please my darling pause for a minute to fully comprehend the gravity of this message please if you would grant me a

little of your valuable time this is the day to tune out the world and

concentrate just on what I have to say a message that transcends worldly worries

is what I have sent to you let your guard down and tell me how you really feel let me help you feel the weight of

your sadness lifted from your spirit and provide you with a deep serenity that

permeates your whole being allow my love to envelop you like a comforting hug as you let me in secure in the knowledge

that my promises and words are not empty with each new day break my intention is

to encourage you and make you happy we are always here for you you may be certain that I have been by your side

the whole time and I will be by your side again and again I welcome your prayers at any time and I ask that you

join me in riding the optimism wave that is sure to Crest with each new day to

magnify the Heavenly power hit the like button to drown yourself in the ocean of

Faith WR amen every morning as you open your eyes

and feel my warmth on you your participation moves us closer to our goal of completing this uplifting

Adventure the time we spend chatting first thing in the morning is precious to us when the waves of Life crash

against you I will be there to help you stand firm in the the face of dread do

you recall the instances when I saved you from harm or despair in the depths of Despair I have worked wonders unleash

the boundless potential inside you have faith in me and let me lead the way as you entrust me with your heart never

give up hope my love for you is Limitless I’m aware of every sorrow you feel and every prayer you say especially

for the safety of those you care about praying for other people’s needs often before your own is a noble act as you

get closer to me this gesture of appreciation and selflessness strikes me

profoundly maintain this respectful demeanor even if you are hesitant to ask for what you need trust me when I say

that I am ready and waiting to shower you with blessings Beyond Your Wildest Dreams remain steadfast in your faith

for I will surely keep all of my promises to you try not to lose hope when you encounter difficulties

keep in mind that I have the power to ensure your fate everything in your plans will come to pass and you will

accomplish everything that you set out to do I will not withhold the good things I have planned for you under any

circumstances maintain an attitude of unadulterated devotion and honesty as

you go on in your life every morning come to me and let your first words be

praise and thanksgiving don’t let your pessimistic Outlook cause my light to go out

Divine Insight will grant you the ability to discern the loving plans I have for you even amidst recent trials

and uncertainty so welcome the chances I bring into your life have faith that

nothing bad will happen to you and that you will not face any embarrassment as a result with conviction conquer your

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