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don’t be scared trust me and believe

what I

say I promise to bless you greatly for

your faith soon I know you’re going

through some tough times right now all

the stuff happening around you is too

much right it’s making you stressed

tired and worried it feels like

everything’s about to crash down leaving

you feeling alone sad and without

hope but dear one I want to tell you

something important

I’ve got this you don’t need to be

scared because I’m right here with you

and don’t worry I’m taking the lead

fighting for you making sure you’re safe

remember I’m looking out for you even

when things seem really big and hard to

handle like a giant you have to beat or

a huge mountain you have to climb I

won’t leave you on your own I’m going to

make you stronger and smarter so you can

get through any tough spot whether it’s

about money feelings or your spirit just

put your faith and trust in me I’m

bigger than any problem you might have I

want you to live peacefully confidently

and hopefully let go of all your stress

weakness and

fear believe that I’m helping you right

now making you stronger and smarter and

you’ll be able to do everything you want


do for a life of prosperity and blessing

is what I the Lord have designed for

you remember every promise I have made

to you for they are not just mere words

but a testament to my unending

commitment hold on to these promises as

guiding lights on your Earthly journey

in these promises you will discover my


faithfulness they will not fade into

Oblivion or get lost in life’s

chaos rather they will shine like stars

in the night appearing ing at the exact

right moment revealing my divine plan a

plan that surpasses all constraints of

time and space therefore do not be

disheartened by the passage of time nor

lose heart if answers to your prayers


delayed have faith in me for through

patience and belief you will witness the

Fulfillment of each promise a reminder

of my constant love and

faithfulness place your trust in me for

I Am With You you every day fighting

your battles and leading you to the

Triumph you

deserve remain in my presence and no

harm shall overcome you your adversaries

will Retreat and you will be victorious

for with me you are more than a

conqueror always remember in every

situation I am your Eternal source of

strength your immediate Helper and your

Forever support I am your almighty God

who blesses you abundantly and showers

you with unceasing

Mercy my love for you is

boundless and nothing in the universe

can diminish or change it thus when you

walk through difficult and perilous

paths be assured that my love and

strength are with you do not doubt my

child for I am always near in every step

feel my loving Embrace for my infinite

love will energize you to achieve every

aspiration and the deepest yearnings of


heart remember in every trial test or

challenge life brings my presence will

fill you with bravery and be your

Everlasting support guiding you every

step of the way to the Bountiful

blessings I have planned for you just

believe in me even in the bleakest and

darkest moments for I will be there in


circumstance never forget that I am your

Invincible God enveloping you you in

favor showering you with endless

blessings and mercies that overflow with

peace joy and

contentment my dear child my love for

you is Limitless and unchanging walk in

the assurance that all will be well for

I am beside you holding your hand

guiding you towards a life filled with

success Serenity and abundance Never

Surrender or turn

back face this challenging moment with


faith and

determination then all your uncertainty


dissipate and the Darkness shall give

way to my eternal light which shall

guide you on the path to Joy and the

great and beautiful blessings I have

reserved for

you soon you shall see your goals

flourish and you shall enjoy the fruits

of your

efforts receive what I tell you today

and believe it for it shall all come to

pass keep moving forward with faith

Faith until the end for with my right

hand I uphold you and accompany you on

your journey my child do not be sad You

Are Not Alone on this journey called

life I know that at times navigating

this world can be challenging and

perilous but I want you to continue

walking with your head held high do not

succumb to difficult moments nor be

disheartened when it feels like

everything is against you remember

Remember You are not alone I am by your

side my love and support shall never

abandon you it is a promise I made to

you and I shall fulfill it not only in

your life but also in the generations to

come so do not worry or despair when you

have to Traverse dry and arid deserts

for I shall be there with you as an

oasis of love and a source of Living

Water do not be frightened when you feel

lost for I shall be like a beacon in the

darkness illuminating your path and

guiding you to your true

destination I shall protect you from the

schemes of the evil one serving as a

protective shield against life’s

adversities I shall drive away the

ravenous wolf that seeks to take

advantage of you ensuring your safety in

every step you take when you feel Weak

and Powerless do not hesitate to seek my

assistance for my powerful arm shall

always cover you in your times of dire

need know that I am your safe haven your

strength and in me you will find the

power to conquer any challenge that

blocks your

way regardless of how distant you may

feel from me or the depth of the

mistakes or sins that have shadowed your

past my love for you is unwavering

Eternal and

absolute nothing can overshadow my love

for you not even your own

flaws my love is a Perpetual Wellspring

of Hope and within it you will find the

courage to press forward come closer to

me my cherished child seize this moment

and heed my call let not the negative

voices whether from within or without

derail you from your destined path hold

fast to my guidance leading you towards

truth and

Enlightenment resist the Allure of

Temptation and the negative ity of this

world for I have in store for you great

