God Is Saying, Demon Don’t Want You To Watch This Message Of Mine Today! |

believe in me for I hold a future

boundless peace and joy in store for you

cling tightly to my love drawing upon it

with all your might for you must

continue to forge ahead regardless of

the obstacles that may

arise keep your gaze fixed upon my

promises undeterred by the challenges

that cross your path when trials emerge

stand firm in your faith knowing that

great spiritual and eternal riches await

born from the lessons you’ve learned

it wherever you find yourself I will

bless you with prosperity for you are

chosen in my eyes seek me in prayer

humble in your heart daily and reving in

my presence know that I will grant the

desires that reside deep within you for

you have heard these words for a reason

remember them and Grave them upon your

heart and never forget this is your

time seize this moment with unwavering

conviction for I am ready to bestow my

blessings upon you and your family my

mighty hand will menend every wound

soothe every sorrow and restore every

shattered dream within your grasp you

have remained steadfast through every

trial Resolute in your determination not


falter I understand the complexities of

the trials you face the wounds they

inflict upon your spirit and the toll

they take upon your resolve that is why

I stand before you today ready to mend

what has been broken rebuild what has

been shattered and renew what has been

taken from

you press forward with unwavering

courage knowing that you do not walk

alone though the enemy May seek to halt

your progress my grace strengthens you

empowering you to endure hold your head

high for the wines of the world may how

and rage but I command them to be

still I love love you deeply and I have

never failed you in your moments of

greatest need I extend my hand to rescue

you from the depths of Despair trust in

my unfailing love for it knows no bounds

the journey ahead may be fraught with

challenges but know this it is not the

and for you you will emerge Victorious

for I have heard you your prayers and I

am prepared to move mountains on your

behalf your life is about to undergo a


transformation one that will leave you

in all of my boundless power and

unwavering love trust in me dear one and

watch as Miracles unfold before your


eyes even When The World Turns its back

on on you I am here ready to extend my

hand and lift you up rise for you are

cherished beyond measure and your time

has come in moments of Doubt remember

that my love for you knows no bounds it

transcends time and space reaching into

the depths of your soul to bring healing


restoration You Are Not Alone my dear

one I walk with you through every trial

and tribulation guiding you with a

steady hand and a heart overflowing with

love trust in me and together we will

overcome every obstacle that stands in

your way your Victory is assured for I

have already won the battle on your

behalf so hold fast to your faith dear

one and know that I am with you always

ready to lift you up and carry you

through whatever challenges lie ahead

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