Give me Attention Son| God Message Today For You | God Tells You| God helps | Jesus affirmation

listen closely my dear son today I’ve

been spurned by all can I rely on you in

this pivotal moment speaking from the

depths of my heart I seek your

unwavering support and love feeling

disregarded I crave your presence and

dedication to navigate through this

ordeal as a caring father I’ve witnessed

Humanity’s drift away from me forsaking

the paths of Truth and Love My Heart

weighs heavy Witness ing the

proliferation of hate Injustice and

selfishness in the world but now I call

upon you my cherished son to rise above

and become a Beacon of Hope and

compassion amidst adversity your role as

a Guiding Light in a world overshadowed

by apathy and Malice is pivotal I cannot

confront this desolation alone your

steadfastness and commitment are

indispensable to reignite Faith and love

in people’s hearts your exemplary

actions can bring Solace to those lost

in darkness

do not underestimate your ability to

alter the course of events your kindness

and love possess the power to break

barriers and touch Souls each Act of

compassion and every encouraging word

serves as a soothing Bal to my wounded

spirit I need you by my side my beloved

Son to remind Humanity that love and

unity pave the way to peace and

happiness together let us confront scorn

and Forge a brighter World founded on

respect and solidarity I cannot

undertake this endeavor solo I require

your dedication and Valor to confront

the challenges that lie ahead do not

abandon me in this critical juncture

permit me to rely on you as my Ally and

ambassador of Love on this Earth reject

the callousness and Scorn that have ens

snared countless Hearts rise up as a

champion of justice and compassion

through your deeds and words illuminate

the world with my boundless love do not

falter my son allow me to lean on you in

this mission to revive faith and love in

the world together we can make an

indelible impact and transform scorn

into hope I bestow upon you my eternal

love and Express gratitude for heeding

my plea I place my trust in you my

cherished son let your Radiance shine

forth and Aid me in healing the wounded

Hearts if you are ready to receive the

Divine blessings reserved for you today

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