and I see that I’m also making a request of you grant my request

and I beg you to accept my assistance despite the overwhelming Darkness there could be hope for a brighter future Free

Yourself of the chains that formerly bound you depression isolation disdain yelling and meaningless words the days

of others trying to derail you and take your dreams away are over your existence will come to and come to an end here the

parts do not exist so there’s no need to try to gather them you are prepared to embrace a new joyful way of life because

your spirit is whole your mind is calm and your heart is open plenty of advantages are coming soon because of

your unfaltering devotion Heaven’s gates are open wide you are at the Forefront

because of your faith and devotion without a doubt I am the luckiest dad alive let us rejoice in your impending

Triumph with the same Zeal with which you approach your daily workout s and the unwavering commitment you show when

you genuflect before me in prayer at any hour of the day or night despite all the

difficulties I have bestowed many blessings on you you are well aware that I have not abandoned you in any way some

people are lucky but instead of being thankful they grow proud and neglect to

thank God who rescued them be on the lookout at all times my word is living

and eternal my promise to watch over and bless you is real real I will never lie to you and I will always fulfill my word

all I ask is that you have some trust put me first in your hearts and promise to look for me prepare yourself to see

Miracles by continuing to pray without losing faith behold Marvels shall unfold

before your own eyes households that seek me out with contrite and appreciative Souls witness my power I

don’t switch it on up until yesterday I was quite consistent additionally I have

an eternal promise to you that I will never be able to break I may bestow supernatural abilities on you because

I’ve imparted my Holy Spirit to you your family and your coronary heart are precious to me I appreciate your

attitude and thankfulness but you are free to honor me even more as you seek

the well-being of the people you love in my presence you will find everything you need give yourself a boost and pass my

affection is with you please feel my love the arrival of your blessing is approaching quickly in the days ahead

embrace the good news with open arms the miracle you’ve been hoping for is finally on its way have faith just as

you did when you fac seemingly insurmountable obstacles and your intuition told you that all your desires

had become meaningless and my soul had discovered my Iron Will on this globe I

need you to seek me out and get to know me better I didn’t choose you to lose you’re meant to win my love is immense

and unadulterated some may be unaware of it or choose to ignore it failing to

recognize the great value of their pessimism I pray that you will sew into the hearts of those around you the

certainty that they will never be loved by a God who loves them more than I love them my love for you my beloved has no

bounds and my whole soul wishes nothing but the best for you my Limitless love

is waiting to flood your heart with joy and contentment if you just open it to

it on this journey you will not be alone throughout your journey I will be by

your side offering guidance protection and many blessings with my fingers wide

open I am at your side ready to give over that heart of yours in order to

give you Independence I gave up my nomadic existence you were not born to be a victim of emotional bondage

subjected to the abuse and rejection of fake love your desire for them will diminish I am implanting a spirit of

Love determination courage and cander in you fear not because I am by your side

whether you must face spectral forms or endure The Crucible of your past hardships feel no more the agony that

previously consumed you as you go by the fireplace slay mocking enemies and put

an end to the Roaring Lions if you put your trust in me and my Holy Spirit I

will empow you to overcome every difficulty that comes your way please tell me about your faith Stir It Up let

your spirit reverberate with my words and never forget my sacred promises in

times of danger they serve as both a shield and a weapon by whose side are you able to overcome the most high God

the almighty ruler of kings and Lord of lords Majestic in strength and Authority

help me out it is my hope that these words may rekindle the faith that was previously dormant and light a fire

under your heart to succeed pay attention acquire and accept as real the

possibility that there is no Vice or addiction that you cannot conquer because you are impervious to the

effects of magic spells and incantations you should Proclaim that the adversary

has no power over you forces of evil May surround you but they are merely noise

fear is the greatest obstacle that may stop you in your tracks and that is exactly what Hollow threats are trying

to do arise courageous Spirit my authority is being bestowed on you take

a stand against the problems that have been stealing your happiness lately the shackles that have bound you are

breaking and with them the sadness the hurt sentiments and The Haunting

memories that have been dragging you down are finally coming to an end stretch out your hand to me and I will

walk with you as we journey towards success and benefits return the next day

you may get even more living water from the Eternal Rock if you focus on my voice once more my love will embrace you

super naturally as my holy spirit continues to indwell you it will be with

you forever it makes you happy and calm and I want to remind you again because I

love you so much my blessings flood over your life your loved ones your artwork

and your house like holy water there is no no one or anything that can stop them

accept this promise and find Serenity since the time you saw the light I’ve been by your side every step of the way

you are embraced by my presence every day my Legion of angels keeps vigil over

you whether it’s now tomorrow or forever my holy spirit is guiding you let the

diversions disappear abound in Serenity let anxiety go away I’m going to shower

you with protection you will find that you are able to speak words of inspiration not only to yourself but to

everyone around you as well you are the Well Spring of desire in this dry place

there is a spring of sparkling holy dwelling water that comes from you faith

is necessary to reawaken dormant longings in every circumstance my diagnosis is spot-on accurate and I have

the last word if you need assistance I can put doors in your path stay

connected to life and let me into your heart may love fill it to the brim you

were not meant to live in isolation but rather to bask in the glow of my glorious light enter the brightness of

day go through the feeling please know that the amount of love I have for you is immeasurable and that it shines

brighter than a thousand suns dotting you with pure white light your heart

longs for my love protection and blessing let me take care of you and

think about you I hold you close and your life is safe with me give me the

Reigns of your life and I will set you on a course that includes other people

being overpowered by dread and burdened by wants made it impossible for me to go alone no one should dangle material

