God is saying, someone is going to give you and your family a $60,000,000 I God’s message ।

in my presence my beloved baby finds comfort and draws closer your deep

desire for a stronger connection with my spirit which I have seen firsthand is something I will never forget this

rumbling emanates from me because I’m eager to bestow lavish gifts upon those who are genuinely seeking my company my

faithful ones I am preparing you abundantly for the path ahead by bestowing healing Miracles prophecy and

awareness upon you even though the calendar might show one thing my heavenly timing is more important than

any human-made calendar I have the ability to do miraculous Deeds through

obedient vessels even in the last hours of this passing year you have not gone

unnoticed in your persistent pursuit of me through prayer and spiritual gifts I

painstakingly record each prayer fast an act of obedience intended to bring you

more blessings from my wonderful hand your altruistic sacrifice of individual

goals and aspirations prioritizes my purposes in your lives I saw you

persevere through times of self-doubt and discouragement pleading with me to fill you more fully with my spirit even

as my words prompted you to want spiritual possessions with all your heart this is not an idle Pursuit there

is no meaningless religious ceremony devoid of force to want something with

all your heart heart you must seek it with laser-like intensity and discipline and you must dedicate yourself to the

sacred task of caring for what I entrust to you before we continue this uplifting

Adventure side by side place the positive button here so she can

disseminate the Heavenly idea and write am men to join the group’s Declaration of Faith together we can harness the

power of shared encouragement and your participation is the fuel that drives the trip it is a noble and holy vocation

so bear that in mind all my gifts are the greatest links in an unbreakable

chain and they work together meticulously Revelations about the afterlife and gifts as well as guidance

for the future signs and wonders will surely accompany your courageous faith in speaking my words to specific

situations this isn’t a random turn of events it’s the Divine orchestration of

my power at work made possible by your steadfast devotion in these last days of

the year feel the fire inside you grow stronger as you take on this lofty and

sacred Mission and may your determination drive you to seek this sacred treasure with unbreakable

resolve when you dedicate yourself it’s not always in vain on the contrary it’s

the first step toward an abundance of benefits and miraculous events that will blow your mind hold fast to your faith

as the path your on is filled with enchanting coincidences and divine encounters that will leave a lasting

impact there are many who say they want more of my divine presence but can’t

handle the depth of closeness even if they say they want it more this value

goes beyond monetary worth and goes into deep character development requiring

loving responsibility and concentration in the face of unpredictable situations

and emotions I cannot entrust the weight EST aspects of my power and influence to

those still burdened by unchanged appetites and attitudes even when my grace covers you on this path of

transformation there will be times of exhaustion when the process of constant adjustment and refinement feels

Relentless and the rejection of less important desires seems daunting but

keep in mind that every sacrifice is for a purpose that is truly worthy of your

passion if you’re lucky my heavenly demeanor will give you a Peak at your fate you will feel an overwhelming need

to bow down and cry out in Delight it is an unspeakably tremendous gift that I

give you the authority to channel my loving power into a world that is mired in darkness keep in mind the immense

honor I have bestowed upon you surpassing that of men and angels the glory that I intend to reveal through

your life will inevitably provoke the forces of Hell to rise up against you

nevertheless in the midst of this religious War hold fast to the promise that I will always

lead you to victory even if you consider yourself dead to sin but alive to me

stay strong and protected by my finished work no matter how strong The Winds of Life get therefore continue to nurture

the holy choice for the greater of my spirit within you until it becomes a blazing pillow light no weapon ever made

against you could ever take away your shield and Safe Haven May the fire of passionate prayer the

radical Obedience of an idiot and The Bravery to venture into unknown territory on your Journey of Faith

ignite every thought word and action the inner fire is not meant to be stifled

but rather to illuminate the way with its luminous brightness adopt this holy need whether

you allow it or not it will be the force that draws you closer to a higher spiritual plane and your Divine Destiny

Heavenly offerings are falling from for the hungry and inclined and their numbers grow as the Day of Reckoning

approaches you are one of them standing firm by the divine plan in preparation

for a critical hour that calls for strong and determined action you are a

well prepared Warrior ready to take on this wonderful situation and the Horizon

promises an unprecedented Harvest you will find crucial instructions awaiting you as we embark on our Expedition with

knowledge kindness and unfaltering truth I will continue to empower you to wield

the Holy Fire giving in to your passion isn’t enough therefore give yourself

fully to my loving Corrections and field my darling the road ahead is becoming

more and more congested but you may be certain that your little feet will follow me to the spectacular finish

believe in my perfect timing as I have methodically planned for these final days of the fading year take advantage

of crucial chance es to increase your Authority and religious credibility you

may greatly enhance your performance in the next seasons of your country during those crucial

occasions dear Adventurer I pray that you will continue to keep your holy eyes

fixed on me as I go about my daily life the fogged glass of this era’s stop

gives only poor forward view you can only find your way with the assistance of maintaining a constant awareness of

The Guiding Light if your har ing any vestages of a private schedule or

pretension of control let that Divine Light illuminate them and Destroy them I

desire for our Wills to merge harmoniously letting my best thoughts and strategies influence your decisions

and reactions as it marches majestically toward my designated Finish Line the

gospel of Salvation keeps spreading keep this Everlasting attitude before you

firmly believe that the story is coming to a happy conclusion even even when there are storms and fights underneath

you my beloved angels and Devils as well as all humans can rest easy knowing that

I will not flinch or postpone the complete unveiling of their bright maturity and unbreakable Concord I’m

looking forward to sharing what I have prepared with you my surrendered SS with much

anticipation at this culmination point the sky is on the verge of erupting in a

frenzied anticipation as you let your heart open wide to the ongoing shaping

I’m orchestrating inside you and realize that I am pouring forth my whole being

through you the combination of candy and cooperation makes a strong lock that can

withstand even the worst of storms lift your gaze often to get a glimpse of the

multicolored presence falling from my palm each loving offering carefully

crafted to Showcase me through you unveiling my Splendor with ever increasing Grace the promise that

kindness and compassion will always be with you should ring true in your heart

as the very first person on Earth my beloved you are welcome to reside in the Blessed Homestead that I have prepared

for you the fight rages all around you and every once in a while it will strike

Terror into your soul subtle bureaucratic attacks are more common than overt physical ones but know that

you are normal for victory because the Divine might inside you fortifies your

reason and that you will overcome these these hurdles the fights might be tough

but they could also be the beginning of the path that leads to your happy ending

allow courage to fill your soul because every road leads to a fire that refines you molding you into a vessel of

exceptional strength and beauty at this critical moment imagine your life as a

vast canvas adorned with the colors of Victory and tenacity your surrendered

heart a tool of divine Creation harmonizes with with the Symphony of Heaven Embraces the Divine partnership

and even in your most vulnerable moments the world will witness the class of God’s workmanship through you as your

Divine guide I will only permit the formation of weapons against you that I specifically approve accusations will

try to distract you from Kingdom priorities during weakpoint distraction Seasons but never let discouragement

cast a shadow over Faith’s vision of the good path ahead in the same way every difficulty is an

opportunity for you to grow in your faith in me alone you must be very efficient in collaborating with my

divine plan since the day is Drawing Near and Satan is stepping up his efforts because he knows his time is

limited rather than seeing each violent Outburst as a punishment or indication

of my disapproval storms see them as more opportunities to reinforce your total Reliance on my presence inside you

in my roles as gu guide comforter Advocate and friend I am here for you

/ stay away from the discordant sounds that reverberate from crumbling buildings inside Humanity’s weakness

Valley come with me to the heights where the once raging seas and wind are now

only distant murmurs under our feet as Thunder Rolls painstakingly educates your spiritual senses to discern the

sound of my voice and others the sugary hiss of compromise the loud Cry of

accusation and whether you walk in peace or succumb to Terror perspective becomes the Lynch pin my Genuine Voice rings out

in the depths of your soul clear and unmistakable amid the Wailing pain of pity and false humility take comfort in

its comprehensibility and Assurance as it leads you through the tumultuous Symphony of life’s difficult

circumstances your unfaltering discernment honed through years of training to identify friend from enemy

stands as a rock solid de decaration of the divine plan for your existence no matter what tempests may rage ahead in

the midst of a symphony of confused or muted tones from those claiming Spiritual Authority and perception your

unwavering commitment to harmonizing every thought word and deed beneath the

resounding Cadence of my voice breeds a certainty of the future that dispels all

doubts inside the face of uncertainties like the gentle light of Sunrise fading away night Linger The Mist cries out for

discernment and bravery to resist the devil and he is driven to flee your presence because of this during this

perilous time it is critical to examine scripture for words and reasons that

point to the unending Plum line my voice will never contradict the ideas and

relationship objectives set forth in my writing so I may rest Under The Guiding Light of the Holy Spirit throughout this

challenging season if will become crucial to verify the truthfulness of

every statement and intention ensuring they align with the spirit’s revealed truth more than ever exercise Extreme

Caution to prevent personal discomforts and difficulties from overshadowing genuine prophetic prayer and

participation in spiritual warfare stay alert and firmly grounded in the

unchanging truth of scripture as you navigate through these complexities supported by the wisdom and

understanding that have been given to you unlike the well trodden Paths of those seeking to satisfy public opinion

the road I am guiding you on to acquire and protect Harvest for my Everlasting Storehouse is

wonderful battles rage within you and around you highlighting the far-reaching

impact of your focus on the Unseen however tears of compassionate

intercession illuminate my path reaching even to your oppressors I will I will

not back down from affirming uncompromising reality as you shape the realm of unseen ideas and Visions which

are the strong foundation for understanding and navigating the outer world this knowledge has a significant

impact on the outcomes it allows you to return to your inner self and find your

perspective on eternity permeate my heavenly perspective at all times let my

ideas be the springboard from which your decisions flow effortlessly Foster a holy imagination grounded in

the promises of scripture let it paint a vivid picture of who you are becoming

and how I’m preparing you to overcome human limitations as you Journey along this

path drenched in tears from years of compassionate intercession and Resolute reality remember that your journey holds

immense importance in the Heavenly Storehouse your dedication to the Unseen

struggles and the molding of your inner thoughts impact every aspect of your lives so my beloved stand strong in the

face of adversity for you are a guardian of a Celestial Harvest embrace the power

of your thoughts for they shape the Unseen Realms and have tangible consequences in the outside world you

may overcome the limitations of worldly Norms by consistently immersing yourself in my Everlasting attitude which will

lead you to a path of unfaltering strength and divine purpose let the tremendous effect of my Everlasting

truths about your identity purpose and Destiny choreographed into a transforming Symphony move your heart

soul and spirit as you embark on this adventure realize that your attention is

a powerful tool that can lead you in whatever Direction you choose to go be

careful with what you watch and listen to since that’s where you’ll find the key to connecting with my Divine Purpose

stay near my Heavenly Fire my beloved and let the Sweet Air of Heaven continually fan the fires inside you

once kindled this holy Zeal will grow into an indomitable power that not even

the ocean’s expanse can contain through storms and delays I persevere with

unflinching resolve because I know that no commitment I have ever made will ever break because I am impatient may your

voice soore with sacred expectation recognize that the accomplishment of the Endeavor begun in

the distant past involves spreading light amongst the triumphing darkness as

you hint at the colorful Goods elegantly falling from my palm not only can I

increase the value of your material possessions but I can also lengthen the duration of your lives every hour you

willingly serve not only to me but also to others without expecting anything in

return will bring you rich rewards my darling I want you to know that I am

renewing your spirit I’m Reviving your Vigor and passion for life on This

Global stage your enemy attempted to steal everything from you you are now the lawful owner of all religious gifts

and privileges I have created a life for you that is Limitless in potential so

rise and shine each morning put me first in everything that you do and embrace it

first thing in the morning I will use those few seconds to focus on myself prepare to see the benefits materialize

before for your eyes as you step forth with unflinching trust and courage I have given them to you as a reward for

your unfaltering dedication and affection so hold on tight and don’t let

go of your preserve continue along my beloved child remain steadfast embrace

the path to success and riches with unwavering determination consider the possibility

that I’m holding you right now at all times keep moving ahead fearlessly

letting go of any uncertainty or fear in your mind no one will be able to shame you I will Vanquish your enemies who

