God is moving Your miracle in motion | gods message today | Blessing quotes

hello guys welcome back to my Channel

today God messages for you is when we

pray God hears more than we ask and

gives more than we can

imagine don’t get discouraged when you

don’t understand what’s happening God is

up to something great every time you

obey God a blessing will always follow

God didn’t bless you so you could be

blessed he did it so you could be a

blessing it may not happened yet but God

is faithful it will come to pass the

giant sent to you by God are not meant

to defeat you but to mold you and make

you stronger God will lead you to the

best parts of you life God will restore

everything the enemy has done in your

life when the time is right God will

make it happen something is happening

that you cannot see God is building your

foundation deeper the darkest time in

life is not the absence of light but the

absence of God I am happy not because

life is good but because God is good

there there is always a way when God is

involved every force that has been

holding you back is going to be broken

God will make sure of that God is moving

your miracle in motion stop living by

how you feel start living by the word of

God no matter how alone you think you

are God is always a prayer away God will

heal whatever you are going through

today commit to the Lord on whatever you

do and He will establish all your plans

the best place to be is where the Lord

is leading release the stress release

the worry God will work out all things

for good believe and you will receive

whatever you ask for in prayer God

always listens just because you don’t

see anything happening doesn’t mean

God’s answer is not on the way if you

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