and precious blessings reserved in your

name even before your

creation simply believe in my word and I

will shower you and your family with

Abundant Blessings from the

heavens nothing can restrain my mighty

hand for my promises are unshakable and

true trust in them and I will reaffirm

my commitment to you once again know

that I have a magnificent purpose for

you and my blessings are

plentiful just have faith and you will

witness my promises come to life in your

journey no matter the

obstacles do not be disheartened in the

face of trials for they are merely steps

on the path to your prosperous and

triumphant Destiny my child trust in my

might and stray not from the path I have

laid before you avoid succumbing to

harmful desires or yielding to

temptations that you you encounter

remain steadfast in faith and focus your

Gaze on me your guide and

shield I will assist you through life’s

turbulent seas and together we will

triumph over every Tempest come to me my

child and I will provide solace in your

struggles I will fill your heart with

joy and contentment ushering new

blessings into your life I promise to

Grant you both spiritual and material

Prosperity as long as you hold firm in

your faith and trust in my word never

wander from my protection and love for

remarkable wonders await you ignore the

deceitful Whispers of evil those voices

that aim to erode your faith and

confidence do not be carried away by the

tide of this malevolent World instead

listen to my voice of love and wisdom

which will lead you down the correct


reject pessimism and cling to my word

the source of life and

Truth be assured that with every step

and decision you make I am right beside

you caring for and guiding you proceed

with faith trusting in my promises for

they will be realized in due time

remember your life is filled with

untapped potential and blessings yet to


uncovered have faith in me

adhere to my teachings for you have a

significant role in this world and

together we shall achieve

it never forget that if you ever feel

weak you can find strength in the

certainty that my love and power support

you no matter how challenging the path

may be with my assistance you can

overcome any obstacle that

arises You are not alone I am always

here for you offering love support


protection trust in me in my plan for

your life and in the Wonders that are

yet to

come press on with determination for in

your future there is Joy purpose and

blessings that shall overflow your heart


gratitude do not give up keep moving

forward in faith Until the End Amen I am

with you I shall never leave you trust

and you shall be blessed in ways beyond

your your imagination fear not for I am

with you do not be dismayed for I am

your God who strengthens you I will

always help you always uphold you with

the right hand of my righteousness

behold all those who rise against you

shall be ashamed and

confounded they shall be as nothing for

I am your God who holds you by your

right hand and I say to you fear not for

I will help

you when you pass through adversities I

will resolve them if you walk through

Dark Places I will accompany you and if

you are unwell I will heal you for I am

your heavenly

physici I am the one who lifts you from

the pit of sorrow and crowns you with

favors and mercies always remember my

child that I shall never leave you nor

forsake you I will be your your faithful

companion your comforter and your


guide understand that I dwell in your

heart through the Holy Spirit and no

matter what happens I will always be

close to you I will not abandon you even

as you walk through the valley of the

shadow of death I will be with you

simply trust in me I hold Sovereign

control over all things and nothing that

happens to you is beyond my knowledge

never never forget that I always desire

the best for you even when scoffers seek

to harm

you entrust your life to me my child

entrust your path to me Surrender Your

Heart before me and I will restore your

finances you shall recover all that you

have lost and I will multiply it for you

you shall never be in want again for it

is my desire to prosper you and make you

fruitful place all your trust in me and

I shall bring joy to your heart I shall

bless your life and that of your

family I shall bless your children and

your children’s

children for

remember there is no righteous one

forsaken nor his descendants begging

bread I will fulfill the Covenant I have

made with you my child no matter what is

happening in the world I will not let

anything be lacking for you for you are

my beloved child

my most precious treasure and my purpose

for your life will always be to bless

you and prosper

you perhaps you may think that the

frequent errors you may have committed

dim the love I hold for you but you are

mistaken for I cherish you with a

profound and eternal affection and

nothing you can do shall thwart my

purpose in

you do not hesitate any longer place

your trust in my

power I shall bless you in such a manner

manner that All Shall witness that I am

the Divine the F of every

blessing on this day my child allow the

light of my words to illuminate your

understanding ushering Grace and

prosperity into your life permit me to

shoulder your burdens and provide you

rest allow me to orchestrate great

Endeavors in your life just as I

promised when you first sought

me remember that I am your Creator and

that I know all about you you I know you

perfectly well Discerning when you are

strong and when you

falter I am privy to all your dreams and

deepest desires so do not fear for I am

here to Aid you I am your lord who shall

not forsake nor abandon you you are my

child and the desire of my will is to

bestow blessings and prosperity upon you

to fill your soul with joy and Delight

to shower you with abundance abundance

and goodness so you may understand that

I am not a god of scarcity but one of

Plenty who fulfills his promises place

your trust in me and allow me to manage

your life place your whole heart’s faith

in me and refrain from relying solely on