Goods as long as you’re alive you’re already rich beyond your wildest dreams when people practice religion doors will

remain open everything is Within Reach even the most extraordinary Miracles

could you kindly lend me an arm please convey to all your family members my tender and peaceful love from the depths

of my heart speak these remarks while placing your arms on their shoulders and

looking them in the eyes both God and I adore you just as he says if they so

choose they should feel free to let their tears float today healing starts

in the comfort of One’s Own home I’m about to bring forth amazing and Heavenly benefits thank you for sending

it remain until till tomorrow maybe we can talk again sometime when you listen

again my voice will certainly be filled with Serenity please know that my love

is watching out for you from this point forward prosperity and success May pave

your road ahead nobody will be able to foil my scheme for you the verdict is

out in public there is no need to pick up scraps from other people’s tables your heavenly father who will cure you

elevate you bless you and watch over you loves and accepts you you also have your

own set of benefits those responsible for causing you to trip will come to deeply regret their acts those who would

bring you down will learn a lesson that they will never forget the next time they stand up to you I will keep those I

care about safe in my arms and I will intimidate your opponents I am removing

obstacles and conflicts from your path take stock of the present moment there’s

no need to wallow in self-pity Lament over things that have long since passed or scream into the void for the approval

of those who hated you and wanted to see you fail I’m hoping that my appearance

will not inspire you to have a greater appreciation for those who are ungrateful than I do life joy and a

breathtaking feeling you never knew existed are all yours to discover I’m laying the groundw workk for your

success and I have a great plan for you now is not the time to turn around no

one from your past has ever loved you more than I do no one has ever imagined your attributes more vividly no one has

ever been able to bless you or lead you like I do accept the notion that a higher power holds you dear and

safeguards you fabric riches are not what I am requesting I am uninspired by

precious metals stones and gems your honesty and Faith resonate with my heart

for the love of your life you want to continue living each moment to the fullest and sharing what you’ve learned

and what you have with others starting with your own family your heart longs to

proclaim the good news of Love forgiveness salvation a way and the

truth people will find the resolve to rise up and begin again with me at their

side choose your own fate and forget the past know that I here to lend a helping

hand whenever you may want it despite the fact that you will no longer receive alerts from manipulators you should not

let that discourage you since I can always remove any obstacles in your path

not a soul will pass from this world and no door will shut on you I adore you and

you’re still alive your Embrace has been reciprocated what a unique place you

find yourself in my intention is to comfort your spirit with my Holy Spirit

and my wish is that you find recovery I understand your challenges I too make

the conscious decision to live in a state of calm and Solitude every day get

moving on your issue ask honestly and fearlessly and know that your heavenly

father loves and protects you everything that is happening around you is a direct

result of my mighty hand removing roadblocks guiding you to safety and

protecting you from harm if you let them go it will hurt your spirit stop what

you’re doing at this moment quit cowering in fear of what’s to come remain vocal at this moment maintain

optimism and Express gratitude stay open and honest with everyone including

myself more than you can imagine I want to bestow blessings on you I am capable

of doing miraculous Feats because I’m energetic I have the power to undo your

previous errors and ensure that your future is really exceptional I must convey the gravity of My Sacrifice to

your soul I took it all on my chin and gave my life for you my religious

sufferings were for your sake I’m here to relieve you of your shame so that you

may stop feeling down in this life there is an inheritance waiting for you you

are the recipients of my boundless blessings and Tranquility I have placed a space of

Limitless love in you whether it’s hot or cold I want you to know that I

cherish and protect you wherever you go I am breaking the spell of isolation

that has taken up resonance in your body and mind the forboding fear that something terrible will happen if you

are dumped and left to mourn with a broken Spirit my Splendor envelopes you

it is here to plant the seeds of love and beauty in your soul to soothe your pain to give you a helping hand and to

guide you toward a prosperous future those who do not respect you are not worthy of your tears no one who has hurt

you deserves special treatment in your heart just let them leave if that’s

their desire please give it serious thought and proceed with caution if they choose to return you shouldn’t blindly

agree with everyone who offers you their hand rest assured I am not requesting

that you remain alone your romantic life and emotions are very important to me let me arrange things the way I want

take my time with this decision please do not contact me for immediate assistance tears shed by the perceived

should end you find methods to make yourself pay you are self-aware like a

gentle bird that flies gently over your shoulder you carry my holy spirit inside you it will be available to guide your

heart this heartfelt statement is like a bird protecting its young from the elements it will keep the rain and blood

at Bay while also soothing your mood pay close attention to the Assurance of

receiving love appreciation and protection through enhanced electricity

remember that there are people who care about you and that there is love and support available to you no matter how

