Give Me 12 Minutes | Gods Message Today | God blessings message 2024 | Gods Message for Me Today

God is saying to you today I am your

unwavering companion steadfast and

Resolute a presence that will never

falter nor fade whether you find

yourself at top the highest peaks or in

the depths of the lowest valleys in

moments of Joy or despair abundance or

scarcity I am always by your side a

steadfast presence that will never

waver no matter what trials or blessings

life may bring your way I am there

a steady hand to guide you through the

twists and turns of your journey so

never forget my dear

friend that wherever life takes you you

will never walk

alone watch this video without skipping

for a big

surprise say these six things loudly to

God and he will hear

you I am capable of achieving my goals

and I have the determination to see them

through to completion

success comes naturally to me and I

embrace opportunities to learn and grow

from my

experiences I believe in myself and

trust that my hard work and dedication

will bring me the success that I

desire I am confident in my abilities

and trust my intuition to guide me


success I am surrounded by positive

energy and attract Success With Every

Step I Take towards my goals I focus on

my strengths and use them to overcome

many obstacles that come my way knowing

that every challenge is an opportunity

for growth and success share this video

with people who need to hear this

now amidst the enigmatic moves I

understand your

confusion but fret not the pure hopes I

hold for you are immense and let your

prayers persist one day jigsaw pieces of

my actions shall align and un unravel a

beautiful picture of clarity that’ll

leave you in

awe mark my words my dear it’s a promise

type amen if you believe in

God God says if you’re feeling like hope

has slipped through your fingers and the

weight of the world has left you feeling

lost and downcast don’t

despair for I hold the key to

Everlasting happiness and I am here for

you my love your well-being and

happiness are my top priorities and I

will continue to stand with you through

thick and thin now and

always I can do all this through him who

gives me strength subscribe to the

channel and help us reach , Divine

subscribers God is bigger than all of it

so instead of letting those worries

consume you take a deep breath and pray

trust that God’s got your back and keep

moving forth or with the power of the

Divine on your side there’s no mountain

to too high no Valley too deep and no

obstacle too tough to

overcome you my dear are not meant to

blend in with the mundane

masses I did not craft you to conform

but to break the mold and stand out

amongst the

rest the storm wasn’t just something you

endured it was something you relished

you didn’t just weather The Tempest you

flourished in its midst growing stronger

and more resilient with each passing


like a hidden Wellspring of faith I

infused you with the power to withstand

even the toughest moments often times

without you even realizing it was my

hand guiding you

through your heart beats fast as you

contemplate taking the leap of faith

unsure of what lies ahead but in the

midst of your fear and uncertainty The

Voice Whispers to you don’t stop now God

has something amazing for you the best

is yet to come with those words ringing

in your ears you gather your courage and

take the plunge ready to embrace The

Incredible Journey that awaits

you no obstacle or challenge can derail

the Magnificent blueprint that the

Divine has meticulously crafted for your

journey trust in the Lord with all your

heart and lean not on your own

understanding in all your ways submit to

him and he will make your path straight

type yes if you believe in Lord

Jesus your financial reservoirs are

brimming with an abundance of riches

that are about to burst forth flooding

your bank balance with more Prosperity

than your mind can fathom type if you

believe God says my dear one as you

recall the past know that my steadfast

support and assistance have been with

you every step of the way as you read

these words feel the warmth of my love

and the assurance that I will will

remain by your side in the

future your well-being and happiness are

my top priorities and I will continue to

stand with you through thick and thin

now and

always come to me all you who are weary

and burdened and I will give you

rest type amen if you believe in God the

path ahead is Crystal Clear etched in

the stars and whispered by the wind a

miracle is headed your way way yes my

dear you are about to witness a wondrous

manifestation of your deepest

desires something you’ve been waiting

for what feels like an

eternity so prepare yourself both in

Mind and Spirit for the universe is

about to bestow upon you a gift beyond

your wildest dreams are you ready to


it have faith in the Divine timing for

it may not align with our desires but

always provides us with what we require

type yes if you believe in Lord Jesus

just a gentle nudge to remember that the

timing of the Divine is always superior

to what we may perceive as the ideal

timing trust in the universe’s perfect

timing for it knows just when to

sprinkle its magic dust to make things

fall into

place therefore since we have been

justified through faith we have peace

with God through our Lord Jesus Christ

comment amen if you

believe the vast and infinite universe

is rooting for you to chase Your Wildest

Dreams and aspirations and it’s not

holding back in making them a reality

because it believes that you are truly

deserving of them so go ahead and boldly

claim what is rightfully yours for the

universe has already set its sights on

making your dreams come

true cast all your anxiety on him

because he cares for you type to to


it don’t let the little things bring you

down my friend and don’t waste your

precious emotions on things beyond your

grasp it’s time to let happiness back

into your life because you absolutely

deserve it let your heart speak for

every whisper it utters is a wish

waiting to be granted believe in the

magic of the universe for it is

conspiring to bring you everything your

soul desires

With Every Beat of your heart luck and

love flow through your veins fueling

your every step towards the life of your

dreams so go ahead make that wish and

watch as it transforms into reality for

you are the master of your fate the

captain of your soul as you step into

the next powerful chapter of your life

do not let fear hold you

back your dreams are destined to come

true and your blessings will will

overflow abundantly and don’t worry I

will be by your side guiding you with

subtle signs and nudges so from this

moment on focus on positive thoughts and

watch as I turn them into your

reality the universe is ready to

conspire in your favor are you I have

been crucified with Christ and I no

longer live Christ lives in me the life

I now live in the body I live by faith

in the Son of God who loved me and gave

himself for me type amen if you believe

in God says get ready to receive a

remarkable gift from the

universe for a surge of positive energy

is about to enter your life like a bolt


lightning and how will you know this

blessing is on its way look out for the

magical number appearing before your

very eyes prepare to witness a

significant boost in your financial

fortunes as the universe conspires to

shower you with abundance and

prosperity get ready to welcome this

exciting new chapter in your life with

open arms type yes if you believe in


Jesus a warm breeze caresses your skin

as you stand in a field of wild flowers

the sun slowly setting in the distance

as you take a deep breath you realize

that true love is on its way to you but

this isn’t just any love

this is a slow love uncomplicated steady

and reliable there’s no rush no pressure

just a sense of ease and comfort that

washes over you you deserve this kind of

love a love that is sure stable and

consistent you deserve someone who is

sure of you and who you are sure of in

return so take a deep breath and trust

that the love you deserve is just around

the corner but seek first his kingdom

and his righteousness and all these

things will be given to you as

well type on to

affirm God says listen up my dear friend

it’s time to silence that negative inner

voice of yours enough with the

self-doubt and

self-deprecation you my friend are a

true champion and I want you to see that

too so let’s ditch the negativity and

embrace the positive energy that’s

within you remember I love you just the

way you are type yes if you believe in

Lord Jesus God said in the grand scheme

of things when the stars align and the

universe conspires in our favor the

omnipotent Lord shall bring forth the

Fulfillment of your desires what’s truly

wonderful is that you need not exert

yourself in any way to make it come to

pass you need not pull any strings coers

any situations or compel any outcomes

simply trust in the timing of the Divine

and let your heart be at

ease the Lord is my strength and my

shield my heart trusts in him and he

helps me my heart leaps for joy and with

my song I praise Him type how man if you

believe in God says get ready to receive

a remarkable gift from the universe or a

surge of positive energy is about to

enter your life like a bolt of lightning

and how will you know this blessing is

on its way look out for the magical

number appearing before your very


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