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my dear child my beloved Soul how are


today it’s great that you clicked on

this video I would like to remind you of

this not only for

today in the Infinity of the universe

Where Stars Are Born and worlds

unfold you are a unique light blessed

with the gift of being try to feel this

please in every breath in every movement

of your heart in every thought that

touches your your soul you are enveloped

by a love that is older than time

itself this love immeasurable and

inexhaustible is the expression of the

highest power accompanying you lovingly

on your journey protecting you and

giving you

hope life a mosaic of moments and

memories is rich in challenges and

difficulties that shape your journey and

give you depth every test every tear

every smile is a step on the path of

your spiritual unfolding in these times

of testing I am with you offering

comfort and encouraging you to look

beyond the boundaries of the visible and

to dive into the depths of your own

faith isn’t it true in darkness the

light shines

brightest your challenges are not end

points but invitations to growth and

transformation to a deep deeper

understanding of yourself and of Life in

The Silence of your heart where my voice

blows as a gentle breeze you find the

strength to move mountains and cross

oceans this Inner Strength nurtured by

patience trust and devotion is the key

to mastering the storms of life and

finding peace in every

moment let yourself be guided by the

vision of a world filled with love and

harmony a world where every being

unfolds its Highest Potential this

vision is not just a dream but a promise

to you a prophetic image of what is

possible through your faith your hope

and the unwavering power of your spirit

your spiritual journey is a path of

renewal inviting you to heal Old Wounds

to free yourself from the chains of the

past and to recognize the unity with all

that is in every step you are looking

for more truth and light in your

life remember the source of all wisdom

and love resides within

yo open your heart to the infinite

possibilities that lie ahead and let

your inner Compass guide

you in every prayer in every meditative

silence in every act of kindness and

devotion the path to a fulfilled and

blessed life is revealed

my beloved Soul life is a sacred dance

an opportunity to celebrate the beauty

of creation and to recognize the

presence of the Divine in every moment

you are never alone in love and light in

Joy and Pain I Am with You A Whisper In

The Wind a sparkle in the Starlight a

silent force that carries and guides you

move forward boldly embraced by the

certainty that you are loved protected

and guided your journey is a journey of

the heart a path of discovery that leads

you to the highest peaks of your being

trust in the process be patient with

yourself and with the world in the

surrender to the Divine in the loving

acceptance of every aspect of your being

you find the freedom and strength to

Embrace Life in its full Splendor in

this ongoing Journey you call life be

assured that every experience every

encounter is a step towards greater

wisdom and deep inner peace the world

around you may constantly change but

within you lies an unshakable truth a

light that never goes out this light

within you is a mirror of divine love a

spark that burns eternally and guides

you through the darkness remember you

are a creator of your own destiny

empowered by faith in yourself and Trust

in the guidance that lies Beyond

visibility the power of your thoughts

your words your faith can move mountains

can work miracles use this power wisely

with the intention to bring love and

light into the world and you will see

doors open to new

possibilities paths unfold that were


hidden in moments of Doubt when the

burden weighs heavily on your

shoulders call on me

in the Silence of your heart in the

depth of your soul I am there to listen

to comfort to show you the way my

presence is a constant companion a quiet

Whisper of encouragement when the path

is steep and the Horizon uncertain the

lessons you learn on your path are not

meant for you alone share them with

others be a light for those who have

lost their way in darkness your ability

to help to heal to comfort and to

inspire is boundless through your

actions through your words through the

pure intention of your heart you can

affect change you can seow love in the

hearts of people let your spiritual

journey also be a journey of community

in connecting with others in sharing

your experiences and your light you find

not only deeper meaning and purpose but

also the unwavering support and love

that comes from True Community your

journey is part of a larger whole a

weaving and work working that connects


Soul how can you do this right

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comment on the parts of this speech that