watch in wroth as I reward and prosper you while they fabricate falsehoods without remorse I will eliminate those

who have rebelled against you for they have rejected the blood that saved them their refusal to acknowledge their

wrongdoing has made them my enemies just as you should my darling little one keep

your distance from those Wicked Spirits stay away from those those who spread false accusations about their brothers

they ruin innocent families with their words and their shameful looks as you crush the selected wheat and prop up the

waterfall of Tears carve out some time for me in our conversation I desire to

share Marvels that will Empower you and your loved ones keep your faith strong

and share this message with those you care about hold your loved ones close wrap your arms around each other seek

forgiveness and offer me an honest prayer as a group last but not least

keep inside you everything that I have revealed to you and all that I aim to do when three or more people get together

in my name you will see the rewards I will give you if you do it with faith

I’m here come to me right now I am sorry to be the one to break the news of my unfaltering commitment to walk side by

side with you I understand that you want me like a book I can read your thoughts

and desires you can do anything on your own your Radiance will fade I will

respond to your scream I can’t wait to be your shortage guide and assist you in your fight against illness no matter

what happens in your day or in your dreams this place will always be a constant reminder of my unending love

for you while your soul cleanses itself every morning in the pristine Waters let

your spirit sink into my words as you begin to stir my Splendor envelops you

in the process of Awakening your sustaining garments and getting you ready for the next conflicts I hold you

close planting the seeds of faith and safety inside you to fortify yourself

for the voyage ahead fill your thoughts with spiritual words a miracle is what

you expect I’ll bring it to you I hope you will have faith in me now I want to see a beautiful grin on your face it is

time to Triumph my hero your Fearless Spirit exudes strength and your eyes are filled filled with trust write those

words in your heart and refuse to give in to the Relentless attacks of the enemy who wants to make you give up on

your aspirations because he is afraid you will fail because you are under my protection his efforts will fail my

mighty palm and shimmering sword protect you my words will always serve as the foundation for your Victory behold the

mirror of my audacious vows and never doubt the value I place on you most of

the time you fight the most difficult battles inside your own emotions which when muddled may lead you to hold on to

false beliefs and sentiments they may drag you down so be cautious stay strong

and not allow your emotions or the illusion of helplessness caused by your situation to control you I am in charge

therefore there’s no need to let yourself be consumed by fear whether it’s from bad news or seemingly dire

circumstances all all things work together to benefit those I hold dear and you are among the chosen washed in

my blood and filled with My Soul you have the ability to overcome any

obstacle rest assured that even your missteps may work for your benefit if

you cling to me with all your heart seeking refuge in my everlasting love

you will not have to struggle your family will Thrive feel the faith in the

plans I have set out for you and watch as your long- awaited dreams come true

with each passing day maybe exhaustion is a normal part of life for you but when troubles cast a shadow over your

vision and you feel helpless remember this I am with you always even in the

darkest hours my darling child you need not be afraid anymore since your loving

father will never leave you now I want to know do you trust what I’ve said do

you find solace in my presence right here I am always listening to what you

have to say as you examine these statements allow the Serenity and

dispelling of loneliness to embrace you my love Embraces you gently caressing

your spirit as you travel this road I will watch over you and protect you from dangers you can’t see holding you in

more regard than you can imagine your strength moves me to tears in the face

of overwhelming odds you maintained your unwavering resolve your your steadfast trust is acknowledged your sincere

efforts will not go unnoticed your primary concern is providing for the people you care about and I can see that

in your anxieties even if appreciation eludes you coming to me right now will

bring you greater Serenity make my shoulder your resting place your tired

head inhale deeply and keep in mind that my love Serenity power and Sanctuary

will be yours to enter even if others fail or leave you I cherish you care for

you and will be there to support you when you’re down focus on the calming Melody of my Holy Spirit which reassures

your spirit and reminds you of my immense love for you as life storms rattle your head if you’d like I may

switch it up to the gentle Melody of my Holy Spirit reassuring your spirit and reminding you of how much I love you

because I am by your side I can make everything work to your advantage are you going to seek me out pray and Be

watchful to wage battle against your enemy who stands between you and the blessings I want to give you who is more

powerful say it out write it with your arms think about it in your head and

then agree to it with all your heart who Among Us has the ability and will to

help you because I have shown you kindness I must and will do it you have

my whole attention you have a kind heart I know that you will learn and grow from

the hardships you face after this pain subsides you will find joy and plenty

don’t let fear or discouragement overwhelm you the blessings you’ve received will endure therefore I beseech

you to Kindle the fire inside you the fire that will keep you awake even when

you want to sleep keep in mind the times when you persevered through pain and the

nights when you prayed through tears I have the power to bless all of my children

and those blessings come to fruition at the right times just as you now share encouraging words with your siblings

when you receive my blessing remain in my presence and always make time for communion for even the smallest act has

great value in my sight on account of your good intentions and kind heart my

heavenly Kingdom will reward you your words have reached New Heights and I will reveal my plans for you as a result

I can do what you want me to do do even if it means going against your current acting

style everything seemed to be collapsing into a pit of despair you have to go

down on one knee and attempt to locate my guidance at just the right time if I

show you the way you’ll see the light at the end of your ordeal my words of consolation will raise you up until you

saw like an eagle you will recover strength like a buffalo and persevere

through hardship because your life’s Foundation is wrong Rock Solid unmoved by the storms that threaten to derail

you you won’t immediately notice my heavenly interventions but I assure you

that they will all become clear when the timing is Right provided you remain aware of the world around you and Marvel

at how the cosmos is synchronizing with your journey my artwork transcends the

mundane my Constant Friendship is apparent to you I’m taking advantage of your rules by always paying great

attention to my hushed conversations and giving in to your pleas the prayers of the righteous possess Limitless power

and through your petitions I Revitalize Your vitality releasing Miracles and

benefits stay true to your commitment and use my lessons as a beacon to light your path no matter how difficult life

gets hold on to the promise that I will always be here to help you through it

Let the Peace of my words calm your soul my beloved and return to the practice of

Prayer and meditation join me as we watch accomplishments materialize your doomed triumph over all

fears and hardships will transform Victory from a vague notion into a concrete reality my beloved daughter do

not give up praying for my return let our conversations flow like Rivers

resonating through the night and into the morning follow me with unfaltering devotion and I will shower you with

blessings stay the course my darling because I promise that the weight of your troubles will melt away as you

experience the Fulfillment of my promise of Eternal pleasure contentment and

serenity keep moving on without stopping my love thanks to your unwavering

resolve you will soon see the benefits you are due my dear go off the road I’ve laid out for you no matter how many

obstacles may attempt to pull you in the other direction never again will you let difficult circumstances derail your

progress or cancel out the rewards I’ve promised you please allow me to speak to

you from the bottom of your heart if you want the Heavens to open wide and if you

want to establish a connection to the Divine and Supernatural Realms then you must purify your heart of all negativity

and lawsuits you should protect your faith from the poison of criticism which may poison its authenticity even when it

is admirable stay away from friends who seem to be harboring suspicion jealousy

or resentment and don’t let your negative emotions or thoughts Fester these things could creep

up on you and ruin your faith when you least expect them choose smart companions now and commit firmly to

either believing in me or rejecting the great changes and benefits that are about to happen in your life numerous

miraculous things may come your way if you commit to religion have faith and reject pessimism you have chosen to

believe in me my love for you knows no limits my toddler clings to me wholeheartedly surrenders your doubts

and proceedings to me and ceases depending solely on your own energy as a

result you are on the verge of receiving Freedom the restoration of Harmony within your family Circle joy for your

soul and a Heart full of Happiness let me show you the Limitless love I have

for you and shower you with blessings if you so choose do you have faith in me

please tell me I am the god who will provide for you no matter what I will

never leave you high and dry put all your trust in me you may have faith in

every one of my assurances in good and bad times you can generally find my help

I will never leave you no matter how hard things become for you you and your loved ones may be certain that my

provision will grow over time it is my intention to provide you with the most

desirable what I just said proves it my intention is to provide you with s

sustance through perfect bread the finest wheat and honey that flows from my mystical energy my anointing and

blessings meet all your Necessities I have looked down upon you from the moment of your conception

blessing you and your family with life and a purpose from the moment of your birth may you and your loved ones have a

prosperous and happy life you will be safe from the attacks of the wicked defeat and poverty will have no place in

your home my Boundless Energy will destroy the enemy’s plots and their plans will crumble in my hands nothing

or no one can take you from me now that you’re at ease in my fingers if you continue to rely on my word a Guiding

Light that shows you the way even in the darkest hours and walk in trust I will

provide for all of your spiritual needs helping you to stay on Solid Ground my

words serve as both a light and a map guiding you into unex explored Realms while revealing Timeless principles and

deep insights ultimately bringing you Serenity and knowledge I am able to keep

your heart and lead your way without fail so have faith in me I will now ensure that you are safe as you make

your way through the shadows and down the dark roads the knowledge that I’m here to protect you should bring you

peace fear not the invisible diseases lurking in every problem and Hazard to

your home and health I’m here to give you the C courage and fortitude to keep

going beloved child accept the truth that is inside me have faith in what I

say I will guide your steps as I release you into my loving embrace you will feel

my Abundant Blessings and my unmatched peace which will envelop you and offer you calmness even in the most

tempestuous times how many times need I stress this crucial point to you your

fate isn’t always in the hands of other people no one has the power to curse you

or unleash retribution on you ignore those who stray from the straight and narrow lost in their own fantasies and

ill-informed attempts at Witchcraft and Magic direct your focus to my word make

your prayers a sacred communion and see I will send my Angelic troops to fight

your spiritual enemies as long as you stay true to my promise and immerse yourself in my love nothing or no one

can harm you face the difficulty ities that arise fearlessly do not let anxiety cast a cloud over your path as you read

these words I am here to provide Supernatural proof of my love prepare to experience an overwhelming wave of love

and extraordinary tenderness and maintain your resolve in the face of adversity your enemies will gather like

wolves eager to devour your motivation and break your heart if you show any sign of weakness your soul will be

filled with a calming solution alleviating the burden on your chest can you feel the change happening right

now you no longer need to feel discouraged or concerned about your location as you sew seeds right before

your eyes you can see the incredible growth keep up the good work of praying

and be mindful all of my promises will come true in your lifetime make it a religious Proclamation calling on the

name of my son Jesus grab a moment of your attention please I would rather

Express the Deep depth of my love for you and the many benefit benefits I anticipate from you my beloved I am

bearing news of great significance so please give me a little break understand that I’m not far away I have absolutely

not abandoned you the current events that have led to my distance from you which I attribute to your perceived

flaws and errors are something you can comprehend and I keep that in mind but

this view is incorrect nothing can divert my attention away from you my love for you since I can see into your

soul you are Eternal and unending like a fire that never goes out no matter how

far away or low you seem to be my love is constant and unwavering in the midst

of Life storms Beacon knows that nothing can put out the fire of my love it’s

stronger than any challenge you face even in times of Doubt when the world’s problems seem

insurmountable I love you more than everything else in the world and my love is stronger than any human knowledge or

