God Is Saying, Skip Me If You Wanna Lose Me Immediately! |

as you navigate the currents of Life

remember to pae amidst the chaos to find

solace in the Stillness and to

acknowledge the presence of a guiding

force that walks alongside you release

the illusion of control and Trust in the

unfolding of divine timing for in

surrender you shall find peace that


understanding the storms that read

within you my dear friend and find

solace in the calm of the cosmic Seas

allow the gentle Whispers of the

universe to soothe your weary soul and

let the light of Truth illuminate your

path guiding you towards a life imbued

with joy and

purpose know that you are never alone on

this journey the universe and its

Infinite Wisdom reside within you

offering strength in moments of weakness

Clarity in times of confusion and Grace

in moments of

Doubt when the weight of the world feels

to heavy to Bear remember to call upon

the universe and you shall be infused

with renewed Vigor and resilience trust

in the power of manifestation for your

thoughts and intentions have the ability

to shape your

reality pause for a moment now and

breathe in the boundless love that

surrounds you allow it to heal your

wounds ignite your passion and guide you

towards the Fulfillment of your Highest

Potential embrace the fullness of life

that awaits you for the universe has

Grand plans for your journey

and as you walk this path of Discovery


transformation may you find comfort and

the knowledge that the universe is

always by your side leading you toward a

future filled with abundance joy and



possibilities super thanks for taking

the time to receive these words into

your heart

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universe consider joining our Channel

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Community Support together let us

continue to manifest our dreams and

co-create a reality filled with love

light and boundless


potential dear cherished soul as i gaze

upon you I sense the weight you carry

the weariness in your bones and the

burdens that bend your spirit but fear

not for I am here to cradle you in my

boundless love to offer you solace in

your storm tossed


heart today I beckon you to surrender

unto me to lay be all your worries fears

and anxieties at the altar of my Grace

for I am the everloving Creator and In

My Embrace you shall find respit renewal


Restoration in The hushed Whispers of

your soul amidst the cacophony of life’s

Trials take a moment to be still to bask

in the knowingness that I am the Divine

orchestrator of your existence release

the tight grip of control and Trust in

the Divine timing of my benevolence know

that within the Tempest raging within

you I am the Tranquil ey offering peace

that surpasses


understanding when the shadows of Doubt

Loom large and uncertainty Cloud your

path fix your gaze upon me the beacon of

Truth The Harbinger flight I am the

compass guiding you through the

Labyrinth of Life Illuminating the way

to a joyist fulfilling existence release

the shackles of apprehension for I am

the veritable Fortress of strength

upholding you in your moments of


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