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my beloved children I speak to you with

a heart full of love and

compassion listen carefully to my words

for they are meant to guide and nurture

you my dear children I am your creator

the one who formed you with my own hands

and breathed life into your

beings I speak to you with love and

compassion for you are the cherished

ones whom I hold dear to my

heart know that I have a plan for each

and every one of

you trust in me and I will lead you to

fulfillment and

happiness from the depths of my Infinite

Wisdom I impart the truth that you must

heed in the Journey of your life always

remember to walk in the path of

righteousness and

goodness let your actions be guided by

kindness and empathy for in them lies

the essence of true virtue do not be

swayed by the Temptations of this world

for they are but fleeting illusions that

lead only to emptiness and

despair instead seek solace in the

richness of your inner Spirit where you

will find the Everlasting peace that I

offer freely to all who believe in

me I have bestowed upon you the gift of

free will a precious treasure that

empowers you to make choices and shape

your destinies

use it wisely my children and let your

decisions be guided by the light of my


truth remember that you are all

interconnected bound together by the

threads of love and unity that I have

woven into the fabric of

creation treat one another with respect

and compassion and embrace the diversity

that enriches your

lives in times of trouble and adversity

do not Des spare for I am always with

you watching over you with a tender

gaze place your trust in me and I will

guide you through the darkest of nights

into the radiant Dawn of a new

day as I celebrate with you when you win

I yearn to feel my presence in every

part of your life when sadness

comes remember I am your Refuge where

you find safe

shelter do not fear the challenges that

life ahead for I am with you

always do not be afraid for I am your

strength and your

Shield when You Face challenges turn to

me in prayer and I will give you the

courage to

persevere remember to be grateful for

all that you have for every good thing

comes from

me above all else love one another as I

have loved

you let your hearts be filled with

compassion and forgiveness and let your

actions reflect the boundless Grace that

I have bestowed upon

you nothing can separate you from my

love not even your mistakes or

shortcomings I am always here ready to

forgive and embrace you with open

arms my dear children my words are a

Beacon of Hope in a world filled with

chaos and

confusion embrace them with Open Hearts

and willing spirits and let them guide

you toward the Eternal joy and

fulfillment that await you in my loving

Embrace am mean

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