God Is Saying, I Need To Reach You Urgently Please Don’t Skip Me |


my promise is to provide abundantly for

your needs drawing upon the vast

reservoirs of my resources in moments of

self-doubt when the dawn of a new day or

task seems daunting remember this my

grace is

inexhaustible embrace the present moment

for therein lies the certainty of my

boundless Grace accessible to you rather

than lamenting perceived inadequacies

rejoice in the recognition of your

dependence upon me surrender unto my

Limitless sufficiency finding strength

and joyful

Reliance together let us coales in

collaborative effort refining the work

before you imagine the Splendor of

harmonizing with the sovere of all

creation working in unison towards

shared goals align your will with mine

offer your life as a Living Sacrifice a

testament of devotion that brings both

delight and

purpose in the pursuit of happiness bask

in the radiance of my presence engage in

Acts of Praise lifting your voice in

songs and Psalms reflect upon the

Grandeur of my being ju opposed against

the selflessness of my Divine descent

such contemplation deepens our communion

fostering a profound sense of

closeness know that your happiness is

not confined to personal enrichment

rather it emanates outward enriching the

lives of those around you in a world and

snared by fear and uncertainty your joy

serves as a Beacon of Hope drawing

others unto me be prepared to share the

source of your hope Illuminating the

path for those shrouded in

darkness amidst the E and flow of life’s

trials rest assured that I am your

steadfast anchor though imperfections

May linger my righteousness envelops you

shielding you from accusations

and reproach together we journey towards

a future teeming with boundless Joy

transcending the limitations of Earthly

pleasure in moments of Despair when

tears stain your cheeks remember that I

weep alongside you your pain is not born

in isolation here is share by the one

who loves you unconditionally find

solace in the knowledge that I stand

ever Vigilant ready to offer Aid and


sucker even when adversaries assail you

do not yield to despair cling

steadfastly to my promises allowing them

to fortify your spirit reject the

Insidious Whispers of doubt and slander

for they seek to erode your peace

instead immerse yourself in the power of

my word for therein lies Liberation from

the shackles of


anxiety as you navigate the tumultuous

Seas of Life maintain your composure in

the face of adversity know that I am

with you always speaking to the depths

of your soul though challenges may arise

they serve as opportunities for growth


refinement with unwavering faith and

determination press onward for I am

leading you towards a future briming

with blessings beyond measure release

the burdens weighing heavy upon your

heart and embrace the Abundant Life that

awaits you

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