bad things get Faith is a strong force that may lead you through life’s experiences and provide rewards that you

can’t even begin to Fathom so be sure to include it in your

plans maintain your resolve think about the road that lies before you and have

faith in the possibilities of a brighter tomorrow when you finally return to me in heaven

you will begin to understand the path you have taken however for the time being I will choose to have a taste of

paradise on Earth I am always here for you ready to meet any need that arises

in your heart not because you’re worthy or faultless but because you are study

the true meaning of my grace an eternal gift born of love you already have First

Rate so when I say you deserve adequate I mean it whether you’re fighting for greed or for

my country you don’t have to win every battle or endure every tribulation religion is the means by

which one wins victories while thankfulness and humility are the means by which one gains benefits you

shouldn’t use the talents and skills I provide to brag or seek praise from other people those who really understand

this demonstrated by being authentic and genuine in their daily lives they’re no

longer looking for followers or identifying themselves as Leaders they aren’t interested in gloating about

meaningless praise or bragging about how many people they’ve influenced even if you know that I have

given you many gifts and privileges protect your prideful heart if you really want to enter my Supernatural

realm hold on to your modesty and extend a helping hand to people in need with an

honest motive as you do this from the bottom of your heart you will see incredible miracles

there will be an abundance of recuperation benefits and power you now have the power that I gave you if you

could navigate through dangerous situations with caution your chances of success would increase gain momentum as

you approach Victory as it is already certain embrace your faith and be steadfast in your goal stop saying

anything I don’t approve of and let go of any emotions that don’t belong to you

swap out your old goals and memories with something more positive positive let my recovery’s forgiveness embrace

you give me full permission to turn your history into a hopeful future I am

lighting a fire in your heart so that you may dispel the Shadows that surround you and in particular the people you

hold dear take note of their facial expressions as they look at you my Holy

Spirit has anointed you powerfully and the light that shines in your eyes is evidence of that I give it to you in the

Sacred Space face of our communion as a gift of my grace and love my words contain Divine substance and I invite

you pricey Seeker to immerse yourself in them your role in this Grand Cosmic

symphony is that of a devoted student of God and you are searching for me with all your heart as you weave prayer into

your Journey Across The Many religious Landscapes that exist inside you what

you hear is not empty rhetoric rather The Whispers of Eternity invite you on a

deep journey into the domain of wants I will unveil the plans of Fate hear me

out I will reveal my intentions to you in the dark of night in my dreams I’m

able to communicate with you in a language that transcends the material world and gives you a Peak at the

celestial fabric treat this gift with the utmost respect as it contains the

key to deciphering the enigmas embedded in your very being your spirit benefits

from this sacred obligation I longer for the sake of lofty declaration but as a gift to feed

your soul I offer you a glimpse inside the holy nation states be humble and

knowledgeable while you guard this privilege because the holy isn’t meant for public exhibition but for private

development within the Stillness of the heart’s chambers there is a passionate Dance of the spirit an intimate exchange

what I want for you precious baby is for you to walk humbly in the this Earthly

journey within the fabric of humanity treating others with dignity and respect

because you know that there is a Divine spark in every person because your family members are worthy of love and

recognition and because you should treat them the way you want to be treated be

an example of genuine friendship and an easy way for others to experience kindness and love I will plant the seeds

of the miraculous in your spirit With Every Act of love and compassion that I do thanks to your kindness these seeds

will grow into a magnificent lawn a healing Haven and an unbreakable Fortress through miles of heavenly

Alchemy of compassion and love the ordinary becomes extraordinary behold

the Splendor that unfolds when your family friends and Brethren seek me in perfect Unity there’s no way to find my

Holy Spirit who is a gentle presence as a Haven from the constant criticism and

hostility it breaks my heart heart to see how people claim to love me while simultaneously bringing Darkness to

others and causing disharmony in the divine order of things via their words

the holy presence finds a home deep within the team spirit of Hearts thus working toward relational Harmony love

may it be the glue that holds hearts together in a holy hug this Advent season Discord a discordant term

destabilizes one’s emotional state be vigilant you precious soul beneath the

negativity and dust your soul resembles a parched well the power to uplift or

crush the spirits of others in your presence is in the words you choose to use when you speak nicely about other

people you feed your own goodness well a soul that pretends to love me but

spreads unfounded criticism about other people will eventually become a Barren Wasteland that can’t support the fruits

of genuine devotion may your words be the calming balm that heals the wound of

the spirit I am the conductor of your destiny and I able to bring about tangible improvements to your lives

because my heart is filled with optimism and because I dress in a way that reflects that Faith compassion

perseverance and humility are the qualities I ask of you in your response

in the depths of your being these virtues serve as the threads that bind you to the divine plan May the joy and

fulfillment you deserve come from the gift gifts bestowed upon you embrace the Miracles that have befallen you knowing

that they are a testament to your place in The Grand Design of creation above

all else know this simple truth I love you the passage of time or the

challenges you face cannot weaken this love which is both sacred and eternal

may my love serve as the golden thread that binds each moment of your lives in

the illumination of heavenly love you will find Comfort strength and the unfaltering assurance that you are never

really alone on this holy Journey hence embrace it


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