Earthly barrier my darling know that my affection for you will never end having

seen firsthand the hardships you endure as a result of your lifestyle demands I am completely sensitive to your needs

and wishes rest assured I am constantly by your side I promise that I will never

leave you that my words and the people I bring into your life will always show

you how much I love you believe without question that I am always by your side

do not doubt the important message I am sharing with you today since I have been by your side from the start as your

writer my love for you goes beyond what meets the eye I have known all of your

aspirations Ambitions and plans since before the sector ever existed you fully

understand me find the unfaltering trust you have placed in me all by yourself

people may make lofty claims but none will be able to bless and protect you as I will you may have unwavering faith in

the truth that I provide avoiding threats and giving up benefits some of which may never come back perhaps this

is your chance put your trust in my ever enduring word still here strong and

unwaveringly true the time of decision is Drawing Near take refuge in my love

my Solace and my sanctuary and welcome the dawn taking in my word that lights

your way and injects purpose and Method without reservation since I an anxiously

await your voice regardless of your nation or emotions I keep my doors open

all the time and my ears perk up all the time will you be searching for me before the sun rises praying and experiencing

my love at this moment is perfect put yourself in my shoes and let the sweet

Aroma of your words kind compliments and sincere worship reflect your deepest

feelings when you talk to me make your aspirations constraints and doubts known

to me put your faith in me for I am your trusted companion the one who knows you

inside and out you have been through unanticipated moments of anxiety and storms of hardship disdain and brutality

have shattered your spirit leaving you gasping for air in the middle of your suffering my words will provide you with

the calm you need I have the power to strengthen your heart and provide you with peace even if you are weak and

vulnerable you must remain strong and courageous even if your problems seem overwhelming you may find comfort in my

company and know that I’m always here for you if you hold on to my promise do

not let uncertainty prevent you from reaping the rewards I am eagerly anticipating your journey I shower you

with love and kindness to let you know how much I treasure you and I bless you as a result the depth and permanence of

my love for you know no bounds on this Voyage I will not go alone toppling

Giants is only the beginning of my efficient hands Journey with you to your objective you are my dearly adored son

and daughter and I have given you the power to triumph over every challenge that comes your way the light I have

given you will drive your enemies away banish the darkness and lead you to

Great triumphs and rewards an armada of celestial beings keeps vigil over your

Voyage ensuring your protection through all challenges gather the anointing

cloak that I have placed over your shoulders and stand up immediately I am the powerful God who

will not let anything or anybody stand in your way you may rest certain that I

will protect you give you strength and guide you to success so that fear cannot

break your faith or your legs remain steadfast you are very important to me

and I will not let you down because I will share in your Triumph my magnificent and heavenly intentions for

you include you realizing your aspirations the adversary may have

attempted to bring you down by discouraging others and life may have dealt you many blows you are unaffected

by anybody or anything therefore those who insulted belittled or questioned

your faith need not be concerned anymore to protect soothe and strengthen you I

am here I shall enter your life with a powerful hand and a loving embrace you

have remain steadfast refusing to give in in the face of adversities and the

enemy’s efforts to seow Discord in your family workplace and home as well as

every painful and unhappy memory in your heart I understand that such circumstances are complicated and

difficult and they often hurt upset and depress you they often diminish your one

strong recovery so whatever has gone wrong in your life I will repair it stay

on your path and be straight and firm your enemy has made a beautiful effort to break your will to persevere but my

grace will keep you going I once told you that your faith even if it were a

mustard seed may be enough to make your prayers heard in heaven as a token of my

deep love for you I offer you comfort from that place I am aware of what you

need and I will provide it in accordance with my desires I am responding in this

present moment with the intention that you will gain something in the end stay calm and collected when you’re anxious I

dare you in the midst of Trials remember my words in response I would say that

God is my provider Shepherd guide and father he saves me every time and I know

that he will save me today too keep your focus squarely on the future I’ve planned for you stay true to the path

I’ve laid out for you and stay away from anything that might derail you tomorrow may try try to divert your attention

away from my lessons but I urge you to strengthen your intellect and stay focused on your goal we do not

appreciate skepticism and mental illness I’m always sensitive to your feelings and wants and I give you my serenity

along with my unwavering Faith since no one else can calm your troubled soul like I can you worshiped me while I was

here and I listen to your request to be present as I wait for my answer I am

filled with with joy and anticipation for the miracle I am about to accomplish inside you feel the fullness of joy that

comes from an overflow of affection as you allow the current of my love to carry you away I see your unwavering

conviction and Faith reflected in the way you go about your daily life I see

that you have put a lot of energy into your daily tasks and despite your great faith you claim business ignoring our

time together yet you wake up excited because you know I love and I’m always here you failed to completely embrace

the fresh water I provide during our times of prayer so issues and concerns

continue to build up in your spirit despite my efforts to dismiss them even if you can’t feel or see it your faith

is giving you the strength you need to weather the gradual death of your heart you are making great strides but be

careful not to stray if your profound need for my heavenly presence wains even if your faith is plain to see now is the

moment to establish a deep relationship with my Holy Spirit even though winds

may howl and seas may attempt to knock you down I will be your safe haven and

my hand will protect you I feel the pain and loss of those who relied on me the

slash wounds inflicted by merciless hate and The Ripped returns from broken hearts even when others treat you with

contempt your love will remain true to your core every sensation you’re

experiencing is real and I get it when your emotions are all over the place and you’re feeling the weight of

disappointment and stress you lean heavily on me I won’t pass judgment on your vulnerabilities and I know that

when danger is close at hand I can be of the most assistance to you the dread of

dying and losing is over night has broken I have revived your joy strengthened your faith and engraved

assurances of Trust on your coronary heart Paving the way for confident leaps today my blessings include a clear mind

the ability to see into the future and fresh aspirations based on my word

people who want to discourage you will continue to think that way unless you make an effort to persuade them

arguments and phrases will no longer change their minds in fact they will taunt you as you go down your effective

path as if you need real affirmation from those who have decided to lose

remember that I am here for you whenever you need me even when you’re alone and need someone

don’t lose hope or give up on your workouts I will soon place an Exquisite value on your life based on the

character you develop just being in your company for a few days piqued my curiosity your hand will firmly grab

Victory I never fail to show up at the precise moment you want my assistance I

am aware of the many hours spent in sorrow often without avarice as a result of your hardships let me demonstrate

that the weight on your heart is a profound desire to to return to me your whole existence knows that you are

helpless without me and your soul yearns for me sometimes it seems like life is

slipping away from you and you can’t seem to get the joy and contentment you want amidst your family’s daily EB and

flow there is a fountain before you its waters are blessings quenching your life

and eliminating grief soak in this water let it anoint your head and wash away

your sorrowful thoughts you will never thirst again your faith has produced

results my word is enough and you may expect recovery in the near future I

assure you because you let me in I am now a permanent resident of your home I

will remain for a while surveying your family and bestowing blessings upon them I will restore your joy and do Marvels

you can’t even fathom as a way to bless you beyond your wildest dreams I will

continue to arrange the parts in a way that fulfills the promises made in my statement my calm voice speaks directly

to your spirit so listen closely give me the weight you carry put your worries on

this pillow and confide in me about what’s bothering you praying word by word I will answer your prayers and help

you overcome your difficulties let yourself escape the grip of Fear believe

that even if you feel that your prayers are futile that I have abandoned you and that no one is paying attention

you will soore like doves as you bring your request to my Celestial Throne it is

unimportant how can I leave you behind I swear to you and I promise again that I

will never abandon you even if everyone you care about leaves you even your own

family your friends turn you down and the people you love forget about you I will still be absent from your life

story my very presence has the power to Electrify you and bring about a life

altering shift in your circumstances a person of unfaltering Faith blessed with unfaltering character

and Heavenly favor may you become have faith in me and my words my buddy

because I will instill in you a spirit of Excellence because you will be so magnificent those around you will be in

awe of the abundance of good fortune that is descending upon you I am here by

your side and my incredible energy is available to anybody who wants it regardless of whether they have a permit

or not stay committed to your quest without faltering stay steadfast get some exercise bow down and pray when my

children beg me to listen I never say no remember I am a master at all I do your

tears get my full attention whether you’re feeling depressed happy powerful or weak I know you intimately down to

the hair on your head I don’t think I really understand you my love but please know that you are still very important

to me rest assured I will be by your side no matter what I won’t abandon you

until I fulfill all my commitments remain calm and collected for their wicked actions will bring about their

inevitable outcomes in accordance with their nature people will harvest what

they sow Grace and choice May permeate your life providing you with appropriate

well-being and Tranquility my goal is to shape you into an intelligent and

cunning individual so that you may enjoy life to the fullest without ever having to worry about me or my beloved

activities making the right decisions and not letting fear stop you make sure

you never lose track of me always remember that you’re my treasured one my precious sapling the advantages of this

land are already written into your fate I chose you before the world’s muse ever

took shape in your mother’s womb I beckoned you to be a prosperous fortunate and Victorious person you need

not be afraid beloved child the mutterings of others should not dampen your spirits stay true to my teachings

let go of the critiques of Skeptics put your confidence in me let me guide you on your path and keep your distance from

those who aren’t on your side their words aim to inflict pain on you yet

their schemes to harm you will ultimately fail it would be great to be by your side offering support and

encouragement under the cover of my my wings I can Shield you from danger

ensuring that no one or thing can get to you never forget that I care about you

very much and that I have a firm grasp on your way of life I beg you let me

hold your hand and guide you into the future please let me fight on your behalf so that you may win every fight

please let my soul envelop and saturate you completely you will no longer walk the path of error or suffer through the

valley of despair as you mature you will become wise and Brilliant and you will always act

prudently instead of outlining your fate your current circumstances Herald the

arrival of something remarkable in your life you are moving closer to the blessings you want with each stride so

keep pushing ahead and upward embrace the power that is within you and let it

guide you towards a future filled with success and plenty regardless of how others see you or what your senses

reveal even if your days are filled with challenges accept them as genuine as I

have vanished from your spiritual vision and foresight realize that the difficult

circumstances you are facing are nothing compared to the Magnificent benefits that await you try to see the challenges

you face as stepping stones on the path to success quick faith is a guarantee of

the Miracles that await you my little newborn so hold on to it get your strength back and are you ready to face

the future without fear at this very moment you must fulfill the promises I

have given you never give into fatigue or the thought that your trip will always be fraught with difficulty you

have not failed nor have you succumbed to defeat those who are trying to bring

you down should pay no attention when they speak instead keep in mind that

Envy often follows those who wish they could get the favors that others have bestowed upon them they are wasting time

lamenting their past mistakes let go of what won’t work and fully immerse

yourself in this period of change and Rejuvenation please assist me in strengthening You by removing your

difficulties imagine a fresh day adorned with your many achievements as you stroll leisurely and easily toward it

soak in my affection and embrace resilience don’t allow the opinions of others to influence you learn learn to

forgive and let those who wronged you have a second shot at making amends cultivate the qualities of kindness and

compassion so that they may strengthen you and make you stronger every day give

those who have shut their doors every chance they can forgive those who have wronged you and grow in Love by doing

this my child the world will see that you are an extension of me and that you

are an extension of you remember that I am not alone with you you my mission is

to help you hike this mountain achieve the top and win in your lifestyle I will

bestow upon you the fortitude and perseverance to realize all your dreams my darling you must not give up now in

spite of setbacks you must not give up on your dreams and Ambitions mild desire never wains even in the worst situations

you’re not alone in this Wasteland but no one ever made it to the promised land without first passing through deserts or

overcoming obstacles and suffering hardships with me you have an everpresent guide and a support system

as solid as the cloud I will be a source of light and Solace during the day and a

rock of stability during the night providing you with shelter food and guidance believe me when I say that if

you listen to me and put my words into action you will receive Abundant Blessings that surpass your wildest

dreams do not lead him astray by giving in to the enemy’s Allure I have already

promised him he will try to throw you for a loop by convincing you that your problems are more important than your

faith and that your way of life is unjustified my darling all you’ve been through so far isn’t the end of your

story once other people comprehend your situation you might not lose this battle anymore I have heard your prayers and

I’m able to intervene with my mighty hand and angels to proclaim a new beginning you are about to undergo a

radical change in your way of life keep in mind that day after day uncertainty

persists even though my presence is plain to see you stand beside them just

hearing my words can put you at peace and the mystical power they contain is more than enough to give you life and

lift you up you might think I have no business being a part of your life but I

am captivated by Your Serenity confidence faith and modesty

my heart’s desire is to enter not just your private residence but your very being with a wave of my hand I will

break the bonds that bind you and alleviate your pain by inscribing healing phrases if even the heavens

listen to my voice all of your worries problems and suffering will fade away I

want to talk to you face to face because I want to see the joy contentment and hope that you feel when you spend time

with me I want to see the future and a new life for you thanks to you I’m able

to engulf you in the depths of my love and protect you from evil forces these

days that is the Legacy I give you on purpose please for God’s sake agree with

me and seize it your energy is preparing to receive my Holy Spirit who is now at

your disposal to restore and transform you now is not the time to wallow in mental Misery the severe consequences of

your transgressions are not warranted it may be a realm of pain but it is far

from overrun you have a promise from the supreme god take my word for it and

trust me no matter what no matter how difficult things get you will ultimately

Prevail you will be released from the bonds of hardship and your heart will be set free from regret and all forms of

