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greetings and welcome to God helps as

the sun rises or sets in your corner of

the world know that you’re right where

you need to be

for those who don’t know my name is

Annie and I’m here to deliver a

prophetic word from the Holy Spirit

the Divine message for this moment is

simple you may not receive a title but

the crown is already yours Embrace Your

Story your struggles and the moments

that nearly broke you for they are the

source of your power your journey both

the highs and the lows is your unique

testimony to the glory of Jesus when you

embrace your pain and let it transform

you it will change not only your name

but also your destiny

consider Jesus who wore a crown of

thorns and still managed to change the

world you too can harness your struggles

and make a difference my friends never

give up and never stop pushing forward

on the path that God has laid out for

you the enemy may attempt to steal your

testimony but remember that your

testimony is the essence of your glory

people may attempt to demonize your

journey but you must never stop pursuing

what God has called you to do keep

pressing forward and breaking the chains

of generational curses by doing so

you’re not only forging your own path

but also Paving the way for future


you are a Trailblazer and a forerunner

for the most high in the name of Jesus

your story with all its twists and turns

will bring you power and recognition

don’t attempt to hide behind your past

embrace it wholeheartedly for years I

concealed my pain not realizing that it

was the key to my purpose the Catalyst

that would Inspire others to step into

their own destinies

this journey is not about the people who

oppose you or the obstacles in your path

it’s about something greater the enemy

may come in human form but remember that

God is bigger than any challenge you

face God transcends the things you think

matter the only things that truly matter

are your purpose what God wants to

accomplish in you and through you and

the impact you can have on your family

and community in this season God is

offering you new territory and the

opportunity to grow But first you must

allow your mindset to expand beyond your

current limitations remember God is

immense and his power knows no bounds he

created this world and us his children

he has more blessings in store for you

than you can possibly imagine but you

must be willing to receive them embrace

your story and the purpose God has for

your life and witness the miraculous

transformation that awaits you in Jesus

name let your journey begin

open your heart and let the light in

many of you are dwelling on your past

seeing it as a weakness yet in truth it

is your hidden weapon for achieving

greatness your experiences have shaped

you into a formidable force and the

challenges you face now are a testament

to your true potential once you awaken

to your own power the enemy knows its

time is limited recognize that your

purpose is greater than anything

happening around you embrace the

knowledge that if God is on your side no

one can stand against you remember there

is no turning back when Lot’s wife

looked back she turned into a pillar of

salt your past is behind you your focus

should be on the present and the future

share your story your mistakes and your

growth with others in this time God is

raising up new leaders like Joseph

people who have been in the depths of

Despair who have faced unseen battles

and emerge stronger these individuals

are being called upon but first they

must surrender and embrace the Divine

path in Jesus name Surrender Your Will

and let God guide you the blood of Jesus

covers your mind and spirit the entire

world is waiting for you to step into

your destiny it may seem as if you are

waiting for God but in reality he is

waiting for you to catch on for

everything to fall into place in this

season God is granting his children

Clarity new strategies and the power to

achieve their next Victory many of you

have been carrying a baton that says

loser but God is transforming that baton

into a symbol of Victory you are his

Champion a part of the kingdom of God

the crown of thorns signifies royalty

and you are part of that Royal lineage

no matter your appearance your past or

the opinions of others there is an

anointing on your life there is a

calling for you to answer if God

proclaims you as the chose in one then

indeed you are the chosen one and no one

else can take that away from you so

Stand Tall embrace your purpose and let

the Divine Light guide your steps the

world is waiting for you to rise to

shine and to show them the power of

transformation and Redemption

it is time to seize your destiny to

embrace your calling and to walk as a

true champion in the Kingdom of God in

this pivotal moment surrender your

doubts fears and insecurities and Trust

in the divine plan that has been set

before you let go of the past and

embrace the future with open arms for it

is in this space of surrender and trust

that you will find your true purpose

the road ahead may be filled with

challenges and obstacles but with God by

your side nothing is impossible you are

a Living testament to the power of

redemption and your story will inspire

countless others to seek their own path

to Greatness

arise champions of the kingdom and step

