Follow the path I show you, and you will never be… | God says

my beloved Son prepare your heart open

your mind and let the doors of your home

welcome my presence as I speak to you

now pay attention to this complete

message and do not disregard the advice

I offer and cling to these words I know

you struggle with discouraging thoughts

which is why I address you I understand

your anxiety for answers and I want you

to know that the changes that will

happen on your journey are for your life

to improve in an extraordinary way today

I come to tell you that I will put you

in the right place lift your head with

courage and determination for great

things are reserved for you trust in me

I know what your heart longs for and I

will show you at the end of this message

everything you seek look within yourself

recognize your weaknesses your fears

your uncertainties there is no need to

hide them from me for I already know you

well but know that you are stronger than

you imagine within you resides a Divine

flame a spark of my love and power allow

yourself to be transformed do not fear

the changes that are to come for it is

through them that you will reach new

heights of spiritual growth and personal

fulfillment know that I am by your side

every step of the way guiding your steps

and illuminating your

journey free yourself from the weight of

the past leave behind worries and

regrets forgiveness is the key that will

open the doors to a future full of

blessings and







do not let discouragement and doubt

drive you away from my presence remember

that you are a beloved child worthy of

all my grace and favor cultivate an

attitude of gratitude in your heart

recognize and appreciate all the

blessings you have already received and

those yet to come for it is in gratitude

that you will find the key to unlock the

doors of abundance and happiness in your

life do not succumb to despair or

impatience remember that time is not

your enemy but rather an Ally working in

your favor know that everything will

happen at the right time and in the

right way stay steadfast in your faith

even when everything around you seems to

crumble for it is in the storm that you

will discover the strength of your faith

and the depth of my love for you do not

fear adversity for I Am with You

strengthening and sustaining you every

step of the way continue to seek my

presence in every moment of your life do

not settle for shallow Faith dive deeply

into your desire to achieve all that

your heart is asking for right now have

a gigantic faith in me for I will lead

you and you will never be the same again

beloved Son I am always by your side

holding your hand and guiding your steps

trust in my constant presence and in my

wise guidance and you will never lose

your way in the Maze of Life do not let

despair take hold in the face of

obstacles that arise in your path

remember that each challenge is an

opportunity disguised as growth and

learning accept these trials with

humility and courage knowing that I am

using each one to shape you in the image

of my love seek true happiness in the

right place do not search for it in

material riches or worldly achievements

but rather in communion with me and in

service to others for it is in selfless

giving of yourself that you will find

the deepest and most lasting fulfillment

do not let the fear of failure paralyze

you remember that I did not call you to

be successful in the eyes of the world

but rather to be faithful to my will and

my purposes for your life trust in me

and I will work wonders through you that

you never imagined possible allow

yourself to dream my dreams for you open

yourself to the Limitless possibilities

that I have reserved for your future do

not limit Yourself by what you think is

possible but trust in my ability to make

the impossible happen in your life do

not forget that the best path is not

always the easiest there will be moments

of pain sacrifice and renunciation along

the way but know that each one is an

opportunity for you to grow and become

who you were born to be trust in me and

I will take you beyond your greatest

dreams and

expectations always remember my

unconditional love for you no matter

what you have done or failed to do I

continue to love you with a love that

knows no bounds receive this love freely

and let it transform your life from the

inside out even when storms ravage your

heart and anxiety knocks at your door

mocking your aspirations you will endure

do not give in to discouraging thoughts

do not allow defeat and failure to

invade your mind you are destined for

Success focus on what truly matters

Beyond mere material possessions and

personal achievements spend time with me

every day for there are many things I

wish to share with you you must

understand and believe with all your

heart that you are important your faith

is precious

and your life is valuable you must

believe in me and ignore those who have

long deprived you of your significance

and worth I see you with eyes of love I

am your father and to me you have always

been and will always be

important I am here speaking directly to

your heart because I know you are in

need rest assured that I will always be

showing you the best way know that you

are more precious to me than you can

imagine I love you with a love that

transcends all human understanding a

love that is eternal and unconditional

throughout your journey I have watched

every step of yours with love and care I

know the struggles you have faced the

tears you have shed and the

uncertainties that have haunted you but

I have also witnessed your courage Your

perseverance and your unwavering Faith

you are stronger than you imagine

because you carry a part of my Divinity

within you know that I have an

extraordinary purpose for your life

not a common purpose but a purpose that

transcends the boundaries of possibility

I created you with a specific Purpose

with unique gifts and talents that only

you possess and it is through these

gifts that you can make a significant

difference in this world don’t worry

about what’s beyond your control but

trust in me to guide your steps I am

always working all things for your good

even when you can’t see the big picture

believe in my faithfulness and kindness

and know that I will never abandon you I

can sense that you have been inspired

through my words to follow the best path

I have prepared for you with courage

faith and trust I will make the

impossible happen in your life and

nothing is impossible for those who

trust in me for I am your God and I will

work wonders in your life beyond your


imagination you will be renewed starting

today you will wake up with thoughts of

me filled with Zeal you will think of

the victories that I now Grant you

forgetting the fail faur and defeats of

the past Embrace these promises keep

your faith alert and active welcome to A

New Path I have prepared for you get

ready for a life with experiences you’ve

never seen or heard of before blessings

will be on your way and on your family’s

way amen if you believe in these words

leave your Amen in the comments help me

spread these words to those who need

them thank


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