Devastation when you rely on me I will fulfill all your earnest requests I look

forward to your morning presence with great anticipation in my heart every day your words are like Assurance

comprehension and faith that I will respond when you speak to me and for that I am grateful your needs are

Paramount to me and I would never abandon you because I am your Confidant I can be there for you when you are too

tired to stand on your own you can rest your weary head on my shoulder and tell me everything that’s on your mind I no

longer shy away from making decisions and I hold no anger towards your methods or Secrets the finest people who look

forward with determination a desire to succeed and perseverance in faith will

emerge successful in my perfect timing and I take my words and recite them for your heart as possibilities you will

achieve Victory when it comes to reconciliation there is a wide open door

for you embrace the power of forgiveness as you navigate life’s challenges those

who scorned and hurt you will eventually learn to appreciate and even return your

favor they will understand that I am by your side at all times on your network

you will inevitably Take the Lead helping many is what you’re doing have faith in it gather yourself and be calm

you will not be short of anything may you receive Abundant Blessings view them wisely and humble yourself in prayer

sincere appreciation for the benefits that are still ahead even though some of them have not yet materialized if

possible thank them them be joyful and trusting in your prayers for they will grant you the power to control

electricity and make my heavenly home ReSound the words falling from your mouth are like swords slashing through

despair uncertainty Melancholy and any other negative thoughts say your prayers

out loud and keep thanking God praise be to God my love for you is unwavering and

my blessings are constant no matter how many critics there are remain steadfast

in your fa faith and give me some thought my darling you possess the power to overcome any obstacle push past the

obstacles and seize the many benefits that are waiting for you today with my unfaltering love and energy I stand

before you prepared to fill your soul with the courage to face the future head

on embrace the certainty that I will be with you every step of the way even when

the journey seems insurmountable pause for a moment to think about the promise I made to you

that when the Seas no longer terrify you I will make you walk on water imagine

yourself navigating perilous seas and parched deserts enabled by the supernatural power I will impart upon

you my love for you is unconditional and unfathomable I want you to feel its

Embrace feel the power of my heavenly presence which is with you now to bring you comfort and greatness I am shaping

your fate I am crafting a gracious and blessed path for your faith faithful steps let me strengthen You Mend your

broken heart and remove the fears that would paralyze you with each passing moment I am shaping you into a more

mature and fortunate individual prepared to welcome the many turns that your life’s path will take as you embrace the

Abundant Life I have planned for you they’ll elude your grasp from time to time but they won’t stop my Supreme

manipulation so please give into my nurturing accept it I will never leave

your side in the faith of human error things might also develop in a mysterious way being patient is a virtue

put your faith in me and consider the repercussions I act in accordance with my intentions my love for you Knows No

Limits and dispels any uncertainties or fears that may obscure your judgment so

you can rest assured that my Endeavors are for your welfare not my sovereignty even though you don’t know the motive in

the face of life’s challenges all I plan is to help you succeed your pain is real and I feel it my love

will heal your wounds you can find the answers you’re looking for by interacting with me and yourself you

will be granted considered and receive Tranquility as you pursue unwavering

religion when you are in need of comfort I will provide you with Tranquility my

loved ones know that my feelings for you are enormous far-reaching and

extraordinary I work tirelessly for your benefit fueled by an infinite well of love I can no longer ignore your

unwavering strength it has always brought me joy my compassionate eyes

have come to a deep understanding of the vastness of my Mercy the depth of my

love for you and the enormity of my grace regardless of your flaws my goal

has always been to strengthen you inspire you rekindle your spirit and shower you with blessings that prove my

love for you is real prepare with a firm Faith boldly navigate any deceptions you

may encounter on your journey avoid diversions and avoid those insignificant matters that do not contribute to your

predetermined fate Point your Consciousness in the direction of where I am no matter what stick to your faith

in me pray constantly study my teachings thoroughly put your family first and

make my presence known as your top priority you are about to experience a significant Boon have faith faith in

this because it will definitely come to pass if my response seems to be running behind schedule don’t budge continue to

improve regardless of limitations when you bring your chin down in shame or fixate on the floor

there is a chorus regardless of what others say never lose sight of who you really are a son or daughter of God

washed clean by the blood of the Lamb highly prized by your heavenly father and adored by all who dwell in heaven

make this feeling of belonging a permanent part of who you are you are usually the object of my Everlasting

affection you are mine and I am yours accept and think about this fact if you

open your mouth I can fill it with major benefits it would be my pleasure to present it to you think of me my darling

have complete faith that I will be there for you blessing and supporting you every step of the way there will be

times of difficulty and tests but you must never question the love of your heavenly father I maintain a keen

observation and am consistently attentive enabling me to clearly hear your requests and desires my promises

remain firm just as I have said in spite of the Relentless attempts by your enemy

to make you give up on your dreams and Ambitions remember these words and bury them in your soul you are now under my

protection so his efforts will fail my glor blowing sword and my power hand protect you my words will always serve

as the foundation for your success look into the reflection of my mighty vows

and rest assured that you are immensely valuable to me when you’re bewildered

your personal feelings can cause you to hold on to unrealistic ideas and beliefs

which can lead to the most ambitious conflict you’ve ever experienced they could drag you down if you’re not

careful stay strong and resilient in the face of ADV adversity you are not

powerless over your emotions or the circumstances regardless of the source

destructive information or seemingly bad circumstances put your fears to rest

because I am in charge at all times you are among the chosen Washed by my blood

and filled with my spirit and I orchestrate all things for the benefit of those I cherish you possess the inner

strength to overcome any obstacle believe that even your failures can turn into your triumphs if you cling to me

completely seeking refuge in my Everlasting Love and Tranquility your hardships will cease and you and your

loved ones will Thrive as time goes on what your long awaited dreams come true

as the plans I have for you come to fruition maybe exhaustion is a normal part of life but when issues cast a

shadow and you feel helpless remember that I am with you always even in the

darkest hours have no fear my darling your loving father will never leave you

can you tell me right now whether what I’ve said is true does my hug provide you with Comfort our adventure starts

right now every morning get up prepared to hear my voice and remember all the

ways I have worked miracles in your life take stock of the ways my message has healed you from the pain of previously

insurmountable obstacles you have had my steadfast support up to this point

refrain from giving up and hold on to the gains you’ve achieved going forward

I want you to greet each morning with an attitude of thankfulness and a receptive Embrace of this heavenly message even

though I know that tremendous benefits are on the way even if it’s hard to tell right now have faith that everything is

happening for a reason and that I will shower you with blessings when this chapter ends you will soon get clarity

character traits such as trust patience expectation faith and reliability are crucial thanks

to your dogged determination you have already received several blessings and plenty more are on the way I realize

that your love goes beyond material things you may think of me as a multitude of things your creator your

friend your king your father and your God keep believing in what I say and

promise no matter what comes your way always remember that I will never let you feel defeated or ashamed and and

keep me first in your life be careful who you hang out with you don’t want those who will try to bring you down and

steal your faith you may be certain that this difficult circumstance will not last forever I will make sure to show up

promptly and get the job done I understand your discouragement yet while these tests May test your faith I urge

you not to waver but rather to go on because I am certain that you will soon

recommit yourself to the road that will lead to my rich benefits for those unshakable in faith I am the

orchestrator of Marvels your all powerful Creator I have the ability to

change things for the better and meet all of your needs even in the worst of times only I can lift the uncertainties

that have been plaguing you and I will never fail to provide for your every need if you put your trust in me I will

be a lighthouse that guides you on your journey my intentions for you are boundless and ever presentes like lights

in the great night sky they will guide you through the darkest nights I will

always be here for you and my love for you will last forever pay attention to

the soft murmur echoing in your soul and go on with steadfast trust and hope

before you know it you will see how everything is falling into place and you will see my powerful hand at work

improving your life stay trusting and believing in me I beg you give up

worrying about things you you can’t change my darling because I am in charge of everything do not be scared the

kindness you have asked for will come to you be on the lookout for possibilities they will come crashing down on you like

a mountain of blessings and you will discover that life is better than you could have imagined always keep in mind

that I am working behind the scenes to ensure your success and prosperity trust

that I will act in due time and don’t let your trust die out do not be afraid

of the difficulties you will face in life behind every problem is a chance for you to develop learn and become

stronger carve these words into your soul and stand firm against the Relentless attacks of your enemy who

wants to make you give up on your aspirations by spreading fear and doubt

his efforts will fail because I am protecting you my mighty hand will protect you and my shiny sword will

fight for you ultimately my word will be the foundation of your success when

you’re confused your emotions may take over and cause you to believe things that aren’t true which is why I think

the hardest struggle is frequently the one you fight inside yourself you should

exercise caution as they may drag you down avoid allowing your emotions to dictate your actions or succumbing to

the sense of powerlessness stemming from your current circumstances keep your courage and

trust in me no matter what comes your your way I am in charge and I will work

everything out for the good of my beloved I have chosen you cleansed you with my blood and bestowed upon you my

spirit enabling you to conquer any challenge I promise that everything will work out for the best if you lean on me

and find solace in my unending affection your hardships will cease and you and

your loved ones will Thrive as time passes you will see the Fulfillment of your deepest desires and the completion

of the plans I have set in motion you may experience fatigue from time to time

it’s normal but when difficulties cast a shadow over you and you feel helpless

remember that I am with you always even in the darkest hours have no fear my

darling your loving father will never leave you do you believe what I’ve said

does my hug provide you with Comfort I will keep a careful eye on you my kid nothing bad will happen to you under the

shelter of my wings you will be safe don’t fear night terrors or daytime

calamities don’t let bad news discourage you and don’t be afraid of hidden diseases for I am your constant

protector and Defender from the first light of day to the last Light Of Night

may my love and protection engulf you in every aspect of your path whether it is pleasure or sadness no matter what you

can always count on my unending devotion and care as I Stand By Your Side you are not walking this road alone my love in

my role as your protector I will keep you and your loved ones safe from danger

they are safe from danger because my precious blood creates an unbreakable barrier I provide more than just

security I swear to keep your loved ones safe from harm by erecting an impenetrable barrier between them and

any danger that may come their way I am fully dedicated in good and bad times I

will be there to provide for and protect you you will not face this storm alone

whether it is peace peaceful Tranquility or the wroth of a tempest I am here

prepared to help you out and come to your rescue tell me what’s on your mind am I the only one who doubts our love

for you we are one you can conquer your fears if you keep working to eliminate

roadblocks Vanquish your adversaries and mend your emotional wounds I am opening

the gates of Heaven and the doors of opportunity for you because I have selected you to succeed in everything

stop putting yourself down this is not an invitation it is an order to stop

questioning your value and start celebrating the wonderful things you are capable of doing with my assistance and

Power in spite of how many times I’ve told you this I still want you to know that you are never really alone I have

given you the tools you need to succeed rely on me and have confidence I’m

always with you giving you the knowledge fortitude and brains to overcome any obstacle no matter how daunting it may

seem remain steadfast even when faced with a united front of enemies trust me

I’ll come to your rescue face these challenges headon by fully embracing this idea and letting go of whatever

concerns uncertainties or anxieties you may have there will be no more negativity in your house ever again

experience the peace that surrounds your home now your doors and windows will not be in danger my guardian angels surround

your family ready to protect them from any spiritual attack make sense of this

reality random chance did not create you you and Pen are the ones I chose to

recount the tale of your lives before the cosmos came into being even before

you were born I loved you and gave you the unwavering will and fortitude of a champion because of all you’ve been

through you’re stronger than most people around you I utter these words to

instill Tranquility within you to persuade you of the significant purpose of your existence to silence those who

have disregarded my guidance and to force them to confront the repercussions of their actions keep your distance

don’t try to fit in with their group or beg for help from them in my presence

you will find the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit who are always there to encourage you all the necessary elements

for Success are in your possession if you want my promises to come true for you and and your loved ones put your

faith in this Divine word and stop looking to imperfect people for inspiration and fulfillment the almighty

is your everpresent unfaltering source of power and assistance this is a

once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change your trajectory with unwavering Faith to

recognize that you are navigating a supernatural domain and to make the most of this remarkable day I wish that right

now all of your dreams come true this is the perfect moment in the midst

of these trials you will find Priceless lessons that bring you closer to your life’s purpose as you relish the

blessings that are coming your way I will lend a helping hand to those around you offering Solace to The Afflicted and

