GET READY THE NEXT 3 DAYS ARE CRUCIAL । God’s Message Now For You Today | God Helps

my beloved Child come closer and hear my

words meant only for

you I have perceived your inner turmoil

how your spirit churns with unrest over

delayed hopes the frang of anticipation

into vexation and

complaint yet even so a resilient Faith

flickers within a small light

tenaciously Holding Out for the

Fulfillment still

unseen what I shall impart to you now is

the remedy for restless nights and

meaning drained from tedious days listen

closely and let truth realign your

perspective you don’t realize how short

your time on Earth is do you you keep

focusing on what you can see and things

that don’t even happen instead of

understanding the true power of my rule

I always bring Justice quickly no matter

how much unfairness seems to hide my

plans consider the case of

Lazarus what sorrow he endured those

four days inomed in obscurities

darkness yet the delay preceded the

display of my Splendor the Showcase of

my rule over

mortality the rousing shout that pierces

Graves and summons newness of life so

too I ordain in your case the waiting

and wavering will soon yield to beams of

Brilliance emanating directly from my

throne room for the Vindication about to

Dawn Bears my signature

no one but I could craft the Miracles on

the cusp of unveiling in your life long

promised achingly postponed yet entering

swiftly into tangible

manifestation I’m speaking to you very

sincerely and affectionately right now

because we’re at a crucial moment a lot

of great outcomes are just about to

happen I the one who designed and

created everything promise you this with

a deep love you have a special role a


shown by the fact that you’re meant to

receive this message yes I mean you the

person these words maybe doubting or

losing patience I’m talking directly to

you someone I’ve known even before you

were born when you were still a

secret my child understand that not a

single event in your life goes unnoticed

by me or Falls outside the realm of my

concern and

intervention I implore you to pay close

attention to wisdom which now reaches

out to you amidst the swirling

turmoil my dominion and Authority should

not be judged based on the tumultuous

situations enveloping you although it

may not be visible to you at this moment

a redirection is guiding the trajectory

of your existence an outcome different

from the one you fear is on its way to

you propelled by the force emanating

from my Throne Room reflect on the

annals of history and observe how tumult

often sets the stage for the

introduction of a groundbreaking

Covenant a pivotal shift that overpowers

the savagery of evil with a burst of

benevolence words are insufficient to

express my intense desire to manifest

within you as an indomitable

presence I seek your active engagement

with my Compassionate Heart and the

Sanctified hands of corrective

Justice yet I pause holding on to a hope

that despair will give way to trust in

you this is of utmost importance because

recognizing my holy signature Demands a

Clarity of vision that is not clouded by

cynicism question

yourself why would a sense of

fulfillment elude those dear to me who

lack understanding of the injustices

driven by a deep-seated animosity

towards everything I

cherish why would bravery wne in the

hearts of the courageous those connected

to me if it were possible to grasp both

perspectives the temporal realm with its

episodes of rampant Madness and the

Eternal domain over which I preside

rectifying wrongs with my unyielding

power therefore I gently yet with

unwavering intensity advise you do not

be consumed by the disorder and

misconstrue the upheaval as evidence of

my absence or lack of

power since the dawn of corrupted time

and through all the plunges into moral

Decay not once has a crisis or era of

disaster nullified my Covenant my pledge

to you my cherished one remains

unbroken my promises sealed by My

Sacrifice have maintained their luminous

intensity even through the bleakest

epics when malevolence loomed all around

with no Dawn in

sight nevertheless the morning always

broke bringing compassion to the

heartless pardon to the guilty this day

is no exception behind the visible

scenes beyond your reach my grand design


unhindered the culmination will be

marked by all the signs of my Redemptive

work hence let this enduring truth

penetrate deeply into your soul

rejuvenating your essence with the

sweetness of Hope a single fate awaits

those loved by God Victory and

justification reparation and reward

accumulating Grace upon Grace until

every vesage of Injustice is

eradicated fully convince yourself of my

determination to intervene and

strategically dismantle the horrific

strongholds that now terrorize the

land hold on to this my dear one any

human law that supports organized evil

will crumble and fall when faced with

the power power ful weapons of Justice

from my collection of righteousness have

I not promised through my prophets that

true justice will prevail over

wrongdoing that oppression will be

replaced by Fair governance and shared

Prosperity even though the strain of

tyranny currently afflicts the world its

final struggles of Injustice will become

weaker and weaker until they are

completely overshadowed by the

triumphant wave that carries the

oppressed to Realms of brightness and

freedom therefore I now declare my

Divine judgment on societies that are

breaking apart into pieces fueled by

anger stemming from morally bankrupt

hearts that have rejected my path truth


life listen my beloved

child widespread hunger the misuse of

power Souls wasting away and eyes filled

with empty hatred all indicate the end

of an era and as these periods come to

an end mercy and strength come together

to renew Purity look even in the midst

of the chaos that stretches across your

world the moment for my sacred

introduction is

approaching the force of my breath will

blow away the foundations of evil

refreshing breezes will clear the air of

pollution shining righteousness will

pave over the ruins eliminating the

disease and denouncing everything that

harms Faith and

family I tell you today exactly at the

right time prepare for the wave of

change that will sweep through

devastated areas bringing the relief and

Rule of

rebuilding with steadfast love I assure

you my beloved child the extent of my

rule is the only limit to any

deprivation or deficiency threatening

your life your desperate calls do not

disappear into a void of divine neglect

nor do angels simply wait around

delaying Ling their action to free those

destined to be my chosen ones instead

their shining swords are only

temporarily sheathed by my command as I

decide the right time to make everything

right and when the time comes for that

shift towards righteousness what then

but a rapid transformation of all things

as Noble forces roam the Earth to enact

The Liberation of those under my

protection a renewal awaits you just

ahead life bringing light will dispel

the Gloom streams will flow in desolate

lands Beauty will emerge From the Ashes

and you will be adorned in splendor

dressed in garments of awe at

last listen now to a truth that will

change how you see your

situation no amount of suffering in the

world can outweigh the rescue I’ve

planned for those who find safety under

my care look up not around see the the

foreverness of time with eyes that can

see the Eternal ready to understand

Secrets meant just for you at this


time from this high perspective what do

you see that you are under my protection

because I chose you wanting you close to

me through all time and even beyond our

connection is sure no matter what tries

to hold you down and those tough

situations that seem permanent and

unbeatable will quickly fall apart under

the force of my Divine action so stop

worrying and battling against visible

enemies who seem to hide my light for

now turn your attention away from what

seems fixed and unmovable feel the

comfort and amazement flowing to you

from my presence growing stronger and

warmer you are mine secured by a promise

that has removed all curses beaten all

evil forces and ensures you are

surrounded by kindness and faith favor

from me stand firm in this truth the

worst attacks against you will turn into

the Boost that lifts you to what I’ve

prepared for you through the opening

already appearing see what

awaits beyond the conflict lies your

place of Peace meant just for you where

calm and joy set the tone for a

wonderfully peaceful

time there in the approval of your God

you’ll want for nothing never settling

for second best again

the moment is coming fast bringing many

blessings ready to be

shared and in that place of abundance

where your heart’s desires are fully met

you’ll never feel trapped

again hear this too from my deep

passionate love for you when fear and

hopelessness surround you stop and think

would I ever abandon my beloved one or

ignore your cries my ways and thoughts

are as far above yours as the Stars are

above the Earth but still I chose

you our promise binds me closely to you

to your life your place before me

together forever protected by my

promises that overturn any curse

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