(God Is Saying), God I’d Begging You To Listen To Him!|

my precious child I have a plan for you

I am opening a path to prosperity for

you and your

family my heart’s desire is to shower

you with Abundant Blessings to see you

thrive in every aspect of your life

reflecting the flourishing of your soul

the challenges you have faced are not in

vain they are part of my Divine

preparation for you through these trials

I am building your patience and

activating your faith hear my words

clearly I do not promise fleeting Joys

or superficial wealth that vanish like

mist or that thieves

covet instead I will unlock

opportunities for True blessings to flow

into your life I will plant seeds of

patience fortitude and wisdom in your

heart seek me deepen your spiritual

understanding immerse yourself in my

teachings and truly know me these

blessings are on their way but you must

embrace them with humility and caution

against Pride which could lead you to

Disobedience and

ridicule stay faithful and witness the

unfolding of my

promises be vigilant and prepared for

the enemy seeks to disrupt and demean

ready to pounce when you are

distracted watch and pray and remain

joyous as my plans unfold in your life

Prosperity awaits you each step you take

I am there guiding you toward blessings

abundant and wealth unimaginable

you are not walking this journey alone

my hand is always there to lead you even

through the darkest

valleys trust in me and you will see

Prosperity bloom in your life in moments

of Doubt remember that I am your


provider your efforts will not go

unnoticed and your faith will be

rewarded in ways you cannot yet

imagine every prayer every hope and

every tear is seen and heard by me your

perseverance will lead to a life life

filled with joy and

abundance wealth is not just material

true Prosperity encompasses peace love

and spiritual

fulfillment seek first my kingdom and my

righteousness and all these things will

be given to you as well keep your eyes

fixed on me and you will find that your

needs are met beyond your wildest

dreams when You Face challenges know

that these are Stepping Stones to


blessings do not be disheartened by

temporary setbacks they are but a

refining fire purifying you and

preparing you for the Abundant Blessings

that I have in

store stand firm in your faith for your

breakthrough is near if you face

hardship or find your pockets empty

today know this shall pass I assure you

if you need employment I will

provide approach each opportunity with

dignity for you and your family are

precious to me believe in my unwavering

love that brings brings peace and joy to

your heart you shall not suffer any

longer for I have decreed it nor shall

You Weep any longer for my spirit is

currently embracing you with immense

affection rejoice and let your tears of

happiness flow for you are experiencing

my profound love forget the Pains of

yesterday which left you feeling Barren

today you are vibrant and filled with

joy do not linger over past hurts or beg

love from those who have caused you pain

such actions pain me deeply because my

perfect love is designed especially for

you feel it now embrace it let it

permeate your soul and perform its

sacred work of healing your wounds and

dispelling the sorrow that impedes your

joy you no longer need to suffer you are

meant to live in

happiness I long for the Light Of Hope

to brighten your eyes once more I desire

for you to break free from the bonds of

bitterness and to steer clear those who

thrive on belittling others close your

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