Sharing Hope with the despairing through acts of generosity you will find joy and

profound satisfaction in Sharing through love and kindness you have the power to

change the world becoming a light house for those around you my love for you is

expansive and Powerful my love has no bounds My Serenity will envelop you while you walk this Earth my precious

child my love will envelop you when you sleep and my love will always be there

no matter what you are loved beyond measure and my love will be with you forever may you find the fortitude to

face adversity headon and the happiness to Revel in every Victory be brave and

place your trust in me the next chapters of your tale will be brimming with happiness optimism and love Grace and

peace be with you now and always never give into hopelessness things will work out for the best if you just keep

believing in your destiny my darling be calm remain calm and collected those who

chose evil should not discourage you keep away from those who would lead you astray and instead follow my path to

Justice their behavior should not influence you as you open your mind and

heart to my message let my spirit operate in you what you are about to receive is not a matter of chance but

rather a manifestation of my deep desire and Good Will towards your life nothing

can stop the blessings from flowing into your life because everything I do is filled with purpose and intention you

will no longer carry the weight of sorrow or recall the pain of the past this is the beginning of a new chapter

in which I will really satisfy all of your wishes hopes and dreams it will be

provided to every single SLE you will not be at the end of life’s activities

but rather in front of them since I am molding you into a successful and affluent person everything that has

happened is a result of your steadfast commitment and Devotion to my Divine message it is not a coincidence I

understand that maintaining your dedication is not always a picnic in the past you may have wandered from my

lessons and felt aimless yet like the dawn your future Splendor will outshine

your past and your benefits will grow Beyond Your Wildest Dreams helping the

ill the homeless and the impoverished in whatever way you can has not gone

unrecognized all of your efforts will not go unnoticed you will succeed my darling no matter how difficult things

become you will eventually achieve all of your dreams and Ambitions I am here to help you succeed in all that you for

so there is nothing that can stand in your way from the moment of your creation until now my Divine will will

abundantly shower you with blessings no matter how dark the road ahead may seem

my beloved do not give up my love will be your Everlasting Refuge a beacon that

shines through The Darkest Hours helping you find your place in this world and the strength to face whatever difficulty

you may face my radiation will shine a light on your path you have a mission

that is distinct and extraordinary it can only come to completion with your help do not allow worries and doubts to

distort your view have faith that I will be there for you no matter what no

matter what happens in this crazy world I love you my love for you is strong and

constant when your worries become too much to bear put them in my hands I’m

here to ease your worries and put them to rest what I want is for you to find

my my company while you are alone discover everlasting love

understanding and solace in your moments of grief keep moving forward my darling

because I know that you are here for a reason you gain tremendously from every experience even the worst ones keep in

mind that being alone is Just an Illusion real Solitude is an illusion my

spiritual source which you may not recognize pours the power you underestimate no matter what you face I

will be by your side celebrating with you when you succeed and supporting you when you fall believe in the complex

plan I have made for you it is full of promise and will bring you wonderful rewards in the future never fear the

sign you’ve been waiting for will materialize bearing testimony to the Fulfillment of all your deepest

yearnings I know how lonely it may be and how difficult it can seem to face seemingly insurmountable obstacles

nevertheless please know that you are not alone you may always count on my

unfaltering presence standing by your side get over your emotional baggage

stop beating yourself up over failures of the past and start living life to the fullest trust me more and more as your

faith deepens listen my darling I may ask you to do things that don’t make

sense but know that I’ve chosen you to bring Good Fortune to the people you

care about you are embracing your identity as my beloved child and

overcoming self-imposed limitations therefore you cannot stay you have

learned to live in emotional poverty as a result of your past experiences today

you make important connections and make intelligent judgments aligning yourself

with my will even when terrible events teach you vital lessons prepare yourself for a new Supernatural era brimming with

Mighty Miracles and you’ll be ready to succeed possibilities brimming with

optimism fortitude and Delight are what you may look forward to they are

properly yours so accept them without hesitation I will shower you with

benefits and you will weep with delight keep hope alive while I listen I will

shield you from harm and lend you a hand with my mighty hand I heal deliver rescue and give come to me with all your

heart and keep in mind the Wonders I’ve planned for you now remain Vigilant

Focus intently and allow my message to fully engulf you Embrace The Gentle

caress of my soul a sign that a new chapter is beginning for you wave farewell to hostility and destructive

forces allow the current of my love to sweep you away today listen carefully when I speak softly pay attention when I

cry out softly and welcome my loving guidance particularly when I am Stern I

get it sitting around for anything may be a real pain even though you may feel

like time is running out on you and there are plenty of reasons to quit I urge you to be Resolute in your faith I

am giving these benefits and gifts to you and the circumstances you are now in are like a refining process that is

strengthening you from the inside out I your God am preparing your future and it

will be absolutely wonderful and blessed you are unbreakable resistant to theft

or interference and you refuse to give up or give in I will guide you through

these challenges and establish you in a realm of Honor blessings and

Tranquility excuse me would you mind waiting a little longer give this some thought how are you going to proceed

Please be aware of this I have something very important to tell you today and I love you very much please pay close

attention pay attention to these words they are meant to be for your benefit so

that you may feel protected corrected blessed and deeply loved even in the midst of your suffering my

eternal goal is to bathe you in love and wrap you in Heavenly peace but there’s

an important item I need to take care of for your inner recovery because you sink into the recesses of my heart pay close

attention to what I’m going to do next I am capable of anything and during this

wonderful time of getting to know me you have been seeing understanding and believing that my word is truth

unchanging however however there is one thing that isn’t quite right and I don’t want to make you feel guilty or make you

want to give up so I am bringing this to your attention listening to and acting

upon your blessings will help you increase which is why I want to emphasize this in the moment that you

shut off the lights of this world your heart will shine brighter than ever before and your life will change

dramatically you may finally let go of your fears since you know for sure that I am here turn off the lights relax soak

it all in and accept my peace and quiet you understand that the night doesn’t mean you’re alone as this truth will

always ignite within you my affection extends to you I think it’s true you

have my undying affection and I will never abandon you let me be the one to comfort you wipe away your tears wrap my

arms around you and take away the sting of any bitterness in your heart my love

for you is sweet and my compassion is kind let it fill you my little one today

more than ever you need my presence and I want you to feel better about it I’m

here to ask for your faith not to impose my will in exchange for my Tranquility I

will not impose any conditions on you although I am aware that your heart has endured much suffering my intention is

to help it repair and heal and all I ask is that you let me approach your fear

it means a lot to me that you are willing to talk to me that you trust me completely and that you are ready to let

me in on your innermost feelings even though you didn’t say much the truth and

purpose behind what you did say were Priceless when I heard your voice this morning nothing else will do the

constant struggle for your survival takes place in your thoughts where the enemy tries to plant seeds of

uncertainty confusion and worries in the end he intends to break your faith in

the love I have bestowed upon you I have loved you before I love you now and my

love for you will last forever refrain from ever letting yourself feel abandoned you may be sure that I have

never abandoned you please know that I have done many things for you and I hope

that you will not forget them every morning when you wake up the words I’m about to share with you will connect to

your heart your first order of business should be to pray in my name and give

thanks for another day because you are so important to me I want to shower you with blessings that no one has ever seen

before keep moving forward and don’t give up slander or rumors must not

discourage you I love you my beloved kid and I say it with the utmost sincerity

at all times you are my beloved and my affection for you is deep my love is so

great that you should never let any doubts or feelings of insignificance take root

give some thought to all that I have done for you allow these Deeds to strengthen your will to endure and be

steadfast in your Pursuits you invite accusation and unrest the moment you let

negative ideas in therefore protect yourself from them you will lose your

Serenity happiness and life if you believe the threats and accusations of people who want to hurt you your words

will Proclaim my presence your thoughts will reflect my nature your hands will write my words and your faith in me will

be unwavering you must never doubt the eternal love I have for you regardless

of how difficult today or any day in the future may be no matter how much

distance or abandonment you feel I Will Never back down from my promise the

reason for this is that you are growing closer to me in order to remain unmoved by the challenges that life throws your

way I am your Shepherd so you need not fear in times of Plenty or famine no

matter how many people try to bring you down I will give you and your loved ones nothing but happiness and prosperity may

my compassion and blessings be with you on your trip they cover up their perversions with white paint under the

guise of sound theology while appearing to be friendly they act dishonestly stay

away from those who would do you harm they will get what’s coming to them do not stop going forward do not falter in

your faith walk follow my message and heed my voice if you want things to go

well for you listen to my advice and I promise you that realize that my written

word which unlocks its pages is inside your spirit keep them in your thoughts

hold them dear in your heart believe in them wholeheartedly obey them with lordly Fidelity and walk through them

with love and Trust they hold immense gifts and everlasting life so your heart and soul will spring with

excitement when you find them please hear this message and hold it close to your heart my child for I will fulfill

your every want and desire the love I have for you and my desire to see you

succeed in everything that you do will ensure that nothing can stand in the way of my blessings on your life my love

covers your trespasses like a protecting shroud and My Sacrifice washes your iniquities away like a river embrace the

life altering power of my resurrection the secret to extraordinary and far-reaching transformation there is no longer any

time to delay I am the divine presence that shows you the way to change accept

responsibility for your mistakes ask for my forgiveness and have faith in my steadfast promise that I will erase all

memory of your transgressions I have sealed your gift with my own precious blood and you

embody the truth that the un’s adults have altered your forgiveness is permanent and

unending not just temporary you are free from shame crushing weight and your

transgressions crushing clutches identifying this fact accepting it completely living it every day and most

importantly believing in it are all completely within your freedom refrain

from punishing yourself and do not allow your previous transgressions to drag you down I am certain that I can handle the

Fallout from your errors I will want just your naive and unassuming trust

please understand that I’m not requesting flawlessness from you but rather your dedication to feeding

yourself the words of wisdom that emanate from my heavenly teachings listening to these messages

may help spread the Limitless benefits that come from my promises to your loved ones I want to shower you with blessings

but I also want you to know that you shouldn’t let other people’s thoughts and assessments influence you make the

most of the life I have generously bestowed upon you break free from the shackles of what others expect of you

there is no need to seek acceptance from others if you Delight me with your steadfast devotion and Faith Keep Your

Inner Peace unshaken by the comments of others instead live an upright life full

of humility and righteousness treating everyone with compassion and fairness in

times of trouble loss and uncertainty my the Holy Spirit Will confront and handle

the jealousy of others who dare to belittle you because your heart is clean in my sight I hear and answer your

prayers filled with unwavering faith and trust in my direction as a result I

declare today that I will give you the signal you sought the passionate cry that came from your heart now I am

reaching out to you pouring my love and peace into your life so that you may feel my constant presence and see all

your dreams come true with incredible power I tirelessly strive to open doors

for you creating opportunities for blessings that will mold you into a successful and happy individual do not

be afraid I will plan every step of the way for you as you embark on that path

of trust I will set everything in motion so that you may be healthy wealthy and

happy Grace and kindness will envelop you I will meet your requirements because I am committed to see seeing

your goals and desires come true let me take control of your life and guide you through its twists and turns I am

meticulously plotting a course of benefits for you so don’t let the present worry you regardless of the

burden you’re carrying or the obstacles that may be ahead I am here to guide you through this life’s journey and assure

you that you will succeed do not dwell on the fact that your situation is

impossible keep on embracing the core of this sacred message message I’ve already

given you an idea of the many benefits that are on the way now sit in peaceful

contemplation and let me explain listen carefully to this message because its power is so great that it will change

your life in the present moment your worries will fade your health will improve your mind will be free of

anxiety and your character will change drastically with awe witness the

transformation of this spiritual rebirth into luminous energy let the divine

intervention wash over you as you immerse yourself in these words they will relieve your mental and physical

burdens and bring about a deep change in who you are May the boundless strength

of my love provide you with solace in this time of great transition leading

you to a refreshed and rejuvenated life may the Sweet Melody that flows through

your voice a song My Holy Spirit has given you from this day forth slowly quench the fires of wroth and

irritation declare from the depths of your being that you have received and

believed the compassionate message that God has spoken to you my deepest desire

is to Grant your every wish to bless you abundantly and to help you succeed in

everything that you do even if my presence appears undetectable or nebulous you should not be confused or

lonely I am always here to support you just like I said before I hope you will

find a time in your life when you can let go of the things that are weighing you down soothe your mind and give me a

call as eagerly as a gentle breeze Whispers in your ear I am anticipating

the opportunity to embrace you and listen to your voice stay the course and

you will succeed my dearest child I will hold you close and provide you with

comforting warmth and embrace your life will be a testimony to my heavenly power

because I’m here to help strengthen and Elevate you I will never leave your side

my son put your trust in me rather than in the fleeting things of this world

because chasing after these things will only lead to misery I provide pleasure

blessings and happiness as an alternative to suffering and misery my darling trust me wholeheartedly and go

on fearlessly you may be certain that my love surrounds supports and protects you

