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my dear child hear me clearly for I speak to you with a heart overflowing

with love do not let fear or confusion Cloud your spirit embrace my words as

they are the keys to a life filled with peace and Abundant Blessings our bond is eternal crafted

from the purest form of love a covenant that intertwines your life with

mine Place me at the Forefront of your heart and I promise you the gift of everlasting

life imagine yourself wrapped in a cloak of Mercy safeguarded from The Perils

that roam the world I am your Shepherd leading you to Lush Green Pastures feel

my Holy Spirit envelop you filling your days with Grace and your nights with

Tranquility remember this my promise to you is unbreakable you shall never face

defeat or bear the weight of shame my commitment to you is unw ing no force

can ever Tear You Away From My Embrace I am your Everlasting father and

you are my beloved child forever Let My Words wash over you and

bring forth the joy that my promises hold cast aside doubts and sadness you

are destined for a life far greater recall the Miracles I have performed in

your life some seen many unseen I have shielded you from

countless dangers and now you shall witness my power with your own eyes the

promises written in the scriptures will unfold before you fear not for I am

always by your side do not falter or feel disheartened for I am your God I

will fortify you assist you and support you with my righteous hand when

adversaries approach you will not cower for you will hold High the banner of

victory with the sword of my promises in your grasp and the shield of Faith before you

confront your troubles and enemies I will Vanquish them all step forward with

confidence I Am with You Turning battles into triumphs and through you the world

will witness the depths of my love come to me when you feel weary and weighed down and I will provide you

rest I am here to heal your body of its afflictions to soothe your mind from

turmoil let me alleviate the anxieties that cloud your soul and open your eyes

of Faith so you may grasp the promises laid out before you in moments of Despair I will lift

you up and Infuse your heart with Divine encouragement trust in me wholeheartedly

not leaning on your own understanding commit your path to me and watch as I

lead you to success in all your endeavors I see beyond the visible the hidden

threats the insincerity of false friends I am the Alpha and Omega aware of every

beginning and every end so I urge you to trust in my word

and rely on me fully I will provide for your needs from my abundant riches when worries arise kneel in

prayer release your fears to me and ask with faith secure in the knowledge that

I am your Shepherd and you shall not want I am your God holding your right

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