GOD:- I HAVE SOMETHING FOR YOUR EYES [WATCH] God’s Message Now Today #jesus #god Lord Helps Ep~1409

this is what God is speaking to you

today beloved children of God let me

share with you the depth of my grace a

Grace that knows no

bounds you all recognize that I’m

merciful kind loving and full of

grace my delight is in making you happy

prosperous and graceful in my lab to be

gracious is to favor to show kindness to

those considered

inferior and I am Superior to all that

exists or does

not in Isaiah

I have

proclaimed yet the Lord longs to be

gracious to you he rises to show you


my child my desire is to extend favor

mercy and kindness to

whoever I

please for it is ingrained in my very

nature I want none to perish as I

created you to live in eternity with me

my character is revealed in what I do I

lavish love and and Grace upon you

caring deeply for each one of you though

Grace sets you free the love I have for

you goes beyond

Grace I lavish my love upon those who

become my Helping

Hands therefore extend the grace you

have received from me to those in need

your brothers and sisters who seek peace

comfort and moral

support help them for I love it when you

act in accordance with my

grace know this my

children I am so gracious that even if

you make

mistakes I always give you chances to

repent I guide you steps offering

solutions to every

problem if you desire desire to receive

my grace take heart for you have already

earned it through Christ

Jesus remember it costs nothing to seek

my grace through heartfelt

prayers so I hope may this message

inspire you to reflect on the abundance

of my grace in your

life and encourage you to share that

Grace with

others with love your heavenly

father not type and say Amen to receive

all the blessings of this message

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