(God Is Saying) You Are An Evil If You Skip Me |

my dear child my love for you overflows

and I cannot stay

silent my affection for you pours out

naturally like a living river coursing

through your being bringing you the

happiness you seek and

need my precious one I observe you

closely throughout each day I Delight in

seeing you run back and forth chasing

your dreams and striving for your life

it fills me with joy to witness that

spark of Faith shining in your eyes when

you encounter problems and unexpected

challenges you lean on your faith no

longer filling with

anxiety you carry on as if nothing

happened if your world begins to crumble

you use your faith as a shield and that

pleases me

greatly when your adversaries rise

against you you again rely on your faith

and stand with courage for you are

certain that no matter what happens no

one can stand against you because I am

with you I cherish being part of your

life knowing you welcome me early on

although your home may feel humble and

small to you I see the greatness of your

faith and heart one day I will open your

eyes to the illumination of my presence

in your home revealing the thousands of

angels surrounding you showcasing all

the blessings I can bestow upon you when

you offer your willing heart and respond

with sincere love to the affection I

give you when you cling to me like a

child believing with innocence and

sincerity when I say I love love you you

believe me wholeheartedly without asking

for proof to feel secure in my love you

believe without seeing me you feel my

presence but do not demand proof to

trust me with all your soul and mind

blessed are you because your eyes have

not seen me but with faith and sincerity

you have

believed blessed are you because I have

found no pride in you I admire your

humble spirit and your fervent desire to

love me and your family

you are greatly pleasing to me you will

be blessed in the good things you wish

to do your future is secure in my hands

continue to believe in my love and

Promises hold fast to your faith for it

is your shield and strength know that I

am always with you watching over you

guiding your

steps trust in my unwavering love and

let it fill your heart with peace and

joy today I have heard your prayer and

felt the urgency to

respond I come to you with an open heart

to tell you how deeply I love you this

is a new dawn and it is no accident that

these words have reached you when you

needed them most for days you have

sensed my desire to converse with you

and today your heart is open to listen

and renew our sacred Covenant your pleas

have not gone

unnoticed believe this truth so that

anxiety does not grip you with the

falsehood that your words are lost in

The Voice void I have heard you from the


beginning my ears have always been

attentive to your cries and I will

continue to listen even in your moments


Anguish you do not offend me I am not

angered when you raise your voice I see

your bowed head your heart’s deep

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