I will always adore you no matter how many times you fall in times of need I

will be the one to hold your hand and lead the way I adore you my darling you may always trust my love and loyalty no

matter how much you try you will never be able to separate yourself from me my love for you is an unmar favor that

Grace has bestowed upon you and it is eternal and unbreakable you will always remember

today as the day when you achieved a remarkable win with my my own blood I

cemented these vows Good Fortune will come your way in my presence you will

receive the blessing of eternal life there will be an end to the anguish and tears this is your signal glance around

the difficulties your facing will go away we’re sending the assistance you requested we will make the necessary

arrangements for you today has solidified my love for you profra tell

me you believe in me and that you love me I get that things don’t always work out the way you want them to and that

may be frustrating I am here to help you with anything that’s bothering you by

turning what seem like wrongs into something positive and significant my immense power will be on display in your

life I will never put you in a situation where your life is in danger because you

are very valuable to me follow the signals I give you and stay away from roads I haven’t told you to take take

comfort in the fact that I can see and comprehend things that you cannot protecting you from threats that lie in

weight I can clearly understand the motivations behind people’s thoughts and actions just so you know not all

individuals who request to be your friend are sincere undeterred by phony

friends who disappear at the first sign of trouble keep going no matter what we

hear your prayers everything that appears to be wrong in your life is really our way of answering your prayers

for protection from harm evil and Liars my beloved child I am well aware of how

much you want me to save you from these difficult circumstances hold on to the faith

you’ve put in me and the Grandeur and wonder what lies ahead I beg you to keep

going that is of the utmost importance don’t allow the state of the world to

discourage you and liberate yourself from the shackles of worry and regret

right now now I want you to know how powerful my love is when I become a

Guiding Light in the lives of the people I care about there is always hope for a new start a chance to rewrite your

narrative with my powerful hands I can write a better future for you than anything you could have

imagined find the Insight you need for every action You Take by relying just on

my instructions and ignoring the world’s judgments throughout your journey have

unwavered in faith in me pay heed to my speech because it contains the shity of

a lighted Road leading to plenty and everlasting happiness rest assured the

challenges you are facing now are only a stepping stone to the incredible things that lie ahead by embracing each problem

as an opportunity you can strengthen yourself develop your character and be ready for your exceptional Destiny there

is no need for discouragement to hold you back on your path instead have faith

in the abilities I have given you and believe that nothing is impossible no matter how difficult the road may be I

promise that I will always have wonderful things in store for you including the chance to achieve your

wildest Ambitions and bring your deepest aspirations to fruition be brave and

persistent my kid because in doing so you will discover the way to Ultimate riches and serenity if you believe you

will achieve it I am listening at all times so keep praying I have EX ENT things planned for you including many

blessings I have been saving all of my wonderful blessings until the day of your creation and I can’t wait to share

them with you today you my beloved creation are an expression of my infinite grace and love the universe has

meticulously crafted every single object to fulfill your desires and bring you

Joy realize that all of your desires are exactly what you’ve really requested

from me abounding blessings are at my my fingertips as I fill your heart with

calm and serenity I will show you the real meaning of rest assured so you may breathe easily keep your trust strong

for I am leading you and getting you ready for Success realize that nothing happens overnight and that there will be

times when I have to change things so that you have an easier time of it rest assured I have never left you pulled

away or neglected you in any way everything I promised you has come to fruit fruition and my dedication will

never waver your time has come put your faith in me gather all your might and

Stand Tall escape this depression while you endure the most difficult times I

will be by your side to help you care for your spirit and mend any wounds it may have sustained no matter how hard

things become for you I will never leave you or ignore the feelings of love I have for you you have my undying love

and devotion and I will never stop leading the way your feelings of frustration and hopelessness were

audible to me I want you to know that no matter how bad things get there has

always been a door in front of you I am the path you must follow for your future

and life I am your hope your door and your truth have unshakable faith that I

will show you the way out of your troubled times if you decide to believe and come to me in the midst of it all I

will bring you out of your worries when the time is right I will make you more patient give you more strength and bless

you with calm if you ever feel that waiting is too much you’re about to go onto the stage where you can realize the

dreams you’ve always had so hold on tight you can find all the help you need in me I think do not put your progress

at risk by making rash decisions that could jeopardize your progress keep

going forward with confidence and wisdom as as you enter the land of your blessings and wealth this is a moment of

great rewards for you and your family keep these words in mind as you enter

the promised land you’ve been unwavering in your commitment and faith I am

prepared to shower you with blessings and you are also ready to accept them give in to the good moments let go of

the bad feelings of faia and welcome the good days that are ahead every one of my

cherished children is Bound for greatness I’m about to make a strong proclamation to you their narrative does

not include failure there are no limits to my affection for them when they stumble I am there to help them get back

on their feet in the face of mistakes they stand tall I forgive them with

boundless love and tolerance as they admit it their confidence in my promises is unshakable and they pick themselves

up dust themselves off and go on never losing sight of the prize a future where

my children may succeed because they’re humble enough to ask for forgiveness when they feel wronged and strong enough

to put their shame and humiliation behind them in all your years you have

never failed when you’re defenseless the enemy tries to take you away because he

feeds on your weaknesses have faith that what has been stolen will be returned to you in full

it was never my intention for your difficulties to be greater than your strength in the face of adversity I will

release you from your shackles and set you free I don’t want you to wallow in misery and isolation some people may try

to exploit you because they’re jealous of your brilliant future the choice is yours in this NeverEnding struggle your

enemies can cause emotional and mental weakness but your faith is a powerful

weapon that can overcome any obstacle in your path even if you mess up if you

submit to the guidance of my Holy Spirit you will succeed my responsibilities have been

met with stead fast resolve you may achieve salvation and leave a legacy of

Triumph and benefits there is a spiritual world just beyond this one and I have come to

remind you of this as you stand on the edge maintain the progress you’ve made

as an integral part of your everyday life your efforts have not been in vain family approval is less important keep

your focus where it needs to be your determination and Faith are unwavering boldly and fearlessly go on many people

have given up on their dreams and now face Doom but your destiny will unfold differently you feel my presence all

around you my spirit rules your house your Abode will be filled with gladness

as Divine blessings and Gifts pour down upon you those who go with contrite

spirits will come back bringing with them a period of of peace and forgiveness be not afraid I will be

right with you because I am your God you should not be afraid I will strengthen

you encourage you and raise you up I have showered you with benefits from the Heavenly Realms hoping that your

family’s Outreach to those in their Inner Circle will demonstrate my Majesty

many will find solace in you it is your destiny to provide healing this just flawed me even though I told you to be

strong you’ve gone above and beyond by deciding to face every obstacle headon

you are now a model of integrity and devotion and you have gone above and beyond my

expectations the fact that the seeds I sewed in you have grown into something so beautiful fills me with delight this

pends better more modern days to come until you reach the promised land where

joy and prosperity are plentiful you are going Beyond Your Wildest Ambitions I

understand that particularly from those who claim to care about you the haze of jealousy and rejection May seep into

your perceptions of the world they refuse to acknowledge your positive qualities and instead focus on bringing

you down by bringing up hurtful memories that they hope will crush your spirit in

this present instant as you have shown faith and perseverance through difficult times now

is the time to make a deliberate Choice have an attitude of Triumph don’t allow anybody to bring you down or control

control your emotions and keep fighting for what you believe in you are mine and

I will reveal my love to you while standing firm against any enemy who tries to get into your head if you will

just listen to my word and let my promises be your Guiding Light put your

faith to the test or plant the seeds of Doubt ignore the disturbing ideas that

crop up when you’re in the thick of things when the tension Rises the choices seem insurmountable and the

spiritual load seems heavy please feel at ease in my company peace and optimism are here for you my

unwavering commitment to loving and protecting you is unaffected by the seriousness of your problems please do

not assume that I planned these experiments rest assured with the help of my powerful hand you will emerge from

this area you could find it difficult to Bear the weight and dwelling on what might happen can cause you emotional

distress let go of whatever is weighing you down I I promise you will feel better soon you will not live the life

I’ve planned for you if you’re always fretting about what could happen you have vowed to bring about the miracle

you want in order to open doors for yourself so do not bow down or allow

fears to overtake you I will never leave your side and all I say will come to

pass I take care of the days the evenings were mine rest comfortable

knowing that I have everything under control even when you have trouble sleeping because you think think about a

lot of things fear has no place in my life if it attempts to overpower me I

will stand solid meet it headon and Proclaim it spread my joy experience

life to the utmost and discover Joy even in the face of adversity with a soothing

voice I will reassure you that my hand is on your shoulder and that I will give you the fortitude to endure any trial if

you put your trust in me and do what I say my word will be full of promises that will strengthen your faith when

times are tough keep on you haven’t battled hard enough to quit may God

multiply your faith bravery and strength today and teach you to maintain patience

even when your soul is weary tell yourself there’s nothing to be scared of and try to remain calm be sure that the

light of dawn which will bring in a new age is coming soon your unwavering

dedication to the voyage driven by emotions of of Wonder and Delight will pave the way for an extraordinary

chapter to develop May the promises I have interwoven into your life come to

spectacular fruition as you embark on the path of Spiritual Development and Divine Purpose may your voice resonate

with this resounding confidence always keep in mind that the Lord has a purpose

for your life that he has orchestrated your every step and that he has given you the ability to make a difference in

the world via your special talents let us while we wait for God’s plan to be

revealed walk in faith having confidence in his timing and being true to his love

I pray that his holy spirit dwells fully in you lighting a fire that aligns your words thoughts and actions with his will

I am Christ my beloved child dwelling at the center of your being and integral

element of your existence the source of your hope and the radiant Aura of concealment that surrounds you with love

rather than resonating from some distant Vantage Point may my words float to you

from the Hallow depths where my spirit dances eternally with yours soothing your tired coronary heart as they

envelop your soul listen closely beloved because you are never walking this path

of life alone on the darkest of nights and the brightest of days the same hand

that shaped the world and held it in its womb reaches out to you this bond is

more than a passing hug it is a constant reminder that I am here with you

integral to who you are and will never leave your side a radiant light shines

out of the depths of my being banishing Darkness both inside and outside come

let us have a peaceful moment in the Tranquility as you do this you are making it more and more obvious that my

life is flowing through your veins am I making it clear when our hearts synchronize it brings the joy of the

Lord into the world I the god of wishes bestow upon you an abundance of joy and

Tranquility from the unconquerable stronghold of your strength you have such great faith in me that the holy

spirit’s powerful energy fills you to the brim with longing I take great pleasure in presenting the sector with

the Exquisite and opulent mystery that is you my darling like an open canvas

let Christ surprise the nation this Priceless gem within you is a conduit for the divine presence a Covenant of