into the light

your time is now and the world is

waiting for you to shine embrace your

calling answer the Divine call and know

that you are destined for greatness in

Jesus name let your journey begin and

may you walk as the true royalty you are

embrace your true self and let no one

take that away from you they may never

acknowledge you or bestow upon you a

title but remember titles hold no power

it is your crown that matters and that

Crown is your story your triumphs and

your journey in Jesus name cherish your

crown for it is unique and valuable the

weight of your crown represents the

glory you carry

many of you may feel as though you’ve

been through hell struggling for years

wondering when things will change

realize that transformation is already

happening you just need to embrace your

pain and learn from it pain is an

inevitable part of life but you have the

power to work through it Jesus endured

his pain on the cross never allowing

anything or anyone to deter him from his

purpose he came in his father’s name and

stayed true to his calling similarly you

must adopt a mindset focused on your

purpose do not strive for Perfection

instead pursue the Divine Purpose that

guides your life in Jesus name remember

who you are and who you represent

as a follower of Jesus Christ you must

know that he died on the cross for our

sins and cleansed us with his blood

your past mistakes and sins have been

washed away and you are now covered in

the blood of Jesus

God is sending a message that the rain

the cleansing and renewal is here for

you Embrace this Divine outpouring and

let it wash away your doubts and fears

in this moment of Spiritual Awakening

remember that your crown is a testament

to your resilience and strength it

symbolizes the unique path you have

walked the lessons you have learned and

the wisdom you carry

your crown is a Beacon of Hope and

inspiration to others a reminder that

even in the darkest of times we can find

our way back to the light

as you continue on your journey do not

compare yourself to others or seek

validation from external sources instead

focus on fulfilling your purpose and

living a life that reflects your true

calling walk with confidence knowing

that you are a child of God destined for

greatness and bound to leave a lasting

impact on the world the rain is here

beloved and it is a symbol of the

abundance growth and renewal that awaits

you Embrace this Divine gift and let it

nourish your soul washing away the old

and making way for the new

stand firm in your faith and let the

love and guidance of Jesus Christ carry

you through the storms of life know that

your journey is unique and your story is

a powerful Testament to the

transformative power of faith and


in the face of adversity remember who

you are and who you represent a warrior

of the Kingdom a bearer of a sacred

crown and a Living testament to the

grace and mercy of Jesus Christ in Jesus

name step forward with renewed strength

and purpose knowing that the rain is

here and it brings with it the promise

of a brighter future a future filled

with growth Triumph and the realization

of your Divine Purpose you are on the

verge of abundance God is preparing to

flood your life with blessings you may

not even feel deserving of

we are undeserving of God’s gifts yet

his grace and love bestow these

blessings upon us anyway

the rain is about to fall and it is time

to leave the dry lands behind

you have prayed for just a Sprinkle of

relief but God is telling you that an

overflow of blessings is coming your way

although we may not deserve his

generosity he grants it to us because of

his love and his desire for us to

prosper in this world

God does not want us to live below our

means dispel the myth that following God

leads to a life of poverty and hardship

that is not the God we know and serve

when God asks you to step out and follow

a path remember that you are

representing him you have entered into a

covenant a partnership with God and his

reputation is on the line he has no time

to play games or pick on you the pain

and suffering you endure serve to Grant

you a new glory and a new identity but

you must recognize and embrace this

truth in Jesus name in this moment know

that everything is working in your favor

no matter what it looks like or what

others say believe that everything is

working out for you stand firm in the

knowledge that you will overcome any

obstacles and that the devil will not

steal your testimony when you emerge

Victorious you will be able to prophesy

and uplift others showing them that they

too can overcome their trials

feel the presence of the Holy Spirit

guiding and speaking to you you are

coming out of your struggles and your

purpose demands your perseverance your

destiny is calling and it won’t wait for

you any longer

Embrace this prophetic word from the

father from The Throne of the most high

prepare yourself to rise in this hour

many of you have been hiding behind the

Rocks weighed down by your burdens not

realizing that these trials were shaping

you into a great leader you are the one

God has been seeking let it guide and

uplift you in this transformative period

of your life Revel in the blessings and

the Divine guidance that is being

bestowed upon you may God’s grace be

upon you always shalom

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