God Is Saying, Take My Wanring Seriously! |

today and always trust in me rest in my

goodness knowing that my grace is

sufficient for all your flaws come to me

with confidence whenever you need help

overcoming your fears how will be your

strength you don’t have to figure

everything out on your own rely on me

Pride Fosters

self-reliance but true strength comes

from putting your pride aside and fully

trusting me

my ways are better I have established

you in truth and righteousness giving

you everything you need to walk straight

without stumbling believe that you are

truly free in me my beloved child keep

your head up this world will present you

with troubles but my peace surpasses all


don’t fall for the lies of deceivers you

have triumphed through me I understand

what it feels like to carry heavy

burdens let me carry them for you dear

one I never grew tired or weary those

who trust in me find their strength

renewed because of me my love for you

extends further than the East is from


West trust that I am always is devoted

to you keeping you safe in my care

through the difficult times of This

World do not give into worrying or

distress fix your Gaze on me I have

conquered the world when anxiety tries

to overwhelm your thoughts take them

captive for God’s sake and then

obedience to Christ cleanse your mind

with the


truth my child

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this is not about a spirit of fear or

alarm I have given you power love and a

sound mind the mind of Christ within you

can help you think clearly no matter how

things appear have faith in this


trust that I am orchestrating everything

for your code you are safe and my

sovereign plan take it easy and don’t

worry about anything instead bring your

requests to me with Thanksgiving say

thank you for the answer as you present

your needs to me I am near to everyone

who calls on me in faith come close

today if you truly want to to trust me

more than your fears I will draw near to

you don’t stress or worrying your

heavenly father knows what you need even

before you ask I care deeply for you and

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