GIVE ME YOUR CONCERNS | Message from God | The Blessed Message

my son listen to the words I bring

especially For You In This Moment of

intimacy let me calm your heart that

struggles under the weight of the

world’s concerns entrust all your

anxieties and fears into my hands trust

in me and know that I have a perfect

plan for you do not worry about tomorrow

for tomorrow will take care of

itself instead focus on living each day

with gratitude and confidence in my love

remember my words

seek first the kingdom of God and his

righteousness and all these things will

be added to

you there are moments when you feel lost

not knowing whom to trust anymore

sometimes friends and even your own

family may distance themselves when you

need them the most however I am always

by your side and my love for you grows

each day you should not place all your

hopes in people or fleeting material

possessions today I come to reaffirm my

eternal commitment to you as you Journey

Through This World I am by your side

carrying your burdens forgiving your

transgressions and pouring out my Holy

Spirit upon you I am your heavenly

father the one who cares for you with

infinite love and boundless wisdom I

want you to know that you are not alone

in this journey of life I am here

everpresent to guide protect and comfort

you those who dare to harm you will face

defeat and those who lead you astray

will be held accountable many may try to

shame you driven by the poison of Envy

in their hearts but know this no one can

snatch you from my care Lean on Me trust

in the promises I have written for you

receive these words that I offer

directly to you open your ears and allow

my Divine breath to transform your

thoughts know that you are precious to

me beyond measure I know every thought

every concern Weighing on your heart do

not fear for I am here to sustain you in

times of difficulty and to Rejoice with

you in moments of Joy there is nothing

beyond the reach of my love and grace

you have many years ahead many important

missions to fulfill there is a sacred

and wonderful purpose awaiting you but

your sustenance and strength do not

reside in this world or in the people

around you if you seek blessings if you

long for a transformative life for

yourself and your family I come to tell

you that I am here and I will make

wonders happen I want you to understand

understand that worries are like stones

that hinder the free flow of my peace in

your life instead of allowing them to

consume you surrender them to me in

prayer trust me to take care of all your

needs for nothing is impossible for

those who believe understand that

worries are like passing clouds that

obscure the beauty of the Blue Sky trust

me to dissipate them with the light of

my love I am the god who turns tears

into smiles and pain into hope trust in

my promise that all things work together

for the good of those those who love me

I saw your repentant heart and your good

and sincere intentions to continue on my

path to strengthen and grow you will not

return to the Past you will not

associate again with the wicked and you

will distance yourself from those who

criticize and attack you seek out good

people who encourage and uplift you

allow yourself to become familiar with

me in a new and genuine way so that you

may realize that my care for you transen

your perception I desire for you to

undergo a transformation for your own

well-being I will Grant you the courage

to govern your thoughts and ensure that

your emotions remain calm in the face of

trivial matters I will transform you in

such a way that many will see how much

you have evolved personally and

spiritually happiness will shine on your

face and you will no longer be afraid

your steps will be determined and your

words will be filled with kindness I

will give you a faith so strong that it

cannot be shaken every morning when you

wake up remember my promises you will

feel my voice speaking to you guiding

you along good and right paths making

your journey smooth and keeping enemies

at Bay I will protect you from those who

lie scheme try to deceive you or mimic

you I will ensure your safety through

the night even when danger lurks nearby

you will be at peace healthy and strong

in return I ask for your trust your

heart and your commitment I want you to

fully surrender to me I’m not trying to

pull you away from your dreams or make

you give up on your goals just put me

first before you start your plans

entrust your journey to me and you will

be amazed to see how I bless every step

you take my love for you is

indestructible Eternal unwavering

faithful and

genuine let these words I speak merge

with your thoughts bringing great peace

declare with your own lips my God I love

you I entrust my life and loyalty to you

and I will love you with all my strength

for eternity surprise me have an

infinite Devotion to me let me occupy

the first place in your heart I desire

to be your priority and ask for no more

than a few moments of your day I know

you are not exempt from faults but I

have covered you with my grace turn to

my word when seeking guidance consult

your Bible when you need wisdom seek the

counsel of my servants who guide you for

I will speak to you in many ways

be attentive and all your dreams will be

fulfilled I Empower you to remain

steadfast and unwavering a Beacon of

Faith Like a Rock that stands firm an

example to those around you I Delight in

clearing your path unlocking doors

answering your prayers providing answers

strengthening you and guiding you

through the Journey of life my beloved

child there is no need to worry amid the

challenges and uncertainties of life I

am here ready to Bear the weight of your

concerns and guide you through any storm

remember my words in Philippians

do not be anxious about anything

but in every situation by prayer and

petition with Thanksgiving present your

requests to God and the peace of God

which transcends all understanding will

guard your hearts and your minds in

Christ Jesus I know every detail of your

life and I am fully aware of your needs

trust me for I am the god who meets all

your needs set aside worry and hand over

your burdens Into My Loving Hands I will

never abandon you and my grace is

sufficient to sustain you in every

moment lift up your head and walk with

confidence knowing that I am by your

side do not let the anxiety of Tomorrow

consume you for I am already there

preparing a path of victory for you I

love you with an everlasting love and

I’m always ready to offer you comfort

peace and hope furthermore remember the

story of Job a righteous man who faced

countless trials and tribulations even

in the worst circumstances job trusted

in me and remained faithful in the end I

restored his life and blessed him

abundantly doubling all the blessings he

had lost just as I was with job in the

midst of his difficulties I am with you

now do not let worries obscure your

vision of my provision and care instead

keep your eyes fixed on me the author

and perfector of your faith I will lead

you with love and wisdom through all the

obstacles you encounter rise up with

faith and dare to face the Giants that

stand before you you can overcome all

adversities through the power that

emanates from me you will soon be

blessed with Wonders that will astonish

you as long as you act with

determination and remain steadfast in

your unwavering faith in the one who

gave his life for your

Victory even in moments when you feel

downcast free yourself from thoughts of

condemnation and accept my love and

forgiveness I have chosen you to be a

blessing to your family clear your mind

of thoughts of defeat for this is the

time to raise your mind to a positive

vibration where everything will work for

your future good leave behind everything

that saddens you now is the time for

Renewal be at peace for glory is on the

way amen if you believe these words

leave your Amen in the



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