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my child I’m calling you to step out of

your comfort

zone I want you to embark on a New

Journey something unfamiliar and

unexplored by you you might feel lost

not knowing which way to turn or where


start and that’s okay to reach New

Heights and see the promises I have for

you come to life you must begin even if

you don’t feel ready you don’t need to

overanalyze or have everything mapped

out what I need is for you to take that

first step to act on the inspiration

I’ve stirred in your heart many get

stuck here Frozen by the fear of not

having a perfect plan but to follow me

you need Faith to move forward even when

the path isn’t clear think about Peter

walking on water I called him to step

out into the unknown to do something he

had never done he had to decide whether

to trust me over the chaos around him

and when he faltered I was there to lift

him up this happens in your life too I

call you to new challenges new

opportunities areas that seem beyond

what you feel capable of I ask you to

create to dream based solely on my word

it’s unsettling isn’t it my ways often

go against the world’s need for detailed

plans and assurances but moving with

faith not fear is how you’ll fulfill

your true

purpose each time you respond bravely to

my call these steps of faith become less

daunting as you practice this obedience

stepping out as I guide you you’ll grow

stronger in spirit your trust in me will

deepen you’ll start to see this journey

as an adventure Peter may have faltered

in his first attempt but imagine how

much more confident he’d be the next

time I called him to step out of the

boat having witnessed me override the

laws of nature for him walking on water

his faith would likely be

stronger failure is part of the journey

my child I don’t seek Perfection but a

willingness to rise and try again as I

mold you into your destined

self the same Peter who briefly stumbled

is now the one with an extraordinary

story of walking on water through my

strength he was the only one who dared

to experience the impossible that

day that moment of breakthrough was to

all my disciples but only Peter seized

it with

faith don’t fret about fully

understanding my plans for you or

maintaining perfect Faith at all times

just respond when I call step forward

into the unknown in

obedience some of your greatest tasks

might seem illogical at first but

Earthly logic is just that

Earthly the tasks I have for you are

tied to the supernatural natural the

Heavenly there’s a deeper logic in how I

work one that might not fit within your

current understanding that’s why

following me requires trust like that of

a child the mind of Christ appears

foolish to the world yet it’s through

faith not doubt that you can achieve

Miracles these Miracles begin when you

step beyond the constraints of human

logic at my instruction even if it seems

nonsensical my dear child

I often urge you to start before you

feel ready because your Readiness by

human standards matters less to me than

a willing

heart I call into being things that are

not yet I see the end result of your

purpose already complete I exist beyond

the Earthly limits of time resources

qualifications or

connections my power overcomes all

Earthly obstacles if I give you a task a

vision a dream know that that I’ve

already prepared its realization in the

spiritual realm I’m seeking open willing

individuals to channel my extraordinary

power Those Who start working on making

it a reality through faith even without

seeing the whole picture the real

qualification is your availability and

responsiveness to my

voice so if I stir you to start that new

Venture don’t wait until you feel ready

your ability comes from me not just from

within yourself I will equip you as you

move forward but you must first take

that daunting initial step following my

guidance without relying on worldly

capabilities imagine what you can

achieve with radical obedience and

expectation of my divine intervention

you must leave behind the comfort of

human control and understanding so what

is it that I’m calling you to start

today what dream or vision seems too

daunting by Earthly measures bring it to

me be like moldable clay ready and open

for my work as you step out in obedience

not constrained by limits watch me work

miracles you might face skepticism and

doubt much like the wind and waves that

challenged Peter but keep your focus on

me not your

circumstances let Faith rise within you

remember what I told Paul my grace is

sufficient for you for my power is made

perfect in

weakness your human limitations are

opportunities for my power to

manifest I have entrusted you with tasks

that go beyond Earthly boundaries

visions and instructions that defy human

logic things you can’t achieve by your

own effort within the confines of

natural law Your Role is to step forward

in faith following my directions with

childlike trust undeterred by seeming


keep your eyes steadfastly on me as your

Supernatural provider not fretting over


scarcities then you’ll start to do the

unthinkable Against All Odds you’ll feel

my influence in unseen Realms turning

the impossible into

reality my beloved remember that nothing

is impossible with me even Faith as

small as a mustard seed can move

mountains so where have you drawn

boundaries of impossibility around what

I’ve called you to do have you set aside

dreams or Divine instructions because

they seem too far-fetched or

unachievable right

now bring these dreams to me today lay

them at my feet and affirm with

confidence that with me all things are

possible then watch as I begin to act

when you move forward in obedience not


limitation step out onto the water my

child move beyond the limitations of

what’s considered reasonable realistic


attainable the realm of mere human

possibility is narrow Walk With Me Your

Divine father into territories Beyond

natural laws take my hand and see me

lift the constraints to support

you together through closeness and faith

we will achieve the

impossible if it feels too overwhelming

take it one step at a

time if you can’t grasp the faith for a

long-term goal focus on what I’m asking

you to do today break it

down you might not be ready for a

-year journey but what about the steps

needed right now tackle this moment with

Divine faith and guidance concentrating

only on the immediate step ahead one day

at a time and soon you’ll realize you’re

walking on water reaching goals that

once seemed like distant

fantasies my plans will unfold through

simple consistent OB obedience small

faithful steps will eventually take you

far beyond your current

standing so what’s the next step I’m

asking of you today you don’t need to

embark on the entire Journey right now

just respond to what I’m whispering to

your heart for this day cherish this day

use it wisely responding to my guidance

soon you’ll build spiritual resilience

and Grace for all I have planned be

encouraged for I have overcome the

world’s limitations

don’t give up on parts of your dreams

and Visions just because they seem

Beyond Earthly reality bring them back

to me soon you behold Miracles birthed

through simple radical faith and trust

continually seeing me make a way where

there seems no way Visions now made real

because Heaven’s unlimited resource

begins pouring through your willing

Earthly vessel outpoured for those I

wish to bless around you the walk is

light and Easy by my grace for my very

presence brings joy and peace surpassing

understanding my plans and purposes

align with the desire of your innermost

heart because I place them

there as you continually yield your

thoughts and plans up to me I transform

them into better dreams than you dare

ask or imagine until Earthly plans Fade

to Gray in the Brilliance of Living

Color I set before you why I settle for

lesser plans when I offer you a seat at

my table in Heavenly

places Mankind’s greatest Joys Blossom

from unlocking Divine purposes I dreamed

for them before time began discovery of

the Greater Works I have for you if you

dare believe with a heart fully

surrendered in faith my glory will

indeed fill the Earth One open heart at

a time but I need vessels Hearts ready

to dream don’t be distracted by the

tumultuous waves and winds

in quietness and in solitude open your

heart solely to me you will find

boundless Adventure Mercy Without Limits

and a love so radical it drives away all

fears in me you find your very life

every movement every breath so draw

continually from the True Vine Moment by

moment remain at the fountain drinking

deeply from its Waters walk in harmony

with my loving Spirit as we journey this

Rich path Side by my side you are never

alone forever enveloped in love go forth

in peace today spreading Divine goodness

to everyone you encounter

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