God Is Saying, God Shows No Mercy Over This Sin, Literally! |


from the depths of your soul let

compassion kindness and forgiveness flow

freely know that you are never alone for

my spirit dwells within you guiding and

sustaining you through every trial draw

near to me and I will draw near to you

find solace in my presence where love

heals wounds ignites joy and Sparks a

fervent passion for life embrace the

fullness of the life I offer you


today allow my love Grace and

forgiveness to permeate every aspect of

your being as you heed my words you will

cultivate a deep and meaningful

relationship with me my dear friend I

have grand plans for you plans to

prosper you to give you hope and to

propel you


forward believe in me for I am the Alpha

and the Omega the beginning and the end

past present and future rest securely in

my hands find your identity security and

purpose in


me rejoice in each new day knowing that

I am with with you leading and working

in and through you for my glory fear not

for my love for you knows no bounds my

spirit empowers you to overcome every

obstacle to rise above every


challenge too often my children live in

lack and defeat because they fail to

grasp The Power Within them but now is

the time to rise up to claim your

rightful inheritance as Sons and

Daughters of the most high command the

blessings of Heaven to manifest in your

life speak boldly and without wavering

for my promises are


true as you meditate on these words let

them take root in your heart and spirit

declare them over every area of your


knowing that nothing is impossible for

those who believe super thanks for being

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Support dear cherished Soul as i gaze

upon your weary spirit I sense the

weight you carry the burdens that seem

insurmountable today I invite you to

find Solace In My Embrace to lay down

all worries fears and anxieties at my


feet for I am the everloving Divine here

to offer you Eternal Solace and

reassurance amidst the chaos of Life

take a moment to be be still to

acknowledge my presence knowing that I

Am The Anchor in the storm The Guiding

Light and the


Darkness release the need for control

dear One Trust in my Divine timing for I

orchestrate the universe in Perfect

Harmony the storms raging within you can

find peace in my boundless love a peace

that surpasses all standing when

uncertainty clouds your path look to me

the truth the way and the source of life

my light will illuminate your journey

guiding you towards a life briming with

joy and


fulfillment let go of doubt and fear for

there are but shadows in the presence of

my unwavering love when weakness

threatens to consum assume you remember

that my strength is made perfect in your

vulnerability lean on me and I will

uphold you with my righteous hand

granting you the endrance to persevere


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