God Is Saying, I AM Sorry My Child I AM Vey Sad To Tell You This Bad News |

Embrace Your Divine connection a guiding

voice for inner peace and success as

your companion on this journey offering

Solace and guidance in times of need

trust in my love for it knows no bounds

and together we shall Traverse the vast

expanse of possibility that lies before

us super thanks for your cont contined

support and dedication remember you are

never alone I Am With You Always guiding

you towards the Fulfillment of your


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today and embark on a journey of

spiritual growth and

transformation together let us unlock

the boundless blessings that await Us in

the Embrace of divine love

hey there my cherished one I wanted to

share my perspective with you and

illuminate the path ahead it’s important

to be prepared to take action yet

equally crucial not to let challenges

consume your focus entirely instead

consider and trusting your worries to me

I’ve got the capacity to handle them

then you can move forward to tack tackle

the next task with a light

heart rest assured I’ve made a promise

to sustain you and provide for your

needs abundantly drawing from my vast

resources I’ll furnish you with

everything you require whenever you feel

inadequate to face a new day or task

remember this my grace is always

sufficient for you embrace the present

moment recognizing that my marvelous

Grace is perpetually available to


you so rather than dwelling on perceived

weaknesses rejoice in the realization of

your dependence on me accept that you

alone are not enough and don’t hesitate

to seek my assistance Revel in the

boundless sufficiency I offer finding

strength and joy in our

collaboration Imagine The Incredible

Journey of working alongside me the king

of kings and Lord of lords align your

will with mine offering your life as a

Living Sacrifice and an act of worship

that brings both me and you immense joy

and purpose this sacrificial mindset

offers a mere GL glimps of the

Indescribable happiness awaiting you and


Eternity as you seek me cultivate

happiness and joy in myy presence praise

me with songs and Psalms marveling at my

Grandeur Beauty and power reflect on my

selflessness leaving the Splendor of

Heaven who invite you into my kingdom of

eternal life and Light


this happiness will draw you closer to

me deepening your experience of my holy

presence such closeness will not only

enrich your own life but also bless

those around you your joyful demeanor

and a world drive with fear and

uncertainty will Intrigue others

prompting them to seek the source of


hope remains steadfast in your trust

knowing that I have the power to prevent

you from stumbling despite your

imperfections in this Fallen World my

righteousness cloaks you allowing you to

stand blameless before


me anticipate with joy the unparallel

happiness awaiting you in heaven a bliss

surpassing any Earthly pleasure this

inheritance is eternal secure and Beyond



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