your knowledge delve into my word cling

to it day and night and I shall Grant

you everything even to the depths of


being for nothing shall hinder my

promises from coming to fruition in you

I shall surround you with great

blessings you and your family shall

overflow with joy and

Elation for every tear you shed a

blessing shall descend upon your life so

raise your gaze to the heavens and

remember that you are my child you are

more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus a

holy nation and royal

priesthood I chose you before you were

formed in your mother’s womb

I predestined you to be blessed and also

to be a source of love and kindness to

others never forget that my love for you

surpasses your

imagination I do not care about your

current condition I shall always be by

your side loving you ready to forgive

and restore your life child walk with

the certainty that I shall always be

with you I shall be your shield and

protector in difficult times I shall be

your hope and Liber Ator in moments of

distress in my hands no harm shall

befall you for my angels shall forever

encamp around you safeguarding your soul

in complete

peace therefore trust in me until the

end and you shall enjoy all my abundant

and beautiful blessings I love you my

child and I am always by your side I

shall accomplish something Grand in your

life for you have been chosen to

overcome and be

blessed listen attentively to my voice

for today I speak to tell you not to

despair or fear what lies

ahead do not allow anxiety to invade

your heart nor let fear Cloud your path

for I am with you I walk with you even

amidst your struggles and

trials I shall not forsake you I am here

to sustain and protect you as you

navigate this

world do not let adversity conquer you

nor allow the criticisms and murmur of

others to bring you down for I am with

you in the midst of all your trials and

struggles I have witnessed your faith

even in the face of the adversaries

attacks I have seen how you have

remained steadfast and unwavering being

a true testimony of my love and power

you have boldly shared my word with

courage and determination and that fills

me with pride and

joy regain gain your strength now my

child and rise with

determination do not forget that at the

end of the dark Valley of Shadows lies

the vast Garden of my promises in that

place you shall find joy peace and


Blessings it is there where you shall

see how blessings flow to you and to the

generations that shall follow always

remember that I fulfill my promises and

I shall fulfill them in you that is why

my child I ask you to strive and be

courageous be patient and trust in me

completely for I am working in your

favor my grace and mercy shall never

leave you and my love for you is

boundless however to fully receive my

blessings you must rid yourself of all

doubts and remove any impure and

inappropriate thoughts from your mind

that distance you from me discard them

and uproot them from your heart then you

shall enjoy all the unique and special

blessings that are the fruits of

righteousness and integrity do not

surrender to difficulties for you have

been predestined to

overcome from the beginning I designed

you with a Divine Purpose so you may

live a blessed prosperous life filled


victories do not fear the struggles

tests or tribulations that may come for

I shall be by your side encouraging and

strengthening you in every

challenge remember that every difficulty

you face is merely another opportunity

to rise and become stronger as you

strive and be courageous I shall

complete the work I have begun in you I

shall pour out upon your life joy and

Abundant Blessings leading you toward an

existence brimming with peace and

prosperity never forget that you are

under my protection Ive presence and my

grace is

unceasing no person or thing can take

away the blessings I have in store for

you and your future

Generations on this important day I

implore you my child do not give in do

not Surrender Your Will to fule and

false Pursuits stand firm and maintain

your courage for even amidst life storms

I am working wonders in your life

together we will achieve incredible

things showcasing the Limitless nature

of my love and power I am always working

for your good guiding you towards a life

filled with joy and

achievements I urge you my child to

trust in my words and cling to my

promises I will never abandon you until

I have accomplished all that I have

pledged in moments of

Doubt find solace in me in times of of

Sorrow let my eternal love be your

comfort I am ever present with open arms

of love I have remarkable and beautiful

plans for you trust in me and you will

see how light pierces through darkness

and Hope Springs a new in your heart

rest in my grace walk boldly and stand

Resolute for I am with you at every turn

in your journey believe that I will

bring about magnificent things in your


every effort tear and prayer of yours

will be met with reward and fulfillment

in my boundless

love in the face of Storms and

challenges hold steadfast to your faith

in me do not let circumstances deter


Victory have faith in me and together we

will navigate any Challenge and overcome

any hardship nothing and no one will be

able to obstruct your

path remember remember I am the way the

truth and the life as you journey

through life’s highs and lows I am by

your side leading you to the destiny I

have ordained for you since creation you

are my cherished child graced and

favored you hold the power to make a

difference in the world your authentic

witness of my love and truth can

transform hearts and Kindle hope never

underestimate your ability to impact

others for through you

my love reaches out into the world

therefore my beloved child proceed with

courage and trust in me let my love

surround you and guide you to the

flourishing and successful future I have

planned for you always remember that you

are my treasured possession and I am

with you holding your hand and

protecting your dreams aspirations and

desires with infinite love



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