resonate with you the most or share any

thoughts that come to your

mind believe in the power of forgiveness

both of forgiving yourself and forgiving

others imagine forgiveness as a rain

that showers away your pain in releasing

old hurts in overcoming resentment and

misunderstandings you find true freedom

and peace forgiveness is the key that

opens the door to a life full of love

and harmony an act of Liberation that

allows you to move forward with a light

heart and a clear soul and so beloved

Soul as you walk your path be aware that

every step every breath every decision

you make is an Act of Creation a

contribution to the infinite song of the

universe you are an indispensable part

of a wonderful Dynamic whole created to

love to live to learn and to shine may

you always find the courage to follow

your heart the strength to realize your

dreams and the wisdom to cherish the

silence where my voice speaks to you

move forward with the certainty that you

are surrounded by love Guided by light

and supported by the infinite power that

works in all things in this continued

Journey you so bravely Embark upon be

aware of the immense power that Springs

from the deepest devotion and unwavering

faith in the Divine it is a power that

can not only move but also transform

mountains a power that flows from the

purest source of love and touches

everything that lives and breathes in

every moment of your being in every

Challenge and in every Triumph This

Divine energy is with you weaving

through the fibers of your life guiding

and shaping your path do you remember

the times of silence for in them wisdom

speaks most

clearly in silence you find not only

rest and peace but also answers to the

deepest questions of your heart these

moments of quiet are sacred an

opportunity to detach from the

distractions of the outer world and dive

into the infinite expanses of your inner

Universe here in the silence you

recognize is the voice of divine

guidance most clearly a gentle yet

powerful force that encourages you to

follow your true path may your life be a

journey of Discovery not just of the

world around you but also of the

infinite Landscapes of your own soul

every experience every person who

crosses your path is a teacher with

something valuable to teach you be open

to these lessons even when they

sometimes come in ch challenging

disguises the greatest moments of growth

often arise from the twest tests and in

overcoming them you find the most

precious treasers of your

existence in your relationship with the

Divine and the world around you always

be a Channel of love love is the most

powerful force in the universe the key

that opens all doors the bridge that

overcomes all

separations through the practice of

love in thought

words and deeds you manifest the highest

truth of your being and contribute to a

transformation that goes far beyond your


experience love is

contagious it heals it

unites and in its essence you find the

true meaning of freedom and

fulfillment let your spiritual practice

be an anchor that holds you through the

storms of

life whether in the form of medit

meditation prayer creative expression or

service to others your spiritual

practice is the direct path to me an

uninterrupted connection that gives you

strength comfort and Clarity in this

sacred connection you are reminded that

everything is transient except for the

love you give and receive and the light

you send out into the

world and finally beloved

Soul be aware of the unity of all life

you’re not isolated in your experience

but an integral part of the woven

tapestry of existence connected to

everything that is through invisible

threads of energy and Consciousness in

this Unity lies the deepest truth of

your existence a truth that encourages

you to see beyond the illusion of


recognize in every heartbeats the same

light in every being glows the same


Spark so go forth carried by the wave of

Love Guided by the light of wisdom

embraced by The Gentle presence of the

Divine may your path be lined with

flowers of Hope illuminated by stars of

insight and may you discover the

infinite beauty of life in every step in

love and unity now and forever your

Eternal source of inspiration and

light Your Enthusiasm beloved soul is a

mirror of the joy and light that dwells

in your heart it is this Joy this

unshakable positivity that illuminates

the darkness and transforms the world

around you your enthusiasm is a Living

testament to the power of the spirit a

reminder that within each of us lies

infin potentiel ready to be Unleashed if

we dare to follow our dreams and live

our true SAS in the pursuit of your

passions in the dedication to your

dreams you find find not only

fulfillment but also the path to your

true destiny the universe in its

infinite wisdom and love has entrusted

you with gifts and talents unique and

valuable meant to be shared and used for

the good of all in every moment that you

utilize your gifts in every moment that

you follow your heart and make your

contribution you weave into the

beautiful tapestry of Life leaving a

lasting impression in The Eternity of

being never let fear hold you back fear

is a shadow that Fades when the light of

knowledge and Trust falls upon it

recognize that behind every fear lies an

opportunity for growth for Learning and

for overcoming when you face your fears

with courage and confidence you open the

doors to New Horizons to experiences

that strengthen and add depth to your

life in overcoming your fear you find

Freedom a freedom that allows you to

live fully without restraint


regret never forget the power of

gratitude and gratitude for what is in

recognition of the countless blessings

that enrich your life you find not only

peace but also a source of inexhaustible

Joy the practice of gratitude opens your

eyes to the beauty and abundance that

surround you even in the simplest things

it reminds you that every moment is a

gift an opportunity to experience and

share love love a moment to be

celebrated and

cherished also be a messenger of

forgiveness even if I repeat myself for

a moment in forgiveness Lies True

strength the power to let go of the past

and move forward with a pure heart

forgiveness not only liberates the other

but most importantly yourself it

releases the chains of resentment and

opens your heart to the healing streams

of love in forgiveness you find the path

to Inner Harmony to reconciliation with

yourself in the world as this speech

comes to an end now and so as you make

your way through life be aware that you

are never alone in every step in every

decision in every dream you are

surrounded by a love that is boundless

by Guidance that is infallible by a

presence that is eternal you are a

precious being created from the fabric

of the Stars destined to shine and

illuminate the darkness with the light

of your being may your path always be

lit by the clarity of wisdom may your

heart always be filled with the warmth

of love may your spirit always be

uplifted by the freedom of faith in love

and light in joy and peace go forth

beloved soul and recognize in every

moment the infinite beauty of your own

being thank you for listening till the

end you are wonderful in Eternal

connection and infinite affection your

source of inspiration your spiritual

guide your Eternal Light until we meet

again keep walking in faith and light


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