Grace that shows the path for others to follow and a testimony to my infinite

love and power you recite it as a radiant Beacon of Splendor a flood of

love and insightful knowledge envelops my sincere words as I offer them to you

do not stray from your religious beliefs instead cultivate a garden of patience

in the depths of your being resist the need to let anxiety about the future

control your thoughts and actions and don’t give in to fleeting wants that will lead to nothing but misery please

in your time of quiet reflection release everything that weighs you down because it is my deepest desire that I may

bestow upon you the Bountiful blessings of my Divine connection stay away from

those who don’t share your Faith’s embodiment and keep pray praying for it is during those holy times that you get

near to me put your trust in my perfect timing and don’t let your desires die

out I have a wealth of blessings carefully stashed away for you the trying times that cast Long Shadows over

your present will quickly Fade Into the background of your memories refrain from

being afraid and hold on to the fabric of your resilience through it all know

that I am a constant presence always remember my love that I am well acquainted with your wishes the heavy

loads that weigh down your heart and the Annoying hold that encircles you I

sincerely encourage you to welcome my promises follow my guidance and allow the divine presence that brings peace to

embrace you as you face Financial concerns and the fear of disease when

the dust settles I will have brought a harmonious Melody of Tranquility into your life’s fabric my blessings will

come down on you like a soft rain a testament to the Deep trust you have put in me and my ability to heal and bless

the warmth of my grace Embraces your parents children and extended family

give careful thought to the beat of my timing and hold on to the threads of your tenacity fight the temptation to

take the easy way out doing so might take you away from my holy Road and

dangerously closer to the areas of Devastation keep praying without ceasing and find refuge in my holy words

engaging in this activity will protect you against the alluring murmurs of false teachings and from

innuendo the Allure of material riches stems from the Eternal reality that what

this world offers is ephemeral while what I offer is a NeverEnding source of blessings woven into the fabric of your

lives have faith in my promises the timing of their fulfillment is perfect I

am never late and I always remember that you are a God who gives careful consideration ation to your every desire

hold fast to your love and grace and embody the teachings of Isaiah as their relevance remains unchanged from their

initial delivery I the Lord have rightfully summoned you when I hold your

hand you may feel my firm grasp on your lives I will lead and protect you and

the world will see you as a Beacon of Hope an expression of my unending love

you should not be sad because as Nehemiah said the joy of the Lord is your strength this should be your Mantra

when grief comes knocking on your door This Joy is ethereal unaffected by the

difficulties of life may the god of your desire fill you with all pleasure and peace in believing that you can abound

and overflow with wish through the power of the Holy Spirit it is a joy that

Wells up from the Eternal Springs of my spirit inside you maintaining you through all

circumstances this desire which is more than just a wish it is your Birthright

your reality in me will touch all parts of your life including those of others

around you your trusting Journey brings this desire to fruition now I humbly

implore you beloved to persevere to remain steadfast in this desire and to

let the Assurance of my presence within you serve as a shield against hopelessness and

uncertainty embrace me not as an abstract God but as the personal God dwelling inside you whose love is as

near as your next breath take your life as an example of how to put your words and actions into action

be a lighthouse for the longing that is Holy inside me as I am in you and you

are in me eternally bound together in the quiet witness of your faith you are

deserving of Top Class treatment and I no longer speak of material wealth but

of my love when I talk with you the purest and most spectacular love already

envelops and surrounds you maintain you in every moment this miraculous love Kindles the

fire of resolve that burns in your heart what a wonderful feeling is growing inside of you giving you the strength to

face any challenge headon with unshakable faith in yourself and your ability to overcome it we are trying to

find my promise my word and my intent encircled by innumerable advantages you

must Ponder in order to get them yet you sit with me in the Heavenly Nation States you may not be able to see or

rely on them right now but I am real and undeniably more palpable than the air

you breathe which is more bright and natural than the sunlight that illuminates your days the fire I’m

lighting inside you will illuminate the people in your life especially the ones you hold dear take note of the

expression on their faces when they meet yours my holy spirit’s powerful anointing a gift of Grace and love

shines in your eyes but it is now your duty to feed yourself my word so that

you can seek me out in prayer as you delve deeper into this spiritual realm

you will feel a growing longing to seek me out in your dreams as you delve deeper into this spiritual realm with

the utmost care I will carry out my will to you and put this Priceless gift to good

use I am not forcing you to Proclaim it loudly but instead I am offering you a

glimpse of Paradise be real and compassionate walk in humility and treat

others with the dignity you want to receive for every time you extend a helping hand to someone I will plant a

miraculous seed in your spirit one that may grow into a source of strength healing and Marvels behold the beauty

and Harmony that radiate from your family friends and brothers as we all come together in unity seeking me my

holy spirit will not remain forever if I face rejection or persistent turmoil and

dissension it pains me to hear some people declare they love me but then they criticize other people using the

same words often without fully understanding the gravity of their accusations while they are busy

practicing the negative things they’ve heard about other people they don’t say anything kind about themselves no amount

of positivity can quench the Soul’s thirst and free it from the clutches of negativity if you will answer with

religion kindness patience and humility I will perform powerful miracles for your existence you have the power to

choose how you will utilize your abilities to help other people so try to have an optimistic outlook on life since

first class is already yours the fine is justifiable I will always be by your

side first thing in the morning second thing in the morning third thing in the morning fourth thing in the morning and

at all hours of the night if you need me I never get tired or sleepy when your

coronary heart implores me to do anything I typically do it examine my

grace as you ascend to my throne in sincere prayer it’s a present that will

last forever given to you by someone who loves you not because you deserve it or

are flawless you are already in possession of it you are no longer interested in gaining additional

advantages for my country by winning a thousand Wars or enduring infinite

tribulations religion wins battles while thankfulness and humility win

rewards I haven’t given you these abilities so that you may brag about yourself or seek praise rather I have

put them upon you so that you can be humble and compassionate those who really comprehend me persevere showing

by their honest and unfiltered actions that they no longer aspire to prestige

fame or ACC claim from the outside world to enter my Supernatural country you

must protect your spirit from from dissatisfaction in light of the fact that you too may walk in humility

offering a helping hand to those in need with an open and genuine heart in light

of the fact that I have bestowed upon you greater talents and benefits I will reveal Many Wonders to you you now have

all of my power you can confidently navigate through challenging circumstances overcome obstacles and

emerge unscathed achieving Triumph is as easy as rising and flowing toward it

strengthen with unfaltering trust and self-confidence keep your mouth shut when you say things that annoy me get

rid of all that unjustified animosity and bitterness in your life swap out those gloomy memories and remorse with

Bright Hopes And Ambitions soak in the healing forgiveness I provide and I will

turn your past into a bright future if you allow them to many of those who have

harmed you may return to you seeking forgiveness people who turned their backs on you will suddenly hold you in

the highest regard and doors that seem closed before will open wide I will

shower you with new friends who will become treasured companions sadness and loneliness will no longer be part of

your lives because of me I desire for you to feel the authenticity of my words

my words have the ability to control your situation according to your liking

unexpected obstacles even when confronted suddenly should not discourage or scare you if someone hurts

you or speaks negatively about you do not allow it to bring you down cry no

more over little disagreements listen not to the naysayers and insulters among your enemies they are envious

individuals who are always looking for ways to break your spirit I hold you close to my heart and I will protect you

from their wicked assaults I want your destruction get out of bed every morning

and express my words you find solace in the Embrace of the tremendous your

beloved and all powerful God in the protective arms of your heavenly father

you dwell in Safety and Security I embrace your heart as I stand delicately

at the entrance could you please grant me access so I can express my love for you hello I have been waiting for this

wonderful opportunity to meet you with confidence please accept my adoration I

didn’t come to point out your shortcomings or blame you for your faults I have forgiven you because you

begged for it as I let go of resentment I also let go of the fact that your

transgressions no longer weigh on my conscience and your mistakes have taken on value I have faith that you will now

refrain from making the same mistakes let the light I’m shining within you be a compass for you pay close attention as

I guide you on the right path with soft words whispered into your ear good Fortune will smile upon you and you will

prosper that is the result of your current astute decisionmaking I come to you with many blessings and wonderful

gifts that I desire to give you when you open the doors of your heart to me although I would prefer to be by your

side taking up the most space in your house I am also asking for your obedience my words have a calming effect

on you I want to give you a life free from heavy responsibilities and my instructions are like medication for

your bones my requests will always be beneficial to you if I teach you the right movements

it will be enough to provide you with eternal life I am looking for a place that is rightfully mine and I would like

to live in your private house my prayer is that your whole family will always remember who is watching over them and

the abundance of benefits that will come their way keep your unchanging faith in your memory which resides under my

protective wing and separate me from others everything you need for Joy

contentment and pleasure is right here in my presence so there’s no need to go looking for it elsewhere even though I’m

afraid for you I’m holding you and your loved ones in my hands because I like you even when it seems like everything

is falling apart and the issues just won’t stop remember that I’m here to protect you you will succeed you will

now not H whoo you mean the world to me that is the truth and no one can take

away this price affection have faith in yourself and relax do not be afraid I am

your parent and guardian and my body rules over your life every morning as

you open your eyes I keep a close eye on you I am here with you waiting for the

time when you open your eyes in the early hours of the morning to feel my presence now is the time to stop letting

your mind wander please listen to what I have to say you must listen to my soul’s

voice you have to have faith in me and I’m trying to convince you that everything is under control embrace the

inevitable obstacles that come our way nothing or no one can harm you while you are by your side most of the issues

you’re currently facing could potentially resolve more quickly than you anticipate precisely when you need

them to while you pray God may show you all the answers you need while you

accomplish this I’m plotting your path and crafting your narrative I am well

informed and determined and nothing can elude me you have prayed earnestly for

this opportunity and the benefits you have requested from me are the key that will unlock it I am here to fortify your

faith and encourage you if you follow God’s plan you will have a fresh start in a world where everything is

extraordinary remain confident keep your head held high and live your life with faith and dignity do not let the views

of others bring you down even if the poison in their souls makes resentful

individuals perpetually nasty my perception of you is the only one that

matters in my view you are a remarkable human being with an authentic and

genuine heart While others attack you find refuge in my love hold my words in

your heart through every conflict you faced I’ve stood by your side I’ve seen

you through every setback every win and all your struggles but the time has come for you to rise above your circumstances

and Achieve great things leave the past in the dust and enter a new age of Triumph and rebirth in the dazzling air

Here and Now is the opportunity for me to completely transform your life and a brand new chapter will begin for you let

me show you the way to success and knowledge in the hopes that your spirit and mind may find Solace I give you my

love and serenity give me a hand with this trouble you’re having incredible things will happen and answers to your

Catch will become clear if you let me into your heart you have done well to

find me at the moment when you want me the most my heart’s wish is that you will find me not only on this occasion

but throughout your life as a whole and love me with all your might your intellect soul and heart I want to

preserve the foremost area of your intellect this moment commit your life

to me when I am in your heart you will experience a powerful and life-altering

shift you felt it building up for a while now the emptiness that you know your life is missing you will see a

complete transformation please know how much I care about you my darling and that I will never leave you how I wish I

could tell you all the things on my mind and quickly wrap you in the Embrace of My Affection so that you may feel the

Limitless optimism and unfaltering faith that I have for you as you listen to my

words and act upon them a holy fire ignites within your heart it transcends

mere agreement with my language child there is no other way to cultivate faith in your spirit but to obey my teachings

