the message of God comes in a special

and unique way for you today do not

ignore it God desires to resolve all

your matters today so stay until the end

of this message and God will answer all


questions open your heart set aside

distractions and listen to me for I have

blessings for you in this moment my dear

child allow me to alleviate the burdens

you carry on your shoulders set aside a

moment of your valuable time for me and

I will free you from from the tangle of

worries that plague you my deepest

desire is to turn your challenges into

gifts and replace your tears with smiles

of happiness I am delighted to see you

seeking me in your days for I can see

within your heart that you recognize how

many times I have helped you without my

presence by your side you may have faced

defeat pay attention and perceive the

trials I have placed before you as

demonstrations of my love at times you

may have walked through great

difficulties but I was with you just as

I delivered you from past afflictions I

will do so again I will not allow anyone

to remove the blessings destined for you

not even in the midst of your struggles

child if you seek answers and relief

know that I am here present in Every

Beat of your heart in every thought that

crosses your mind I am the breath that

animates your life the light that

illuminates your path even in the

darkest moments of your life remember

remember that you are not alone I am by

your side ready to extend my hand and

lead you beyond the difficulties you

face do not fear for amidst the

challenges lies the opportunity for

growth and

transformation every obstacle you face

is a chance to draw closer to me to

trust in my guidance and to allow my

grace to manifest in your life I want

you to know that your problems are not

too great for me there is no difficulty

I cannot overcome nor pain I cannot

alleviate trust in me surrender your

worries and fears into my hands and I

will turn them into

blessings the Journey of life is not

always easy and I know you face your own

challenges and daily struggles but

always remember dear child that every

adversity is an opportunity for growth

and for the manifestation of my love in

your life let me share another story

with you a story of perseverance and

Faith once there was a gardener facing a

Relentless drought where his plants were

were wilting and his Hope was fading he

could have given up but instead he

trusted in me and continued to water the

dry soil even without seeing immediate

results just like the gardener you too

can trust in me even when all seems lost

keep Watering your faith even in the

driest moments of your life for it is

precisely in these moments that my grace

manifests in unexpected and surprising

ways do not worry about what the future

holds for I am already be there

preparing the way for you trust in me

trust in my plan for your life and know

that everything happens at the right

time and in the right way before we

continue if you believe in this leave

your Amen in the comments when you feel

your strength is fading look within

yourself and find the spark of my

presence burning in your heart let that

flame light your way and renew your

hopes for I am always by your side even

in the darkest moments for those of you

listening to me right now know that the

love I have for you is infinite and

unconditional no matter how many times

you may stumble or Stray From the Path I

will always be here with open arms ready

to welcome you back into my loving

Embrace at times life may seem full of

insurmountable obstacles and seemingly

impossible challenges but always

remember that with me by your side you

are stronger than you think you are

capable of overcoming anything life

throws at you for you carry my Light

Within you just like an eagle soaring

majestically through the skies you too

can rise above life’s difficulties trust

in your abilities trust in my guidance

and know that you are truly blessed

beyond measure when you feel the weight

of the world on your shoulders remember

that you are not alone I am here always

by your side ready to help you carry

your burden and find relief for your

weary Soul know that you are loved

beyond measure and that I am always here

by your side ready to to guide you every

step of the way allow these words to

penetrate deep within your being let

them renew your strength strengthen your

faith and guide you to a life of

countless blessings may you always

remember the unwavering love I have for

you today and forever amen if you

believe in these words God will help you

and you will receive many blessings

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God bless you


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