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my dearest child if these words find their way to you it is no mere

coincidence or happen stance for you have been chosen chosen not by the whims

of fate or the arbitrary hand of chance but by The Sovereign and purposeful will

of your heavenly father from the dawn of creation I have had a plan a plan that

transcends the boundaries of time and space a plan that encompasses the entire tapestry of human existence

and in this Grand Design you play a role that is Uniquely Yours a role that has

been carefully woven into the fabric of Eternity long before the foundations of

the earth were laid I knew you I saw the very essence of your being the unique

combination of talents passions and experiences that would shape the person

you would become and in that moment I chose you not because of Any inherent

worthiness or Merit but because of the boundless love that flows from the very heart of my divine nature you are chosen

my child not to bask in the glory of privilege or to Revel in a sense of

entitlement but to be a vessel through which my love my grace and my truth can

flow into a world that is desperately in need of redemption the path that lies before you

is not an easy one for it is a path that demands courage perseverance

and an unwavering faith in my providential care it is a path that will

take you through valleys of darkness and uncertainty where the voices of doubt

and fear will whisper their seductive lies seeking to dissuade you from your appointed task but fear not my beloved

for I have not chosen you to walk this path alone I the almighty God the creator of

the universe the very source of strength and courage will be with you every step

of the way my spirit will be your constant companion guiding you

empowering you and equipping you with everything you need to fulfill the calling I have placed upon your life

remember my child that you are chosen not for your own Glory but for the glory

of the one who has called you out of darkness and Into His Marvelous Light your life is but a fleeting vapor in the

vast expanse of Eternity but the impact you can make through your obedience to my will can Echo Through the Ages

touching lives and transforming hearts in ways you cannot begin to Fathom so do

not shrink back in fear or doubt for you have been chosen for such a time as this

embrace the calling I have placed upon your life and step forward in faith

knowing that I am with you and that my power is made perfect in your weakness the world may not understand

your purpose and the enemy May seek to thwart your efforts at every turn but

take heart for you are a part of something far greater than yourself you are a part of a cosmic narrative that

spans the ages a narrative that tells of my boundless love for Humanity and my

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