(God Is Saying), Goodbye Child |

my special message is only for you do

not make the mistake of leaving I deeply

care about you and earnestly desire to

solve all your

problems in the final seconds I will

answer all your questions so watch the


video my beloved child I who am God

invite you to stand firm and continue to

fight through the tough

times New Times of Peace are On Your

Horizon and the answer answers to your

prayers are soon to

manifest do not give in to defeat rather

hold steadfast to the promise of immense

happiness remarkable gifts and joy in

your responsibilities are swiftly

approaching you are being ushered into a

new environment filled with kind and

harmonious people where you will be free

from debts and invigorated to pursue


goals you are chosen forgiven destined

to be blessed with love forgiveness

victories and

joy Embrace This Joy with faith and

perseverance as you push forward toward


goals my promise to you is to fortify

your spirit mind and body breaking every

chain that holds you back ensuring you

live without sadness or despair

incredibly strong and content if you

prioritize my word and accept my my will

I speak of the generosity and

overflowing blessings that await those

who remain humble and

thankful I will clear your debts provide

abundant opportunities and Infuse your

life with

happiness remember life is full of

changes meet whatever comes with a

strong and faithful

perspective you are protected and your

family is blessed through your

prayers angel watch over your loved ones

know that I value your character despite


imperfections I promise to increase your

resources provide wisdom and bless your


richly keep me in your thoughts during

times of prosperity and accept my

promises with

faith you have risen to a state of

blessedness and your troubles will soon

cease if you believe in me your heavenly

father then like this video and leave a

heartfelt Amen in the

comments if you believe that God will

help you then subscribe to this channel

be reassured that as your provider

everything will turn out

well despite current difficulties manage

your emotions through my Holy Spirit and

trust that your deepest desires and

goals are about to be

realized renew your thoughts engage

daily with my word and surround yourself

with those who Inspire belief and

encouragement I promise to fill your

life with peace abundance and happiness

healing your spirit and revitalizing

your emotions seek comfort and answers

from me when you feel stressed or tired

your complications are not too complex

for me to

resolve Embrace faith and love for I am

about to bring changes and heal your


you are deeply connected to my spirit

with access to a realm of Wonders you

are cherished safeguarded and empowered

to command storms to be still spread

joyful messages and witness Miracles

occur as you speak my words my child

feel my unwavering love and

presence trust solely in me recognize my

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