God Is Saying,?I Have A Big Surprise Gift For You. ✝️God Message Today

Angel’s message for you today I know you

have been struggling for a long time

financially spiritually and

emotionally you have a good heart and

people have abused you in many ways the

devil has tried to make you lose your

mind many times you have been betrayed

in many ways yet you stand in the midst

of your storms you are still here

because I am with you I will not allow

any weapon that is formed against you to

prosper fear not I am going to turn

things around and bless you in the

presence of your enemies hold on to your

faith everything will work out I’m in

complete control I know what the medical

report says I know what the financial

situation looks like I see the people

coming against you I know how big your

dreams are and hear me clearly I will

not fail

you type to affirm this to

yourself God message for

you sometimes we can romanticize growth

as only being abundance or making space

for more but I also believe growth

involves shedding loss and really tough

shifts growth is saying how you really

feel growth is sometimes dis appointing

others by choosing you growth is being

willing to let go even though it’s hard

when we ask for growth we may have to be

willing to allow people places and

opportunities to leave for our benefit

that’s growth too you need to get ready

where you are is not permanent blessings

and breakthroughs are coming your way I

will increase you beyond your salary I

will bless you beyond your normal income

I will suddenly change things in your

life type I am ready to shine to affirm

God message for me for the longest time

it feels like I have been trying to make

sense of life but now I see there is no

sense to be made only life to be lived

there is no set purpose to fulfill there

are no no checklists to complete just an

ephemeral moment to breathe to love to

be kind to feel life is in all the

simple little things that we so often

overlook uncomplicate your heart be here

be present embrace your own Journey

there is so much Beauty and wonder to be

found right where you are type five five

five if you trust God

today God message for you you are being

presented with a choice evolve or remain

if you choose to remain unchanged you

will be presented with the same

challenges the same routine the same

storms the same situations until you

learn from them until you love yourself

enough to say no more until you choose

change if you choose to evolve you will

connect with the strength within you you

will explore what lies outside the

comfort zone you will awaken to love you

will become you will be you have

everything you need choose to evolve

choose love God is closing the door and

locking it on the people who will hold

you back he does not want you to open

the door back up if you do you can’t


forward God wants to put you around the

people you you need they are your

destiny helpers you can’t mix the old

with the new be careful who you led in

your life some people Satan is sending

them they are Destiny Killers Satan does

not want you to go to the next level he

knows you will expose his lies God wants

you to trust him not people when times

are hard trust God he will make Make Way

for you running back to the wrong people

will only hurt you type I am awareness

to affirm God is saying to you

today when doubt fear worry or anxiety

flood your thoughts redirect your

thoughts to me and my

word meditate on security in me rather

than your

insecurities when you feel overwhelmed

Med sit in my presence and let my

unfailing love flood your heart and mind

I will rescue you from the pit of

anxiety and despair and cover you in my

peace to the person who hasn’t been


lately it’s going to get better God will

calm the storm Mountains will be moved

relationships will be healed happiness

will be restored God is in control he

has never failed you and he’s not about

to start now trust him type I believe in

myself to affirm God is saying to you

today I have not forgotten you I know

where you are and I know how to get you

to where you need to be even when things

don’t go the way you planned my hand is

on you do not be afraid I am working

working behind the scenes on your behalf

and I will lead you into a life of

blessings purpose and favor trust me you

have gone through some of the toughest

trials challenges failures and setbacks

that one can face however you didn’t

allow that to define or defeat you you

continued to courageously move towards

your peace purpose blessings and joy in

spite of it all this m message is here

to reassure you that very soon things

are about to turn around for you you’re

about to level up in every single area

of your life that situation that you’re

currently dealing with is giving you the

opportunity to back and get a running

jump towards what is you’re about to

springboard into your blessings

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today’s Angel’s message I saw saw what

they did to you it was wrong it was evil

but do not take revenge yourself you

have more important things to do in the

Kingdom pray for them because vengeance

is mine and I will repay them I do not

allow anyone to hurt my children without

consequences sit back love them pray for

them some more and watch me work in my

own way and in my own time

type yes if you feel

this what you are going through right

now will be over soon God knows you are

in the fire but he is using the fire to

burn off the rough edges to bring the

impurities to the surface I want you to

trust the process God is doing a great

work in you when you come out of this

you will be stronger brighter and better

off than you were before

you are going to be on a new level you

are going to be prepared for the destiny

and dream God has placed in you and

planned for

you I want you to say

tonight thank you Father for perfecting

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