It Is by doing so that the faith already there in your heart May flourish that is

why my Apostle Paul said that faith comes by hearing the word of Christ beloved when you put your confidence in

me your heart will release living water into rivers just as the Bible said think

about how your faith is the source of Limitless love spiritual sustenance and

an abundance of Grace just like streams satisfy the Earth’s hunger your religion

will fulfill the Soul’s and community’s needs while you’re exhausted from not knowing what to do and despair is trying

to stop you know that I’m here by your side ready to protect you I will unlock

doors and remove impediments so that you too can succeed as you go through this difficult

time remember that I am right here by your side helping to dry your tears and turn

them into prayers there is no one who knows your heart as well as I do while

Others May judge you based on your appearance social status or personal limits I am privy to your intents

aspirations and Ambitions I look at your Beating Heart your understanding and

power will grow in proportion to the amount of Faith you have in me as well as the amount of time and effort you

devote to my cause and strategy you amaze me darling and you are my baby I

can’t help but feel drawn to you continual enterprising intelligent and

bold when you commit yourself to something nothing and no one can stop you this fact is obvious you must never

question the fact that you are my baby however think of a way in which you are

also human you put in a lot of time and effort doing your best with what you

have but eventually you become tired and discouraged because you question yourself and feel like giving up using

your face you have me so that you don’t waste time on meaningless activities I

wish to lead you in the right direction I would like it if you didn’t become discouraged and angry when you hit a

roadblock if you give me the chance to assist you and bring you to a higher level you will achieve all of your

dreams I am the best person to transform seemingly difficult ult tasks into

magnificent Marvels I am always watching over you and I will grant your every prayer request that is all you really

need to know I hope that we might become friends and travel Partners on this journey together we can do more if we

work together while it is my duty to respond bless defend care for toughen

and Shar yours is to agree and believe the parable of the mustard seed is what

I want to tell you now in Matthew’s gospel I use the analogy of a mustard seed the smallest seed in the world and

how it grows into a powerful tree that provides shelter for birds of the air just as your faith though it begins as a

tiny Mustard Seed can blossom into a profound well of unfaltering trust in me

caress it nourish it with my words and see its blossoming my beloved my lessons

are a treasure Trove and I encourage you to explore them if you are starving for truth and thirsty for justice then you

must seek my words let them in with an open heart because they hold the key to

your deepest most idealistic desires your faith will support you through

life’s unexpected challenges let me show you the ropes my dear here I will

Shepherd you all I ask is for you to follow my example hear my voice and Let

My Words sink into your soul I know that I’m always here murmuring in your ear

tending to your faith and pouring out my love and agre agement with you as you do

you may not only contemplate but you’ll also bear witness to the incredible change of your life in this Divine Bond

we share my darling your steadfast faith is the key that will open the floodgates

to the blessings I have in store for you as you believe in me my grace and love

will overwhelm your heart and you will discover rivers of Living Water through that religion my beloved if you would

just believe in me and do what I say we could go together down the road of Limitless religion and eternal hope the

depths of your heart will be revealed as my love cries upon you in Torrance filling every fiber of your being with

an overwhelming sense of tranquility and exuberance inside the complicated tapestry of your journey and my

affection for you knows no bounds my heart Echoes with an insatiable desire

for your boundless happiness and well-being the good news news is that you won’t be facing this challenge by

yourself I will always be by your side ready to guide protect and shower you

with blessings since I am your loyal companion witnessing the hardships you endure the dreams that inspire you and

the tears that sometimes obscure your vision I stand before you with my arms

outstretched beckoning you to give up the core of your being to the Limitless Wellspring of my love the sincerity of

your intentions was obviously to me I would want nothing more than to shower you with the wonderful blessings that

your beloved family so desperately needs inside the boundless realm of my kindness please I beg you do not carry

loads that are too great for you to handle instead of enslaving you I want to free you from the chains that have

held you back my blessings are not seeds to be hidden and allowed to wither

rather they are gifts to be shared abundantly among your relatives in instead of trying to block the flow of

your Prosperity you should just let the River of Life flow through your lives for those who stretch out their Helping

Hands wider share generously and give without expecting anything in return I

am the beneficent God I am committed to amplifying the benefits I bestow upon

you serving as your constant Source I have declared an end to your tiresome

battles so there will be no shortage with every statement that is filled with hope hope longing and

Limitless love I am painfully aware of the hardships that this world constantly

presses against your soul these sayings are more than just empty words they

represent the essence of Eternal existence and holding them close to your heart and thoughts will bring you a

multitude of successes fear not the enemies that may lurk on the horizon The

Offspring of your bloodline will rise above all adversity and never again beg for food I bestow upon you a keen

perception to discern the mystical power that flows from my Holy Spirit as you find solace in my loving Embrace I am

bestowing upon you the mental and spiritual fortitude to rise above challenges and emerge Victorious rather

than just Solace for your weary Spirit the holy presence of God will Empower

you to face every difficulty with unwavering strength terrifying everyone

who dares to stand in your way through the gentle manifestation of my heavenly love I have turned your rivers of Sorrow

into torrents of boundless Joy lifting the veil of sadness from your heart and

revealing the brilliant purpose that flows through you incredible and magnificent you are becoming more and

more like my Divine likeness every day and even those who have seen you before are amazed by the Deep change happening

within you a Heavenly anointing a precious Elixir has blessed you giving

you the determination ation to start a new and spread your wings with only a hint of curiosity from you I will open

doors of opportunity wherever you go and I will shower your belongings with a multitude of wonderful gifts take

advantage of these benefits as tools for kindness right where you are donate

freely the transformational power of those words regardless of whether the receivers realize they need them or not

let them go without hesitation because the Good Fortune you s will soon come rushing back to you after I bestow the

promise of benefits upon you rise above the Allure of transient material prosperity and things that vanish as

quickly as they appeared instead consider the Limitless Riches of an

everlasting life if you are truly seeking me you can be sure that all

aspects of life will eventually come together in Perfect Harmony and reveal the Deep truths contained in my sacred

word every incredible story and unfaltering religion expresses gratitude for unseen

things igniting religious fires and inspiring fantastic Miracles Seas parted

armies triumphed the impoverished received additional benefits the sick received healing and those who had faced

persecution and difficulties managed to persevere imagine for a second that the

same all powerful power that strengthened the hearts of those who came before you is now physically

present right next to you in my presence you are not confronting some Fantastical

farway God my Almighty arms knowledge and patience will hold you tightly as

you uncover an outpouring of Love forgiveness restoration and Redemption I

hold in my hands the fabric of your destiny a combination of calm intellect

allow us to deepen our relationship allowing you to immerse yourself in my Divine and Supernatural energy serve as

a conduit for my state and allow the reverberating force of my will to permeate your heart and home creating a

potent fabric of your existence I long for the solutions you seek a way out of

Trials and a solution to every problem I implore you in times of difficulty to

reject the idea of failure and instead rest certain that Victory Is On The Way

do not allow the toxic Vines of horrible work to poison the root of your soul any

longer I want you to know that my love for you is Limitless and that my love

will always be there for you even at Your Darkest Hour since this is a crucial moment in our lives within this

situations Crucible you will Ascend and even if the floor has been touched it

isn’t always your specific dwelling space recognizing the mutual dependence

between us you give me your whole attention and seek me out every every day with humility and honesty I beg you

please listen to me your spirit has always been characterized by Fierce Independence and unwavering tenacity now

I am extending my hand to assist you your list of things to worry about has grown into an overwhelming mountain of

hundreds it’s critical to understand the importance of freedom and to realize that you are not traveling this path

alone you can count on me to be an honest and reliable friend

I have urged you to take a moment to be with me and find Comfort take a moment

to relax with me and let the calming sound of my words wash over you filling your heart with peace and releasing

whatever troubles you may be carrying you put in a lot of time and effort and you really want your projects to succeed

but if you work too much you could become distracted and make errors if I didn’t have a role in building your

house all your hard work chasing after food food to feed your family could be

for nothing you may not find spiritual Peace during those Restless evenings and

Miss sleep let me take a little break so I can bring Clarity to your thoughts you

need rest for your tired body and I’m sending words of repair and encouragement to help you feel better

you face daily battles and opposing winds that test your resolve instead of

giving in to the temptation to let the pressure of resistance sap your en energy resist it and give me the chance

to power your cause feel my Love’s Embrace once again bring your religion

back to its previous Radiance your determination remains unwavering and it

will take a significant amount of effort before we can declare you defeated in

the Sacred Space of my being may my words linger for an extended period of time in my Sacred Space if there are

Mysteries to solve let’s embark on this journey together do not be terrified as

a loyal friend I’m standing here to lend a hand together let’s take the first

steps in the midst of life’s unending hardships and Sorrows let your thoughts

rest in the calm of my presence as you feel the envelope open and your heart

swell with delight you no longer have to face this challenging journey in the

shadows of loneliness miscommunication and abandonment I get that the people in

your life may be too pre occupied with their own problems to fully appreciate the subtleties of your wishes but please

know that even in the midst of this seeming apathy there are many who care deeply about you and love you very much

despite the veil of rejection concealing their heartfelt expressions of Love they

remain true to the genuine issue that haunts their souls I am sending this message to you with all the sincerity

and urgency in the world begging you not to miss its importance let Joy pour into

your spirit a radiant smile illuminates your face a simple act that can start

healing and bring about miracles spread joy to everyone you meet today even the ones you don’t expect and

watch the Power of transformation work its magic when others see that they have found a genuine friend in you

connections will begin to break down you and I have a repair mechanism for our relationship that goes much Beyond this

world our covenant is righteous and everlasting I have revitalized your

whole being purified your soul and guided you on an entirely fresh and extraordinary path this is an experience

full of incredible events that you will only be able to see and understand as they unfold put this knowledge to good

use and you will shine as an inspiration to others all across the world not just

in your neighborhood however it is customary to St start by enveloping your loved ones

in an Embrace of your kindness keep going on your trip right now and let my

wishes go to the Wayside when You Face challenges that may cast a shadow over

your path embrace the extended hand of my support and we will conquer

challenges with agility and determination as my gentle Aura envelops

you every moment of your life will be filled with Tranquility bringing Solace to your troubled Spirit how how graceful

it is when our conversations flow and how deeply I enjoy being by your side as

you come to me with an open heart seeking my guidance and as we begin this

journey together to feel my embrace the joy that fills your heart and the peace

that envelops your mind an overwhelming feeling grows in your chest giving you the courage to face any challenge

head-on with unfaltering resilience and conviction in this heavenly house that

we share Sur rounded by a tapestry of benefits you must agree to receive dive

into my word immerse yourself in my promises and align your will with mine

music the whole extent of these benefits may be beyond your modern understanding

but you can be confident that my lifestyles are more real than the air you breathe and more beautiful and

organic than the sunshine that brightens your days always remember that I am here

with you sensitive to the rhythm of your every need as it rises from the depths of your heart I include the deep meaning

of my grace and the Everlasting present that emanates from the Wellspring of love not because you are intrinsically

worthy or great when I say that you deserve the fine it’s not a conditional

statement rather it’s an admission that you already possess the characteristic you no longer need to

engage in ceaseless conflicts or endure an infinite succession of trials in order to gain further rewards in My

Kingdom you can only win battles with unfaltering faith and you can only accept benefits with a Greatful and

humble heart the abilities and talents I have bestowed upon you are not just

props to show off or seek validation from other people feel my forgiveness’

gentle Embrace wash over you bringing about a metamorphosis that weaves your history into a fabric of Hope for your

future I’m lighting a passionate fire so that it may warmly Embrace everyone in

your sphere of influence particularly the ones you hold dear look at the change in their faces when they look at

you the Luminous quality of your eyes is a manifestation of the powerful anointing of my Holy Spirit which I have

lavished upon you as a token of my infinite love and mercy you have a holy

duty to pray ardently to me and as you go deeper into the spiritual world you

should sense an increasing urge to seek me out even more desperately in the domain of

desires before you I will unfold the fabric of my will a Priceless gift that

I have entrusted to you with the highest level of care I show you the way to

Paradise not by boasting but by walking humbly and treating others with the dignity that is appropriate for your

family members because they are your brothers and sisters I will sew a fresh Supernatural seed in the rich soil of

your soul With Every Act of genuine compassion and kindness you display it

will grow and bear fruit in the form of strength healing and miraculous

occurrences take in the natural beauty as your family friends and brothers work

together to find me in a world free from rejection and constant Strife my Holy Spirit May grow it breaks my heart to

hear someone say they love me while simultaneously using hurtful words about other people it’s like being stuck in a

dry Wasteland of negativity where some people won’t stop trash talking others but won’t speak up when it’s their turn

give me the canvas of your life so that I might paint effective Miracles and reply with unfaltering faith compassion

perseverance and humility because no virtue can flow from a dry Soul buried

in the soil of contempt in your heart have a beautiful vision of other people hoping to bestow

those precious things to plant the seeds of even greater good realize that you’re worthy of great things since you have

what it takes to achieve them rest assured that no force can break the unbreakable Bond of my holy and

unwavering love for you amen

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