God Is Saying, Ignoring Me Now Will Be A Very Big Sin Of You In Future! |


and never forget my cherished child that

I have grand plans for you plans that

will bring you abundance hope and A

Renewed sense of purpose believe in my

guiding hand trust in my unwavering love

and together we will write a story of

beauty and Grace that Echoes throughout

eternity thank you for allowing me to

speak into your heart today dear one may

my peace envelop you my love sustain you

and my presence guide you every step of

the way

amen super thanks for allowing me to

share this message with you if you

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manifestations and spiritual growth

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now my cherished child I see the heavy

burden you carry the weariness Ed upon

your soul today I beon you to find

Solace In My Embrace to lay down all

your worries fears and stresses at my

feet for I am a God who loves you

infinitely unconditionally and


eternally amidst the chaos of Life

amidst the Whirlwind of

responsibilities and uncertainties I

invite you to pause to be still and to

know that I am

God let not the busyness of life and

golf you but rather take a moment to

find refuge in myy presence trust in my

sovereignty for I hold the threads of

time and Circumstance in my hands

release the grip of control and

surrender to the Divine orchestration of

my will know that in me the storms

raging within you can find calm and I

can bestow upon you a peace that

surpasses all understanding


when you feel lost unsure or overwhelm

fix your gaze upon me the truth the way

and the life my light will illuminate

your path guiding you towards a life

filled with joy purpose and fullfillment

release the doubts and fears that bind

you for I Am With You Empower you to

move forward with confidence and

courage in moments of weakness remember

that my strength is made perfect in your

weakness lean upon me and I will uphold

you with my righteous right hand when

the burdens of Life weigh heavily upon

you call upon my name and I will Infuse

you with Renewed Energy and strength to

persevere prayer dear child is a potent

instrument of divine communion pour out

your heart to me for I am a loving

father who hears and responds to the

cries of his children seek my counsel

and I will impart Clarity and insight

even when the grand tapestry of life

seems obscured from View

rest assured my beloved that I am

working all things together for your

good let love be your guiding principle

as you navigate the complexities of life

love me with all your heart mind soul

and strength and extend that love to

your neighbor as yourself en ulating the

example of my son Jesus Christ let let

compassion kindness and forgiveness flow

from your life like a gentle stream


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